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Skincare and Beauty Recommendations

For all you babes, I made a list of my must have stuff to look the best you can go scam an SD

 Body- Lush Ro Argan. This stuff is the bomb. It’s a body conditioner that smells like roses and honey. Smear that good stuff all over you and let it sit for five minutes. Wash it off and your body will be soft and smooth, no other products needed. I’ve used this stuff for five years and every person that gets a whiff of it compliments me. Guys go crazy for this scent, especially in the bed room downtown haha.JUST GET IT! You get a shower and body cream in one! 

Face Cream- Laneige Water Bank Cream. This shit makes my face look like it’s been kissed by an angel. So dewy and soft! I feel like I look much younger when I apply this because it hydrates so well. Perfect to use if you want something that traps the moisture in your face and is lightweight. I’ve noticed the dehydration wrinkles I had around my eyes and mouth have diminished. My makeup goes on like a dream after I apply this. 

 Face- Kojic acid soap. I use this soap for my uneven skin tone and acne spots. I barely wear foundation because it cleared up my clogged pores and hyperpigmenation. Dirt cheap off Amazon. Haven’t had a major breakout since I used this the past 3 years. 

 Perfume- Tom Ford private Collection comes in 12 scents. With mainstream brands, I feel like ALL WOMEN’s FRAGRANCES smell the same and give me a headache. Too sweet, floral, romantic, too much alcohol, etc.Now, this collection ain’t cheap, so, get a sample from your local department store. They give it to you in a cute vial and box and the sales associates are super knowledgeable about scents. THIS STUFF LASTS A LONG TIME! I wear the Tobacco Vanille all year round. Literally, this scent is my confident booster, I smell unique and luxurious! And the scent projects like a beast, so a 4 ML sample will last you cause all thats needed is a small dab for the day!  I used to buy decants off eBay to save £££ until I got me a SD to buy me the 100 ML hehe.

 Sunscreen- Elta SPF 40. This stuff is the best sunscreen on the market and all the dermatologists I’ve seen recommended it. No white cast and absorbs into skin fast, it’s also super moisturizing! 

 Hair- Bumble Bee Invisible Oil. If you have frizzy, dry, damaged, natural, thick hair, this SHIT IS THE BOMB. This is the only product that works on my hair when I wear it curly and straighten it. It does the job, smells great, and my hair looks so glossy and healthy….best of all it doesn’t weight my hair down or feel greasy. 

 Mascara- Lacome Hypnose is the only thing I use on my lashes in the past six years. I will NEVER STRAY from Lacome’s mascara products. It makes my eyes look amazing and it’s easy to take off at night. Don’t like the other brands like Benefit or Too Faced which are hard to remove at night.

 Makeup Remover- Clinique Take Off the Day Balm. Your makeup literally will melt off when you wash your face with this! I used so many different brands from wipes to oil to alcohol and none of them worked as well as this. 

 Lipstick- Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Bahama is the best nude/rosy color out there for all girls IMO. I use the Train Bleu colour (quite vampy) when going out at night and always got compliments! Because it’s a jumbo pencil lippy, you can line your lips easily and fill it in! Lasts all night! Taylor Swift uses their Dragon Girl  shade as her signature red colour according to the makeup artist that showed me.! Best secret lippies around!

 Foundation- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is a game changer. My skin looks radiant, dewy, and natural which no other foundation has given me. Everyone raves about it and I wish I listened earlier and quit wasting my money at MAC and Estee Lauder.

Concealer- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer- If you don’t like wearing foundation, this concealer is all you need then. It hides my dark eye circles and any redness on my face like a PRO. Comes with a wand so you don’t need to use anything else when applying it!

Honestly I just want to thank *voice cracks* my lord and saviour Harry Holland *voice cracks again* for filming Sam being the dorkiest bABe on Earth when they locked themselves out of their house. I am now $1000 richer, my skin is clear and radiant, and every single one of my problems in life have vanished. So ThaNkS again *proceeds to walk off stage sobbing in greatfulness*

try again {part i}


word count: 1,423

A/N: This is part one of the angsty/emotional series I was talking about the other day. Feedback would be great. Let me know if you think I should continue it!!

Tears stung my eyes and my heart felt heavy in my chest. I should be used to this by now, but I’m not. I never will be. It’s so tiresome and heart wrenching.

Shawn sat beside me. He wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my arm gently while we sat in the floor of our bathroom. He gingerly caressed my hair and kissed my forehead, attempting to soothe me. It was difficult to be soothed at this point, though.

