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Adorable Jerks + Bonus Chat

Pairing: Sam x f!Reader


Could you do a Sam x reader where the reader and sam just constantly tease bucky and Scott (maybe with the use of memes)

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has added Y/N, Bucky, Scott.

Scott: Hi! :) How are you two?

Bucky: what is this

Bucky: what do you two want





Bucky: S T O P

Scott: I have one question, that really needs to be answered: How did you get pictures of those events?

You: A tech genius never reveals the fairly obvious answer.


Sam: when you see an insect


You: when the insect sees you

Bucky: You think you’re so funny :(

Bucky: Well you are but whatever :(

You: thank you snape? ◔̯◔

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Request: The twins magically handcuff the reader to Professor Snape.

Note: Sorry I didn’t do two days like you asked, but I got carried away with just one day. I very much enjoyed writing this, sorry it took so long and sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted. Thanks for your request, keep them coming!

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What on earth was coming down the corridor?! No, it wasn’t ‘what’, it was who…then you realized.


Professor Snape was skipping down the hall with sparkeling pink robes billowing behind him. His black hair was bouncing up and down in tune with his skips.

You woke with a sudden jolt. What a weird dream. You had to tell your best friends. You got dressed quickly and went to your first class: advanced potion making.

“Hiya Y/N” the twins said in unison.

“Hey Fred. Hey George.” You sat between the two of them.

You and the boys had been friends since first year, you were one of the only ones who knew them apart.

“We’ve got this new spell that we are totally gonna try,” Fred started.

“And you’re the victim.” George finished with an evil smirk on his face.

“No. You. Will. Not.” You emphasised every word.

“But it’ll help with our plan,” Fred quickly whispered the plan in your ear.

Potions class went pretty normal, as a seventh year you were pretty good at potions. At the end of class, like every other day you went to give Professor Snape your notebook to be graded, but as you did so Fred as well as George  came up behind you mumbled something and the next thing you knew there was a handcuff around your left wrist, the boys ran and Snape looked livid.

“Get back here!” Snape started to walk after them.

“Ouch!! Professor stop!” You yelled as his steps jerked your wrist and the rest of you body forward.

You were handcuffed to Professor Snape. The twins would pay for this, big time.

“Well don’t just stand there Professor, get it off! I have other classes to be at.” You said pulling your hand up as if to remind him the handcuffs were there.

He narrowed his eyes at you, “Do not talk to me in such a disrespectful way Ms. Y/L/N.” He said cooly and then looked down to examine the uncomfortable handcuffs.

You waited silently as the class started to laugh and whisper.

“Well?” You asked impatiently in an annoyed tone, “are you going to get them off or not?”

“Stop using that tone with me, I’m not the one who did this.” Snape said and sighed heavily. “These,” he raised his wrist so the handcuffs were in your face, “will be part of our lives for the next two days, there is nothing I, or anyone, can do.”

You stood there, shocked, and getting very mad.

“You’ve got to be joking.” You deadpaned.

“I am not one to joke. Now, I have to get supplies for my next class.” He said and started walking.

“Oh no you don’t! I have classes I can’t miss. You’re coming with me to my classes.” You said trying to keep up with him.

“I think not.” He said and kept walking.

You stopped, causing his arm to jerk back and he stopped.

“I will drag you along if I have to.” He said as he raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Well put them on hold. I’m not having detentions because you won’t go to my classes.” You said angrily turning toward the way of your next class.

He huffed and started walking toward Professor McGonall’s classroom. You smiled triumphantly.

“Of all students why did I have to get cuffed to you. You’re so stubborn and not at all intimidated me. Most students would do what I say.” He said irritated as the two of you walked.

You rolled your eyes and walked into the class, took a seat and waited for McGonall to come in.

“Students today…Severus? Why are you sitting in my class?” She looked at the man beside you.

You raised your hand with the handcuff and Snape’s limply followed, his face in a scowl.

“What the devil?!” McGonall came over and closely examined the handcuffs, “Well, it will be an awkward two days for the two of you.” She said resuming her class and passing out a test you had to take.

You started the test and you could feel Snape looking over your shoulder at your work.

“Can you not?” You asked not looking up from your test.

“Shhh.” McGonall said.

“I was seeing if you were as bright in this class as you are in potions, but you’ve got number three wrong you dunderhead.” He whispered to you.

“Oh shut up.” You said in a more sarcastic tone so he thought you were joking.

“A simple ‘thank you’ would have sufficed.” He said looking away.

“Severus, Y/N, if you both keep talking I will give you a detention, and Severus, don’t make me bring up the birthday incident! This is a test.” McGonall said in a harsh tone.

Snape huffed. You looked back at number three, and sure enough you saw that you’d made a mistake. You rolled your eyes not wanting to thank him and not wanting him to say ‘I told you so.’

You finally finished the test and McGonall took it. You realised the worst thing possible. You motioned to Snape like you wanted to tell him a secret.

“What?” He said, his voice and face void of all emotion.

“Get your head down here I’m not saying it out loud.” You said getting irritated.

Snape gave in and put his ear by your mouth. You whispered to him.

“You what?!” Snape’s horrified look and louder than needed tone caught everyone’s attention, even McGonall’s.

“I have to pee.” You repeated just above a whisper, your face turning bright red.

McGonall choked on a laugh and put her head down, probably to hide her smile.

You got up and Snape followed, his eyes looking to the floor. You came to the bathroom and stopped outside a stall.

“Any ideas about how to go about this?” You asked.

“Just go I’ll stand at arms length and stare at the wall.” He said and walked in the stall behind you.

It was the most awkward minute or two of both your lives. You relieved yourself while Snape stood by the wall shifting his weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other.


You’d gotten through your classes and three horrendous trips to the bathroom (him having to go was way more awkward than when you had to) and it was finally time to eat….this would be weird, would he make you sit at the head table or would you sit with your friends? You couldn’t stand the thought of him sitting with you and your friends.

The pair of you walked to the Great Hall. He kept walking past the rows of students up to the head table.

“Wonderful.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I will not sit with your group of so called 'friends’ they’re all dunderheads.” He said as if reading your mind, “also they would do nothing but stay silent.” He finished as you sat uncomfortably close to him at the table.

