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Overwatch Asks

Put a number in my ask box, and I’ll answer:

1. My most played character
2. One character I’ve played the least or not at all
3. My favorite offensive character to play
4. My favorite defensive character to play
5. My favorite tank character to play
6. My favorite support character to play
7. The most aesthetically pleasing character
8. One of my least favorite characters to play against 
9. My favorite map
10. My least favorite map
11. My second most played character
12. A character I wish I was better at
13. My favorite ultimate
14. One gameplay tip with my most played character
15. My third most played character
16. My preferred support character to have by my side
17. My fourth most played character
18. My favorite sniping spot and/or favorite place to place a turret(s) 
19. My favorite alternate fire
20. My fifth most played character


clipping. - What’s in My Bag?

clipping. (aka Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, Jonathan Snipes) go shopping at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. Their latest album “Splendor & Misery” is out now on Sub Pop Records.

The Thrawn Crisis Regency AU 

for @operaticspacestrash 

Welcome to Myrkr estate, Sir Luke…

After being set upon by Imperial agents and left in the woods to die, Luke Skywalker, the secret son of late and unlamented Lord Vader, is rescued by Captain Karrde, a notorious smuggler, and the mysterious Miss Mara Jade. He soon discovers that Miss Jade was once the ward of the former Emperor, and that she desires nothing more than to see him dead. Meanwhile, Admiral Thrawn’s fleet gathers off the coast and no one knows which way the tide of war will turn…

My first ever Widowmaker POTG and I managed to headshot both Hanzo and a flying Pharah within a few seconds of each other I then sprayed the Amelie and Gerard wedding spray and proceeded to scope in and snipe Gerard for a continuous three seconds i am quite happy to never get a Widow POTG again and leave this as my canon Amelie Lacroissant playthrough™

Straight White Boy Problem #535

*playing Call of Duty team death match* sigh…..i wish there were mor girls in my life *gets sniped. Someone on my teams says “Fuckin noob” ITS A GIRL* whate the heck??? A girl that plays gmaes??? no…impossible….girls can’t play games…