“Darling, please don’t cry. We can try again.” he said sweetly, but his words irritated me. He didn’t understand what this was like for me, he never would. I tried not to sound angry when I spoke to him.

“That’s all we have been doing for the past two years, Shawn! It’s not going to work. It will never work. There is no trying again. We just need to face the fact that there’s something wrong with me and we can’t have a baby. We’re never going to have any children.” I spat out, I was surprised at how hurtful my words sounded.

“How do we know it’s you? It’s not necessarily because you can’t get pregnant.” Shawn said. “Maybe there’s something wrong with me, we don’t know.”

I looked at the pregnancy test setting on the bathroom counter. I thought about how many of those I had bought since Shawn and I had been married. Then I thought about how many of them ended up saying not pregnant, which sadly was the same number. It had gotten to the point where Shawn and I both got giddy whenever my period was just a day late. I knew now to never get my hopes up because I knew what it would say every time: not pregnant. My thoughts made my head throb and the crying only made it ache worse. I rested my head in my hands, trying to resist the pounding headache that was coming.

Shawn rubbed my back lovingly with his large hands. He soon left the floor and walked across the room, starting a bath. I hoped he made the water hot how I liked it. I smelled the rosemary and lavender bubble bath that I always used when I was upset. The loving gesture by Shawn made me want to smile, but I couldn’t. I stood up to walk over to the bathtub. I removed my clothes and sank into the water, which was steaming hot. Shawn had already went to our bedroom, leaving me for some alone time.

I took my time washing my hair. I needed to calm myself as much as possible and besides Shawn, a hot bath was the only thing that could soothe me like this. After washing my body and letting the water turn cold, I stepped out onto the towel Shawn had left on the floor and picked up the one he left for me to dry my body with. I subconsciously did my nightly routine and nearly fell asleep while doing so. I paced across the cold floor the crawl into bed with Shawn. Too tired to dry my hair, I went to bed with it wet and cold. Regardless of this, Shawn still cuddled me against his chest.

I glanced over at the clock to see it was around midnight already. I was exhausted but couldn’t fall asleep. I knew Shawn hadn’t fallen asleep either, because he still fidgeted while laying next to me.

“Thank you for starting a bubble bath for me.” I thanked him.

“No problem, did you enjoy it?”

“I loved it. I’m sorry for raising my voice at you earlier..” I trailed off, “I just get so frustrated.” Shawn nodded his head to tell me understood. His facial expression and his eyes told me he was listening to me, so I continued to talk.

“Some people don’t even want to have a baby and they do. You and I want a baby more than anyone does. We try for over a year, nearly two and we can’t have one.” My face now felt hot and prickly. Tears threatened to spill over once more and I did not stop them. “Before we even got engaged, we talked about what a big family we wanted and how exciting it would all be. We can’t even have one baby, not one, Shawn.”

At this point, I was sobbing and Shawn was holding me against his chest. He kissed my forehead and calmed me somewhat.

“Hey, look at me. Baby, look at me.” I looked up at him and he spoke quietly to me. “I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s okay because we both know it’s not. This is heartbreaking for the both of us. But we will find a way to make this work, we’ll find a way to have the family we have both always wanted, okay?”

“Okay.” I replied, but I didn’t believe it.

We said our goodnights then finally fell asleep. Tears stuck to my face as I fell asleep, but I was too comfortable in Shawn’s strong arms to wipe them away.

I awoke the next morning before Shawn. I didn’t get out of bed yet because I needed his comfort still. While waiting for Shawn to awake, I became lost in my thoughts. Wouldn’t this just be easier if we just told someone what we were going through? We could tell both of our parents, surely they would be some help if they knew. No, we cannot tell them. I don’t want anyone’s pity and I know Shawn doesn’t either.

It would be much easier to let some of our family know, but I loathe to be pitied. For now, we would just let everyone think we were waiting until Shawn’s career slowed down. In reality, we were willing to raise children even with Shawn’s hectic career and our chaotic lives.

As soon as Shawn and I knew we were completely in love with each other over six years ago, we began talking about our future together. Our future included buying an apartment together, getting married, travel the world together, and lastly, have children. Having children was the only thing on that list of our future that we hadn’t fulfilled yet. Sometimes, I think maybe we waited too late. We waited too long to get married and now either one of us or both of us aren’t at our ‘prime’ to have children.