“They’re not all dunderheads. If you’d take the time to realize that not everyone is as smart as you then you might actually see some of them aren’t that bad.” You sassed off to him as though he weren’t your professor.

“You’d better watch it young lady.” He said in a low growl.

You didn’t mean to come across as rudely, it was just your defense mechanism. You kept everyone you knew at arms length so to speak.

“I didn’t mean it as rudely as other came out, but I won’t apologise for the truth professor sir.” You said as you reached for the potatoes.

You didn’t eat much at dinner, which wasn’t abnormal, you never ate much, just enough to fill you up, and that didn’t take a lot. You sat through the boring conversations and the every now and again tease from one of the professors, some said they were so sorry about you being handcuffed to Snape others found it hilarious.

You shuffled out of the Great Hall. Tired from the days events.

“Merlin’s beard!” You said rather loudly.

Snape stopped in the hall and gave you a puzzled but annoyed look, “What is it now?”

“You….I….oh God.” You stuttered as realisation of what was to come hit you.

“Well?” Snape said impatiently and began walking again.

“We have to…sleep together.” You said in a somewhat disgusted tone.

Snape stopped. His face deadpaned, “this hadn’t crossed your mind ealier?”

“No. I didn’t give it any thought. Oh my gosh this is gonna be weird.” You said and began rambling about what others would think and say.

Snape continued walking at his normal fast pace toward his private rooms, practically dragging you along.

“Can you slow down? One of your strides is like four of mine.” You half panted.

Snape huffed and rolled his eyes, but he did slow to a pace you could keep up with.

He opened a large wooden door. Inside was a rather messy sight. Books were stacked in every corner, potion bottles were in no order on a desk in the corner of the room. The fireplace looked as though it was never used, and it looked as if Snape had never dusted.

You followed Snape down a hallway into his bedroom. The walls were stone, just like in the room you’d just been in. There was a four-poster in the middle of the room with a little table on both sides. The left side had a thick book and candle on it. The right table had another book, it was a very small book and a quill on top of it.

“D'you have a diary?” You asked teasingly and pointed at the small table to the right.

“No.” Snape said rather quickly.

“Yeah sure. Look I’m really tired can we just…” You stopped not know how to ask to lay down without it sounding awkward.

Snape nodded and you both layed down on the tall bed. It was rather hard and the room was cool. You pulled the blankets up to your neck.

“G'night Professor.” You said trying to get a bit of a rise out of him.

“Stay on your side.” He commanded.

You fell asleep rather quickly.


You woke with a jolt the next morning. 'What the?!’ You were cuddled up next to your potions master, your head was on his chest and your arm aroud his tourso. You looked at your sleeping professor, who at this moment was starting to stir. His eyes fluttered open he looked at you in confusion for a moment. “'Morning sunshine” You said with a devilish grin.

“I told you to stay on your side! Get off of me!” His voice deep and laced with drowsiness as he scooted away from you.

He scooted nearly all the way off if the bed before both of you noticed that his wrist no longer handcuffed to your own.

“They’re gone!” You said in amazwment, “how?!”

You looked over at Snape who still looked shaken by the fact he woke up with your head on his chest.

“I’m gonna tell everyone I know you slept with me, and that even though you seem like a cold man, you’re pretty warm.” You said trying to get his attention, your mouth twisted into a wicked smirk.

“If you breath a word of this to anyone…” He started, his face getting a hint of pink.

“You’ll what? You can’t expell me for telling the truth professor. And if you give me detention I’ll find other ways to annoy you.” You said triumphantly, you’d finally embarrassed the professor who never showed emotion.

“I’ll find something to do.” He said, “now that we are no longer handcuffed you can leave.” He gestured to the door.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t enjoy my company. You love it and you know it.” You said as you got up and walked to the door of the bedroom.

“Thanks for the cuddles!” You yelled as you ran out of Snape’s quarters before he could say anything.


“Well,” George’s voice brought you out of your thinking.

“Did it work?” Fred asked as he sat down beside you in the Great Hall for breakfast.

“Like a charm.” You smiled and handed Fred a large bottle of powdered bicorn horn you’d managed to grab on the way out of Snape’s room.

“Did he know?” Fred asked, looking over at Snape who looked over at the three of you as if he knew you were talking about him.

You gave an exaggerated wink to Snape, his face flashed a look of embarrassment and he quickly looked away.

“He’s got no idea, he think I have a crush on him, and that’s how I’ll return the bottle.” The twins looked at you confused, but they knew you always had a plan.

After you made the Polyjuice Potion the twins wanted you found yourself walking back to Snape’s private room.

You smiled and knocked on his door. He opened it and you quickly walked past him.

“Oh how I’ve missed your cuddles!” You said overly exaggerating every word.

Snape’s face contorted into a look of disbelief.

You opened your arms and ran toward him, purposely knocking down a table in the room. You acted as if you fell, quickly reached in your pocket and tossed the bottle to the side.

“GET OUT! This is totally inappropriate.” Snape’s voice boomed.

He came over you and to your suprise, offered you a hand to help you up. You took it and quickly walked to the door.

“As you wish sir.” You stated and winked at him, spinning on your heels to walk out the door with a triumphant smile on your face. You had finished your mission for the twins, now they owed you.

In the room you just walked out of stood Severus Snape in utter shock, had a student actually liked him? He didn’t mind her, he had indeed enjoyed her company. But he couldn’t believe a student would like him, especially when he treated every student illy. What was the world coming to?

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Hi! I love your work, you are very talented and I can't wait to see more!! (especially the nsfw, those were hot lol) But in one of your latest posts you mentioned liking some really good English fanfiction. I was wondering if you had any Snape/Hermione ones to share? -3- Thanks!

Thanks! I’ve read many Snape/Hermione fanfictions….but the problem is, I don’t bookmark them (except a few on The Petulant Poetess and Ashwinder because I have accounts there) so I don’t remember all the title of the ones I like! I will just list some fics I remember I like and those in my short bookmark list…

Doing it for the Order by Desert_Sea
→ I followed this one from the beginning to the end, it’s pretty recent and very well done so it’s the first fic I remember! Go read this one if you haven’t!

