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Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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Why does this book still own my ass [part 2]

part 1

  • Ari is actually noticeably shorter than Dante
  • Hugs from behind are gr9 bc Dante can comfortably rest his chin on top of Ari’s head and feel and smell his nice hair 
  • Ari and Gina end up being the same smol height (5'4’) but Susie just fucking shoots up to maybe 5'10 (these numbers mean nothing to me use the metric system please) 
  • Susie wears a hijab and Gina has very tight curly hair 
  • Ari is def stronger than Dante so in most cases he’s able to pin Dante down but when Dante manages to pin Ari down Ari just kinda goes weak and his limbs becomes jelly and just kinda melts under Dantes weight and doesn’t fight back much after oh mannnnnnn
  • -*stares at linette* beefCAKE
  • Sometimes he lets Dante win
  • A lot of times actually
  • What a fucking child Dante you’re a year older please
  • Dantes physical affection rubs off onto Ari and in time he starts kissing his parents on the cheek more often and Jaime/Santiago is the first to notice it but doesn’t really object to it or say anything
  • Dante gives those super jovial and tight hugs that completely envelop you (he is big and with a broad back I’m sure he would wrap you up) and sometimes lifts you off the ground bc hes taller and  sometimes he just tackles I love how uncensored he is (giant golden retriever)
  • Whereas Ari’s hugs are the slow kind that you melt into like youre being consoled and warmed from the inside and he slowly brings your closer to him as the hug progresses and he presses into the person and the other person nuzzles their face his hair bc he’s got very nice hair
  • [yes those are from that post i drew that post]
  • They both really suck at dancing tbh like they think they’re good bc they don’t dance with other people but one night when they do go out with gina and Susie to dance or party they look like complete idiots oh my God
  • And Gina and Susie just slowly back off
  • “I’m sorry who are you I don’t recall coming with you???”
  • No amount of good looks can save you Dante
  • Dantes Cathedral classmates like to tease Ari (all good hearted) bc Dante probs never shut up about him before they kissed and probably didn’t after
  • Dante can’t grow a beard lmao his facial hair is so shit
  • And sometimes he takes it personally bc what if he isn’t macho enough by Mexican standards
  • Ari can grow a decent beard but probs keeps or clean shaven so Dante doesn’t feel bad
  • Soledad used to be a swimmer [probs despite her parent’s protest] before Sam and a few years after Dante was born.
  • She sounds rlly stubborn and headstrong from how she upped and left her family [probs dante got that too that lil shit]
  • She also wears big bifocal lenses those thick thick ones
  • That’s probs where Dante gets his closeness to swimming from
  • They probs go clean up aunt Ophelias house during the school holidays and they discover all the weird shit
  • And Ari starts to sniffle and tear up
  • He swears its the dust but Dante knows its a lie and just holds him again
  • They stay there while cleaning up bc driving back to El Paso probs takes too long and dante never actually keeps his promise to drive 
  • (maybe he doesn’t like cars I wonder why)
  • he just sleeps [i think someone else had this HC too]
  • Aris hair is actually lighter than dantes hair like maybe a chestnut brown, just a shade darker than his own skin compared to dantes almost black hair
  • Aris leg scar becomes less sensitive to touch but he still winces out of habit when something grazes him
  • Dante has scars from being beat up
  • Over the years they get a lot more scars bc theyre reckless and stupid and their bodies become an album of all their adventures together (ty izzy!)
  • Dante really enjoys sleeping on Ari (when the weather isn’t too hot) he likes listening to his breathing and the warm and everything
  • Even when they’re so close together Dante needs to be closer
  • And not just his chest ok sometimes he just drops onto Aris legs and falls asleep how annoying
  • Ari likes Dantes big sweaters and keeps taking them and returning it when they don’t smell like him anymore
  • “Ok you’ve worn it long enough it smells like you I want it back”
  • It’s not even the detergent that Soledad uses its Dantes smell whatever the fuck that is
  • His /musk/
  • And when Soledad gives him a sweater as a gift he makes Dante wear it for the smell again
  • Dante (secretly) likes brushing Aris hair??? Sometimes he braids it when Ari isn’t paying attention to piss him off
  • “I’ll shave your head if you don’t start doing this yourself”
  • (a very empty threat bc beautiful hair and Ari being his little che guevara)
  • Ari rebuts “that’s my mum’s job” in an attempt to make it awkward
  • This was the boy who replied “one night my parents had sex” when asked where he came from
  • Liliana is thankful that someone brushes her son’s hair bc it would be a fucking mess if he was left alone
  • You know what was popular I the 80-90s
  • Crop tops
  • u know who probs wears crop tops
  • both of them
  • When Dante walks he always has a slight bounce and always seems to be walking to a beat and Ari just loves that about him he’s so full of energy and life
  • And likes to jump around places like from 2 steps down or across a curb
  • On Aris 21st dante serenades him with LA BAMBA
  • Ari gets so red its incredible
  • They instinctively hold each other a lot everywhere like the hands the arm shoulder the clothes sometimes their bags.
  • More often Dante than Ari
  • Ari regularly tells Dante that he can’t fight for shit and that saying fight me means people will actually fight you
  • Ileana comes up somehow probs bc Gina blabbers and Susie is like oh fuck but in the nicest way possible tbh
  • Aris neck is very sensitive 
  • And Dante knows this 
  • You know where I’m going with this
  • Thigh hickeys 
  • Ye

