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The last couple of years for me have been exciting, crazy, heartbreaking, surreal, sad and overall so incredibly life changing. Life is weird sometimes, things happen unexpectedly which means huge changes and fresh starts that you never could have predicted. The last few months especially haven’t been easy, and I’ve learnt just how strong of a person I actually am. But even though my life has been a complete and utter mess of happiness and sadness all thrown together, one person that’s always been getting me through this crazy journey called life is Taylor. 

1989 was the album that completely changed my life by making it so much brighter. Even on days where things just seemed like they weren’t getting any better, Taylor and this album were there for me. Even now, two years on from hearing it for the very first time I can still listen to this album and feel so unbelievably happy. Getting to meet Taylor on the 1989 tour in Brisbane was such a surreal experience that I will never forget. And more recently, going to New York and getting to see and explore the incredible city that played such a huge role in the making of this album was one of the best experiences of my life. 

 So this is my thank you to Taylor for making life so much brighter. Without you, without 1989, and without every single one of your songs, I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today. You are an absolute sunshine and deserve every single piece of happiness you get, love you girly. 💖

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Relationship status: Focusing on myself 
Favourite color: white and light shades of pink
Pets: a dogger
Last song I listened to: The Sore Feet Song by Ally Kerr
Favourite tv show: BrBa, Ste.ins Gate, and morty

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Name: Tarra

Nicknames: Honestly the most consistent and widespread nickname I’ve ever had is how some of you call me by my url, wellntruly, as is Tumblr practice

Gender: Female

Star Sign: I was born in April but I’m so Gemini that I write to-do lists to myself in the second person. FWIW that’s actually both my moon and my rising sign.

Height: A weak 5’3”, in the parlance of celebheights dot com

Sexual orientation:

Hogwarts House: Shrugstagram

Favourite color: Dark green

Favourite animal: All of them. Except for snakes fuck those guys.

Average hours of sleep: Oh an IMPROVEMENT over New York City life, I’m now at 7-8!

Cat or Dog person: Listen I can snuggle both of them so we’re all good here

Favourite fictional characters: Lol

Number of blankets I sleep with: Right now it might be something like four but like, it’s complicated, I’m working on developing this whole Bed Nest thing, I’ll get back to you

Favourite singer/band: I’ve been spending a lot of time lately inching through unplowed WINTERCITY on buses and listening to things like Yann Tiersen’s “La Chute” on loop

Dream trip: I want to get the college gang back together again this summer, somewhere mostly central as we live scattered around both coasts, so maybe Denver? Chicago?

Dream job: Running a hobby bed-and-breakfast retreat in the mountains for my over-worked city friends. This would be more of an “occupation” in the sense of occupying my time than something remotely concerned with making any income. Anyway if you know a millionaire, I have this very well planned out and could start spending their money immediately.

When was this blog created: July 2013

Current number of followers: It’s the Belle Époque period around here, numerically at least.

When did your blog reach its peak?: I’m assuming this means traffic, so when I was writing recaps in the 3rd season of Hannibal, I’d wager. Or maybe when I was rewatching the series soon after?

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: I wanted to streamline the process of individually checking a whole bunch of Tumblrs I had in a bookmarks folder, and then I thought, “yeah I bet I could run one of these myself”

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It is currently 1:55am in New York City and I'm thinking about my girlfriend. She's the first one I get to call my soulmate. She cares about me sincerely and loves me so unconditionally, as I love her. She's so special to me, and I don't think there is a moment in my day where I don't think about including her in my life (we're in a LDR, just celebrated 5 months together recently!)

congratulations! im also in a ldr, i hope both of our relationships are happy and they dont end painfully
you guys sound like a cute couple
10/10 -ign

Hi everyone, my name is Rika Jeanne and this is my boyfriend, Isaac. We met in November and I’ve been in love with him ever since. In 2009 he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and now he needs a new kidney.

Isaac has helped me so much dealing with my depression and anxiety and eating disorder and so I hope that I can at least spread the word to as many people as possible. He is the the most kind hearted and caring people that I have ever met.

