my smack

my dad: last week someone told me that straight white men are everything wrong with this world…. that’s racism, sexism…. and….. bias based on sexual orientation

me: no!!dad!!no!!


Frustrated by my chemistry homework, I abruptly smack my pencil down on the desk, the immediate impact vibrating through my dorm room. Why is life so hard? Actually, why is chemistry so hard? It’s destroying my life! Not that I have a life in the first place…but still! My brain is not able to zone in and complete work. Much less think of actual useful information. I’m waiting for spring break to finally reach me. I don’t know that last time I’ve been able to relax. Maybe if I stare at the paper long enough, the answers will come to me… obviously, that’s not going to happen but one can dream. Facepalming, I drag an aggravated hand down my face. I’ve never been an excelling student in science and this semester, the whole class is full of strangers. That means no help from my friends which is how I’ve succeeded in any other challenging courses. Letting go of a over exaggerated sigh, I shift my knotty hair over my shoulder and struggle to gain my focus back. This project is due tomorrow and my professor is unbelievably strict. If I don’t submit the stupid thing, my grade is doomed. My parents are already on the verge of killing me since I’m stuck with a B for the class. I don’t think my parents realize how much stress they weigh on my shoulders, I can never catch a break from them. They call me every night, not asking how I am, but asking about my grades and if I’m learning informative material. Gaining my composure and taking a minute to relax, I return to my work. My pencil guides over the paper, my handwriting neat and precise. Also, can I complain about how my professor takes points off for sloppy handwriting. The class is toughest thing I’ve experienced, at least with school….specifically because my handwriting is chicken scratch. My apartment door opening interrupts my thoughts as I’d just began concentrating again. Ignoring the distraction, I keep researching on my laptop, searching for any excess information I might have forgotten. The person who isn’t helping my focus one bit is probably my best friend coming home from work. There’s no need to greet her since she’ll barge into my room any second now. A knuckle knocks softly on the side of my room’s doorway, alerting me of someone’s presence. “Oh my lord. This project is going to be the death of me.” I groan, spinning around in my chair. I thought my best friend would be the one I find standing by my door but instead it’s my boyfriend, Baekhyun. It’s hard to contain my laughter when I notice his pouty expression. His arms are crossed firmly over his chest, his puppy eyes glaring into mine. “You’re going to be the death of me.” Baekhyun huffs, rolling his eyes. Resting my chin on my palm, I wait for his oh so important explanation. “You didn’t even greet me at the door.” Baekhyun mutters, stomping over to my desk and plopping himself on the edge, next to my scattered papers. “Am I your slave?” I ask, throwing a pencil at him. Baekhyun squeaks and cowers as the pencil bounces off his chest and to the ground. Reaching over, Baekhyun tugs my hair playfully before picking up the pencil and returning it in my hand. “No, but you are my girlfriend so pretty close.” Shaking my head, I’m tempted to throw my pencil at him again. “You’re so dumb.” Laying his hands on my shoulders, he nuzzles his head against mine. “Baek, I don’t think you’re a cat.” I mutter, using my palm to push his face away. Lord is he cute, but my project needs my full attention, not my needy boyfriend. “I know that, but I want to cuddle.” Baekhyun states, attempting to hug me in my seat. This time I let him keep his arms around me since it’ll only make him more determined if I push him away. “Baek, this project is due tomorrow. I have to finish or I’m literally going to fail this class.” I explain, tapping the eraser of my pencil against the desk surface. “Jagi?” Brushing my hair out of my eyes, I watch him attentively. “What is it Baekhyun?” His next movement almost manages to cause me a heart attack. Baekhyun falls to the ground roughly, settling his head in my lap, and placing his arms around my waist. “I don’t care.” He whines cutely. How did this boy manage to get in college when he acts as if he’s a toddler? Forgetting about my work, I set my pencil down and place my hand in his soft hair, his eyelids falling shut at the source of comfort. My fingers gently massage his scalp and I notice him slowly drifting off. When I’ve concluded he’s gone to sleep, I lean over to kiss his cheek, but he moves his head so my lips hit his. “I’ll help you with the project later…” Baekhyun knowingly lies. He’s said he’d help me with something millions of time so we’d have time to cuddle or nap and had he ever kept his promise? No. The lie never ends up bothering me, seeing how happy and giddy Baekhyun is when he wakes up. I curl my arms around him, even with his body all scattered over my lap. Placing kisses over his face, a lazy smile forms on his lips. He hugs me like he’ll never let go. Who needs a plushie when you have your own little Baekhyun?

