my songs know what you did in the queue

Some of my best times were producing a vocal out of Freddie, sort of coaxing him in various directions. A lot of the other best moments were Freddie doing the same for me the other way round, him saying, ‘Brian, why don’t you try this?’ while I was doing the guitar solo. He loved what I did, which was very encouraging for me. He kind of saw me as his Jimi Hendrix, I think, which was very flattering for me. Most of my best guitar work was done on Freddie’s material because it was so inspiring. When it came to my own material, I was more concerned with the song.
—  Brian May
160320 Taemin Fanmeeting


※ Please take with credit.

/Taemin appears on stage/

T: Do you see me well?

SW: Yes~

T: I’ve become part of the stage ㅋㅋ (t/n: Taemin’s red clothes were the same colour as the stage). Did you all eat?

SW: Yes~

T: What did you eat?

/SW: Blah Blah/

T: Budae Jjigae ㅋㅋ

/SW: Blah Blah/

T: Squid ㅋㅋ

/SW: Blah Blah/

T: Brown rice ㅋㅋ

/SW: Blah Blah/

T: Ah I see~ You all ate something delicious ㅋㅋ

T: First of all, after the release of [PRESS IT] album and 4 weeks of promotion, my album promotion has sadly ended. This very moment is the last promotional activity of the [PRESS IT] album.

/Fans sob/

T: And you all are here at this very moment. Did any of you come to the very first recording? (=Drip Drop recording @ MCD Comeback)

SW:  ^_^///  ^_^///  ^_^///

T: You guys were with me from start until the end. 

/Fans cheer/

T: Then what about people who attended a lot to recordings even though they’ve missed the first one?

SW:  ^_^///  ^_^///  ^_^///

T: You all worked very hard. When ‘Danger’ was released, my heart fluttered as it was my first solo album and since it was my first time all I wanted was to try my best at all times. With that experience, for this regular album I thought about things that I could do best and tried to capture that little by little. I wanted to put more of my personal colour to it. Thankfully it all ended well and I’m going to try putting more of my colour in like adding seasoning to food little by little in the future ㅋㅋ When it suits your taste, you can listen to the album. Will you guys continue supporting me?

SW: Yes!!

T: You all obey so well ㅋㅋㅋ

T: Is there a male fan here? 

SW: Here!!!

T: Really? That’s amazing! Nice to meet you! I hope you don’t make a good relationship here ㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: finding a girlfriend amongst shawols ㅋㅋ)

T: I really wanted to say thank you to everyone. When I did ‘Drip Drop’ recording on MCD comeback, I almost teared up when I heard the fan chants for the first time. I was singing ‘Moistly, moistly~ (t/n: beginning lyrics of ‘Drip Drop’)’, my eyes were getting moist ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really want to say thank you and through this promotion I was able to learn and also gain confidence too.

T: I was able to feel everyone’s passion while promoting this album. I know everyone has their wish. passion for this album. Some might think ‘Ah~ I hope Taemin will achieve something good while promoting this album’ or some might think ‘All I want is Taemin to not get injured during this promotion’. I just wanted to say that I hope you aren’t too worrying about rankings. Through this promotion, I think I’ve gained confidence. I think I’ve become more handsome ㅋㅋ Just a bit more, I think it would become a world of mine ㅋㅋ No, world of everyone here ㅋㅋㅋ

T: What time did you come today?

SW: You don’t need to know ㅠㅠ~~ (t/n: Many fans came at early dawn today)

T: When I arrived at the Inkigayo studio, there was a really long queue outside. I thought ‘wow~ many fans came~’ then I realized the queue was all my fans ㅋㅋ

T: I prepared to sing a line from a song for you guys. I’m going to sing a little bit of ‘Hypnosis’. Do you like it?

SW: Yes~~

T: Shall I sing two lines?

SW: Yes!!

T: Is one line better or two lines? 6v6

SW: Two lines!!!!

