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new moon who dis spell jar 🌚🌘

this is an intimately personal jar. it will be different for every person who makes it. its purpose is to help bring about a new you by motivating your passions and reminding you of your strengths. 

P A R T  O N E (optional)

the night of the last waning moon, cleanse your work space. call upon your gods (if you worship any). banish all the negativities you hold about yourself. do this however you wish. I wrote mine down and burnt them, then flung the ashes into the wind. 

P A R T  T W O (the good part) 

this jar is the best version of you, symbolised. who you want to be; what you want to do. so, it will be different for every person. for example, I used

🐚  shells, salt rocks, an unstruck match, and dandelion fluff - to symbolise the four elements, and my desire to further my elemental magic 

🐚  small crystal shards - to amplify energy

🍃  poppy seeds - for luck 

🍃  cinnamon - for success 

🍃  thyme - for courage against depression

🍃  lavender - to soothe social anxiety 

🍃  sage - for wisdom in academics 

🍃  rosemary - for healing 

I kept my list of ingredients short, as i’m seeking simplicity in life. 

m e t h o d 

🌜 charge your ingredients however you wish. i placed each in a simple crystal and candle grid and meditated over it while chanting luna nova, mea nova (new moon, new me). 

tip: tarot cards are old and powerful. use them. I performed this ritual under the sight of The Fool, who symbolises new beginnings and is the protagonist of the Major Arcana. 

🌜 add your ingredients to your jar in whichever order you wish.

🌜 I finished by circulating blueberry incense within the jar, for protection. 

🌜 seal with wax 

🌜 keep the bottle close by. 

thats it! if you try it, let me know how it went! I hope it helps you achieve everything you wish <3


- rue

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Mather, why do you live in 2011? I think it's time to upgrade your tech, dear

2011 was the year before the depression hit

i drown my thoughts out with drawing boobs on pictochat. i play Britney Spears’ “Hold it Against Me” to distract myself from the pain and suffering that is my reality.

this is how i cope. you may not like it. you may not think its “healthy” but guess what? health is a social construct that has been used for millennia in order to oppress pof (people of fat). besides, only britney truly understands me. i love you Britney please touch me

does this explain it??? are you hAPPY now???? are you P R O U D?

how dare you. how dare you come into my house and accuse me of this. saying i have to replace all my technology. whats next???? genocide???

Theresa get out of here i don’t need this in my life now leave me be to whack my penis off to crudely drawn titties thanks

harry potter x hamilton

@nxrcissamxlfoy​ replied to your post “mood: listening to hamilton for 6 hrs on repeat and assigning lyrics…”

im gonna need a detailed post on this stat like

oh man okay so this got quite long - 

harry potter:

  • the obvious “death doesn’t discriminate/between the sinners and the saints/…”
  • “history has it’s eyes on you”
  • “dying is easy, young man/ living is harder” haha im not crying ur crying
  • “Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame” those green eyes are legendary 
  • “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” this child deserved so much more i cannot
  • “my dog speaks more eloquently” harry sass potter strikes again

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thanks to you i'm listening to harry styles and am now following him on social media



y’all i thought i owed him my life already and then he liked a pic about supporting feminine boys and i cried and gave him the rest of my life

A-Z Tag Game

Tagged by: @have-a-heart-kaneki (thanks a lot 💙)

a. - age: 20

b. - biggest fear: people getting tired of me

c. - current time: 8:51PM

d. - drink you last had: water lmao

e. - everyday starts with: my phone’s music 

f. - favorite song: I can’t choose

g. - ghosts, are they real: nope

h. - hometown: a town near the center of Madrid, in Spain

i. - in love with: character design stuff

j. - jealous of: people with a good social life

k. - killed someone: just in videogames

l. - last time you cried: this week I got emotional with a few texts

m. - middle name: don’t have one

n. - number of siblings: 1

o. - one wish: to be more creative

p. - person I last called/texted: nobody knows him here (?)

q. - question you’re always asked: do you like animuuuuu??? Stuff like that because of my drawings (?