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subaru : im actually a victim.. like, im seriously scared and im seeking help.. he keeps sexually assaulting me!
hina : the crooked chin pervert is assaulting you?
subaru : yes…..
subraru : there are times where our eyes meet out of nowhere and he winks at me!! and when im like “ what? “ he shushes me… isnt that creepy??
maru : …..
subaru : even when im just… dressing up? when i have my pants down he smacks my ass and goes “ just right! “
maru : ……..
subaru : and this other time- i- wait, sorry, this is something i cant even say on TV!!!! and i wanna ask him, just what are your motives? why are you doing this?
maru: …you can say that my chin is crooked-
yoko: oh, thats the part that bothered you
maru : im not… trying? to do anything that weird? i mean it sounds like to subaru it FEELS like im assaulting him… its a misunderstanding!
subaru: i forgot about this- backstage, before we got here, we were in the restroom together, just the two of us, and i was doing my business, right? he just comes over and takes a peek at it.
maru: i dont know it just.. felt right! i just… i love him so much! i go to his solo lives at times too because i love him so much-
subaru: yeah, he does come, but he doesnt tell me about it. and when im done singing and go backstage this one time i found a red rose from him.
MC 1 : you love him so much!!

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Hello, I am a Lowkey reylo shipper. I state in my star wars blog description that there may be "occasional reylo" and I am afraid I may be losing followers over it. The thing is I post mostly eu stuff?? Tips??

oH GOSH DUDE i don’t know that i’m the best person to ask about this since i’m like the most highkey reylo shipper i know what with things like my banner smacking people right in the face from the get-go the minute they click on my blog i mean just lOOK AT THIS THING

but honestly if your reylo is “occasional” enough that it doesn’t show up predominantly (like, not more than your EU posts) i don’t think you really need to draw attention to it in your description, just make sure to tag your posts properly and if people want to block the reylo tag or unfollow you over it then honestly that’s just how it goes. if you get hate over it because people are shocked at ur occasional reylo post, just delete whatever shitty messages you get. they’re not worth your time or effort. if you like reylo, then you can totally have it on your blog bc it’s YOUR blog first and foremost and you shouldn’t feel obligated to always please all of your followers all the time.

I overheard an argument in the bookstore today.
  • I was looking at Neil Gaiman’s books and on the next shelf over were a bunch of Stephen King novels. A couple was arguing as they made their way towards where I was standing.
  • Girl: What do you mean you don’t like any books?
  • Guy: I’ve just never read anything any good, it’s all been crap.
  • Girl: Are you fucking kidding me, all books are crap? is that what you’re saying?
  • Guy: Yep, all of them. I hate all books ever written.
  • (now they’re standing next to me, in front of the Stephen King books)
  • Girl: Isn’t ‘It’ your favorite movie?
  • Guy: OMG YES, it’s the best movie I’ve...
  • Girl: *hits him in the face with a copy of it* IT WAS A FUCKING BOOK FIRST YOU DOUCHEBAG.
  • Me: *dies laughing*


I need to stop drawing and coloring while I’m super sleepy. Everything is funnier in that state ahahhaha.

Why is Pidge upset? Lance tried to squish one of the alien furballs to see if they squeaked. Pidge not amused. Guess which one Lance tried to squish.

The little aliens that Pidge encounters are so cute, I wonder if one is going to tag along with Pidge for fun. The way I drew them makes it seem someone stuck them in a washer and put too much fabric softener (and some look paranoid too lmao).

Please don’t edit or repost. :D