No matter what was causing us to not be able to have a baby, I still dreamed of the pitter-patter of little feet running all around our house. I dreamed of first words and first birthdays and first steps. I dreamed of a house full of children. Shawn and I both wanted at least three, maybe more. I even yearned for the nights awake with Shawn, trying to calm our screaming newborn in the early hours of the morning. I wanted it all.

While Shawn slept so peacefully, I took in his gorgeous features and thought of how beautiful our children could be. They could have his dark hair and plump lips, my tan skin, both of our big, radiant brown eyes. I smiled, picturing how beautiful our children would be if we could ever have any, and began twirling my fingers through tufts of Shawn’s hair. He started to move then his eyes fluttered open. He smiled when he saw me playing with his hair.

“Morning, love.” he spoke in raspy voice before kissing my nose.

“Goodmorning.” I replied.

The next night while laying on the couch together, Shawn brought up the subject.

“So, what do you want to do about this?” he said. He didn’t even have to tell me because I knew ‘this’ meant not being able to conceive. I looked at him, trying to process what all of this even meant, what could we do?

“We could go to the doctor, they’ll probably run some tests to see if there’s some type of physical condition causing this. If not, they will probably send me for infertility treatments.” I spoke quietly. Shawn nodded.

“I’ll cancel the photo shoot I have tomorrow, we will go to the doctor tomorrow, sound good?”

“Okay.” I lied, but it didn’t sound good. I didn’t want to have my fears confirmed. I didn’t want them to tell us we couldn’t have children. Shawn and I ended up falling asleep on the couch that night. Partly because we were too comfortable to get up, but mostly because we were too exhausted.

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#38 pre-breakup Adam and Blue?

“I like your laugh.”

Adam stops when Blue says it, warmth rushing into his cheeks.

“Oh.  Um.  I.  Well, I mean.  Thank you?”  He laughs again, but quietly now.  Self-conscious.

“You’re welcome,” Blue says.  She isn’t even looking at him; she just continues to paint her toenails as if she didn’t just say maybe the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to him.  As if kindnesses like this one are just part of her everyday landscape.  Maybe they are.

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What do you want?
(Four words,
four syllables,
four bullets in my chest.)

What do you want?

To destroy this feeling of hunger;
I can no longer pretend that
the lion in my gut is so easily satisfied.

To forgive my mother for never
teaching me to love myself.

To stop leaving poems unfinished.

What do you want?

To stir the salt water in my chest
into a hurricane that rages against my ribs.

To feel something other than the
apathy that gnaws on my bones.

To claw myself out of this grave
I’ve dug in my pitiful self-loathing.

To see the sun in my skin,
radiant and warm.

What do you want?

To never again say my name
like an apology.

—  Emily Palermo, A Collective List of Things I’ve Denied Myself
Don’t Tell Nobody ((Brett)) 3

Part One // Part Two // Part Three//

The last thing I remember is the tint of red in the sky.
A blood moon.
How ironically beautiful?
Everything faded to black as my neck was snapped.

When you woke up the ground was cold.
You could feel the earth moving on your skin.
Fighting your way through you put one hand in front of the other, pushing and crawling your way out.
A breeze.
Your right hand was free.
Keeping the same tempo, you were finally out.
The air smelled so wonderful.
A new appreciation of life.
You could hear frogs croaking, the sound of a river, and the wind kissing your dirty skin.
Sudden memories of your death made you cry, but no tears flowed down your face.
You half-jogged through the woods trying to find a road back to Beacon Hills.
Losing all energy, you fell to the ground, a bright light shining in your eyes.
A long horn was sounded and the lights veered off.
Help me.
To your silent pleas, a pair of strong, warm arms picked you up and carried you into a car.
He spoke but you didn’t hear anything.
After what seemed like forever, he opened the door and carried you into a room with bright lights.
Beeps and telephone rings were heard all throughout the place.
“You’re going to be okay, stay with me, honey”
The man said over and over.
“Wait here, we have to get her to a room”


After filing a report, the doctor instructed me to shower while they find my emergency contacts.
The water ran brown and red, pieces of earth, going down the drain.
It felt nice, the heat.
It was like my body craved it.
I touched the places where Neculai bit me but I couldn’t feel anything.
The doctors and the nurses freaked out because there was not a scratch on me.
Although I was clean, I couldn’t recognize my reflection.
My skin was clear and radiant, my hair was longer and fruitful, my face matured slightly,  and my eyes grew intense.
My body changed as well,  I had more hips, more curves, a slightly smaller waist, toned legs and thighs,  fine hair follicles, and my butt was a bit more meaty.
A knock on the door took my attention away from my reflection.
A man stood at the door with his jacket in his hand.
He was a sexy officer with an adorable smile.
“May I sit?”
I nodded my head yes and sat on the bed.
“How are you?”
“Why were you on the road?”
Because I was raped and then brutally murdered.
“Well, can you at least tell me your name?”
“Y/N… That’s a beautiful name.”
“What’s  yours?”
“I thought cops refer to their last name”
“Oh, yeah, right, it’s Deputy Parrish”