T: Okay okay ㅋㅋ

/Start singing;  ♬ ♬ I’m going to sleep now. Let me go so I can fall into a deep dream Lying down in a silent abyss. I erase the circuit of memory. Every scene in my head is a memory of you. I think time without you doesn’t exist. Even when I open my secret note inside my heart. It’s filled with stories of you ♬ ♬ /

/pauses with an embarrassed laugh/

T: Once more, two, three~

/Taemin & SW sings together:  ♬ ♬ When I open my eyes. I’m still standing in the same place. I hypnotize myself to forget you. I miss you so much. Even when I come back to reality again  ♬ ♬ /
T: It’s still ‘SHINee World’~ (t/n: original lyrics is ‘It’s still you’)

SW: ♥. ♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: My voice is actually gone because I slept just before. I slept right after recording and woke up just before the live show and got my make up done. Sorry ㅋㅋㅋ I’m just making up an excuse ㅋㅋㅋ

T: I think I’ve ran out of things to say now. So I’m going to receive questions from people. If I ask ‘Do you have anything curious?’ I know everyone will just go crazy and shout out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m going to pick one person who raises their hand fastest from the first row!

Fan: When will you have a concert?

T: SHINee? Me?

SW: Both~~~~

T: I will eventually do them at some point. But no fixed schedule has been set so when I say when it’ll take place giving an approximate date but it doesn’t happen, I know you all will be very disappointed ㅋㅋㅋ like a large wave taking place in your heart ㅋㅋ I will tell when a detailed decision has been made. But there will be a concert this year (t/n: He didn’t clarify whether he meant that by SHINee concert or his solo ㅠㅠ)

Fan: Are you a fairy?

T: She asked me whether I’m a fairy ㅋㅋ What is the answer that everyone would like to hear? A ‘no’? ㅋㅋㅋ

SW: Nooo~~~

T: I’m actually not really a fairy…

SW: T_T???????

T: I’m an angel 6v6!

SW: ♥. ♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T: /points to a fan in the crowd/ Wow she made an expression as if she’s genuinely shocked ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: /in a really loud voice/ What did you eat???

T: Where did you learn your vocalization????ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

T: Fans sent me a support food. So I ate that. Meat is always included in the menu. I ate meat… all I can remember right now is meat ㅋㅋ I eat food other than meat too by the way ㅋㅋㅋ I craved for meat during my growth phrase but now that phase is gone ㅋㅋ

T: I’m worried about you guys overworking… For example, if you have a backache, take a rest rather than coming to support me ㅠㅠ Or when you receive your paycheck and think ‘I’m going to buy Taemin something delicious~~’ when you have nothing to eat! Don’t do that!

SW: It’s okay~~

T: It’s okay? I know I’m thin but everyone here is thin too (fans start laughing). I want to watch you guys eat. Should we film a mukbang show (t/n: eating show) together? ㅋㅋ

SW: Yes!!

T: Okay. I was only joking ㅋㅋㅋ Anyway go back home safely today and even though the weather has become a little warmer take care not to catch a cold. Spring is coming so enjoy the spring atmosphere 6v6 Thank you and see you again~

SW: Goodbye!!

T: Wait. Can you stay quiet for a second?


T: I love you 6v6♥

Chapter 13: Making It Official.


Since Raymond wasn’t here, I had to walk to school and that messed up my whole day. I would’ve called Chris, but I wasn’t in the mood for his smart remarks. Or Ty, but he’s always busy making sure Nae’s okay.

Sighing as I finally reached the school, I tried to catch my breath. My house didn’t seem that far when driving, but it does when you’re walking. I’m surprised that I’m not late.

Making my way to my locker, I stopped once I saw August standing in front of it, posted up.

He was looking cool as ever with all this black he had on. Then he smelled good as hell. But, let me stop.

“what August?” I asked, nicely. Taking his shades off, smiled down at me. What is he up to?

“Why you don’t fuck with me no more?” He asked, interlocking my fingers with his. Here he goes.

“Cause I’m talking to Chris.” I stated, not wanting to lie. Sucking his teeth, he let my hands go. “That don’t mean shit, fuck Chris.” He said, with a cute little mad expression on his face.

“Okay, my bad.”

