my son's bike

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If you want could you do Elux from DPS/mogeko or/and Onada from yowamushi pedal as a magical 'girl'? You don't have to of course.

it was legitimately difficult not making this a full on love hime cosplay


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Took my son on deep sea fishing trip. After we checked out the bikes on the main strip for Bike week in Daytona. A guy was nice enough to put my son on his bike for a pick. I included a few others for your viewing pleasure.

🖤 SOA-Preference:“Names for their Harleys” 🖤

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Jax: His bike would be labeled Silky Soot. He wants to feel the ride, dirt and freedom.

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Tig: His Baby would be called Marylin (Star). She’s always been his favourite pornstar.

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Chibs: His Harley’s name would be Alba. It stands for Scotland in Scottish Gaelic. 

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Opie: His bike would be titled Ironclad. It’s big & massive. 

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Happy: He would name his motorcycle after his mother Santa Maria. For him she’s his guarding angel.

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Juice: He calls his Harley Blackjack. His favourite game; all or nothing.