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13. Favorite fic from another author? 14. Your favorite side pairings to put in? 20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of (or as many sentences as you want)

13. Sansûkh by Determamfidd. Tbh I’ll probably be reccing that glorious fic long after its done. I’ll have kids years from now who will say, “Mommy, read us a bedtime story” and I’ll whip out Sansûkh and be like, “Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain, came awake with a sudden start and a strangled shout of alarm. It was utterly dark, and his shout echoed in the stifling blackness. He tried to blink his eyes, and found it made little difference.” and they’ll be like, “Not again!!” but that won’t stop me.

I like Sansûkh so much 1) because it is an amazing fic of epic proportions, well researched, well executed, the whole shebang, and 2) because the author is so damn nice. My god, Dets is a sweetheart. She’s the kind of person you gravitate towards just because she’s friendly and encouraging. She’s Person Goals, man. I think the ultra popularity of her fic stems not only from her talent, but from her personality as well. She’s approachable. You want to make her proud. Blah blah blah I’m going overboard now.

So I’m an unapologetic Sansûkh enthusiast for the rest of my days. Determamfidd enthusiast tbh because I trust any fandom in her hands. There’s my fave.

14. Somehow I ended up a diehard Rexobi shipper and I like to inject it into just about everything I write. I’m also pretty in love with Jessix, and Oooh Ahsoka and Barriss. What else… I’m still getting comfortable shipping OCs with canon characters, but in my secret lil draft cave I love doing that.

20. It isn’t posted yet, but Hämärä has some damn fantastic moments that I’m proud of. (Now I just need to work up the urge to post it without worrying my hands off that it isn’t as good as the glimmering gem of a fic I have in my head. Probably when Pulsion is finally done.)


The knowledge that it had all been a lie makes Rex tired rather than angry: the waste of so many lives, so many people, brothers and Umbarans alike, is too huge to really fit into his head.

Rex pulls his helmet off and sets it next to his outstretched leg. Warm, recycled air dances along his skin as he leans back against the cold bulkhead and allows the hum of the engines to vibrate through the back of his skull. Before he realizes it, his eyes are closed, and exhaustion tugs at him to sleep.

But he can’t.

It isn’t long before his eyes are open again, staring at nothing across the crew bay. That’s when Kenobi moves up beside him, so quietly that  Rex doesn’t even register his presence until the hem of the Jedi’s tunic brushes against his ear.

Rex hides his twitch of surprise. It’s a wonder how someone with so much strength can be so damned quiet sometimes.

“Sir,” he greets softly.

Silent, Kenobi remains standing near him, not quite touching, but closer than Rex had ever seen him get to someone that didn’t need rescuing on the battlefield. It’s some time before Kenobi speaks, his crisp, accented voice weighed down with weariness.

