my son's bike

I'm not an electrician.

Once upon a time I used to study for college tests in a “small town” coffee shop. Met many interesting people, realized my neighbors, 5 houses away, owned it. I met relatives of coworkers, took my bible study young adults there, my college peeps to study with me…small townish stuff.

One older man who frequently hung out there was father/father-in-law to teacher friends of mine. He used to ride his bike 50 plus miles with a group of chiropractic people (some I knew) and another older gentleman. It was a great little coffee place!

Anyway, the older man once fixed my son’s bike, played his guitar for my son and I that day too. He was widowed by that time. He was kinda sad about it a lot.

I ran in to him today at “Wally World” as I entered to buy a light switch replacement. I greeted him standing near the entrance as he stared at something on a shelf. He couldn’t remember me, he’s forgetting a few things now. But since I knew his name he asked how we knew each other, so I explained the coffee shop. He remembers that place. I asked about his bike riding, guitar playing…he decided to walk with me because he knew where the part I needed was located. He couldn’t remember why he was in the store.

After he left the store as I was approaching my turn to check out, I sent his son a message. I thought he’d want to know that his dad was there in the store. My teacher friend did ask about how his dad interacted. I told him. I guess since the older gentleman still drives, he was okay. Except for the part when he said how long he’d been widowed and wished he was no longer here on earth. :(

rusteddolls  asked:

If you want could you do Elux from DPS/mogeko or/and Onada from yowamushi pedal as a magical 'girl'? You don't have to of course.

it was legitimately difficult not making this a full on love hime cosplay

In the haze of cumulative fatigue last night, my wife convinced me I’d be better off sleeping the extra hour this morning and running after work. Which sounded like a great idea until I actually got home and had no motivation to run.

I changed and monitored my son’s bike riding for about 45 minutes before loading up and taking off for 7 miles. And it wasn’t a fluke. My legs were legitimately dead. Positive splits that I won’t post but averaged out around 7:50 pace. Not bad really, but the perception was worse.

Now I shove some carbs in my body so I can run 10 more tomorrow morning with CES and a faster 16 on Sunday on my own. *gulp*