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do you ever stop for a minute because you realize Jun is a skilled, talented, award-winning pianist? do u ever just think for a moment "goshdarn, i almost forgot that freaking Jerry Wen is a PIANOO MASTER Liek asjfgklhs"

bonch only everyday of my life. sometimes i just stop on the street n feel like someone threw a brick at my kneecap but it’s rlly just my added sixth sense tht alerts me whenever junhui does somethin. like tht one vid of junhui playin the piano as a young duckling n then he mimicked it while svt were promoting adore u. he even made the sounds himself like “dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun”

IJNIEUFNWF SO CUTE. if i find the vid i’ll rb it bc he’s the light of mi life.

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There is one thing I don't get? Why did UT accept to leave the lockets? I know he intends to get them back but if what's the point of leaving them with Ciel? Also, about Ciel's eyes, I know you mentioned him having special moments like his aunt but what about his cousins? And what do you think triggered Ciel's eyes at that moment particularly the first time?

Hmm~ so many questions. :)

Why did the Undertaker let Ciel have the lockets?

(he smiled)

This is probably because:

  • He’s a deserter and after the Campania, he probably guessed that many Shinigamis would be sent after him, so considering the lockets are his treasure, not having them with him would mean Will and Co would never take them away from him (if the lockets contain souls, it’s even more important because that means those souls were stolen from Shinigamis on the job and Will could want them back, so it’s better for UT if he doesn’t have the lockets on him)
  • One of those lockets is Claudia’s and she’s Ciel’s grandmother. In the Circus arc, UT mentioned how the advice he gave to Ciel is one he also gave her long ago and Ciel’s also the watchdog like she probably was so UT probably thought that it would be interesting for Ciel to take care of his grandma’s locket for a time.
  • Considering how Ciel and his butler just got owned by UT during the Campania and also how UT was probably a “pawn” Ciel trusted more than another because he was already around when his father was the watchdog, UT leaving him the lockets is kind of a promise that there is no need for Ciel to run after him. Indeed, UT will come back when he’s ready to take those lockets back, that’s a side of the bond between UT and Ciel.

What triggered Ciel’s “eyes” in ch103:

Could be several things:

  • Seb’s “wake up call” a few hours before this scene (a thing that never happened between them before): it doesn’t matter whether you think Seb intended to eat him or not, the scene was probably traumatizing enough for Ciel in both cases, but the supernatural side of the trauma might have triggered a reaction if Ciel’s lineage is indeed related to something or someone supernatural too. 

I really think this is the main reason but you can associate it with two other things that probably contributed to triggering his “eyes”:

  • Wolfram almost killing Ciel: strangling him and almost shooting him when Diederich intervened (yay Dee!), I’m pretty sure that even if Ciel knew Seb would ultimately not leave him to die because of the contract, this gotta be extremely stressful, especially since fear for your life is a natural and primitive reaction. So after Seb’s wake-up call, it probably didn’t help Ciel to calm down.
  • The panzer: for similar reasons to the part with Wolfram.
    Ciel came close to die several times the few hours after Seb’s demonic wake up call, so he was probably all stressed up, acting on adrenaline and pushing himself to survive body and mind in what literally resembled a war zone.

=> that’s no wonder for me that it eventually triggered something if his lineage, as the German Shinigamis described it, is related to a supernatural something or someone. 
You can even compare it to your usual “power up” trope in manga/animes: Ciel almost got eaten by a demon (from his own point of view) and then he almost got killed twice, so that was the ideal moment for Yana to allow him to step up in his game by giving him something that could certainly turn out to be useful in the future. :) 

For Lizzie and Edward:

I’m thinking that you can more or less say that something supernatural might have happened for those two as well (not as obviously as Ciel however), even though this is only my personal interpretation of two scenes and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were to say that this is “reading too much into things”. Still you asked, so here goes:

  • Elizabeth

It seems she was able to sense Bizarre Dolls coming from behind her during that fight…

And she also sensed the ones approaching behind Ciel even though she had her back to him at that time…  

For me it counts even though it’s not exactly “eye” related, so see if that’s your thing too or not. :)
Basically Ciel’s moment in ch103 is initially a sixth sense kind of vibe even though he ended up seeing something he shouldn’t have been able to. Lizzie however has the sixth sense thing it seems, but not the eye thing (or I missed it, it’s not impossible). 