He is currently on the transplant list at Upstate Medical University Transplant Center, their number is (315) 464-5413. If you live in the upstate New York area please please please consider at least calling for more information. Even if you aren’t a match for Isaac, you could help save someone else’s life.

Please help me spread the word. Isaac is the most incredible person and it breaks my heart that he has to go through this


Letting Go with Light for #loykrathong

To see more photos of the festival, explore the #loykrathong hashtag. For more photos from Bien, follow @jsph on Instagram.

In Thailand and pockets of Myanmar, Malaysia and Laos, November 25 is the annual Loy Krathong festival — held at canals, rivers and lakes where those celebrating release ornate, buoyant baskets, called krathongs, to the water. “What I love about Loi Krathong is the idea of letting go,” says New York-based recruiting manager Bien Sunga (@jsph), whose travels to Chiang Mai, Thailand, coincided with this year’s festival. Several million Southeast Asian people and other travelers participate to honor Buddha and the goddess of water, and many hope to release negativity along with their floats. Bien likes this aspect best: “It is a good outlet to really separate myself from anything bothering me, so I can focus on the good in my life.”



✨9:30pm instead of 6:00pm bc of technical difficulties… But please don’t be rude if I don’t post on time bc I do have a life and I’m in the middle of finals week.✨

The warm sun hit my body. It felt good to be back. I missed my home. I grabbed my suitcase and walked over to the pick area of the airport. I called for an Uber since my car was still in New York.
I opened the door to my old apartment. Everything still looked the same. I walked in and sat down in my couch. I missed this place.
Cam and Nash were evicted from their apartment a few weeks after they left. So I didn’t have to worry about them seeing. I still hadn’t told anybody I was back.
Tonight was Jack’s and Madison engagement party and I planned to make my debut there.
I still didn’t know where they were having the party at, but I planned to find out. I called an old coworker of mine that was good friends with Jack.
“Hey Andrea” I said once she answered the phone.
“Y/n! Where have you been?! It’s been so long”
“I moved out to New York for a little while but now I’m back for good.”
“I missed you! So what’s up” Andrea asked all peppy. She was always so happy.
“Do you know we’re Jack’s engagement party is going to be held at? I want to make sure my gift arrives to the right location.” I lied. I couldn’t actually tell her my real plans. They were too devious.
“Oh okay…” She said a little worried. “It’s at Vatican Hall in Hollywood.”
“Okay thank Andrea! Love ya! I clicked before she could ask me any more questions.
I looked up the reception hall it was booked from 8:00pm to 1:00am. That had to be the time Jack’s party was being held at.
It was 6:00pm just enough time to get ready.
I took quick shower and shaved my legs.
I got out and blow dried my hair into loose beach waves. I kept my makeup simple look with matte red lips.
I put on a black tight fitting crop top and a long pencil skirt. I put on nude heels and grabbed my purse.
I stepped out of the über and thanked the driver. The reception was on Sunset Blvd. very fancy, very over the top. There was sure to be a lot of celebrities.
I went inside to find at least 50 tables spread all over the hall. Jack and Madison were seated at the center of the hall along with the groomsmen, which were the boys, and the bridesmaids, Madison friends.

"So I just want to say a little something” I said as stood up. I looked over to my left to find Madison smiling widely. “I just want to thank everybody for coming. We really appreciate it. I also want to thank all of our groomsmen and all the bridesmaids.” I paused. “And most of all I want to thank my beautiful fiancé, for actual wanting to marry me.” Everyone started clapping. Suddenly I heard someone tap their fork against their glass.
“I would like to say something” a very familiar voice said, while waving their hand up in the air. The spotlight moved towards that person.
“I just want to say I am very very happy for you. You guys make a beautiful couple. Let’s make a toast! To Jack and Madison! I wish you nothing but the best!” It was y/n. You could hear the venom in her voice. I looked over to the boys confusion was laced over their eyes.
Y/n sat back down. She was looking stunning. It was like the old y/n had gone a way and a new sexy, fearless y/n took her place.
“What is she doing here?” Madison angrily said to me.