Jesus Christ, this girl was beautiful.
From head to toe, there was nothing wrong with her.
I can’t believe I forgot my last name.
How embarrassing?
“Well Deputy, I’ve never seen you around the station before”
I don’t think she knew but her tone shifted to a lower, more seductive one.
Her lips were a little red in color, plump, and so tempting.
Focus Jordan!
What did she say?

“I’m kind of new, I came from a different station and I gotta say from the few weeks that I’ve been here, this town is pretty interesting”

The door opened and a nurse came in with a clipboard.
“Just here to check your vitals”
I checked my watch and realized the time.

“It’s late and you should get some rest, you’ll have to go to the station tomorrow so we can figure out what to do with you.”

She looked from side to side and started playing with her hands.

“Something wrong?”
“I really hate hospitals so the thought of sleeping here for the night is a bit unnerving”
I laughed.
“I hate hospitals too so I know how you feel, maybe you could sleep at the station… ”
We both smiled and she shook her head no.
“Yeah that doesn’t sound so great, does it?”
“It’s a bit better but still”

A thought came into my head but I pushed it away.
There’s no way she would do that.

“Maybe I could at crash at your place, if it’s not too much of a hassle”
“You know what? That a great idea! I could keep you close to me, take you back here if something bad happens, and then I’ll take you to the station tomorrow morning. I’ll check you out”

Your POV

“Here’s some blankets, pillows, uh water if you get thirsty, and if you still feel a little hungry, pizza’s in the kitchen.”
I couldn’t help but smile at Jordan’s fervent moving back and forth, trying to set up the place.

“Of course! The bathroom is on the right, questions?”
“Where are you going to sleep?”

He placed his hands on his hips and looked around the room.

“The couch”
“Jordan I know that what I might ask you is a bit of a stretch, but can you please sleep in here, with me?”
He scratched the back of his head and I was just hoping he would say yes.
“Did you just call me Jordan?”
“Sorry, Dep–”
“No Jordan’s fine, it’s definitely shorter than Deputy Parrish, but I don’t think - -”
I have to push harder.
“I don’t want to sleep alone. I know you’re only a yell away but the truth is, I’m terrified.”
Parrish sighed and slowly submitted.
“Alright, but for safe keeping, don’t tell anyone we slept together. I mean like on the same bed. Not in a dirty way. Not that I wouldn’t –”
You couldn’t help but laugh really hard at his awkwardness.
“I’m going to change into those clothes you gave me now. I’ll be back.”

His shirt was long enough to be a shirt and his briefs were close enough to shorts.
When you walked into the room, Jordan was already fast asleep.
You crawled into bed and slipped under the covers.
No matter what you did, you couldn’t seem to get warm.
The only warmth you felt was coming from Jordan.
There was no right and there was no wrong, you moved in closer, grabbed his arm and wrapped it around your body.
His strong arms tightened around you, and he subconsciously moved in closer as well, so close that you could feel the size of his pens through his boxers.
His hand rested on your stomach, his palm heated your whole body,  arousal burning your core.
More, you need more.
You turned around and placed kisses on his neck and his lips.
Moaning awake, Jordan grasped the situation “What are you– what are you doing?”
You held a finger to his lips, “don’t talk”.
You straddled his hips so that you were resting on his crotch.
You cupped his face and kissed him, grinding your hips into him, his hands instantly roamed your body, giving you that heat you so desperately craved.
You pulled back and you both took off your shirts.
He flipped you over gaining control.
His hand glided past your stomach, past the waistband, and into your pool of arousal.
You moaned and bucked your hips into his hand.
He dipped into your neck, licking, and sucking on your sweet spot.
Your moans were like heaven, “Jordan”.

Parrish opened his eyes, slightly breathing heavy.
He felt so comfortable.
When he looked down he saw his arm wrapped around Y/N with hers lying on top.
He slowly pulled away and tried to grasp what happened.
It was a dream.
Of course.