“Not even Geonosis was that bad of a muck up.”

Jungkook's Proposal

Onto our maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie or as I can tend to call him kook

  • Wedding here
  • Husband!Jungkook here
  • Honeymoon here
  • It’d happen like 5 years in
  • Similar to Yoongi and Namjoon, he’s not in any rush
  • He’s just enjoying all the wonders of having your first love tbh
  • Like he loves that he still gets those lil butterflies whenever you say his name and that no matter how shitty his day is, if his voice broke during a show or if he messed up the choreography, you can always put a smile onto his face
  • It isn’t until you two are about a month away from your fifth year anniversary that he pauses and is like I’m ready for marriage
  • The thing that sparks it isn’t something super obvious
  • You had told him you wouldn’t be able to make it to the show he was performing on his birthday bc you had work and you had been super convincing and he was just like oh that’s fine but really was kinda disappointed bc he had been planning to go out to dinner with you afterwards
  • You just tell him that bc you and the boys teamed up to surprise him after the show with a cake and his presents but he doesn’t know that
  • He keeps a lookout during the show just in case you were just messing with him and were actually in the crowd but the boys are smart and have you backstage
  • When he gets off stage, he’s still all energized from performing and is like bouncing in place so he kinda lowkey walks right past you without noticing??
  • And all of the boys just pause and are like wait what and you’re just cracking up bc you’d been expecting this huge hug and like a “you actually came!” or even a hello but he’s too busy running in a giant circle to notice an extra person in the dressing room since he’s used to all of the stylists and makeup artists
  • It isn’t until he’s on his third circle that Yoongi clears his throat and then he looks over and he’s just !!!
  • He runs straight for you and you get that huge hug (tbh the kid nearly tackles you in his excitement but thankfully Tae’s standing right behind you so he supports you to keep you two from falling)
  • It takes like 10 minutes for kook to calm down from all of the adrenaline
  • After that he blows out the candles on the cake Jimin brings out and he opens his presents and he’s just so :D bc his love was able to come
  • Seeing you joke around with the boys and being so comfortable with everything helps him realize he’s ready to propose
  • But the thing that truly locks it in for him is how happy he’d felt to see you bc he realized just how much you meant to him
  • He had always known you meant the world to him but he didn’t realize how deep he was so that’s the night he just goes well time to kick this into gear
  • He goes to the boys for advice
  • At that point, nearly all of them are married or engaged at the least so they all tell him their own proposal stories
  • He takes Jin’s advice of treating you to a nice dinner and doing something romantic afterwards
  • He calls your favorite restaurant and makes reservations for the night of your anniversary
  • At first he tries to go solo in searching for the ring but he soon realizes there are w a y too many options to do it alone so he literally calls Jin from the jewelry store
  • The first thing Jin hears when he picks up the phone is “HE L P”
  • He doesn’t even need further explanation bc he just knows and is like ight I'm on my way you want a bagel or some shit
  • Side note, he does end up getting them both some bagels
  • Jin’s actually the one to find it so kook’s pretty content bc he found the ring and he got free food like thnx Jin
  • It’s supposed to happen on your anniversary 
  • He’s got this big plan of serenading you at the restaurant and he sets it all up to just be the most romantic night you two have ever had
  • However, the night before your anniversary, you two are cuddling like you always do and there’s some relaxing music in the background
  • You two are just talking about anything and everything bc pillow talk is something that happens on the daily since most days he has rehearsals or he's recording or he has a show, a shoot anything like that so the nighttime is your time
  • You’ve got your head on his shoulder and you’re tracing shapes into his palm
  • His own hand is writing his name into the skin on your back and his hand’s just slowly trailing up and down your spine and it’s all chill bc you two are just in love and happy
  • He’s just gazing down at you with all the love in the world in his eyes and you’re talking about how you almost crushed a snail and then you felt so bad and you relocated it so it didn’t get stepped on
  • He doesn’t even know he says it until you stop talking and look up at him and are just like ??? what’d you say?
  • But then he realizes in his love struck daze, he’d accidentally mumbled out a “marry me”
  • He’s just o.o and you're still confused but he hadn’t said it very loudly so you’re wondering if you’d misheard it
  • The only thing running through his head is just “shit shit shit fuck” bc he’d be planning this for like a month and literally not even 24 hours before the night happened, he blurts out a proposal like well then okay
  • But eventually he decides to just follow it through bc you’d obviously heard him and he didn’t want to lie to you so he just smiles all soft and gets up
  • “Well, I was gonna do this tonight but I guess my mind has a different idea so I’ll do it now. You always tell me to just let things happen anyways so here goes, I love you so s o so much and you hopefully know that by now and I’m actually kinda really nervous and I may have forgotten everything I was going to say but you just make me extremely happy so will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?”
  • He pulls the ring out of the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed and kneels down
  • You say yes before he’s even halfway down and he just does that smile where it’s all eye smile and teeth and he does his lil giggly laugh like hell yeah man I’m engaged now !!!
  • The diamond is another one that’s just right in the middle, it’s not too small and it’s not huge but its the perfect size and there’s this really elegant design on the band that just screams kookie and you honestly couldn’t picture a better ring
  • You two end up going to dinner the next day but this time, he deems it a “celebratory dinner in honor of our engagement”
lifeguard au

