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What constellations do you see? 🌌 I’m selling prints of this on my Society6 store!!✨
Portrait of my original character Ceres, counterpart of Celeste ✨💙 I’m happy with the result but I need more practice on coloring dark skin tones 💖

Finally decided to do a Character Design Challenge. This months theme is Hippie. Her name is Eleanor and her cat is called Rigby. She has been woke since the 60s. Greatly inspired by recent events

also on my Instagram @ annawardart

You can purchase a print on my society6 store


Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 1

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. Now that I’ve finally finished the story, I can get started on them!

This is series 1 with Eos, Havarl, Voeld, and H-047C. Series 2 will cover Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya (feel like it belongs in the lineup).

Prints available at my Society6 store if anyone wants!


When I started my first tumblr blog, one of the very first things I posted was this set of avatar posters. They kind of exploded, racking up 10k notes within a few days. Needless to say it was thrilling for 15 year old me, having barely just started drawing seriously.

Unfortunately they pretty much defined my old blog, which was a big reason for me to let it go and start fresh here. For the most part I was content leaving them behind me. But especially this summer, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they weren’t a good example of my current skill as an artist, so naturally I had to remedy that!

I finished the sketches about a month ago, and finally found time to sit down and finish painting all of them, in this final week before school. I also made them available to buy on my society6 store - check it out.

Please (don’t delete my comment) and enjoy them!


hello friends!!!! 

my society6 store is live, with two design options now and more to be added in the future! if there’s something you’d like to see don’t be afraid to hit me up, I’m quite happy to talk design options with people :V 

This is hopefully gonna be the start of me being able to get some income in so please like, share and prod people into getting cool familiars and bonepatterns on their persons and their things :V 

you can find me at

HEY EVERYONE I finally got off my butt and made a yoshi pattern! (about time right?)

Woolly yoshi’s are absolutely the best thing to happen to yoshi since SMW2 and I love them to pieces (No I didn’t buy ANOTHER pink amiibo just for my bag…)

Available on blankets, mugs, shirts, pillows and way WAY more over at my society6 store!
Store link:
Blanket link: (my fav product on here!)

Feel free to use as a blog background as long as you give appropriate credit!


From now on you can buy my eros print at my society6 store! I started it up as an experiment, and since I’ve never sold art online I guess it’s a good way to start up.

If there’s any art you would like to see as a print, please do tell me. 

I hope you’ll support me with this! Thank you!

Get the print here.