“Hey babe I’ll be back. I’m just going to restroom.” I said to Madison as I pecked her cheek. It was around 11pm and the party was full swing.
I walked down the lonely hallway, and saw y/n walking towards the exit.
I quickly ran towards and grabbed her arm, pinning her to the wall

Because I haven’t had my preventative meds I’ve had a migraine since Wednesday night. Finally got the doctor’s office to approve and refill today so I SHOULD be a little better tomorrow. Feeling lonely and in pain and tired of this life. Time to watch what my husband calls “murder shows.”

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • my wallet
  • another wallet for pennies
  • a bic pen
  • my notebook + calendar (we call it agenda idk)
  • house keys

Five things in my bedroom

  • books!
  • various musical instruments
  • a Mess™
  • clothes on The Chair
  • more bic pens and staedtler pencils (i am too picky oops)

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  • go shopping without having to worry about prices (i’ll keep this one bc same)
  • live in Porto, Portugal; London, England and New York, USA for some time on each
  • sing in the O2 arena in London
  • eat pasta in italy and macarons in france!
  • be professionally related to the arts (music, theater, painting, writing, all of it i really love arts)

Five things that make me happy:

  • tea
  • chocolate (yes!)
  • nicely taken pictures
  • well written movies/ tv shows with good casts
  • music

Five things I’m currently into

  • painting but i’m horrible
  • the piano
  • theater 
  • travelling
  • photography

Five things on my to-do list

  • mostly study for every test i have
  • film the Death of a Bachelor cover
  • continue my japanese learning
  • finish all my work due the end of the semester
  • keep my room clean for longer

Five things people may not know about me.

  • i am bisexual
  • i have probably watched less than 200 movies in my whole life
  • i’m an only child 
  • i’ve never travelled by airplane
  • i have a project planned related to music but i don’t think i’ll ever manage to do it

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Sisterly Conversations (n.m.)

| Requested by tattedskate: can you do an imagine where you’re Latina and Nate finds it very attractive when you speak Spanish ( especially when you’re mad ) and when he gets home from tour he will find you cleaning and dancing to Mexican music😂❤️


(Disclaimer: SADLY I am not a Latina, I apologize if some things are weird haha. Enjoy reading my loves.)

I was laying on my bed, scrolling through my Instagram feed. Nate was laying next to me as he was scrolling through his Twitter feed. We’re so social, we know.

We were fine like this actually. Catching up on the social media life was nice for a couple of minutes.

Until I read ‘Camilla’ on my phone. It was my sister who suddenly called me. She moved to New York for uni, we spoke, but not a lot. “Hola Cam.” I said.

Nate looked at me, thinking it was Cameron. I mouthed Camilla to him and he nodded, continuing to scroll through Twitter.

My sister and I always spoke Spanish to each other, not only because we loved our first language, but also because we wanted to talk Spanish regularly. “Hey, estás ocupado?”

Usually whenever my sister asked me if I was busy, there was probably something up. “No… Qué pasa?”

“Se puede hacer un favor?”

“Un favor?”

“Sí, Alex está en Los Angeles y necesita un lugar para quedarse.” Alex was her boyfriend, and apparently he was staying in LA.

“Usted quiere quedarse en mi apartamento?”

“Sí…” I sighed. My sister wanted her boyfriend to stay at my apartment.

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IronFalcon Drabble #4

@bloody-bee-tea sent: “I’m officially gonna prompt you to write me the thing where Sam watches Tony fly through the wormhole and then Tony calling him. Gimme that.”

I actually teared up writing this so I hope you enjoy it, Queen of Angst :’D

Part 2 

Sam thinks his heart will stop.

He half hopes this is all just a dream; that he will wake up any moment now, curled up safely in Tony’s arms.

Except Tony is currently in New York, fighting aliens and risking his life and-

And Sam is miles and miles away from him.

Unable to help.

Riley comes to his mind. Riley, whom he loved like a brother and whom he couldn’t help – who fell to his death while Sam could do nothing but watch.