this was meant to be short but surprise, surprise, it totally got away from me. oh, percy might be australian in this. because australian!percy would be pretty cool, tbh.

Percy Jackson’s dad is a local legend.

Well, he was actually a national legend, but the fervour around his surfing achievements never really died down in his home town even when the national news stopped reporting his every tournament win. 

So when Percy graduates from surf lifesaving to being a lifeguard, no one’s really surprised that he gets the second best times and scores in the club’s history, beaten only by his dad. He vows to break the records at next year’s trials. Sally tears up when she sees him in the uniform for the first time, because, god, he looks so much like his dad.

On Percy’s very first shift he spots a girl caught in a rip, struggling to keep her head above water. His supervisor, Beckendorf, is busy getting instructions for another rescue over the radio and Percy knows that this girl can’t wait, so he grabs a board and goes out after her. Beckendorf is screaming at him from the beach, because even though Percy’s good he’s still a rookie, but Percy’s focus has narrowed to this girl and getting her on his board.

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dramione favorites || granger family reunion

          Draco hadn’t felt this nervous since the conclusion of the war. Hermione had told him to stop fidgeting when they first arrived and waited on the doorstep of her parent’s home for someone to open the door after she’d pressed a strange button on the wall which he didn’t know the use of.

He’d met her parents before, that wasn’t the issue. The issue was, that it was her parent’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion, they were hosting a large party for the entire extended family to enjoy too. When Hermione had told him that he was going to come too, he couldn’t have broken her heart by saying he didn’t want to go.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like her parents, because he did, he truly did… It was the thought of meeting so many more people that had known Hermione her entire life, and being introduced to them all, that turned his stomach a little. 

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Hooly crud like what if for the pickup thingy you could choose a setter n like say to them for some reason "wow u rly kno how to SET the mood" (I am the dad friend fam)

saving the best for last B)) gosh this request is my pride and JOY ngl. I want to kiss all of the setters. No Shiratorizowa setter, please forgive me I’m barely on chapter 30 in the manga. All I know is that his name is Semi and he’s HOT. Most of these ended up kind of heated except for Suga’s and Kenma’s whoops. thank me later

oikawa tooru

Your fingers gently ran through his soft fluffy brown locks. He smirked and reach up for your hand.

He grabbed your hand and placed gentle chaste kisses upon it.

Laying your head onto his chest, you let out a sigh of content.

He stroked your hair softly, a soft smile on his pink lips.

You glanced down at the rose petals that floated around the water and smiled. “Thanks for buying me flower petals.”

Oikawa leaned down to plant a sweet kiss on your forehead. “Of course, darling.”

“You really know how to set the mood.” You giggled while wiggling your eyebrows.