  • Edward

It’s more tricky for him because I only have one moment in mind: do you remember the cricket match? 

He copied Cheslock’s move perfectly even though he saw it only once.

Once again, whether you take that as a hint or not is up to you. :) On its own I believe it’s not really enough to say that Edward had an “eye moment” but it’s definitely something to keep in mind in case Edward shows other weird little abilities (since he’s a part of the current arc, maybe we will have more possible moments of that kind with him in future chapters :)).

For now, Frances remains the only one in the Midford family who had obvious “eye moments” a little similar to Ciel’s, so we’ll just have to stay tuned for Lizzie and Edward, just in case (especially for Liz since she has a strange strength + possibly something close to a sixth sense when she fights, so when she’s in hyper-aware mode with all her senses in alert). 

Hope it answers your questions! :) 

I’m scared.
I love you to my core but I’m scared.
I’m scared of how my bones shake when I’m alone, how the cold creeps in through the cracks in my skin and I can’t hear you breathing.
I’m scared of the man I am without you, and I’m terrified of you leaving. I’m scared of you hearing the whispers I hide behind my teeth, of you learning how weak I can be.
I’m scared of waking up one morning and realising I’m Bruce Willis in the sixth sense, *spoiler alert* that I’ve really been a ghost all this time and you’re going to leave in tears.
I’m scared of making you cry.
I’m scared of loving you too hard and breaking you in my palms. I’m scared of holding you back. I’m scared of not having the right words, or losing everything I want to say to you at the bottom of the ocean. I’m scared of being left on a desert island, starving for you.
I’m scared of just not being good enough.
—  giraffevader - A love letter never sent ((30/10/15))

Milestone Series

Author: @birdnmouse
Milestone: Moving In
Word Count: 5207  I   Rating: T   I   Status: 4/10
Summary: A series looking at Rick and Michonne’s various relationship milestones. AU. Occurring in the Against Type universe after the events of that series.

Previous Milestones: [Meeting the Parents] [Birthday] [Vacation -Snapshots]

“Hold still, sweetheart.”

Rick gripped his antsy daugher by one arm, as he crouched down to her level, aiming for the bright red stain on her blue and white striped shirt with a damp paper towel, but having trouble hitting his moving target.

“Your mom’s not gonna be happy with me,” he mumbled under his breath, questioning the wisdom of make-your-own-pizza night. “OK, that’s as good as it gets.”

As soon as he released his hold on her arm, she bolted across the kitchen to join Carl and Michonne at the sink where they were finishing up the dishes. She climbed up the small step stool sitting by the counter, putting her head just above Michonne’s waist, and let her presence be known by tugging on the thin leather belt laced through the loops of her jeans.

“I heard she was really strict,” Carl carried on as he rinsed off a baking sheet. “She swats at your knuckles with a ruler if you get a question wrong in class.”

“I don’t think that happens anymore,” she assured him as she simultaneously wrapped her arm around Judith’s shoulder to acknowledge her presence and took the pan from him then placed it in the dish rack, never missing a beat.

“That’s what I heard.”

“From whom?”

“Patrick’s neighbor’s older brother.”

“I see.”

She watched as he turned off the faucet and shook his hands a few times over the sink before wiping them on the front of his jeans to finish drying them. She shook her head at his choice given that she was standing there with a dish towel in hand, then turned and leaned against the counter, looking across the kitchen to catch Rick’s eye.

“Didn’t you say she was a new teacher?”

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