my sketches are the cleanest sketches

RIP me for not posting yesterday (half an hour ago lol). Scribbled this out rlly quick tho.

((OOC:  The program I use the most when doing artwork is Paint Tool Sai, as its brushes are a lot better (in my experience) for lineart than Photoshop.  I use the pen tool for most of my artwork, usually with the below settings and a Stabilizer level of 6.

That said, Sai does have its own version of vector pathways, which, while less functional in a lot of ways than Photoshop’s, is also very nice for simple things (like straight lines) and for creating lineart that you can tweak.

The above line was drawn on a vector linework layer; each curve has been translated by the program into points on a vector-based line when it was created.

As such, it can be manipulated indefinitely like any vector-based line, and things like colour, pressure on each point of the line, etc. can be changed to your liking.  This makes it nice to use when I’m drawing long curved lines, like the hem of a coat or Moria’s enormous stomach.

Of course, to make sure that I can get the nicest, cleanest lines possible, I always sketch out whatever I’m drawing and tweak the sketch until I’m satisfied with the way it looks.  

I’m kind of terrible at making strong lines (I’m too tentative!), which is why my pictures usually have so much gooshy shading to add depth.))