He briefly wonders if this will happen again, if he’s damned to stand by once more and see Tony die-

Sam’s eyes are glued to the TV. The pictures are slightly blurred and there is so much chaos going on, the reporter doesn’t seem to know what to focus on.

“We were just informed that the government approved to use a nuclear missile against the aliens”, the reporter says and she looks paler with each word. “Local residents are urged to leave Manhattan right now. We-”

Sam is barely able to process the information. A nuclear warhead is about to hit New York and he can only think of Tony, who’s still there, still fighting against these aliens alongside a bunch of other heroes Sam has only heard about.

They will die.

They will die, along with the residents of New York.

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Lana Del Rey on Community Service

In her years in New York, working “odd jobs” and “helping out in the community, in alcohol and drug awareness programs” and playing the singer-songwriter open-mic circuit.  

“I’m not a trained social worker. I’ve been sober for ten years, so it was drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It was more traditional twelve-step call stuff. Just people who can’t get it together, me and groups of other people who have been based in New York for a long time working with people who need help and reached out. It was about building communities around sobriety and staying clean and stuff like that. That was my focus since I moved to the Bronx when I was eighteen. I liked music, but I considered it to be a luxury. It wasn’t my primary focus: the other stuff was really my life. But no one ever … it’s not interesting.”

“I’ve been really involved in my community for the last seven years that I’ve been here, in lots of different ways. I’ve been involved in homeless outreach for the last seven years. Drug and alcohol awareness – I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs anymore. When things aren’t going that well musically, you know … I stopped focusing on music for a long time so I started focusing on other things that I knew more about. Some volunteering. I have a group of friends who work individually with different affiliations. Just in New York, just in the last seven years. When I realized that maybe singing wasn’t going to be so easy I went back to what I knew how to do, what I was also really passionate about. There’s not many things, but …”

No, it’s really interesting. So your social work was based on your own experiences?

“Yeah, because I was an addict who got clean.”

“It’s all about the writing. It used to all be about the service work through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation, which I haven’t worked in in two years now. But it’s always been about the art.”

“When I was 19, I signed to an independent record label. I was the only act on their roster, and then that record was shelved. After that, I still wanted to sing, but I started focusing on being an active member of my community.” “Homeless outreach and drug rehabilitation - that’s been my life the past few years. My friends are a core group of girls I met through work, and they never really knew I was a singer, because nothing was ever happening.”

“Part of it is homeless outreach- helping people get their social security numbers back, so they can apply for jobs again. There are other divisions of it, like imparting knowledge I have about how to make things easier in your life. It’s something I do with a small group of people I’ve known since I was 18.”

Sterek AU: Derek Hale is a famous successful lawyer in New York. His life is perfect, he’s rich and powerful. 

Everything he has starts to fall apart when a yellow gossip newspaper starts spreading not-so-honest gossips about his personal life and work. People are naive and believe easily. Derek gets furious and pays the editor a visit. To his surprise he doesn’t expect a 22-year-old boy behind the desk and calling the shots. 

With not so kind attitude Derek asks him to stop with the false rumours and leave him alone. With a smug smile the editor Stilinski apologizes and assures Derek he will take the articles down. 

On the following day, however, there’s a new article starting with something along: I owe Derek Hale a public apology… apology for him having a stick up his ass….’ followed by a short story of Derek’s visit and some exaggerating details about physical threats. Of course that pisses Derek even more and he decides to deal with it personally even if it means getting dangerously close to the young lost soul in the media. 

camila_cabello: thank you for the best 18th birthday ever @taylorswift :) you are a real life fairy princess for many reasons. you are magical and rare. #2 you sprinkle fairy dust on others and make them feel loved and special and safe. #3 you are also a rare species, you are caring and well meaning and kind without expecting anything in return. #4 you sparkle like a New York skyline. and #5 you love Elf like all fairies should. i wish i could shout from the rooftops how fun last night was for me and how much love i felt. i am so grateful to call someone like you my friend. thank you for bringing everyone together and making last night so special!!!!!!!! PS DISCLAIMER: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES TASTE EVEN BETTER WHEN YOURE 18!!! (x)