Hermione Granger and the Intended Vessels by Severely_Lupine
→ I originally read this in Ashwinder. I really really really like this fic. Seriously. Snape is so…..Snape here. The plot is also amazing (but maybe a bit disturbing for some people? idk. I enjoy it personally). This fic made me feel so much!

Denial by little beloved
→Best adultery fic I’ve read.

In Annulo by ladyofthemasque
→ I read this a long time ago so I don’t remember the details of the story much, but it has a nice plot! For some reason this fic is the only fic I had bookmarked from The Petulant Poetess…

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time by Aurette
Of Muggles and Magic by Aurette
→ Everything by Aurette is good. These two are my favorite.

Unquestionable Love by CRMediaGal
→  The best story I’ve read where Severus is a dad!

In the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
Outside the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
→ A fun read XD (the latter is the continuation of the former btw)

Unkissed by chivalric
→ One of the Snape got pranked!fics I like

Don’t stand so close to me by Fayth
→ Great use of the song lyrics!

When I Cursed The Teacher by cathedralcarver
→ This one is funny XD
“ Snape starts to court Hermione. Convinced that he’s under some sort of curse, Hermione enlists Bill Weasley’s help.”

Pride, or What Goeth Before a Fall by Toodleoo
→ That one where Hermione thought Snape was gay….LOL

How you name your children

I’ve been doing a lot of preferences lately,they’re just fast and easy and don’t take as much editing.


Harry’s era


“For the last damn time,Harry,I am not naming my child after Snape!”

“But he was so very brave!“he pleaded.

"No,no and no!”

“What about Severus-”

“Why does it have to be such a fancy name?!Every damn time,Harry!I just want one child with a normal name!I want to name it Nathan,for example!”


“She will be named after something nice and sweet,like a flower."he said.

"Fine.What do you think of Lily?”

His face lit up.

“As long as Harry hasn’t called dibs on the name.”


“Celeste.Celeste sounds lovely.”


“Serenity.Really soothing.”


“Jacklyn?Jacklyn sounds..-”





“Well,I think I know a name that I would really love to give our baby.”


“But I’m not sure you’d agree…”

“Spit it out.”

“Alice Neville Longbottom.”



“It’s obvious.We’re naming it Doodle.”

“Why on earth would I name my firstborn child Doodle?”

“Because they’d call it Doody for short.”

I snorted and burst out laughing.

“Fine.Fine,that’s ridicilous.Wingardium Leviosa is the perfect name.”


“Everyone would make various objects fly around the room when they scream at it.”


“Well,it’s twins.”

“Quite so.”

“Then it’s absolutely obvious what they shall be named.”


“Gred and Forge!”

Marauder’s era


“What about Silvia?”

“No,too muggle-ish.”

“Your turn.”


“Too hard on the tongue.”


“Too wizard-like!”

“What do you want,then!?”

“I say Thea.”

“And I agree.”


“Well,we all know-”


“I like Bailey.”

“Bailey’s nice.”

“So it’s Bailey?”


“Still sticking to-?”

“To Regina?Yes.”


“You name them.I’ll mess it all up.”

“Sheesh,you won’t!”

“What about…Savannah?”

“I like Savannah,Remus.There’s just one hole in the plan.”

“What is it?”

“I’m carrying a boy,Remus.”


Why the bloody hell would you find yourself pregnant with Peter’s excuse for a child?


Name: I care for you
Pairing: Severus Snape x reader
Summary: the reader is one of the students that get back to Hogwarts after the war, and she asks Snape (for a few months) to teach her Legilimency until he agrees. So, during one of the classes, she accidentally enters his mind and ends up learning that the love for Lily Evans was not as eternal as everyone was told.
A/N: And it is a little drama, but I promise a happy end. And I may do series. But I have no idea if I should.

“Miss Y/L/N,” Snape greets you in the evening, once you enter the classroom with the heavy bag on your shoulder. “I see you still haven’t given up on the idea of studying Legilimency.”

“Why would I, sir? It is exciting to spend every evening here.”

“Now, I am doing you a favor, miss, but that is not a reason to keep cajoling me,” Snape smiles with a corner of his mouth, then takes his wand out. “If we are done with the courtesy, shall we begin?”

“Yes, sir,” you stand up and take your wand out, ready to have him rush through your thoughts again and again. Luckily, Snape didn’t mean to hurt you, so he never went deep enough to touch on the painful memories of the war and the tortures, but he does go through your dreams. Quite embarrassing every once in a while.

Legilimens!” and once again, you recent nightmare appears in front of you, and you feel that your legs start shaking from the repeating Crucio breaking your nerves. For some reason, recalling the Crucio does not hurt any less. A second later, Snape catches you, when you are about to fall on the floor, and helps you sit down. “Y/N? It is fine, I got you. I am sorry,” you breathe in, hissing something. Snape sits down next to you, looking at your face, frowning. “You still have this nightmare…”

“How did you guess?” you grumble, and momentarily regret it. “Excuse me, professor.”

“Y/N, I am not your Dean, but… Maybe you should see a professional to help you deal with these memories,” he hands you a glass of water, as you keep shaking your head, almost aggressively. “Y/N, you have same nightmare every night. Yet you keep coming here, so I keep making you live through it again. Do you care to explain why?”

“I want to be able to defend my mind,” you say dryly, standing up and taking your wand again. “Can we continue?” Snape raises his eyebrow, then stands up and points his wand at you.


Protego!” you cast your spell, unconsciously using same spell as the one Harry said he used, even though he never said what happened after that. And he should have - a second later, you slip into Snape’s mind and regret it even too much. You try to pull back, but get totally stuck in his mind. You look around, trying to manage to get out of a dream. It is a dream - they feel more detached than usual memories, you’ve already memorized it from your own mind. The picture is mostly blurry, except for the two people, standing in front of you and holding hands. Before you see the faces of the people, you get pushed out of Snape’s mind and end up on the floor. Before Snape manages to murder you, you start apologizing. “Merlin, I am so, so sorry! Professor, I really didn’t mean to do that.”

“It is alright,” he helps you up, keeping his eyes away. “When you tried to pull out, you started panicing, instead of slowly slipping out. That is why you got stuck. If I didn’t push you out, you would lose yourself… Don’t use Protego when defending yourself in this situation.”

