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‘’I don’t want all those girls who believed in hope to cry anymore’’

awesome-moni-sama  asked:

Wait, you mean like, tagging the character's name when it's just shipping art? I quite don't get what you were trying to say there... (Mainly because of my bad interpretation skills :p)

Tagging a picture of Cross and Nightmare kissing as “dreamtale”, “underverse”, “nightmare sans” and “cross sans”, for example.

HEY EVERYONE [get ready for some rambling!]

hi. i am shrew. and my blog url is taekmetoeat. except now it’s taek-or-treat because HALLOWEEN! but that’s besides the point. anyway. i revamped this mess into a kpop blog earlier this year (im not really sure when) and im actually surprised i have followers! i mean, half the time i forget to tag things for organization because im too caught up in tag rambling! thank you for keeping up with my mess of a multifandom blog! (it was supposed to be an even amount of beast, vixx, and btob, but look what happened /shot) throughout my time on here (im saying it like ive been here for years LOL)…i’ve met many nice people…became deeper kpop trash…and passed follower goals i set…and irl i’m a really socially awkward person and i wasnt sure about how i’d do with a blog…because online social interaction !! but i needed somewhere to fit in as someone who’s into kpop/kdramas & i’ve talked to so many really great people on here and everyone makes me so happy so i decided to make this because i feel extra thankful today ❤ ❤ thank you to both my followers and follo…wees? people i follow for making life fun-er :^^^)

anyway, i was trying to make some kind of birthday edit for ilhoon….but then i got really stressed out and gave up so i just made a really simple, crappy ilhoon follow forever YEAHHHH !!! (my sincere apologies to ilhoon)

italics=favorite blogs

bolded=my v cool mutuals

(if i’m missing someone my already bad reading skills have failed me even more :p)

((how do i alphabetize this the struggle is real))

(((yeah im not alphabetizing this im sorry ill just do it in order of follow :333)))

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that’s right. everyone’s blog is my favorite and i am ur biggest fan. if anyone says otherwisE FITE ME :^) i f i forgot anyone excuse m e im a sinner. awesome. a lot of urls are halloween ones. this can be the halloween edition ff because halloween has already started !!!

and shoutout to everyone i’ve talked to on here!

and shoutout to all the fy blogs i follow because YOU GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL

i should stop talking now. okay.

thank you and bye ~!