Things Change Verse

Pick up the pen, time to write my sins away
Right my wrongs and then life goes on
Bitch be calling, then mistakenly niggas be falling
I fuck them and I leave them, forever picture me balling
With cash that I never had, I’m trying to stretch a million
Hoping it forever lasts, a fear of going broke
Cause most niggas I know can barely make the car note
Can barely keep the rent paid, so I’m like Da Vinci
Painting pictures to last centuries since like the 10th grade
Carolina nigga with New York plates
My template, switch states and swerve, mixtapes were served
Get cake, absurd, and has big plates, preferred
You heard, my every word
Potentially can free us all, now that’s a heavy burden
Sometimes I’d rather get some head and watch my wealth grow
Cause things change, am I the same one you fell for?
One side screaming “hell no” other side holding on for dear life
Lately nigga I feel like, I ain’t that young frail nigga that I used to be
Pardon my ways girl, I’m still getting used to me
Cause things change, I’m still getting used to me
I ain’t that old shy nigga that I used to be
Bitches watching niggas plotting on me, truthfully
Gotta be careful what you wish for, as you can see
Things change


I woke up this morning and I was thinking I was gonna be clever about this, but I decided I’m just gonna be honest, ‘cause I don’t wanna have to lie.

I’ve spent all of my adult life up to this point in a big city, but I always felt out of place. Never had much space. I left home at 15 with a dream in my head, a few hundred dollars and enough courage to take a chance. I spent 3 years on Broadway, which opened the door to many wonderful things like my publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Then, England started calling my name and so off to London I went.

I made my first record, Wasted In Jackson, there. I was able to take the distance from my birthplace (Tennessee) and find a way to make it sound like my hometown in an album. After (too) many years of trying to make my work and personal life work in the hustle of Los Angeles, New York City and London I realized that I had never been in my happy place. I’m a tough bitch but I’m not a miserable bitch –  I like to be happy! So, it only made sense to move my life back to the place that makes me happy— Jackson, Tennessee, the place I was born.

It’s a funny little town because there’s so much music that stemmed from here. Carl Perkins, who is pretty much single-handedly responsible for making The Beatles & Elvis Presley happen with the songs he wrote, was born here. George Harrison was a pallbearer at his funeral. Paul McCartney didn’t come to his actual funeral and requested a private service with his body beccause he didn’t want to take media attention away from Carl on the day of his funeral. People like Ray Charles used to come to my hometown just to play some music with him. They sometimes wouldn’t even charge money! I saw Ray play for $5 when I was NINE years old. I was a girl growing up on Music Highway (the stretch of Interstate 40 between Memphis and Nashville). The blues are in my blood— I can’t and I won’t help it.

I moved back to Jackson to find what was real to me again, and what inspired me to leave in the first place— the music. I hadn’t been lying all those years before but I was missing something. I was missing the food, missing the culture, missing the dirty, late night, front porch, beer-drinking part of my life that I can’t find anywhere else. This place has always kept me honest and it led me back to the music I made recently that I’m going to share with you now. I’m happy to be free of the fucking city life, happy to be free of the fucking stress, I can finally fucking breathe. I don’t wanna have to lie to everybody about how I feel.

Here’s a peek at Comeback Queen EP, out July 17. You can also listen to the song on Soundcloud: 

“New York! That’s not a place, it’s a dream.”
So eternally grateful I have been able to call this place home for the past 18 years. Sad to be leaving, but excited to start the next chapter of my life in college. New York, I love you, I’ll miss you. See ya soon…

So I’m at this Jukebox the Ghost show on a boat right? And last time I saw them was in Philly at the XPN fest in July 2011. At that show I met a relatively cute boy. We didn’t exchange names or contact information or anything. We spent about an hour and a half chatting. Enjoyed the concert, hipster danced a bit. Said goodbye. And that was that.

As we boarded the boat I casually mused to Anna that he could be here and how funny that would be. Even though he is from Philadelphia.

He is standing right in front of me.

I think he remembers.