I playfully apologized, putting my hands up in defense. Nigga gets so worked up when I bring up Chris. Chris does the same thing, too. Like damn, is the beef that bad?

“So you gonna start talking to me?” Je asked, making me sigh. I believed that everyone deserves a second chance, but I’m pretty sure Chris won’t like this. I guess I can still talk to August, though. It’s not like we’re gonna do anything.

“What happened to your little premature girlfriend?” I asked, with a smirk. Sucking his teeth, he tried to fight the smirk that was about to appear on his face.

“You shootin’ slugs?” He laughed, as I quickly shook my head no. I wasn’t trying to be funny, or throw shade, I was foreal. I didn’t have nothing against Christina or anything, I was asking what happened to her since he’s all in my face.

“Whatever, but text me, alright?” He reminded, walking away backwards to make sure I said yes.

“Okay..” I chuckled, throwing up the dueces to him. Making my way to my classroom since we only had 5 minutes left to get there, I pulled out my phone to re-save August’ contact. I had deleted it a long time ago but his number was still in my messages and call logs.

Putting my phone away as I reached my classroom, I walked in and noticed that everybody wasn’t in here yet. Thanking god, I cheesed to myself.

“Your assignment’s on the board.” My history teacher, informed. Rolling my eyes, I nodded and sat in the back where Chris and I usually sit. I hated teachers like her. Just give us book work, and don’t discuss anything with us. I wasn’t failing this class, but I could do better.

Chris was failing, but it’s not like he’s dumb or anything. He’s actually smart as hell, he just think he’s too good to do his work. I need to make a deal with him, because I’d hate to see him flunk. I know his mommy gets on his ass about his grades, too.

Grabbing a book from under my desk, the bell rang as more students started to walk in. Not caring who they were, I got some paper out and started copying definitions out of the back of the book. I know she doesn’t think I’m bout to find the definitions in these paragraphs.

“Wassup Raye?” Ty cheesed as he sat down next to me. Our desk were in fours, and I hated it. We’re not in elementary, we should be in rows.

“Hi Raye.” Nae smiled, as I looked up at her. Smiling back, I still couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. She’s gotten big, too.

“Hi you guys, I missed both of you!” I smiled, pulling both of them into a hug. “Ty you taking good care of Nae?” I asked, getting a little serious.

“I just did this morning.” He smirked, grabbing her ass. Scrunching up my face, I waved both of them off, as I looked towards the door. Chris walked in laughing it up with some girl, holding hands. That shit is too far, I don’t care if were together or not. Then, this fool looked directly at me and still sat on the other side with this mystery girl. She looked familiar.

Not trying to keep my mind on him anymore, I finished doing my work as time went by faster.

“Look at your boy showing out, Raye.” Ty snickered, looking over in the direction Chris was in. Putting my book under my desk, I put my attention back on Chris and frowned. He was playing and sniffing all in her hair. They were over there laughing it up, too. What the fuck was so funny?

“I guess..” I said, shrugging like it was nothing. Really, I wanted to go cry, because this shit was so disrespectful.

“That nigga is gonna learn one day, yo.” He chuckled, shaking head as the bell rang for us to leave. Nodding, I got my stuff and rushed out of the room. I think I was gonna go home.

I don’t care if I’m over reacting. If I’m with Chris 24/7, and have sex with him 24/7, then he’s mine. I may sound crazy, but I don’t care. He’s making me look stupid as hell. I’ve done nothing to him. All I’ve done is been good to him. Is this the fucking thanks I get? If anything, I should be the one talking to other guys since he’s always being mean to me. But what do I do? I just let it slide, and continue being nice to him anyways.

Checking to see if they were any officers at the door, there wasn’t so I just left. I didn’t wanna be here. I just wanted to go home and be lazy all day.

Looking around, I chuckled as I spotted August getting in his car. I should’ve known that his ass was gonna leave. Jogging over to his car, I held the door before he could close it.

“What you doing out here?” He looked up at me with a shocked expression.

“Can I come with you, I don’t feel like being here.” I asked, as he nodded. Walking over to the passenger side, he reached over and opened the door for me as I got in. Shutting the door, he started up the car as Drake’s Come Thru blared throughout the speakers. I haven’t heard this in forever,

“I can still get you wet and I can still make you laugh.” We both sang on queue as I chuckled afterwards.