“I am still sorry…” you realize that he is not mad for some reason, so you allow yourself to go further. “Your dream… it felt lonely.”

“Because I am,” he answers calmly, either too tired or too deep in his thoughts to respond as usually.

“Aren’t you married?” Snape smiles, as if you said a funny joke. “What?”

“Discussing personal life of teachers, aren’t we, miss Y/L/N?”

“Sorry…” you look away, and he sighs before explaining.

“I am not a man that a girl would want to marry,” he sits on the table, the hands crossed on his chest. “My scars, my past… It is quite a burden.”

“Oh, I am sure a lot of girls would love to put up with it,” you grin, thinking of your classmates that have developed a crush on him. “And I know what I am talking about,” Snape hums, and you smile. “One more time?”

“I think you’ve had enough for today,” Snape declines the offer, putting his wand away and suddenly turning to you. “Would you like a cup of tea? It does help after going through the nightmares again… I would hate to disturb your mind and then abandon you for Peeves to annoy,” you smile and nod, as Snape leads you into his room, not magically turns the pot on, and puts the herbs in the teapot. You look around, realizing that it may be the one and only time when a student is allowed in Snape’s chambers. It’s usual - ordered, calm, no fried frogs on the walls or burnt human faces. “Surprised that it doesn’t look like a monster’s cave?” you realize that he is laughing at you. Funny, Severus Snape is laughing at a student for expecting his chambers to be so human.

“No, not at all,” you lie, as he pours the tea in two cup and puts one on the table in front of you.

“No poison whatsoever,” he says momentarily. “Only valerian. You have to calm down,” you nod and take a sip, then look at the table, understanding why you are here.

“I won’t talk about it,” everyone’s been convincing you to talk about how you felt, tortured with Cruciatus for hours. Neville was the only one who understood probably - he simply sat by your side, holding your shoulders when you were trying to breathe after a nightmare. At some point, you just started meeting on the Astronomy Tower every night, as you couldn’t sleep, and he was just there for you.

“I know,” Snape answers calmly, drinking his tea. “But I don’t want you sitting with Longbottom on the cold stones every night. You will get sick.”

“Neville helps me.”

“No,” Snape states coldly. “He supports you. You need a safe place. Definitely not your own room in Gryffindor tower, the exact place where you’ve been tortured,” you flinch, and Snape frowns. “It’s been a year and a half. It is time for you to be able to trust someone.”

“I trust…”

“Neville, I know,” he nods. “Is that why you never let go of your wand?”

“You’re stalking me,” you murmur.

“I care for you, you little idiot!” he exclaims finally. “You don’t sleep, you don’t eat… I wonder how you still function.”

“I am functioning fine,” you stand up, attempting to leave, but Snape sighs and locks the door in front of your face. “Professor?”

“Y/N, stop being a child. Sit down,” you obediently sit down, your fist holding onto the wand, as if it’s your only escape. Snape notices it. “Girl, I am saving you. You have to let it go. Your nightmares get more and more intense, I find you outside, freezing in the winter, almost every night,” he sighs again, looking you straight in the eye. “I am sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? It’s my blood, not yours.”

“I was the headmaster, I had to know that they were doing that to you. I was my responsibility. One of.”

“You saved everyone else,” you murmur. “Someone had to be… the spare.”

“You are not the spare,” Snape confronts you quietly. “Not one child in this school is,” you don’t say anything, finishing your tea. “I don’t want you to stay in the Gryffindor Tower,” you raise your eyebrow. “I have contacted your Dean, and she said that you can stay in my chambers until we find a room for you.”

“Your… chambers?”

“Yes. I have two spare rooms, as the chambers are always prepared for the married teachers that may want their families to live with them. You literally will have your own room,” you still stare at him, and Snape snaps. “For Merlin’s sake! Let me fix the mistake I made!”

“Oh… You think that this,” you point at your head. “Is because of you?”

“I was the headmaster, trusted by Dumbledore to take care of the children. Yet here is one that not only I couldn’t save, but the one that is still unable to have a normal life because of it,” Snape’s face becomes deadly serious, as he stares at you. “I will help you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know,” he nods and stands up, handing you a key. A usual key, just like ones in the muggle world. “The left door is yours. Lock it, make it your own place. No one can enter this room without your permission, but you should feel safe.”

“I… I don’t know what to say,” you murmur.

“Promise me to sleep well tonight,” he asks you. “Just sleep. Drink tea if you must. Read or do whatever you do to fall asleep, but I have to know that you will get better,” you nod obediently.

“Thank you, sir.”

“It is my responsibility, miss,” he smiles slightly. “Good night now.”

“Good night, sir.”

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Hi! i've just finished the unquestionable prequel, original and untold stories, and I must say, they're extremely well-written! I was hoping if you could do more as I can't get enough of them!

Pictured: Hermione and Severus snuggling in bed with Hailey as a baby // Artist: Namie64

I shall pass on your compliments to my wife, Anon. She is the one who determines when our stories are written and updated.  


So I know the whole “Albus Severus” controversy has been going on FOREVER now but I just saw an interesting post about it which got me to thinking. I agreed with a lot of the points it made but much like many other posts it implied that Harry somehow neglected people like Molly and Arthur and Remus by naming his kid after Snape and Dumbledore. 

But I really disagree with this? The thing about most of the people (apart from Hagrid) who the fandom consider “more worthy” of being the namesakes of Harry’s children is that they all have other people who can name their children after them. 

I see people complaining that Harry never called any of his children “Fred”, but wouldn’t Fred II have been born by then anyway? Same goes for Molly. Teddy’s middle name is “Remus” and honestly if I were Harry I would want to leave Remus to Teddy, should Teddy wish to name any potential future children after his father. 

But the thing about Albus and Severus is that they have no remaining family. They have no decedents who will remember them. They will both be mentioned in the history books, but they nonetheless remain very lonely figures, and I think Harry identified with that. 

I’m not saying that they aren’t both deeply flawed (though I think the tumblr attitude to both of them is very one-sided and I dislike it), but in a way I feel like it made total sense for Harry to name his son after them. 

