my sketch that she made gorgeous


But what if Betty was new to town and she was a lone wolf just like Jughead? Can these two come together to help fix the damage done onto them by others?

It was…. different.

The town was small. it was small and it was quiet, very different to the busy Harlem streets she was used to, it unnerved her. Nothing was supposed to be this perfect, she had learned perfection always came with a cost. What was the cost exactly? Well …she was gonna find out.

Her father had always said “mystery calls to you Elizabeth Cooper, you can either choose to answer it or leave it ringing.” Smiling at the thought of her father, she shifted the suitcase in her hands. He had been a good man, Loved her more than anything, and would do anything for his family. Which he did.

“Elizabeth?” She looked up at the sound of her mothers voice, she had a questioning look on her face and reached out to place a palm to her forehead “are you feeling okay? You look a little pale.”

Betty shook her mothers hand off
“I’m fine, just thinking.”

Her mother never pressed her, she had learned that the hard way a while back, it wasn’t wise to question Betty, it would just set her back and she would lose it. Sure maybe it was immature but she figured she deserved a little leniancy.

“Were here.” The beautifully put together blonde woman smiled at her equally beautiful daughter.
The house was huge, it was massive. Her eyes instantly zeroed in on the room up top with the bay window. She felt a hand being placed on her arm “you can have that room.” She smiled gratefully to her mom. Taking a deep breathe, she steeled her shoulders and gripped her suitcase
“Well, what are we waiting for?Ready to enter the belly of the beast?”

Rolling her eyes and smiling, Alice cooper led Betty through the doors. Looking around Betty felt herself smile for the first time in hours. The walls were a dreamy white and the furniture was rustic and beautiful, everything was simple and clean. It was perfect.
“Now I know, it’s very big for just the two of us, but you’re father wanted us to have it. We were all going to move in here together.. it’s what… I” choking up Alice took a deep breathe and excused herself, Betty knew that meant she needed to cry. Feeling the guilt rip her stomach, Betty ran up the stairs to look at her new room.


It was huge and roomy, painted a light yellow, her favorite color. She closed her eyes and angled her head to the sky, swallowing a lump in her throat. He knew she would’ve wanted this room, he painted it for her, her drawings and paintings were hung on the wall in beautiful frames. Thank you dad.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she started unpacking her suitcase. She only had one suitcase for all of her things, they didn’t have much back home, all of her dresses and shoes fit into the one large rolling bag.

Suddenly she heard music from outside her window, her curiosity peaking, she looked through the shifty curtains. It was two boys, a redheaded one was facing her playing a guitar in the house directly across from hers and a dark haired boy facing away, all she could make out was the gray beanie. Great her neighbors were boys her age, she just knew her mother was going to want to introduce them. Suddenly the music stopped and the boys looked to be packing up, getting ready to go out she assumed.

As she continued unpacking, she pulled out her sketch book and pencils with an unenthused “ta da.” Gripping the book to her chest, she made her way downstairs.
“Mom I’m going out to explore, I’ll be home in a few hours.” She called Into the living room.

“Okay honey, try and make some friends!”

She rolled her eyes uttering,“ no promises” before she shut the front door.

Where should she go? What did people do around her?

After about twenty minutes of wandering she came across an old fashioned diner. Perfect. She could shack up in a back booth and work on some of her drawings.

As soon as she entered the diner, she spotted a familiar beanie. It was the boy next door. And he was…

Staring at her. Hard.

Choosing to ignore his gaze, she moved to the booth diagonal to his, he was typing on a laptop, a coffee by his side and his sleeves rolled up.
He really was quite attractive, his wavy long hair underneath that ridiculous hat, the piercing blue eyes she felt staring into her shoulder, and the absolutely sinful Lips.
Okay Betty, get a grip. She smiled to herself shaking her head slightly and moving back to her sketches.

Meanwhile Jughead was struggling to control his straying thoughts. Never had a girl stolen his attention like this, sure she was beautiful, actually she was absolutely gorgeous. All silky blonde hair, long tan legs and bright green eyes, but there was something else, something about her made it impossible to look away. She was the type of girl you write stories about, fortunately for him, he wrote stories more than he breathed.

Suddenly archie was sliding into the booth across from him “check out the new girl, she is something to look at right? I’m pretty sure she’s my new neighbor. The coopers. It’s just her and her mom.” Coincidentally the smell of gossip brought the one and only Veronica lodge to his once comfortably secluded booth.

“Total smoke show for sure. But rumor has it her dad was murdered in front of her. My sources tell me that’s why they moved here.” Veronica looked over to the blonde frowning. “Poor thing.”

Jughead hated rumors, they pissed him off, especially about the girl he felt an unexplainable connection with. “How do you even know anything about her Veronica? She moved here this morning, don’t go spreading rumors until you get it from the actual source. That girl.” He said with a nudge of his head.

Veronica was unphased by his icy tone, raising a brow “so that’s your type hmm? Well let’s go chat her up, shall we?” She stood and wiped her skirt as Jughead desperately tried to get her to stay
“Veronica! No! Leave her alone” he whispered panicked.

“Oh relax jugs, I’m just going to be polite.” And she was gone, already halfway to The beautiful blonde.

Both of the boys at the table watched as Veronica spoke to the mysterious new girl. About two minutes later she came back to the table smiling
Archie looked at her expectantly “so?”

She just smiled again “I asked her to come sit with us and she pretty much shot me down. No. not pretty much. She definitely shut me down.”

Jughead looked confused “and that’s making you smile because..?”

