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As a Master, I’ll protect every region, every person with my life.

Why does listening to epic music always end up with me doodling Pokémon Master Ash and Ho-Oh……. >u>


Levihan Week Day 2: Home/Nightmare

My Interpretation: Levi waits for Hanji to come home after her mission to space.

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Mikasa and Armin: An Ongoing Analysis (Part 1)

I’ve been wanting to go on a rant about these two for ages and, with the last anime episode that’s been released, I figured it’s about time I actually got started. 

So here it is! The plan is to make a series of posts looking at the significant moments Mikasa and Armin have together, volume to volume, and to make observations on their interactions and the importance they have to each other. 

(Note: everything I write about these two in this series is intended platonic. Arumika and other relationships mentioned will be written as their ship name because it’s more convenient than writing their names over and over)

(Everything I write here is my own opinion and different interpretations and discussions are welcome and encouraged)

(Also, this will NOT be spoiler-free)  

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LeviHan Week: Day 1 - First/Last


Levi slid from the horse. His chest burning with the effort to breath. He stood for a moment to regain his balance, the movement having knocked his balance. The sun was bright and hot. Scorching his beaten skin. Slowly he gathered Hange up, pulling her from where she sat slumped on the horse. She felt tiny in his arms. Never would he had thought she would feel this small. His eyes burned. Tears gathering. Slowly he walked to the shoreline. The sand crunching beneath his boots. He stumbled a couple of times. The sand uneven beneath his feet. Pain seemed to course through his entire body with every step he took.
When he couldn’t go on anymore he slumped to his knees. Hange still held in his arms.
‘We made it. I told you we’d make it back.’ He whispered.
Levi wasn’t even sure if she could still hear him. Her breathing was very shallow now. Her goggles were still on her head. Levi shifted so he was sat down, Hange in his lap. Carefully he pulled the goggles free tossing them onto the sand beside them. He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket pulling out Hange’s regular glasses. Gently he placed them back on her face.
'There. Now you can see.’ His voice was rough. The words hard to get out. Her eyes remained closed. The damaged one scarred and rough. He wondered what happened to the patch she had been wearing. It didn’t matter. It was gone now. So much was gone now.
He sat, Hange cradled in his arms, for a little while. The water lapping against the shore just ahead of them. He felt weak, the pain which wracked his body on the brink of overwhelming. Just a little longer.
'They all made it. Those stupid kids. They’ll get to go home and grow old. Not us though. We get to die like heroes. They’ll write books about us. Like the ones you had under your bed.’ Levi said. His eyes firmly on the horizon. The sun was setting now. The sky turning hazy. A light breeze ruffled his hair and he looked down at Hange. Her eyes were open and she looked up at him with her one good eye. A fraction of a smile on her lips.
'Hey Shitty Glasses.’
'Hey.’ She croaked. Her lips were dry and chapped. Blood streaked across her chin.
Levi shifted her into a sitting position, still in his lap, but so she could see out over the ocean now. She rested her head back against his shoulder looking out over the glittering water. The sky had turned it a deep orange colour. It was quite beautiful but Levi’s eyes were fixed on Hange.
'Did you know there are birds that move through the water like they’re flying yet can’t actually take flight in the sky?’ Hange said out of nowhere, her voice rough.
'Well that’s fucking stupid.’
'They’re called penguins.’
'What’s the point in being a bird if you can’t fly?’ Levi asked mockingly.
'I dunno. What’s the point in being a man if you only grow to your height?’ Hange replied.
She tilted her head back to look up at him. Her cracked lips spread in a grin.
'You’re a fucking idiot.’ Levi said smiling down at her.
'You love me anyway though.’
Hange was looking at him with such intensity now it almost blinded him. He took hold of her hand and squeezed.
'Yeah I guess I do.’ He told her.

They sat together on the sand for what felt like hours, though it couldn’t have been that long. The sun sinking low in the sky. It had almost disappeared behind the horizon when Hange coughed. Blood trickling from the corner of her mouth.
Levi wrapped his arms around her. Hange pressed herself further into him. Her head was tucked under his chin. Her breathing was laboured. It wouldn’t be much longer.
He was staring out over the water. The last strip of sun dipping below the horizon when he felt it. The stillness in his arms. The tears fell silently down his cheeks. His heart ached. Yet he felt numb. All the pain that had plagued him gone.
He closed his eyes. Pressed his face into Hange’s hair. Breathed her in one last time.

A bird flew over the silent scene. It’s wide wingspan casting a broad shadow over their still figures. The water lapping gently at their feet. Two figures alone on a quiet peaceful beach.

tea time for @silvereyesandboloties. prompt: winter romance

“have you ever been up north?”

“are you really asking me that?”

erwin chuckles and shakes his head. “i suppose that was an ignorant question. i should have phrased it as ‘would you like to travel north?’”

“why the fuck would i want to do that?”

erwin shifts in his chair to face levi. “as you know, each district has its own variety of culture–the underground was no exception. utopia has an interesting festival during the winter solstice that i have only attended once many years ago. our next expedition is not until the spring…”

“you’re really going to take a break?”

“if you will go with me, i certainly will.”

“no paperwork.”

“a little bit of paperwork.”

no paperwok.”

they stare at each other, and there are some gazes that even the commander cannot yield to. “no paperwork.”

levi fingers the edge of his cravat, his face softened a little like butter over his victory. “when do we leave?”


“dammit, erwin.”

“you think i would give you time to change your mind?”

levi sighs and shakes his head, irritated that erwin is right, as he tends to be. the bastard knows him far too well. he shifts his crossed leg down onto the floor and stands. “i’ll ready my things.”

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Please continue with the Samurai Jack crossover you just did! It needs to be a blog itself!

ok but in all seriousness a pmmm au would work ok

guess i’ll need to call upon my 7th grade self here soon aUGH MY MIDDLE SCHOOL “”WEEB””’ IS SHOWING