Dumbledore did some deeply sketchy things regarding Harry’s treatment during the war, but the strain put on him was massive. He was the one person everyone looked to for the safety of the wizarding world and Harry knows that pressure. He knows how isolating that can be. 

When Harry sees Snape’s childhood he sees himself - lonely and abused, but finding solace in the magic of Hogwarts. There, of course, the similarities between them essentially end, but again that feeling of loneliness is something that Harry knows all too well. 

Its not about shunning those who loved him in favour of people who treated him poorly, it’s Harry knowing that most of those people have other family to remember them. Snape and Dumbledore don’t have that, and despite all the other shitty things they did, both of them did help Harry in their own ways. 

So Harry wants to ensure they are remembered, because if he doesn’t do it, who will?

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What they call "creepy obsession" was at worst emotional dependency. The poor guy was just starved of affection and I can see why he never was able to forget his childhood friend. It really bothers me because emotional dependency is not a crime. It's not even creepy or disgusting, It's a symptom of affective deprivation. I mean, of course his love was not healthy but can we just stop considering a mental illness "creepy". It's insulting for real people who have the same emotional issues.

yah basically

like it’s one thing if snape is from a happy home and has a loving family and a lot of friends and a lot of emotional support and still latches on to lily, but considering how completely starved of affection he is (with, at most, his mother as emotional support and even that is debatable) it’s a little rough that we constantly paint his relationship with lily as ‘obsessive’ and ‘creepy’

like. i was that kid a lot bc i had pretty extreme social anxiety and i had a LOT of trouble talking to strangers, so i would watch kids for a little bit just to get some idea of what they were like before approaching them. and i had a lot of intense friendships when i was a kid bc i just didnt HAVE very many friends, so the ones i did have i latched onto pretty hard. so it’s hard when snape is portrayed as this obsessive creep for the way he acts as a kid when it’s really clear to me that he’s just… awkward and lonely and starved for affection. 

and that’s how it is when they’re teenagers too - like lily is, as far as we can tell, snape’s only friend. of course he’s attached to her? and yeah, that’s definitely not healthy to make one person your everything (tho these same antis probably do have ships like that bc it’s super characteristic of het ships in media today but like…. w/e lmao) but that doesn’t mean it can’t be understandable or even sympathetic. or that it’s malignant either - unhealthy doesn’t always equal violent or toxic even. 

so yeah, the way people talk about snape’s relationship with lily makes me actively uncomfortable in many aspects, bc so much of it is a refusal to see their relationship on platonic terms at all, as well as some neurotypical bias. 

Don’t Leave Me (Draco x Reader)


prompt; Harry accidentally hits you with sectumsempra instead of Draco 

warnings: near death experience, mention of blood 

“Are you okay?” I ask my boyfriend of two years, Draco, worriedly as he absentmindedly picks at the food on his plate, not ever eating anything. He doesn’t respond, and doesn’t even appear to have heard anything I had just asked him. "Draco?” I whisper in his ear, gently stroking his arm. He’s been like this all day, distant. He has barely even spoke to me and wouldn’t even leave his room. I had to get Blaise to practically drag him out for dinner. "What?” he asks bemused. "You need to eat Draco, you haven’t eaten all day.” I urge. He just shakes his head and continues to pick at his plate. I huff defeated and keep a comforting hand on his knee. Just then Draco’s head shoots up when he notices Harry and Katie Bell giving him accusing glares. I look at Draco, whose eyes are fixed on Harry’s before he looks back down, looking as if he’s about to be sick. I knew Katie Bell had been cursed and that stupid Potter thought Draco did it. Draco would never intentionally hurt a fly, and I could tell it’s been bothering him all day. Suddenly Draco stands up and walks out of the great hall, without even as much as a goodbye. I look up and see Harry hurrying after him, and I get up to follow. As Harry turns a corner, I follow and we can both hear the soft cries of Draco. My heart breaks, and I want nothing more than to go over and wrap my arms around his body, and tell him everything will be okay, but I refrain myself, not wanting to be seen by Harry. Just then Harry enters the bathroom, and a shocked Draco turns around to face him. "I know it was you, I know you cursed her Malfoy.” Harry says accusingly and Draco being Draco, shoots a hex at him, missing. Harry throws one back and it goes on like this for a few more seconds before I’ve had enough. "Stop!” I shout desperately, but it’s too late. Just as I emerge from my hiding spot, Harry yells “Sectumsempra” hitting me dead in the chest. My mind goes blurry, and I expect to fall onto the hard, wet bathroom floor, but I never do. Instead I’m held tightly in the arms of my now sobbing boyfriend. "Y/N! Baby, please stay with me. Keep you’re eyes open, alright? Let me see your beautiful eyes okay? Please baby.” He begs between sobs. Blood begins to pour out of me from every which way, as I feel myself slipping into unconsciousness. "What have you done?” Draco shouts at Harry who stands still, looking sad and guilty. "Come on Y/N, stay with me now baby. I love you, I love you so much. I cant live without you, please.” He pleads, tears streaming down his face. He leans down and puts his quivering lips on my forehead, whispering one last ‘I love you’ before Professor Snape rushes past Harry, placing his wand on my bloody wounds, and muttering some sort of spell to heel me. As the blood appears to magically retract into my body, Draco kisses my forehead and begins to slowly release me from his grasp, about to hand me off to Snape, but knowing what he’s about to do I stop him. "Please Draco, just leave him and stay with me.” I say, hoping to distract him from killing Harry. Well at least for now, knowing Draco he’ll never let this go. He nods and scoops me up into his arms, carrying me bridal style to Madame Pomfrey, as if I’m the most delicate and fragile thing in the world. "Never scare me like that again Y/N.“ Draco says seriously, with sadness in his tone, that makes my heart break. "I thought I was going to loose you.” He croaks, as a stray tear falls from his eye, down his pale, tear-stained cheek. I gently cup his face, "I love you Draco.” I say while wiping his tears. "I love you Y/N” he begins, “I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Dating the Potions Master, Part 2

Harry: That would be one of the Malfoy’s. I’m sure if there was one sour grape in their bottle, they would instantly know. You’ve probably been to many of their dinner parties.

Harry: I can actually. I don’t think I want to know.