“Eat up, I don’t want you to starve.”
After breakfast, we headed to the station.
You had him play I-spy to pass the time.
You made him feel welcome, relaxed.
And he did too.
It made you wonder why you hadn’t met him sooner.
Once you got there he had you sit on the bench while he talked to the sheriff.
“I heard you the first time Stiles. You didn’t have to repeat it”
You got some coffee and a donut on the table nearby.
“Y/N?” a familiar voice said behind you..
You put down the coffee and the donut on a chair.
He hugged tightly, pulling you off the ground and twirled you around.
“I thought you were dead! I can’t believe you’re alive!”
Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles, and Parrish all came out of the office to see Scott  hugging you.
“Relax I was only gone for a few days, max”
“Few days?,”  Stiles inputted.
“Well yeah, haven’t I?”
Scott put you down and looked at you incredulously.
“Y/N, you’ve been gone for almost a year and a half”

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alejandro do u have any recs for glowing skin? fr ref my skin type is normal

My favs for glowing/radiant skin

  • Creme de la Mer  - a super thick moisturizer that helps reduce redness and really does help brighten skin and keep it hydrated (albeit very pricey) 
  • Sukari Babyfacial - this is an acid facial exfoliate that removes dead skin and calms hyper pigmentation. I would use this once a week if you have normal/oily skin. 
  • Rose Gold Elixir - this is an oil that you can use by itself or combine with foundation to make it go on smoother and add a layer of radiance to it. I. Fucking. Love. This. Shit. It’s such a nice pamper item, I always feel so special using it because of the gold flakes and such
  • Rice Water Bright - rice water bright is a cleansing oil, which means it kinda acts like a makeup remover and a cleanser. You lather it on and massage it on dry skin then wash it off before going in with a foaming cleanser. 
  • Super Glow Serum - a serum infused with vitamin c to revive dull looking skin. This is pretty cheap for the quality and is really good for combo/dry skin. (Psst shop with this link for 20% off on anything Glossier)
  • Mega Greens Galaxy - another glossier product, in this case a mask that helps with detoxing your face and full of natural anti-oxidants. However it isn’t the best for sensitive skin because it’s super potent. 
  • MISSHA Time Repair  - a night serum that helps with anti aging, hydrating, and giving that radiant skin! It’s also a dupe of the Estee Lauder one. 
  • Snail Repair Eye Cream - helps get rid of those under eye bags and eye lines 
  • Herb Tea Pure Mask - Sheet mask that helps calm irritated skin and hydrate it, which in turns leaves it glowing. Also  affordable (only 6$) 
  • Tonymoly I’m Real Rice & Tonymoly I’m Real Pearl masks - I put these together as one because they’re both in the same product line. Anyways the rice one helps get rid of dirt and delivers a bunch of nutrients. The Pearl one helps plump and generally make my skin look radiant. Plus you can get these for like a dollar at Marshalls. 

I hope this helped anon! 

Returns of Regret and Rekindled Love - Thranduil

Originally posted by tlotrgifs

Part 2 to “Tears of Ache and Sorrow”

A/N: If you listen to Redeemer by Paul Cardall when Thranduil starts apologizing to the reader, it makes reading this a lot more dramatic, at least to me. A link is attached to the name of the song if you wish to listen to it. As always, thank you for reading and please enjoy. 

Translations: mellon: friend, meleth nin: my love, guren vell: sweetheart

Warnings: Heartache towards the beginning, but extreme fluff towards the end. 

Words: 2000+ (sorry)

The thousands of crimson leaves of the harvest season had now browned and fallen to the ground and the air had now become cold and unforgiving. The frozen leaves were thousands of ice sheathed knives, each one stabbing into my heart as they reminded me of the love I once lost and the love I still longed for with all of my broken heart and empty soul. The newborn child in my arms was no less of a reminder of the ellon whom with I had brought such a beautiful creation, our daughter, to life. The fairest platinum curls wreathed my daughter’s head, her soft pale skin radiant in the muted winter sunlight. She was a spitting image of her father… her father… her father would have loved her with all his heart, I just know he would have. 

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2016 Skincare Favorites!

This is my absolute favorite makeup remover. I prefer the cream formula, but they do also make a foaming cleanser for anyone who prefers that. It’s gentle enough to use on both the eyes and the face, and it doesn’t leave a film on my skin, nor does it dry my skin out. It’s both a makeup remover and face wash so when I’m feeling lazy this is the only thing I’ll use to cleanse my skin. It’s also an amazing brush cleaner, I always deep clean my brushes with it and to spot treat my brushes I’ll put it in a spray bottle with some water and it’s just as good as any expensive brush cleaner! This is a must-have in my routine, and I will continue to repurchase.