r. - reason to smile: messages full of love

s. - song last sang: Life will change, from P5

t. - time you woke up: 10:30 AM

u. - underwear color: white

v. - vacation destination: any beach will be fine

w. - worst habit: I can’t stop touching my hair sometimes

x. - x-rays you’ve had: wut xDDD

y. - your favorite food: chocolate

z. - zodiac: aquarius

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Hi!! Can I get a haikyuu matchup? c: I'm a 5"6 ENFP curly haired girl w dimples, tan skin, and hazel eyes. I'm really social and kinda popular but I prefer my dog over any person. I love video games and dumb/dirty jokes. Memes are my life. I'm pm talking and laughing all the time, and I kinda lack common sense so I do dumb stuff, I'm pm an actual child. I'm really sarcastically mean to my friends and I tease/sass them a lot, but I care for them and I'm very affectionate with them. Thank u!! 💕

No problem, dear! Your perfect boy would basically be…

T E N D O U  S A T O R I 

Originally posted by manganimae

Here are my headcanons for you two!

  • You love memes? So does he! If he finds one that he thinks is super funny, he’ll rush to tell you all about it! Everyone else thinks you two are crazy.
  • He loves your laughter, because he thinks it’s like the sound of angels and heaven to him. He does anything he can to make you laugh, that’s how much he needs it. Granted, you laugh a lot naturally, so that’s well too. 
  • The team feels like they have to babysit the two of you when you’re both acting more like a child than normal. Tendou will do something crazy, you’ll copy him, and Ushijima will trying to regain his attention by tossing a volleyball into his face. 
  • At first, he doesn’t recognize that your sass is a friendly sass, and not a mean one, so he’ll be hurt when you sass or tease him. But you’re quick to comfort him, reassuring him that it’s meant in the best of ways, and he feels ten times better.
  • Tendou gets very jealous over your dog because of how much you love it. He’ll make faces at it, teasing it and trying to lock it up in a single room in your house whenever he’s over so he can have you all to himself. 
  • However, the dog will retaliate, and there is currently an ongoing war between the two of them. 
  • You’re more popular than Tendou, and when someone invites you to a party or anything of that sort, you immediately ask if you can bring him along. If they say no, then you refuse to go entirely. 
  • With your dirty jokes, you’ve stunned even the most perverted person into silence. It’s basically a cake walk with Tendou after that, and you’ll always flirt/use dirty pick-up lines on him while he blushes horribly. 
  • Tendou would like to play video games with you, but he’s complete trash at them. He lets his emotions get the better of him, and he’ll get stuck in the corner of the game with nowhere to move or win. 

Dear Long Distance Crush,

I never meant to like you this much. It was always in the realm of possibility that my feelings would cling to your person because of how brightly your soul appears and how my attraction works, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast. My heart has always been fond of shiny things and you are by far the most eye-catching form I’ve ever seen. After this realization, I knew I might fall for you. Then, you went and bared your soul to me and I didn’t even realize how far gone I already was. I was skeptical at first because you just seemed too good to be true, but you turned out to be so much more. You are the sweet in the words “sweet dreams”. You are the good in “good morning”. Even when you just say “hi” I feel like I am on a whole other high, my heart soaring through the clouds and making the world seem less dark than before. Everything is just bliss because I know what my name sounds like coming from your lips and how much lighter my heart feels when I hear you laugh. I know your favorite color and your favorite foods. I know about your family and your friends. I know that every time I think of you I get a little bit angry that you’re not here so I can touch you. I don’t even mean it in a sexual way. I just want to run my fingers through your hair and across the palms of your hands. I want to know what it feels like to hug you and look directly into your eyes. I want to do cute things with you like take you on dates to the park and give you piggy back rides like teenagers in love. I want to give you everything I have and everything I am, even though I know it’s not much and there are so many other and better people who are in love with you. I want to be enough for you, but I know I’m not. I know because you’re way too special to settle for me. I want you to have the greatest of everything in life and the little broken pieces that make up me will not do. I don’t want you to prick your pretty little fingers trying to hold me together. I don’t want you to be stuck in the dark because sometimes I’m afraid to even brave the world and even on my good days I don’t always want to socialize. I don’t want you to miss out on a life changing love just because I crave your existence on the purest, yet most torturous, level. I will continue to admire you from afar, waiting for this crush to no longer settle so heavily on my heart.

Until then,

Only A Day Away