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All I want in my life right now is to write my arranged marriage fic.


Having RC sold for a meager few credits by her family to Supreme Leader Snoke himself because he saw great potential in her abilities to channel Ren’s power.  How she was brought aboard and instantly fed rules and regulations. Who is in command and what her duties are when the the dreaded Knight leaves and she is to resume his responsibilities in his stead.

How she pukes a full week before their wedding because she’s never said anymore than ten words to her betrothed, and she doesn’t care for him in the slightest. She thinks of him as a monster and nothing more, and her entire being is drawn inward to concentrate on how quickly she can leave the ceremonial chamber.  

Not once have they seen each other’s faces.  She was garbed in a veil, silk overcoats and pleated dresses to prevent any form of humanity from slipping through, lest it catch the attention of the troopers or officers.  A physical vessel, an acting commander in his stead.  These are her best moments.  Where she need not face any wrath from the Leader of the Order.  Even Hux’s cold shoulder is welcoming in comparison to the Knight of Ren.  

She knows he hates her. He abhors the entire situation, yet he follows under the rule of Leader Snoke, desperate for his approval.  In some ways she understands, being in the same situation, yet at what cost does he achieve that satisfaction?  

They don’t share a room. Such things are forbidden not to mention distracting when you’re ordered to stay on professional terms.  No.  She shares a room adjacent to his own.  Still prodigious, yes, yet simple.  It’s here she is finally able to unwind—to shake off each constricting breath she took during the cycle’s hustle—to finally cry.  

It had become something of a habit recently.  The moment she removed the lace headpiece adorning her face and looked into the mirror to see a body void of free will.  Bones and muscles with a slab of flesh spread tightly over her features, crumbling into itself.  How tiring it was to be a droid complete with emotion and physical weakness reduced to a stand in with a wedding band.  And with that being her only sliver of a personality left, tears spilled down her cheeks as she collapsed onto the tile of the ‘fresher.

Some marriage this is…

Colored Sketch done to pass time. Apparently waiting for my game to re-install is the only way to get me to draw. lol

Lana has the Beast shirt because she is far more likely to Force choke anyone who annoys her than Morga.

*whispers* And they’re in mom jeans™ 

“slow and steady comes the spring”

This is @jaycrowind ‘s fault.  ALL OF IT.

Sarada’s terrible gift is inherited by her son and not her daughter, but it’s the only inheritance he gets; his older twin receives everything else.

“Don’t be a sore loser, brother!”  Sarada catches that just as she finds her children, supposedly training at the bottom of the cliff.  Sasuke is pouting at the bottom of the cliffside, a few marks in the stone a little above his head showing his progress.  Sakura is sitting up high, legs dangling over the cliffside without a care in the world.  “Try again, but use less chakra this time!”

Sarada’s daughter will always rise.

When Sasuke is thirteen and a man grown, he follows his sister to the river.  It’s easier than it used to be: the mirror eyes make up for many deficiencies.   By the riverside, a strange boy greets her with a smile.  Sasuke doesn’t recognize him, but he doesn’t need to: he only looks at the boy’s grinning face, and looks at his sister’s scowl, and realizes that just as he has grown, so has his sister, always just a little faster.

His sister pushes the foreign boy into the water, and he only laughs as he looks up at her.

“Why are you so happy lately?”

It’s not that Karin cares, but Naruto is her cousin, and when he’s happy, things have a tendency to go horribly wrong.  Karin is always caught in the crossfire,because Karin is the only commander he’s ever deigned to follow…which means he’s always her problem.

“I met a girl,” Naruto answers.

“You’ve met lots of girls,” she scoffs.  “What makes this one special?”

“We share a dream,” he retorts. “We’re obviously destined!”

“What, she also wants to be the greatest ninja ever?”  Karin asks.

“Better: she dreams of peace.”

Karin laughs for days.

Hinata finally meets Sasuke at their wedding.  He’s wearing the red armor she sent for the engagement; she’s wearing the white armor that accompanied the initial offer. They drink the wedding sake without saying a word, and Sasuke’s sister launches into a worn speech about unity, her own lover seated by her side.  Sasuke takes the opportunity to tip his face close to hers.  Hinata has good eyes, she knows how this looks.