I use this 2-3 times per week to exfoliate my skin. I like how gentle it is, the beads are very small and not chunky at all, so it doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing off my skin whenever I use it. It gets rid of all the dead skin so that I’m left with a nice soft canvas to put all of my other treatments on. I also love it as a body exfoliator!

This toner is great for combination skin, because it balances your skin out, adding moisture where your skin needs it and reducing oil where your skin is the oiliest. It helps to prevent clogged pores which can lead to breakouts, and I found that it helped to calm the redness in my face as well. It feels very cool on the skin and is a great way to prep the skin for serums and moisturizers.

I’m very picky when it comes to my moisturizers, therefore I try out a ton of them in the course of a year, but this one has stood out the most to me. It’s a gel-creme formula which means it’s not too heavy on my skin, and is perfect for going underneath makeup. It doesn’t pill up or rub off either, which is a huge pet-peeve of mine. It’s very gentle on my skin and I highly recommend it. Though I don’t have an all time favorite night cream, I will put a little shoutout to the Origins High Potency Nightamins, that one is great for more sensitive skin and it keeps me hydrated all night without feeling greasy.

Though I discovered this later in 2016, it quickly became my favorite eye cream. Within only a few days of use I noticed a complete change in my undereye area. It helped immensely with brightening up my dark circles, to the point where they weren’t even noticeable to people who saw me without makeup (I have genetic dark circles that I’ve never been able to get rid of with other eye creams), and it also helped to depuff and moisturize my undereyes. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who struggles with dark circles, it’s fantastic!

This is the most effective spot treatment I’ve tried so far. I absolutely love the fact that since it isn’t made with any acids it doesn’t sting active acne spots, it just gently treats them. It still takes a couple of days for the spot to completely go away, but the formula is so gentle that it seems like it should take longer. Plus it’s a huge bottle with a pump, so it’ll last you forever!

If you have dry skin, you need this in your life! I know it’s kind of pricey, since it’s $6 for a single-use product, but it’s great for when you want to treat yourself or if your skin is in need of a little extra TLC. It made my skin so smooth, soft, and radiant, my makeup applied beautifully the next morning. It’s a great treat for your skin, especially in the winter!

This brand has easily become one of my very favorite skincare lines. The packaging is very minimal but the product inside is still very high quality, but with an extremely affordable price. This mask comes in a huge jar and is less than $20, which is great for high end skincare. This mask is amazing for treating stubborn breakouts, ones that won’t go away with just a spot treatment. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but considering how potent the product is, I don’t mind at all.

This one isn’t something that I used on a daily basis, but when I was in a rush and didn’t have time, or someone was hogging the bathroom, I would cleanse my face with this. I tried the micellar water with the pink packaging and thought it was pretty good, but I like that the blue one takes off all of my eye makeup more easily. I don’t recommend using this as a stand-alone cleanser, but it’s a great addition to get off any stubborn mascara or anything. It’s also great in the morning when you’re in a rush to get to work or class!

These were all of my top favorite skincare products of 2016! I know that I don’t have product for every category like serums or cleansers, but that’s because I don’t have an absolute favorite. I only wanted to include the products that I know I use all the time and want to continue to repurchase and use.

Also keep in mind that I have combo/dry skin and these are the products that work well on my skin. Some of these products are good for all skin types, and some are better suited for acne prone skin, dry skin, etc.

If you have any questions about any of the products and how I use them, let me know!

Review: Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner

Korean skin care products are one of the most raved items beauty enthusiasts talk about— and why not? Everyone wants the dewy and flawless complexion that defines Korean beauty.

For the sake of glowing skin, I’m slowly transitioning to a 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine. A part of it is applying toner.

A toner is an all-in-one skin cleanser— it remove the excess residue left behind from cleansing, balance the ph levels of the skin, hydrates the skin, and preps the skin well for proper absorption of an essence.

Toner was barely a part of my skin routine until I tried Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner

Whamisa organic flower natural fermented toner (original) is made of pure natural origin ingredients and 97.95% of them are organic ingredients. 