Severus: At least once a month…for many years.

Harry: Well that explains why you had always looked upset during school.

Severus: You do.

Harry: Oi, I made your life interesting alright.

(*on, my bad)

*Severus glares*

Harry: I’m not food, you can’t eat me.

*Severus snorts and tries to hide his laughter*

Severus: That could have resulted in a very inappropriate answer.

*Harry grins*

Severus: What?

Harry: You know…inappropriate. 

Severus: Is this your idea of dating?

Harry: Well…I don’t date as much as you’d think.

Harry: I always thought that Aurors, they have their things together right? 

Harry: I mean with Mad-Eye and everything, it seemed like everything was well but…there’s so much that needs to be done and…

Severus: The Ministry has never been on top of things. 

*Severus raises an amused eyebrow*

Harry: May he rest in peace!

Severus: More wine?


To be continued…

Hogwarts AU Where Snape is like Mr G from  Summer Heights High

‘My potions classroom is my haven. It’s where I come alive.’

‘I’m known around the school for having an above average sense of smell, so I use my nose to control certain behaviours. I like to sniff the kids most mornings just randomly in the corridors, checking for various odours: cigarette smoke, graffiti pens, alcohol, cannabis, that sort of thing. Just identifying that, singling the kids out.’

‘You need to be fairly thick-skinned to be in a classroom like mine, so I do what I call a “sensitivity test”.’

‘May I just remind you, Albus, that I have my resignation letter in my pigeonhole waiting to go? And I don’t want to have to use it, but I will use it.’

‘I’ve got the whole staff signing one of those big oversized cards. So, everyone’s wishing me well.’

  • Hermione Looking for Draco at Hogwarts
  • Hermione: *in the Great Hall* Draco?
  • Hermione: *in the Dungeons* Draco?
  • Snape: *walks out of a classroom* Miss. Granger might I suggest you take this man hunt of yours outside where your incessant shouting for my Godson does not disturb me further.
  • Hermione: Sorry sir, but do you...
  • Snape: Now.
  • Hermione: *walks the courtyard, the Quidditch Pitch, and the Edge of the Forbidden Forest, and no sign of Draco*
  • Hermione: *walking the side of the lake around the trees* Draco? DRAAAACO? DRA-
  • Draco: *magices a rope to hoist the unexpecting Hermione up into the tree and onto his lap* Looking for me?
  • Hermione: Yes, what are you doing up here?
  • Draco: *shrugs* I like climbing trees, no one thinks to look for me here.
  • Hermione: Oh well maybe I should lea-
  • Draco: Should just stay here and enjoy the peace.

anonymous asked:

The Marauders were dicks, but a large reason that they targeted Snape was because he hung out with baby Death Eaters. It's not a simple as "They were high school bullies". A war was brewing and there were students practicing dark magic.

mmkay my man except they literally targeted him from day one. are you really expecting me to believe that james potter believed that snape was doing dark magic…. at ELEVEN???? bc they start their bullying from DAY ONE, so i don’t buy the “well snape was practicing dark magic and that’s why the marauders targeted him” shtick. they didn’t target him bc he had dark magic, they targeted him bc he’s an easy target & they’re bored.

more proof for that claim - when james attacks snape in swm, a really easy defense to justify himself to lily would be “well he was practicing dark arts!” it would have been so easy to jump there and it would have made him look a lot better/cooler in her eyes. but he doesn’t jump there - instead, he uses the “it’s just that he exists” line. if james really DID suspect snape of practicing dark arts, why wouldn’t he bring that up to justify himself to lily, who he’s trying to impress? or is it just that maybe…. he just wanted to bully snape bc snape was there……??????

re: hanging out with baby death eaters - was he? he was housemates with students who we know became death eaters, but aside from lily’s offhand comment about him “hanging around” with those two slytherin students (which can be interpreted a number of ways - are they friends or are they just housemates in the way that harry and dean are housemates…? we don’t see them together so it’s tough to say) there’s zero evidence that snape had one (1) friend in slytherin, let alone that he was chilling with a group of “baby death eaters” that would justify him getting attacked by the marauders. also, would just like to add that there’s also zero evidence that ANY students were practicing dark arts at hogwarts. attacking each other? sure. but we don’t know about them using dark arts.

see the thing is, when people try to paint this situation as some sort of moral crusade, they’re justifying what the marauders did to snape. “well snape was a DARK WIZARD” they say, and that turns the marauders from bullies into heroes. i’m here to tell you friend - it WAS just as simple as they were high school bullies. if it were some sort of moral crusade, if there was any evidence at all for the claims you’re laying down, i’d be willing to listen…. but there isn’t. so all you’re really proving to me is that you’re cool with snape’s bullying.

anonymous asked:

I hate Snape, though it's not really him that I hate (cause he's well written as a vile petty person), it's the canon and fan reaction to him that I hate. Fans gloss over the fact that he is a vile piece of filth, that he regularly tormented his students, that there was probably a severe drop in Auror applicants because students weren’t willing to take NEWT potions, that obsession does not equal love, that he didn’t change sides because he disagreed with Voldemort’s actions, policies, and (1/3)

opinions but because his obsession was at risk, and even then when he went to get help it was only for her and he only accepted the deal for the others because he had to, that he regularly tormented his obsessions child because they weren’t his child. Snape is not a good person, and he is really well written as not a good person, and fans just ignore that and treat him as the patron saint of redemption and it’s annoying. Even in canon, Harry had next to no reason to name his child after him, one sacrifice does not overcome 6 years of making his life hell (I maintain that Albus is trans and Harry panicked when he asked for a new name and blurted out the first thing that came to mind, Ginny was not thrilled). Sorry for the rant, Snape is kinda like my Itachi, I have opinions and they tend to get loud.

I completely agree with you there - he is well written, and he’s still an absolute terrible person. In his case, I think the quality of his character lets me like him more than I do Itachi (I have so many issues with how Itachi is written) but…not by a lot. In the right circumstances - like him not tormenting his students constantly - I can appreciate him, but that’s generally as far as it goes. 

anonymous asked:

why don't you explain how jily is better then (personally i liked snily more but only because I like characters that are misunderstood and dark etc.)