“Who else got all the things you needed at 4 a.m. minutes later?” August spat to himself, making me feel a little guilty. I see what he did there. Not wanting to listen to this song anymore, I turned to the next song and Rico Love and Migos’ “They Don’t Know” started playing, causing me to start wining my hips in my seat.

Pulling up in August’ driveway, I took my seatbelt off and grabbed my things. Opening my door, I stood on the porch as I waited for him to walk over here. Doing just that, he unlocked the door and opened it for me. Thanking him and telling him he didn’t have to do that, he just waved me off. I don’t know why I don’t like guys opening door for me. It nice and all, but I can do it myself. I guess thats just me.

“You hungry?” He asked, taking my shoes off as I sat on the couch. Shaking my head no, he mumbled an ‘ok’, before putting my shoes by the door. Walking back over to where I was, he sat down next me.

“Your skin so soft.” He complimented, as he found his way of laying on top of me. He’s too long for this.Wrapping his arms around my waist, my phone instantly started ringing. Picking it up from the coffee table, the screen read “Chris😍😘😜😒😫😎😡🙊👌❤️💦🍆”. Ignoring his call, I turned my phone off and sat it back down.

“You mad at ya boy?” August asked, letting out an ugly cackle. He must’ve seen me ignore the call.

“Hell yea. You ain’t seem him with that bitch?” I asked, getting mad all over again. Like wtf was his problem? I know we’re not together, but I still have a right to get mad. If I’m kissing him, fucking him, and being faithful to him like he’s mine, then he shouldn’t be talking to no other girls.

“That was his ex, Alisha.” August said, before it went silent for a few minutes.

“Do you think you miss Chris?” I asked, trying to change the subject. Sighing, August shrugged and slowly nodded afterwards, making me smile a bit.

“There ain’t no reason to lie, but yea I do. Before we stopped talking, he was actually cool as hell, but ion’ think we gonna ever be on good terms again so I just be like fuck it.” He admitted, looking up at me.

“That’s whats I like about you August, you aren’t scared to admit anything.” I smiled, as he sighed.

“How would you feel if I admitted that I like you, then?” He asked, looking up at me. Widening my eyes, I was lost for words.

As soon as I was about speak, August reached up and crashed his lips into mines. Sliding his tongue in mouth, our tongues wrestled as his hands roamed around my body. All it took was for him to slide his hands in my panties, and that’s when I realized that this wasn’t right. Quickly pushing him off of me, I grabbed my phone off and the table and walked backwards. “I’m gonna um.. I’m gonna go.” I mumbled, almost tripping over my own shoe.

“A-alright.” He mumbled, scratching the back of his head . Nodding, I quickly made my way to the door and closed it behind me as I sat on the porch.

Dialing Cameron’s number, it went straight to voicemail. Sucking my teeth, I groaned as I saw Chris’ name right under Cameron’s contact. Clicking on it, he answered within 10 seconds.

“Chris can you come get me from um.. August’ house.” I said, hearing him groan loudly afterwards.

“Yo, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me! What the fuck were you over there for dude?!” He yelled, making jump a bit.

“Chris we didn’t do anything, just please come get me.” I whined, as the call ended. This bitch hung up in my face. Huffing, I put my phone in my pocket since I didn’t have on a bra due to me having on a halter top.

Putting my head down for a few minutes, I heard a call pull up causing me to look up. Standing up, I made my way to the passenger side. Getting it, Chris immediately sped off, before I could even close the door. He smelled and looked so good, making me feel guilty.

“Chris..” I mumbled, putting my hand on top of his. Quickly snatching his hand away, he looked at me before focusing bck on the road.

“Dont say shit to me, can’t believe you.” Chris said lowly, shaking his head.

“Me? You were reminiscing with your ex all day so don’t try to come at me like you didn’t do nothing!” I yelled, pointing my finger in his face.