“Get it, because you’re a setter!?”

Oikawa sighed but he was smiling. “[Name], don’t ruin this moment.”

You gasped. “If anything I made this moment even better!”

He chuckled. “Okay, sure.”

He then pressed his lips against yours once again.

sugawara koushi

“I’m at home!! I’ll be waiting for you, love you!”

You smiled as you finished reading the text sprawled across your lock screen.

Now brimming with excitement, you jogged the rest of the way home. You ran up the many steps that lead up to your shared apartment, eager to see him. It had been a week since you’ve seen your boyfriend since he was away at a training camp with his college team.

With a bright smile, you stopped in front of the light green door. Rummaging through your creamy brown bag, you let out a sigh of relief when you found your keys. You slipped in the key quickly and eagerly opened the door.

When you went inside the aroma of delicious food finally reached your nose and you inhaled the wonderful scent.

Curious, you walked towards the small dining room near the kitchen.

“Oh my god.” You gasped.

Before your eyes was the most romantic dinner you’ve ever seen. A crimson read cloth embraced the table and plates of food were laid on top. The centerpiece was a beautiful bouquet of different colored roses. But the most beautiful detail in the room was him, Suga dressed in a nice dark red dress shirt and black pants.

He was smiling brightly. “Happy anniversary.”

“Koushi…” You smiled, tears of joy falling down your glossy eyes.

You ran and practically jumped onto him. You showered him with kisses, giggling as your red lip stick left its mark all over his face.

You pulled away slowly but still kept your face close to his, tempted to kiss him once again.

“Flowers, champagne, and candles… You really know how to set the mood.” You whispered, wiggling your eyebrows.

He chuckled. “Did you just?”

“Mhmm.” You proudly replied.

“This is why I love you.”

kozume kenma

You snuggled closer to Kenma, wanting to get rid of the cold that engulfed your body.

He shivered. “Why are you always so cold?”

You shrugged. “I’m always cold no matter what because of my cold soul.”

He chuckled.

“Maybe you should warm me up.” You added, a smirk making its way onto your lips.

A blush crept onto his cheeks and he immediately looked away. “Maybe tomorrow.” He started.

“I’m still tired from this morning…” He mumbled.

You giggled. “That’s okay, I can do all the work.”

He shook his head. “[Name] that sounds like something Kuroo would say. Please stop.”

You let out a chuckled, surprised by his reply. “I do get most of my advice from him.”

“Don’t anymore.” He replied simply.

“But he’s your best friend, he gives pretty good advice.”

“No.” He demanded.

“Fineee.” You sighed.

You laid your head on Kenma’s lap and started drawing circles onto his chest.

You let out a slightly annoyed sigh when Kenma reached for his psp.

Half an hour passed and you desperately wanted his attention.


“Yeah?” He spoke, not looking away from the screen.

You looked up at him with a bright smile. “Kiss me.”

Eyes still glued to the screen, he replied. “In a minute.”

“Way to set the mood, Kenma.” You sighed.

He looked up from the screen.

“I was going to stop playing until you made that terrible joke.” He replied.

“If you think it’s terrible then why are you smiling?!” You shouted while smiling as well.

“Because…” He chuckled, finally turning off the console.

He gently moved you from his lap then he laid down next to you. Still smiling, you rolled over to Kenma. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Because what?” You finally spoke, looking up into his honey colored eyes.

“Because you’re cute when you make terrible jokes.” He stated, quite boldly.

akaashi keiji

Your back was against the brown front door and you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. Your fingers twirled his luscious black locks as your other hand was pushing him closer to you, wanting more of his touch. His rough kisses against your neck made you swoon, not caring that you’d have slight bruises in the morning.

“Akaashi.” You called out, a quite seductive tone in your voice.

“Hmm?” He hummed, his lips still connect to your red skin.

“Let’s go inside.” You spoke in a strong tone.

He removed his lips from your skin then looked into your eyes. “Good idea.”

You quickly opened the door, wanting to resume the quite intense make out session with your friend who you’ve had a crush on for years. Once inside, you tossed the keys to the floor alongside your purse.

