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@ artists in the sw fandom: i don’t want to see anyone drawing baze chirrut or cassian with the same skin tone as jyn the way some people drew poe with the same skin tone as rey alright? thanks

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Predictions about the Overwatch Christmas Update

Alright so December is here and my buddy @whatshimadawithyou and I made some predictions on who’s most likely gonna get skins.

But firstly, what day will the update drop? 

My guess is that since Overwatch always updates on a Tuesday, the Christmas update will happen on December 13th. This gives about 3 weeks for the event, (same length of time of Halloween event) ending on January 3rd, when a lot of students see an end to their winter break. The update on the 6th will likely be the Symmetra update and Oasis map addition.

So who’s most likely to get skins? While we cannot predict which characters will get a legendary vs epic skins, we can predict who is very likely to get either/or. These predictions were made by figuring out who has least event skins to most event skins. 

Extremely likely: Winston, Mei. These are characters who have not had any Halloween or Summer Games skins, so unless Blizzard hates them… it’s basically happening. 

Very likely:, Genji, McCree, Torbjörn, Widowmaker, Sombra. These are characters who have only received an epic Summer Games skin but no Halloween skins whatsoever. I put Sombra in this category instead of extremely likely due to the fact that she’s a new character and the creators are still working on her. 

Likely, but not guaranteed: Ana, Soldier 76, Lucio, Tracer, Zarya, Zenyatta. Lucio, Tracer, and Zarya are in this category because they only received Summer Games skins, but due to their legendary Summer skins, they will only receive epic Christmas skins. Soldier, Ana, and Zenyatta are in this category because even though they did receive Halloween epic skins, they would be very straightforward designs for Christmas (Ana as Mrs. Claus, Soldier as Jack Frost, and Zenyatta with cute lil ornaments as his orbs). 

Not likely, but still possible: Bastion, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Symmetra, Pharah. These characters designs’ would not be so straightforward, but that still doesn’t make it impossible! (Blizzard is always throwing surprises at us). These characters have also received Halloween skins, which reduces their likelihood of getting a Christmas skin. The reason why Reinhardt is in this category is because he already had a Halloween skin, but also received two legendary skins after the Eichenwalde update, so as much as we’d want to see him as Santa Claus, we’re not sure it’s happening. :( 

Extremely unlikely, basically not happening: Junkrat, Mercy, Reaper, Roadhog. These characters all received legendaries during Halloween, and if Blizzard is to repeat the Summer Games update, any characters who previously received legendary skins will not receive any skins in the next event. 

But for a disclaimer, I cannot 100% guarantee that the characters who are more likely to get skins will actually get skins! These are just simple fun predictions.