“Bitch, I didn’t do nothing! Stop fucking assuming shit! I was with her, because you and Ty was by Nae and yall know I dont like that bitch so shut that shit up! Damn, you not my girl anyway so why the fuck is you worried about it?” He yelled back, making my heart drop at that last sentence. Nodding, I stayed silent for the rest of the car ride.

“Yo Raye, I’m sorr—” I quickly cut him off, by putting my hands up.

“It’s okay Chris, you’re were right."I chuckled bitterly. I knew this nice shit was too good to be true.

"No I wasn’t, Raye. It just slipped, alright? I ain’t mean that.” He said as we parked in the driveway of his house.

“Yes you did Chris! Just fucking admit something for once!” I yelled, slamming thesis car door as I got out.

Twisting the knob on the front door, surprisingly it was open. Walking in, I felt Chris hot on my trail.

“Don’t be slamming my fucking door!” He yelled, as I covered my ears afterwards. “Lalala I can’t hear you!” I yelled, with my hands still covering up my ears as we went up the stairs.

Feeling myself being lifted off of the ground and thrown over his shoulder, I punched his back over and over. “Put me down!”

Kicking his door open, he closed and locked it behind him. Throwing me on the bed, he hovered over me and stared into my eyes.

“So you still wanna hit on me?!” He yelled, as I didn’t say a word. Chuckling, he nodded and flipped me over on my stomach. I so wasn’t in the mood for sex right now.

“Chris please, I don’t feel like-”

“Shut the fuck up!” He yelled, sending a hard slap to my thigh, making it hurt more because I had on shorts.

Pulling off my shorts and panties, he sent another slap to my ass, making me wince in pain.

Stripping out of his clothes, he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him to where my ass was high up in the air.

“Chris, forea-” He cut me off by ramming into me.

“Ok Chris, slow down!” I whined, trying to run, only to be pulled back.

“Nah, don’t run.” He chuckled, yanking me back by my hair. 


Limping around the kitchen, I tried to reach for some chips, but failed due to my legs hurting so bad.

Looking at Christina sitting on top of the island, I sighed.

“Christina can you please help me get those chips.

"Get it yourself.” She spat, looking up from her phone. What is her problem?

“What is your problem?” I asked, scrunching up my face. I’ve done nothing to her so why is she acting like this towards me?

“You took my brother away from me just like his last girlfriend!” She yelled, not caring that Chris was upstairs sleeping

“Nobody took your brother away from you! Maybe if you wouldn’t have disappeared, yall would still be close.” I spat, making her gasp.

“Don’t speak on anything you don’t know about! I did what I did for a reason!

"So why’d you run away?”

“Because Chris didn’t lock the door and those guys came, then they tortured me and all of them raped me!” She yelled, shutting me right up.

“I screamed Chris’ name the whole time and he didn’t even come back. He was too busy with Alisha just like hes too busy with you!"She pointed at me, making me feel bad.

Not knowing what to do, I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. Accepting the hug, she cried hard as I rubbed her back.

"I’m sorry..” I apologized.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been rude to you. I just want my brother back, you know? He treats you so nice, and the only thing we do together is argue.” She sighed, making me bust out laughing.

“You’ve got it all wrong, baby. Chris is an asshole. We met like 4 years ago, and he bullied me. It didn’t stop til’ a few months ago when he caught me trying to kill myself. He apologized, and I forgave him because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance but he’s still mean. He’s just nice to me when he wants to be. He said he bullied me because he thought you were dead and he was hurting, but that gave him no reason to do it. I guess he’s slowly getting better, though.” I explained as she gasped.

“Wow, I thought he was really nice to you. It’s all my fault thats he’s me—” I cut her off from that nonsense that she was talking.

“Blah, blah, blah. It’s not your fault, girl. Let’s just forget all this ever happened and we can be cool. I’m a nice person, you won’t regret it. Deal?” I asked, holding my hand out for her to grab.

“Deal.” She chuckled as she shook my hand.

“So you want Chris to spend more time with you, right?” I asked sitting on one of the high chairs.