Veronica laughed “she’s awesome, totally reminds me of you Jughead, except for the fact that she seems like she’s totally cool, no offense. She said she preferred to work on her art alone, people were a distraction, but when she finished her sketches , she would come join us.”

Jughead glanced over at her again. He was the exact same way, whenever he was writing something new he had to have complete focus and silence.

After two burgers and four chapters, he felt a shift at the table. Looking up expecting to see Archie, he started speaking

“Dude, I don’t think…” his eyes caught on the beautiful bright green ones staring back at him and giggling.

“I haven’t been called dude in a very long time, I mean I’ll take it, but most people call me Betty.” She gently placed her sketch book on the table and jughead resisted the urge to grab it and flip through the pages.
Apparently he could no longer speak, that ability was now gone from his life.
She seemed to take his silence as a bad thing, and quickly started playing with her fingers
“Your friend.. Veronica? I think it was. She invited me to come sit, I totally understand if you’re busy, do you write?”

The simple question seemed to Knock him out of his stupor. “Uh.. yes. I write stories, I’m currently working on one regarding riverdales secrets.” He mumbled out

Her eyes lit up and she leaned over the table slightly “I’ve been wondering about all the things This little town has to hide. Can I read it when you’re done. I’m always down for a mystery.”
He smiled at her enthusiasm
“I’ll let you read it, if you let me look at your drawings” he said confidently.

She placed an open palm over her notebook and stuck her free hand out, wiggling her finger tips
“You got a deal….?”

“Jughead. Jughead jones.” He prepared himself for the ridicule that always came with his first name. But she just smiled warmly

“You got a deal Jughead jones”

As soon as their hands touched, he felt an unfamiliar tingle, no way , this was not some teen romance, this was riverdale. This was him.
He looked into her eyes to see if she felt it as well, sure enough she was staring at their joined hands wide eyed.

“Well look who’s getting all cozy. I told you Jughead, she’s just like you. Only cooler.”

Kevin, Veronica and Archie were all standing over the diner table and smiling at the pair, pulling his hand away he whispered for only Betty to hear

“Welcome to the Scooby gang Velma.”


it’s been such an honour to be doing a drawing exchange/collab with @puedraws !!! we did one on medieval AoKaga Knight AU! c:

sketch by her and the colouring’s done by me

here’s the absolutely gorgeous other half of the exchange,
where she coloured my sketch! ;v;

Everlark Advent - Day 7, The Portrait

The Portrait

rated E

The house is quiet when she returns from hunting, snowflakes sparkling in her ebony hair. But she knows where she’ll find him.

He’s sitting in front of his easel in what’s supposed to be the dining room of their house, but which he’s always used as an art studio because of the large south-facing windows. Even in winter, the light in this room is beautiful. But he’s not painting. He’s merely staring at a blank canvass, a slight frown on his handsome face.

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i hate even thinking about drawing hinami because she is literally too gorgeous for my existence but they’re cute and here’s a sketch i may or may not finish so what the hell,

also this one can be for ayahinas for being really nice to me one time when i made a sad post and kanyekiwest for being really enthusiastic about the last pic i uploaded, cool.

Hi everyone ! (mod owner speaking)

So, if you’re still confused about this blog’s status, don’t worry. I am too.
The last answer from Twi wasn’t exactly an attempt to revive the blog back to full activity, no. But it’s not really dead either, I’ve recently watched some MLP episodes, and I’m loving it. So you never know what you might see if you keep following !

Aside from that, I wanted to let you guys know about a new pony blog I’m doing in collaboration with someone:
Although I have to warn you first hand that it’s mostly NSFW (sexual content). (18+)

It’s a blog about the cute and cozy everyday life of our new pony OCs, Siurize and MyLove (yeah it’s his name), and a few other OCs made by us.

Here’s everything else you’ll want to know :

  • The blog focuses on love, cute ponies and cute things, sex, and also gaming. As mentioned, it is NSFW and for mature viewers only. Please don’t follow it if that’s not your cup of tea, which I absolutely respect, nor if you are under 18.
  • All images are still drawn by me, and this time, all fully colored by Siurize ! She does a great job and improves my sketches immensely. It’s gorgeous and a lot better to look at.
  • Updates will be more regular and frequent this time. I say this with more confidence because Siurize pushes me to draw a lot more often. And even if it’s ponies, I’ll probably be more motivated by this blog’s theme… No idea why, really.
  • It’s not exactly an ask blog but we will gladly answer a few questions if you have some ! Other than that it’s more of a webcomic structure.
  • Interaction with followers will be more interesting, easy and lively, since we will both reply to questions through any of the characters.
  • We haven’t planned on featuring Twilight or any canon characters from the show, but that could happen too.

If you’re interested, please check it out. But again, don’t feel obliged to. Thank you for reading, hope to see you there !


Oh hey I was able to finish my cosplay props in time! (These were the first props I’ve ever made and I did it in 3 days, thanks Sarah & elfgrove for pointing me in the right direction)

killerstella and I had a great time at the Steven Universe/ Adventure Time Gallery Nucleus event~! The day prior we made cookie cats to get pumped. I bought a sketch cover variant of the comic, and she bought the exclusive nucleus gallery cover & the sketch variant. We ran into our @inbetweenthlineart and sonybaloney (Amethyst cosplayer^.) I also got to meet the prop designer who designed Rose’s Sword and he seemed very happy with my prop! All the art pieces were gorgeous, they even had some of the comic pages up & the welovefine finalist contestants art up!

Overall it was a lovely evening~!

Thank you stevencrewniverse & @GalleryNucleus