I like dark characters too, don’t get me wrong. just…. not snape. like I love bellatrix’s character (I think she’s badass even tho she’s crazy) Draco who is really misunderstood, and regulus who is one of my favorites. I think they’re all pretty dark characters. but anyways, moving on.

so you want to know why jily is better than snily? I don’t even know where to start.

well first off, can we talk about that I don’t think snape really loved Lily…? I feel like he had a bit of an odd obsession with her. how do I know? they have the same patronus, which shows that he was a little too preoccupied with her.

how else can you tell snape was just obsessed with Lily? do you remember when in the pensieve, in DH, where Harry saw that memory of Snape where he picked up that photograph of Lily with James and Harry and just ripped it in half? and took the part of the picture with just Lily on it? and he literally took it and shoved it in his robes? I’m sorry but that’s very creepy to me. I don’t know about you, tho. it’s also very odd how entitled snape felt to Lily just because they were friends before James and her had met.

anyways, okay… bullying. yes, James was an idiot when he was about 15. he was an arrogant bully, but keep in mind that Jily didn’t happen until James decided to grow the hell up. when he finally decided to move on from his hatred of snape so he can show Lily how much he liked her. So… technically, Lily didn’t fall in love with a bully, she fell in love with the person he actually grew to be. and James, accepted the fact that he was a bully and held himself accountable. like in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. he grew up for Lily. snape- didn’t. he didn’t realize his wrongdoings at all. he grew up to be an adult that bullies eleven year olds.

also, keep in mind that snape did call Lily a mudblood, which in wizarding terms, is a racial slur. yes, he did apologize, but this isn’t talked about enough, and I think it should be brought up more.
and while all this was happening, Snape joined a group that targeted anyone who had the same blood status as Lily. he joined a group that targeted people exactly like her. so if he loved her, then why would he do that? and like Lily said about him calling her a mudblood: “but you call everyone of my birth mudblood, Severus. why should I be any different?”

okay, back to the bullying. so yes, James was an ignorant bully, we’re not ignoring that fact. we’re holding james accountable for being a bully which was completely wrong. but if we’re not ignoring the fact that James was a bully while he was a stupid kid, then we can’t ignore the fact that snape, on the other hand… was a literal adult bully. he bullied children because he couldn’t get over the fact that Lily didn’t choose him and that she well… was gone. so what did he do? instead of taking care of Harry for Lily to show his love for her, yeah, he uh, bullies him instead. and it wasn’t only Harry. hermione. neville. ron.

and neville’s biggest fear of all- was snape. yup. not the death eaters that tortured his parents, not some scary animal- nope. his biggest fear was his teacher. but that’s something else, that doesn’t really have to do with Jily, so I’ll get into that in another post if you guys want me to.

so I know what you’re thinking: “but he risked his whole life to save Harry for Lily!!1!” yup, while that is true, and it really noble and brave or whatever- risking your life for the love of your life’s child… he still could’ve done it without torturing Harry everyday. and why did he torture Harry? because Harry reminded him too much of James. so instead of focusing on his so called “love” for Lily, and actually trying to help Harry, he chooses to focus on the fact that he has more of a hatred for James- than he has more of a love for Lily.

so, now, back to why James was better for Lily himself.

can we talk about the fact that James Potter’s whole family was being attacked by one of the scariest wizards of all time- and he tries his best- wandless to save the love of his life and his son???? I mean, yeah, everyone talked about this, but I felt like it needed to be analyzed more. James died trying to protect Lily. if that’s not love, I don’t know what it is.

now, let’s discuss how the only reason snape was a tiny bit of a good person is because of Lily. for example: if Lily didn’t exist, he would’ve still been a death eater. the only reason he wasn’t is because of the obsession he had with Lily.

now- let’s talk about Lily’s happiness. snape, did not care at all what happened to the love of her life or her son, but as long as he got what he wanted, everything was okay. while Voldemort was planning to kill the Potters, snape, while he was still a death eater, even asked Voldemort to spare Lily’s life in exchange for James and Harry…. and what if Voldemort had actually decided to go along with this plan? so Lily’s life would be spared, but she would be completely miserable. why? because her goddamn husband and son would be dead. but it’s okay! cause snape got what he wanted!!!!!! so it’s completely okay now!!!! right?!?!

anyways, I can get much more into it- but I’m honestly too lazy. and its 1 am here.

so I know I dove way too deep into this and this isn’t what you were expecting, but I’ve been meaning to make a speech on why snape was a bad person for a long time ago and this was my chance.

so whoever read this, and got all the way down to here, congratulations lmao. thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed and comment your opinions too :) xx

lonesomelittleangel  asked:

1 One of my favorite Aus, (I don't know if I came up with it first. Probably not.) Is that around 3rd-5th year, McGonagall finds out Harry is being abused and is like "Albus you're gonna fucking do something about this." Dumbledore gives custody to Snape. Snape is gentle with Harry because he has a lot of scars from to Dursleys that he used to hide and it's obvious the boy needs someone to be gentle with him. Well since Snape is best friends with Lucius Malfoy, Snape has to disguise Harry with

2 A potion because he can’t hide that he has a son from his friends, but he can’t let them know it’s Harry potter. Narcissa figures it out first but she just quietly goes along with it when she figures it out because she loves this child now. Draco finds out next and at first he’s really mad. Then Lucius finds out. He’s furious. He tries to bring Harry to Voldemort, but they get into a dangerous situation. Narcissa pulls Draco and Harry out of danger because it’s her instinct to help the kids

3 First. Harry rips away from her to go save Lucius. After, Lucius is like “fine kid. I like you.” And he brings Harry back to Severus. The Malfoys join the Order of the Phoenix as spies. When the war is over, Harry is depressed and scared because Snape is gone and his God father is gone. He pleads for the Malfoys to be let off without punishment, because they are the only “family” he has left, and his plea is granted. The Malfoys take him in.

This is so sweet. I know there are ‘Snape rescues Harry’ fics but I haven’t read any that includes the Malfoys.

This is the worst thing I’ve ever drawn but you guys can have it anyways. 

I remembered one post by @mysnarkyslytherinsecret talking about Snape using babywear and I decided “hm, might as well draw it before I forget about it” So, without any of my regular art supplies, I present you this.