“I was gonna ask if he wanted to go to Chillis and if he says yes, you can come.” I said, giving her a small smile. I was still mad at Chris for what he said earlier, but tbh he was the only person that actually spends time with me. August doesn’t count. I guess I’ll just have to play hard to get.

“Hey momma..” A sleepy Chris said. Freezing up in my spot I didn’t know what to do. Damn, I was thinking that long that I didn’t realize they walked in here. I was so not ready to meet his mom.

“Hi bab— wait who is this?” She asked, turning around making eye contact with me. His mom was beautiful. Chris was her twin.

She’s my girl-“

“Hi, I’m Raye. I’m Chris’ friend.” I said nervously, cutting off his little lie. He just said I wasn’t his girl earlier. This nigga tried it.

“Baby, you don’t have to be nervous,” She paused to let out the infamous funny laugh that Chris always told me about. Giggling to myself, I guess she noticed because she stopped laughing.

“Chris been telling you about my laugh?” She asked, shaking her head putting her attention on Chris.

“Yes..” I chuckled, as she gave me a small smile. She was nice, I guess I had nothing to worry about. I thought she was gonna kick me out of something.

“I figured thats why you were laughing. He laughs everytime I laugh, too. But nice to meet you Ms. Raye, my name is Joyce but you can call me Momma J.” She said, as she opened her arms for a hug. Accepting it, I finally felt comfortable.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Well, I’m gone be in my room if anyone needs me.” She said, before walking away.

“You looked scared.” Christina laughed. Chuckling along with her, scared wasn’t the word. A bitch was past scared. 

Looking over at Chris, he was too busy eating some Hot Cheetos to even look over here. “I’m gonna be up stairs in Chris’ room..” 

“Wait, I’m coming!” He said, as he poured the last few chips from the bag into his mouth. Grabbing a water from the refridgerator, he licked his fingers before following me to the stairs. 

As we reached his room, he shut the door as I plopped down on the bed. “You still mad at me?” He asked, adjusting his SnapBack on his head.

“Not even gone trip. But since I’m not your girl, don’t treat me like I am.” I shrugged as he sighed, and sat down next to me.

“Bruh, I swear I ain’t mean that. Can we just forget about it?” He asked, making me roll my eyes.

“No! I’m tired of letting you off the hook. You’re an asshole towards me Chris and I’m tired of letting your stupid ass slide. You said you weren’t gonna be mean to me anymore. Then you said I’m not your girl, like what the fuck? I mean, I know I wasn’t but you said it like I was nothing..”

“Alright, I’m sorry.” He said, trying to kiss me but I moved my face. Fuck him and his kisses right now.

“Raye foreal.. Ima stop being an asshole to you. It’s not like I do it on purpose..” He said, hovering over me. I really hate That I’m nice as hell, because I can’t even stay mad at him.

“Kiss me..” He mumbled, playing with my pink plump lips. Sitting up on my elbows, I planned on giving him a quick peck but he took it to the extreme. Pulling away, he winked at me as I laid back on my back. Lying his big ass on top of me, he put his face in the crook of my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist.


“Raye?” I said rolling over so that she was now laying on top of me. “Yes Chris?” She asked propping herself up on my chest to look at me.

I could see she was still a little upset with me, but I really didn’t mean to come at her like that. I cared about her more than I wanted, and being mean to her was sort of my defense for it. I know it sounds stupid, but it works for me. It was time that I stopped playing around though before I lost her.

“I want you to know that I’m really sorry about earlier, and I care about you a lot” I said gently grabbing her chin so I could have all her attention.

“Yeah well you have a funny way of showing it” she said looking away from me.

The attitude I was getting was something I deserved, but I really was trying here. The minute I stopped bullying this girl, and started spending more time with her I saw this amazing person. Granted she still got on a nigga nerves her crybaby ass, but she was cool.

“Raye seriously, hear me out” I said sitting up so that she was now straddling me.

“Ok, talk then” She said putting her long flowing hair into a bun.

“I know I was fucked up to you, and I know you gave me a second chance that I’m not doing so well at either. What I’m trying to get at is I want us to be more. Lets do this for real now.”

