my son's bike

I got into a confrontation with the bully’s mom. Yesterday the kids (both of mine, her son and a neighbor boy) were yelling at eachother and her son kicked my kids bikes and my kids kicked the other 2 kids bikes. She’s complaining her bike was handed down generations and not cheap blah blah blah and I’m lucky she isn’t making me pay for it. Bitch, your kid kicked my kids bikes too and they are brand new and $100 each. We left it as your kid leaves mine alone and mine will leave yours alone. I called d-bag and let him know what’s going on for simple fact he’s 6'8 and if there is any more problems or I need him to go handle it he will. I’m tired of this shit.

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If you want could you do Elux from DPS/mogeko or/and Onada from yowamushi pedal as a magical 'girl'? You don't have to of course.

it was legitimately difficult not making this a full on love hime cosplay


So this is my son picking out the bike he wanted for his birthday. He chose Hello Kitty because Hello Kitty is rad and his big brothers agree! Coolest boys I know!

He didn’t see the bike helmet he wanted (he wants a Minecraft one) so I’ll have to hit up amazon for that :)

Yes there is a possibility he may get made fun of but his usual response to unkindness is, “That’s okay I love you anyway.”


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Took my son on deep sea fishing trip. After we checked out the bikes on the main strip for Bike week in Daytona. A guy was nice enough to put my son on his bike for a pick. I included a few others for your viewing pleasure.