“Our children will never have that filthy seal,” he whispers in her ear.

“I know,” she whispers back.  “Why do you think I agreed to marry you?”

“You heard what I said,” Uzumaki says as if it’s nothing. “Your village will pay a quarterly grain tithe to Haru now.  What’s so hard to understand about that?”

Kurotsuchi snorts before turning away, and the baby in her belly kicks hard twice as if agreeing with her unspoken opinion.  “You’re just a messenger without a message.  Come back with Haru no Sakura herself, and then maybe I’ll think about it.  Or we could fight.  I’m pretty sure I could take her.”

Uzumaki doesn’t say anything else, but Kurotsuchi feels his rage until he leaves the borders of her home.

Konohamaru hates treaty meetings with a passion, mostly because he has to bring all his retainers with him.  They squabble like spoiled children on the best of days.  Ino complains and Shikamaru bitches; all the while Chouji just simmers like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

“Silence!” he snaps when Chouji begins clenching his fists.  “If any one of you embarrasses me in front of Lady Sakura and her husband, your grain tithes will double for the next year.”

They quiet, and Konohamaru can concentrate.  Haru no Sakura is a juggernaut, and the Sarutobi will not be taken unaware.

Gaara meets Naruto where the rivers go down to the sea.  It’s an ill-fated meeting from the beginning.  The other sealing master from Whirlpool has his own agenda, and it does not include learning from all of Gaara’s mistakes.

“There’s no permanent seal,” Gaara warns.  “But a true blood sacrifice will last a lifetime”

Naruto leaves without listening, but Gaara remains.  His siblings are coming with wind and blades.   Gaara will meet them with sand and blood.   Gaara lost a family, but gained a demon with his bargain.  It was a fair trade for the power to protect them all.

“Shizune and Kakashi are really cool,” Tenzo babbles.  “They said Lady Sakura is starting a school in spring, and anyone will be able to attend!  Do you think we’ll be here long enough for me to go?”

“Yes,” Sai answers in a monotone. Tenzo is not deterred by his flat tone and continues chattering about whatever his idiot friends had done earlier in the day.  

Still, the work in Haru is good, and it makes Sai happy to see Tenzo act like a child.  A school with other children sounds far better than Sai’s own brutal coming-of-age on the battlefield.

Naruto never stops falling in love with Sakura.  She will always be that girl on the riverside, beautiful and strong - and never, ever willing to pull a punch, especially against him.  His chakra coils burn, but the monster he leashed heals him, steadily replenishing his blood and making his broken body whole.

“No welcome for your husband, back from the wars?” he asks,

“A war of your own making,” she censures, the mark of power blazing on her brow.  “A monument to your ambition.”

He’s not surprised when she breaks his neck.  Sakura will always choose her village over him.

Sasuke takes care of the body.  It’s thoughtful of him, and Sakura reminds herself to be more grateful for his devotion.  He was the first to follow her dream even before it became his own, and that’s not nothing.  Shizune is waiting for her at the end of her journey, ready with tea and blankets and a hot bath.  The next house over, Hinata paces between Kakashi’s room and Mikoto’s cradle, the unborn twins traveling with her.  Beyond Sakura’s senses, the rest of the village remains untouched by Naruto’s malevolence.  They’re safe.

It’s only then Sakura allows herself to cry.

so after months of sending out resumes, scraping by, relying on the generosity of friends and my parents and the bottle depot and a job that refused to pay me, i have suddenly found myself with two reliable jobs. i will be working anything from 43 to 65 hours every week. this will hopefully help put a dent in my debt, i can start saving money, and actually support myself.

sleep, however, may be somewhat nonexistent.

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Credits for Dodger and Oakley!

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Real talk here: Have you let Bendy play any Video Games? If so, does he have a favorite?

Okay, so here’s the thing. I don’t have a Wii, a PlayStation, an Xbox, anything like that. And I would totally let him play Minecraft or something on my pc, except my pc is a slow piece of crap and doesn’t really work anymore. So no, not yet. I might get my old DS out again though, now that I think about it.


“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)