She held my gaze for a second and looked away before answering “what exactly are you saying? Do what?”

I leaned forward and brought my face closer to hers. I turned her head directly to mine and pecked her lips gently “will you be my girlfriend Raye?”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck “yes, Chris I’ll be your girlfriend.”

I smiled wide before crashing my lips against hers. I pulled her body as close to mine as I could. Our lips were fighting for dominance, but she quickly lost that fight when I pinned her to the bed. I pulled away from her, and trailed kisses across the right side of her neck.

“I like this Chris” she said making me chuckle.

“Glad that I can please my lady” I said rolling off her and pulling her close so we could cuddle.

She wrapped her arm and leg around me, and closed her eyes falling asleep on my chest. I kissed her forehead and got comfortable. I was really glad I did this. Better than losing her altogether right?


I woke up to Raye sprawled out on the bed knocked. I shook my head, and laughed. Dick too bomb. She get that shit, and its like she be in a coma. I quietly got out the bed and headed to the bathroom to do my morning routine before taking a shower.

Once I got out I got dressed, and left Raye to her peaceful slumber. When I got downstairs Ty was coming inside the house. Nigga swore he lived here. Always in and out as he pleased. Doofy ass.

“Wassup nigga!” He said a little to loud for comfort.

“Man shut your loud ass up before you wake up Raye!” I grumbled at him.

He put his hands up in defense “my fault nigga damn! So, what y’all cool again? You treat her so foul bruh.”

I smacked my teeth “mind yours and worry about Nae, me and Raye good.”

“She’s a good girl is all I’m saying. You gone realize that when the next nigga scoop her up, but anyways you tryna get spanked in this 2k?” He asked leaving toward the living room.

Man Raye mine, and ain’t going no where. I don’t know what this nigga chatting about. I shrugged it off and followed behind him. Before I could get to the living room Raye was coming downstairs rubbing her eyes clad in my shirt. Damn, she was beautiful with no makeup on.

“Good morning baby” she smiled coming down the steps.

I wrapped my arms around her and lifted off the last step kissing her lips “morning sleepyhead.”

I put her down and she giggled going into the living room with Ty. I followed and picked her up putting her on my lap before grabbing a PS4 controller. She laid her head on my chest and got comfortable.

“Why y’all so damn affectionate today for? What’s going on!” Ty question squinting one eye making Raye giggle.

“Well if you must know nosey ass nigga. Raye’s my girl now” I said making her blush.

“Bout time you bumass nigga. Nae owe me money dawg.” Ty said pulling out his phone.

“What?” Raye asked scrunching up her face.

“Nae and I made a bet and my end was y’all would be together before the end of the month. She now owes a nigga fifty big ones” he said laughing and texting away.

“Y’all fufu lame niggas need to get out my business especially Nae cause I don’t fuck with her.” I grumbled.

“Whatever man..” he waved me off, and continued selecting a team for a quick game of 2k.

“I’m gonna go shower, and head home for a change of clothes I’ll be back later” Raye said getting off my lap.

I made sure to slap her ass as she got up “Oh my god Chris stop that hurts!”

“Shut up you know you like it.” I said chuckling.

She smacked her teeth and stormed off. She such a crybaby, she knows I was playing.

“Pick ya team, I gotta piss..” Ty said getting up to go use the bathroom.

Once I choose my team. I noticed Raye’s phone on the coffee table going off. I picked it up to see who was blowing her up, and when I did there was a bunch of August notifications. I smacked my teeth, I told her to stop talking to this dumb nigga. Now she went to his house this bitch ass nigga blowing up her phone.

Auggie Bear 😊😝- C’mon Raye I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to make you run off.

Auggie Bear 😊😝- Talk to me, what I said was true. I like you Raye.

I didn’t even bother to read the rest. I was livid. This fuck nigga pushing up on my girl, and I wasn’t with it. She know I don’t approve of this so she was gonna hear my mouth believe that. I heard her coming down the stairs, so I waited for her to come collect her phone.

“Baby, where’s my phone?” Raye asked coming back into the living room.

“Why is August texting your phone? And talking fuck shit at that?” I gritted at her.