Natural fermentation minimizes destroying nutrients into small particles which give fast and deep absorbing into your skin with deep moisturizing

Benefits of naturally fermented products:

  • With loads of fruit and sugar acids, it’s a natural moisturizer for the skin
  • Amino acids, such as glycine revitalizes and firms skin. It is also an antioxidant that can reduce free radicals and protect the skin from UV damage.
  • Helps lighten brown spots, and even skin tone.
  • Glycine encourage the production of collagen and increases cell vitality.

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💫🍓  Blushed fruits that my friends and I have been having everyday 🍒🍃 Eating foods that are beneficial for my skin has kept it so hydrated and naturally radiant! We had cherries & strawberries (my favourite), which are high in vitamin C for collagen synthesis, along with mango, nectarines and apricots with peppermint which was very hydrating on a warm day.

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Zayn's skin is GLOWING!!✨☀️💛 my beautiful son

his skin is looking positively radiant, his lips moisturized, eyelashes full as ever….this photoshoot is a blessing 😭💕

In the who’s who of the beauty world, Alicia Yoon is the foremost expert on Korean skincare. Intimidatingly educated, Yoon’s career trajectory has taken her from training as an esthetician in Korea to getting an Ivy League degree to landing a consulting job at a formidable global investment firm to enrolling in another Ivy business school to—catch your breath—launching Peach & Lily, the industry’s go-to resource for tracking down the best Korean skincare products. We asked Yoon the most important question of all: How do we get skin as dewy as hers? BECKY PEDERSON

First, what is your #1 skin concern?

For me, I’m perpetually suffering from jet lag. I travel to Korea every six weeks and fly all over the US when I’m home, and since I work with international clients I take a lot of phone calls in the middle of the night. Basically, I sleep very few hours and my skin is always in stress mode. On top of that, I have naturally dry skin—I have eczema—so I know I have to have a very thoughtful regimen just to keep my skin at neutral.

Can you walk us through your personal routine?

1. In the mornings, I start off with a tiny dab of Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil, which is actually a balm that transforms into a gentle oil cleanser on contact. I do this because when you’re sleeping, a lot of sebum is released as your skin metabolizes. Sometimes, toxins are also released and comingle with the sebum, and when that mixture interacts with the sun, free radicals can form. So it’s important to get it off in the morning.

I always follow up with a water-based cleanser. Just something mild and nourishing and not drying. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse is one of my favorites. Something many people don’t realize is that K-Beauty rituals don’t always involve all-Korean products. Jurlique embodies many of the principles Korean skincare-savvy people seek—they use natural ingredients organically grown on their farm in Australia, so you know their formulas won’t strip your skin.

2. After that, I’ll use a toner that’s formulated for dry skin. Like many Korean women, I love Caudalie’s Moisturizing Toner. Toners not only balance your skin’s pH, they also have some sort of hydrating agent. This one kick-starts your whole moisturizing process.

Then I absolutely always use an essence. I love essences because they prep your skin for every other step. This is something I learned in beauty school that really stuck with me: “Your skin is like a sponge. When it’s brittle and dry, anything that moves across its surface will crack it.” Not only does dehydrated skin make it harder to absorb products, but you’re prone to infections—you can get acne more easily, for example.

Essences are great because they’re really formulated for all skin types, plus they are all formulated with a less concentrated active ingredient—just like something you’d find in a serum or cream. So it’s not just about hydration; it’s also about getting some extra benefits. I like to recommend May Coop Raw Sauce as a great choice for newbies.

3. The serums, ampoules, and face oils come next for me. I really only use an ampoule when my skin is in serious crisis mode. But I always personally use a face oil because I know I need to help keep my moisture barrier strong. I like to mix in an argan oil with a serum that’s humectant-rich. I usually pick something with hyaluronic acid over something with glycerin. Other than that, this is where my routine gets customizable and really changes based on the season and whatever my lifestyle is like at the time.

The other thing I always use is a serum that focuses on firming. One thing dermatologists tell me that because my skin is so dry, it breaks down collagen faster and I’m more prone to sagging. It’s important for me to focus on that now because once my skin does start to sag, there won’t be much I can do about it outside of getting a facelift.

The ingredients I really like are anything with collagen, peptides, or vitamin C ester. Collagen is a bit controversial as to whether the particles are effectively used by the skin. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence by women who swear by it, but there are not a lot of clinical studies. But for me, because I need all the help I can get, I use treatments with collagen year-round just in case. My skin actually used to react poorly to vitamin C ester, but your skin type changes as you age. Now that I’m in my 30s, Dr. Perricone’s Vitamin C Ester 15 works great for me. I always use a few treatment products in this step, but this is the one I’m never without.

