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Klance (?) ft. Moana’s beautiful expressions for @crustysheith

“i will work, i will give thanks”

~Yurio confronts Viktor during the banquet after the Barcelona GPF and asks him about agape again~

(original sketch)

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89 with Mustang!

I literally gasped when I saw what word was associated with this but…since you caused me pain, here it is…

89 - psychotic (Mustang)

“Mustang, hey,” Ed was pleading now, shoving precaution aside as he reached out his automail arm to try and bring the inconsolable man back to reality.  “Whatever it is, we’ll fix it.”

Ed watches helplessly as Mustang runs white-knuckled hands through his hair, eyes widened and pointed down at the floor the two are kneeling on.

“Fullmetal.”  When Roy speaks, his voice is low, dangerous.  “They’re gone.”

Ed feels an icy horror settle into his stomach.  “What do you mean, they’re gone?” He asks hesitantly.

Roy drags his gaze up to meet Edward’s, and when he sees the older man’s dark eyes, he has to consciously stop himself from reeling backwards.  The look in those eyes is entirely too close to being described as psychotic.

“My team,” Roy’s voice sounds like it’s on the brink of breaking, and part of Edward breaks alongside it.  This was his superior officer, Roy Mustang, The Flame Alchemist, one of the strongest men he knows, and he was breaking.

“My team is gone.”

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I have a doubt. Akashi cutting his hair with his lieft hand up on his entrance.. Could it imply akashi is left handed...WOWOWOW. May be he is ambidextrous? Do you see that as a possiblity.? He does handle the ball with left hand sometimes..?

I definitely think he is ambidextrous!! So happy someone also feels this! I mean how else would he be able to cut that bangs that perfectly… Akashi plays many instruments like piano and violin, so it’s very likely both his hands are skilful.

He absolutely play basketball with both hands -my knowledge about this sport is limited but I suppose most players do this? 

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But from many official art (even drawn by Fujimaki himself), Akashi’s chopstick-wielding hand is the right one:

somehow this becomes a post of Akashi eating with his friends ♡⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃

oh man i haven’t drawn this asshole in forever can you believe i was able to draw that armor like 75% from memory

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Jimin's wrist size is 15cm... dainty wrists confirmed

#Confirmed Dainty Lil Bastard.

You know what’s great is I feel like he’s really embracing his daintiness lately. He used to be all like frat boy swagger and muscles and muscle tees and he kind of looked like the human personification of axe body spray, but now he’s like…. hey get a load of me in the xxl fluffy sweater and kitty choker…….. check these dainty sweater paws…… look at how tiny and boopable my nose looks in these massive glasses……..

{{ I’m embarrassed and instead of working on those asks I’ve been doing this, but IM GOING TO TRY THIS OUT?? }} low key tag dump

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me: to y'all who asked

y'all: no one.. asked th-

me: everytime johnny’s fansites update i tend to clench my teeth and make a weird squeel or stick my tongue out or hit something because i dont know how to deal with it? he’s so beautiful, yet so cute i want to hit something? And his legs are so long and his shoulders are so broad i want to do that thing in the cartoons where the girl is all up on the guy and they guy is flexin and shes all like “hey big guy” but i also want to koala hug him and kiss his cute cheeks and say “hey!! You look great today!! But u look great everyday! Nothing new but still, i hope you ate today and got enough hours last night, and that u get to sleep more tonight, i could tell u how much i care for u if you let me love you” im T IR ED I need to sleep