“Chris what are you talking about I haven’t touched my phone since yesterday when I got with you.” she said taking the phone out my hands.

She looked at the text messages and rolled her eyes “Chris, August knows I like you so just trust me. Nothing happened.”

“Better not I’ll fuck you and him up” I spat angrily.

She smirked and came to kiss me “You know your sexy when your jealous.”

I smacked my teeth “Whatever and hurry up and get your ass back here.”

She giggled and left quickly grabbing my keys. She don’t want to stop talking to August then believe me when I say he’ll stop talking to her. He don’t want no static.


Stopping right in front of Chris’ house, it took a lot of courage to go on his door step. I was just taking a walk, because I was getting fat. There wasn’t anything else to do and Ty was over here, so. 

I cant even imagine how Chris would treat me. Probably worse than Raye. I should’ve just told him when I had the chance. I honestly miss our friendship. If Ty was on that bs, then I would go to Chris. I cant do that now. 

Rubbing my belly, I took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. A couple of seconds later, a laughing Chris opened the door. Squinting his eyes, he realized it was me, before his smile dropped. 

“Ho, you got some fucking nerve coming on this damn doorstep. Ty aint here no more, so why the fuck you here?” He spat, making my heart sink. He’s never talked to me like this. 

“Chris I’m sorry..” I said as those wore the only words that I could think of right now. 

“Fuck yo sorry!” He yelled louder than I expected, making me jump. Seeing Raye run up behind him, she wrapped her arms around his torso. “Baby what happened?” Looking at me, she mumbled a ‘sorry’ and frowned. 

“Chris please, can you talk to her? For me?” Raye asked, as he sighed and ran his hands over his face.

“Get your stupid ass in here and talk.” He groaned, leading me in as I shut and locked the door behind me, 

Sitting on the opposite couch from Raye and Chris, I played with my fingers as I thought about what to say. I’m gonna just be 100 percent honest. There’s no reason to lie. 

“Fucking talk, yo!” Chris yelled again, scaring me. I swear I wouldn’t let that shit slide if we were on good terms right now. 

“Chris, calm down.” Raye suggested, holding his head.Bouncing his leg up and down quickly, he made eye-contact with me. 

“Well, I’m just gonna get straight to the point. I went over August’ house when he asked could we come over and when  I got the Christina answered the door. And I just got so mad, because you used to cry yourself to sleep every night. And she didn’t even seem like she was sad or anything, she was happy as ever while you were miserable. So I guess I just took all my anger out on her, and til this day I still feel so bad. I knew what I was doing when I kicked her,” I paused to wipe a tear. 

“I just.. I don’t know. There’s no excuse for me doing that. Sometimes I think that I’m gonna get karma and have a miscarriage too. I’m really sorry though, Chris. Really.” I finished, looking up at him.

“I appreciate your apology, but it’s Christina that you need to apologize to. Only reason I’m being cool right is because Raye. If Christina forgives, I’ll forgive you. I doubt she will though.” Chris shrugged. 

He’s right though. If I were her, I wouldn’t forgive myself either. 

“No, no. I learned from Raye that everybody deserves a second chance. I forgive you, but I wont forget. I still dont like you, and I wont ever be around when you’re here with Chris. I’m just tired of talking about this situation. I’m over it. Your forgiven.” She said, popping up out of no where. I cant believe she actually forgave me. 

“Christina you dont hav–”

“No, it’s okay.” She smiled, before walking away. Smiling to myself, I mentally thanked God that she forgave me. 

“Chris..” I mumbled, standing up in front of him. Smirking, he got up and hugged me tight. Staying in silence for a few minutes, I just admired the fact that we were back on talking terms again.

“It’s gone take a lot for me to trust you, you better not fuck up again.” He warned, pulling away a little bit. 

“I wont.” I stated, truthfully. 

It’s Only A Beginning (2/?) Louis/Nick

HA REMEMBER THIS GEM FROM YESTERDAY? HERE, HAVE SOME MORE. I am supposed to be making a courgette and mint salad to take to work tomorrow but I wrote more of this instead. 

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here.

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