Akaashi turned around, wanting you against the wall, not noticing the flower pot next to the small table near the front door.

The flower pot crashed to ground and shattered into millions of pieces. You pulled away from the intense embrace of Akaashi’s and looked into his eyes.

“Wow, way to set the mood.” You whispered, a giggle soon escaping your lips.

“Get it? Because you’re a-”

He ignored your terrible joke and crashed his lips against yours, hungry for more of your touch.

kageyama tobio

Your shaky breathes filled the air. Running your hand through your [h/c] locks with a pout, you sighed when trying to take out the tangles.

“That was pretty intense.” You chuckled.

Kageyama, who was looking at you, only blushed in response.

You quickly slipped on his shirt and a pair of his boxers. “Don’t I look cute?” You beamed, giving him a sassy pose.

His whole face turned red. “N-Nice.”

“V-Very cute.” He stuttered.

You giggled then fell back onto the messy bed. “Hurry up, I want to cuddle!” You whined.

“Alright, alright!” He replied.

You boyfriend then stood up from the bed, on the search for another pair of boxes, your eyes looked over to his bare body.

“Actually, never mind. Take your time.”

He rolled his eyes, knowing that you were checking him out.

After slipping on his underwear, his eyes grew wide with realization. “I have to go play volleyball.”

“Wow, way to set the mood, Tobio.” You teased.

“Sorry I- wait, that was a terrible joke.”

You giggled. “Then why are you smiling, dork?”

“I’m not.” He mumbled.

You sat up and pointed at him. “You clearly are! Why lie?”

“Fine, I was smiling.” He admitted, looking away from you.

“Yeah, I know!”

You stood up from the bed and walked over to Tobio. You wrapped your arms around him and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Go practice volleyball with team.”

“You sure? Today was supposed to be our day…” He replied, guilt in his voice.

You nodded. “Mhm, I’m sure. Later we can be together all night long.”

“If you know what I mean.” You smirked as you wiggled your eyebrows.

He playfully pushed you away. “Don’t say those things.”

His eyes shifted from side to side. “…But okay.”

He kissed you goodbye before walking away.

“Tobio.” You called out.

He looked back at you. “Yeah?”

“You’re only wearing underwear.”


hi so i hope u enjoy the banner i made it myself – how many ppl put their face on their banner???? more than i can think of probably.

anyway i hit 30k yesterday and that’s absolutely crazy!! like when i started my blog almost 3 years ago i never even imagined i’d get to 100 followers and now i have more followers than people in the town i grew up in (it’s literally double wowowow) so that’s truly amazing tbh

oh yeah i’m just gonna thank some cool youtubers even though theyre not gonna see it but w/e it’s the thought that counts

obviously @danisnotonfire​ and @amazingphil are here first because without them idk what i’d do tbh which sounds terrible but when my grandma passed away i was super sad and depressed bc i was so close to her and then i started watching their videos and they made me smile like for real for the first time in months and now my life is dedicated to these two nerds and i couldn’t be happier about it i love them a lot and they’ll always have a special place in my heart and that was cheesy sorry

@benjpierce thank u so much for being so creative and making me smile and your videos are honestly hilarious and original and ur like one of my favorites and u just keep bein u, u lil flop. (also the highlight of my year was when u dragged me about my tater tots tbh)

@doddleoddle thank you for making me smile. when i am sad i find myself listening to absolutely smitten bc it always cheers me up no matter what because u always look so happy in it and it seems like ur smile never leaves in that video and u sound so happy and it’s my go to video when i’m sad tbh and youre so talented and beautiful and youre the reason i started learning ukulele and yeah i love u lots


i have met so many great people on here and i guess now is this time to recognize them!! thank you for following me & i love you so much :’)

under the cut imma write cute lil messages for everyone !! if you’re not on here it’s either bc i couldn’t think of anything to write for you or i forgot you but there are sO many ppl on here also keep in mind i love everyone so uh yeah check out my blogroll if you’re looking for hella cool blogs to follow

italics = irl friends

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