4. And then I’ll do a cream. In the morning, I’ll usually do a very light, water-based gel moisturizer. Because I do so many other steps, by the time I get to my moisturizer, I don’t need anything heavy even though I’m super dry. I rotate through a few, but one I really like right now is Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream. Come winter, it’s different—I’ll swap out for a heavier night cream. But even then, it’s not as heavy as it would be if I weren’t doing those other steps.

At night, about once a week I’ll switch out my night cream with an overnight sleeping mask. I really like those because I do see the difference. I know it’s formulated to actually go work while you’re sleeping, unlike a normal moisturizer that’s just supposed to keep everything sealed in.

5. I always finish off with—what else?—a finisher. I love all the AmorePacific Cushion Compacts, but especially the Resort Collection Sun Protection Cushion. The formulation is completely lightweight and buildable while providing plenty of coverage. It’s an easy way to incorporate SPF into your daily beauty routine, and it’s nice to be able to reapply SPF throughout the day in a way that doesn’t change your makeup—really, you’re just touching up your makeup. I love that this product doesn’t cake or flake; instead, it leaves skin looking radiant and dewy.

That’s a lot! Do you have any tips for people who are just dipping their toes into a K-Beauty routine?

The first thing is, don’t change everything and go nuts. Not only because your skin might react poorly, but because you won’t really know exactly what you’re responding to. You need to get to know your skin.

Introduce one new element at a time. Three weeks is about how long it takes to see if anything is happening. Once those three weeks are over, you can infuse a new element or switch to something else. Sometimes the results are hard to see, but if you’re really paying attention, you should be able to. Taking pictures helps.

If you’re looking for new products, there are three things you should really focus on doing well. The first is SPF. Damage from the sun is a very real thing, and once that damage is done, it is hard to reverse. Preventative skincare is so much easier to do than reparative skincare. SPF is a small daily habit, but it can be the difference between healthy skin and visibly damaged skin in your 40s and beyond. Find a good one that works for you.

Number two is proper cleansing. First, thorough cleansing—ensuring that oil-based impurities are removed from your skin gently. I find that a lot of people think exfoliating is the same as cleansing. But you’re really just stripping your face dry if you over-exfoliate. Instead, you want to gently coax impurities out of your pores. Use an oil-based cleanser because a lot of water-based cleansers can actually push impurities further down into your pores.

You also want to make sure you’re not causing more damage—over scrubbing, tugging, pulling, stripping your skin dry. Being careful can go a very long way.

The third thing is hydration. The environment of your skin will keep everything else functioning better. Everyone uses skincare products to fight signs of aging, but if your skin is dehydrated, your products can only do so much. That’s the #1 benefit of using an essence.

If you’ve already got a solid routine down, I’d suggest experimenting with serums via sheet masks. Like I mentioned, they’re not pricey and a fun way to test different things out. You’ll see skin really glow when it’s intensely hydrated.

And what about maintenance things, like peels?

In terms of exfoliation, I’ll do a peel only once or twice a week—I don’t have too many issues with oiliness or enlarged pores. I don’t do too many pore packs for those reasons, but for anyone who wants to address those things, the Hot/Cool Pore Pack Duo from Caolion is really great.

And finally, there are sheet masks. I really, really like sheet masks. They’re easy, portable, and a nice little treat. But the main reason I like sheet masks is because they keep my skincare routine very customizable in a very inexpensive way. I think of sheet masks as these à la carte serums.

I know my core serums need to focus on hydration and firming. But sometimes, I’ll look at my skin and think, “It’s just not as radiant today.” I don’t want to go out and buy a whole serum that focuses on dullness because that’s usually not my problem, but I’ll want a single treatment that day.

I always keep 20 to 30 sheet masks in my home that all have different formulations. It’s a very empowering feeling; I can always give my skin exactly what it’s “craving.” And I’ll do them on my long-haul flights, very shamelessly on the plane.

Is there one universal product that works for everyone?

Skincare really needs to be adjusted to both your personal lifestyle and the seasons. I would encourage people to experiment a lot, be adventurous, but be observant about what’s really working during the summer months and what’s working during the winter months. And also, how your skin is reacting to things as you age and as your lifestyle changes.

That said, I would recommend to everyone to get an essence. That is a product that will fit into any kind of routine you currently maintain. It can applied on any skin type and it’s easy to use—you just pat it on with your hands, a cotton pad, whatever—and it will just help all your other products perform better.


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