Definitely redrawing again when I get the chance because this is the worst

halfbloodprincecharming  asked:

Have you heard the song "Anathema" by twenty one pilots? I feel like it perfectly describes Snape's relationship with Voldemort.

I hadn’t heard it, I just listened to it and yeah it works fairly well. 

My favorite for Snape’s relationship with Voldemort (especially at the time of him leaving the Death Eaters) is Angels by Within Temptation, but there are some lines that don’t fit as well as others.

I also find it really interesting that everyone props up Sirius’ relationship with Harry, even though Sirius continues to recklessly endanger Harry’s life, while scorning Snape’s relationship with Harry, even though Harry is arguably safer with Snape than he is with almost anyone else. Snape, however he may compare Harry to his father, clearly knows what Harry is capable of and what he isn’t. And, more importantly, isn’t afraid to tell Harry that he’s a dumbass kid and should leave well enough alone. 

In fact, I hate it when people smack-talk the Occlumency lessons, because those are actually the times when we see Snape being the closest to nice he’s ever been to Harry. For instance:

“That is just as well, Potter,” said Snape coldly, “because you are neither special nor important, and it is not up to you to find out what the Dark Lord is saying to his Death Eaters.”
“No—that’s your job, isn’t it?” Harry shot at him.
He had not meant to say it; it had burst out of him in temper. For a long moment they stared at each other, Harry convinced he had gone too far. But there was a curious, almost satisfied expression on Snape’s face when he answered.
“Yes, Potter,” he said, his eyes glinting. “That is my job. Now, if you are ready, we will start again.”

A couple of things about this scene. First, Snape (unlike Sirius!) tells Harry to his face that he’s too young and too untrained to go after DE. He says it in the meanest way possible, but he’s literally saying, “Don’t fucking go and get yourself killed dumbass, you’re only fifteen, let the adults do it for god’s sake.” He’s… stopping Harry from recklessly endangering his life? (Fat lot of good it does him, really, but he tries.) He’s telling Harry to not go out and get himself killed?

And then, when Harry shoots back “well, that’s your job” probably talking about his spying career, Snape looks SATISFIED. Why is he satisfied? Because Harry is being Slytherin-y and taking a potshot at Snape? Because Harry is acknowledging that Snape is actually doing the good work and spying and getting rid of DE? Is he satisfied because Harry is acknowledging his work in some way? 

In any case, this is such a clear scene of what an adult SHOULD say to Harry ‘fifteen year old ball of rage and revenge’ Potter when he tries to go after Death Eaters and join the Order. No, they shouldn’t try to allow it, as Sirius does. Sirius allowing it is such a reckless endangerment that it amazes me that people look at that moment and say, “Look at how much Sirius cares about Harry!” Putting a teenager in harm’s way because THEY think they can handle it is stupid. Harry is a pretty extraordinary teenager, but he’s still untrained, untried, and, as OOTP shows, completely able to fuck up and put himself and others in danger. Snape’s response is the correct way to do it - and shows that Snape’s priority is not Harry’s ego or his love, but Harry’s safety. Which should be more important to Sirius as well, but clearly isn’t. 

Snape always puts Harry’s safety first and clearly has no trouble realizing that you shouldn’t encourage a kid with delusions of grandeur. And yet he’s the one who doesn’t give a fuck about Harry….. Right…..

Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Eight - Snape Victorious

yall already know by the title that this is gonna suck ass

- when we left our hero, he was lying motionless on a train about to head back to london with a broken nose, under an invisibility cloak. so things are looking up!

Harry had never hated Malfoy more than as he lay there, like an absurd turtle on its back, blood dripping sickeningly into his open mouth. What a stupid situation to have landed himself in…

at least hes finally becoming a little self aware. 


Last year she had been inquisitive (to the point of being a little annoying at times), she had laughed easily, she had made jokes. Now she seemed older and much more serious and purposeful. 

why does loving remus lupin make you a WORSE way more boring person??? ever since my love affair with him, ive just become even awesomer. 

- forreal tho tonks’ character assassination is like the worst

- were locked out of the castle but dont worry guys SNAPE is coming to get us!!!! im sure things will go fine

“I was interested to see your new Patronus.”
He shut the gates in her face with a loud clang and tapped the chains with his wand again, so that they slithered, clinking, back into place.
“I think you were better off with the old one,” said Snape, the malice in his voice unmistakable. “The new one looks weak.”

literally just fuck you dude. 

- OMG and hes taking away like 70 points from gryffindor this is tew much so early in the term like LAY OFF BRO

- omg AND harry missed the feast. at least he gets some dessert. also nearly headless nick is here so like whatever, things are good enough i guess

“‘Harry Potter knows that he can confide in me with the complete confidence,’ I told them. ‘I would rather die than betray his trust.’”
“That’s not saying much, seeing as you’re already dead,” Ron observed.
“Once again, you show all the sensitivity of a blunt axe,” said Nearly Headless Nick in affronted tones.

lol even the ghosts are sick of savage ron’s shit 

- everyone in the hall looks at dumbleores dead crumply old hand and is shook and hes just like ‘LOL everythings fine!’ BISH PLZ

- smh snape is the new DADA prof. i knew it was coming but it still hurts.

“Well, there’s one good thing,” he said savagely, “Snape’ll be gone by the end of the year.”
“What do you mean?” asked Ron.
“That job’s jinxed. No one’s lasted more than a year… Quirrell actually died doing it… Personally, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for another death…”
“Harry!” said Hermione, shocked and reproachful.


Hermione had darted ahead to fulfill her prefect’s duty of shepherding the first years, but Ron remained with Harry. 
“What really happened to your nose?” he asked, once they were a the very back of the throng pressing out of the Hall, and out of earshot of anyone else.
Harry told him. It was a mark of the strength of their friendship that Ron did not laugh.

literally BAFFLES me how anyone can hate ron and think hes a shitty friend. this makes my heart squeal. 

- HAGRID BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! missed u

- WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS. why did NONE of yall take care of magical creatures. fucking disrespectful. hagrids gonna cry and itll be YOUR FAULT (me talking to the trio, not u reading this obvi. dont worry, hagrid still loves YOU)

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