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Okay so take a moment to imagine the SWORD recruited the team instead of arresting them, which means Fitzsimmons probably get to bunk together.

So pls imagine Jemma getting up before Fitz and opening the window/viewport thing (not like actually open it but like they did with Coulson and how they had the wall pull up to reveal a window) and she’s starting out into space (literally!) while drinking her morning tea and two arms sneak around her waist and Fitz presses up against her back and she leans her head back so it’s resting against his shoulder and she’s low-key expecting him to say something typical like “good morning” or maybe something meaningful about the cosmos.

Instead he whispers, “Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship…Sword. our ongoing mission? To seek out planetary threats and stop them before they even begin. To boldly go where no other ex shield agent has gone before”


And Fitz pulls away, faux hurt, and makes an innocent face and goes, “What? I waited three months to do that.”


And they smile goofily at each other and Jemma leans forward and kisses him softly and when she pulls away, he chuckles like he’s realized something and points at the window.

“I guess we’ve got something better than a poster of space. Now we’ve got the whole bloody cosmos.”

And Jemma shakes her head and sits her tea down and wraps her arms around his neck and says, “No. We’ve got each other. That’s what’s better.”

And Fitz smiles at her and kisses her softly????


Maids! Ahem, I meant Senpais. Sorry if you don’t like that term, but I don’t know what else to call ya’ll. >~<
So here we have
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I was inspired to draw them because of a fanfiction I read while camping. It’s called,
Six skeletons and one maid

not to ruin anyone’s already screwed mood, but i have the feeling that apart from sistar and t-ara, we’ll have to go thru some bad news about miss a and after school this year too. like, it’s even more obvious what their fate is gonna be, even more expected than sistar imo.

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Captain here! Ant*s are thinking that because Rey and Luke are sharing the same cover it means that ReyS is confirmed. Based on their logic Phasma and Hux are with their kid, Kylo LOL. flies away.

Hi Captain!! Wow, what a reach… if it was separated by family, Leia would be with Luke and Rey, along with Kylo.

Thanks for letting me know! I was legitimately confused seeing this, like… ‘what’d I miss??????’


EEE!! IT’S PERFECT! Bought this straight off of wacom site (hehe thanks Dad for paying it all for my late b-day gift) Also my hand comparison to the cintiq on the bottom (I have small hands :’’’3 Count my wrist to my middle finger 9 ½ inches) And the screen itself, if you measure diagonally is 15 inches and all together is 17inch WHICH IS NOT BAD AT ALL I THOUGHT IT WAS SMALLER X3 Sure there was tax but.. All and all it’s beautifully amazing hehe I might livestream on the weekend and see how it rock and rolls.. even though I already playing with it hehehehehehohohoeuhehehehe 83 

in this world, there is only right and wrong
they are right
and we are wrong
(at least, that’s what they make us believe)

i dream of a better earth
one that does not want to suppress us
one that accepts who we are
what we are facing
and stands not against us
but by us
for our minds are already our enemies
and we do not need any more

i want to speak about what plagues us
without being silenced
i want to be me again
maybe then i
maybe then we
can begin to breathe
—  s.a. // 05.23.17
“begin.” from breathe: a collection of poems on mental health and the internet