my skin


Kate Anderson by @sim-bubble

/ top by @spectacledchic-sims4 / shorts by @inabadromance / sandals by @toskami / 

thank you so much @sim-bubble, you’re the best ❤️ I loved her, she’s so beautiful, and the only reason I changed her hair and skin was to fit my game’s aesthetic better, but I’m also completely in love with her mm version

Am I quiet, do you think?

Am I withdrawn, do you think?

Am I pensive, pondering the existential questions, do you think?

Is my tone short, do you think?

Does my temper seems to be bristling just under my skin, do you think?

Is everything okay, do you think?

Is something wrong, do you think?

If I tell you everything is fine, will you believe me, do you think?

If I tell you not to worry, will you, do you think?

If I tell you to leave me alone, let me be, will you, do you think?

If I have no words to explain the cause of this melancholy, would you believe me anyway, do you think?

I’m not afraid of what the future will bring, but I am anxious to find out - does this suffice, do you think?

Time that was once a stretch seems to be guzzled in mere seconds. Is it just me, do you think?

What do you think?

Never let them know your weakness, they will use it against you.


I'm tired

Of seeing the phrase “cishet ace”

By goddamn definition this is impossible. You can have a cis Ace. You can have a cis aro. You can have a het aro. YOU CANNOT HAVE A HETEROSEXUAL ASEXUAL. DID YOU FORGET ACE MEANS ASEXUAL AND HET MEANS SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO THE OPPOSITE SEX??

I just. Am so tired of seeing it. Not oppressed my fucking ass.

Aro/Ace and proud.

Thank you.