my sister's snack

Bakery selection in Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie located in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

I want y'all to know there’s hope. today my four year old cousin was introduced to my sister for the first time after her transition, and she was very sweet. She didn’t say anything inappropriate or rude at all, but all the adults would apologize for her if she even glanced in my sister’s direction.

But I got to talk to her on my own today, and she had nothing but sweet things to say about my sister. Unprompted, she said my sister was beautiful and that she had pretty hair. She overheard my mom tell my aunt that my sister had situational anxiety, so my little cousin, who’s four years old thought it would be a good idea today when we were getting groceries to get snacks my sister liked and put them in a party bag as a surprise for her.

Of course she had questions. She’s a four year old kid and very talkative. And I know for a fact that my sister is the first trans person she’s ever met. When I noticed the other adults struggling to answer her questions I would step up. Only once did she ask if my sister was a boy or a girl (and even asking this question she still used my sister’s name and pronouns). My mom seemed to struggle as if she needed to explain the whole story. I just said “A girl.”

My little cousin said she was confused not because of how my sister looked but because my sister has a deep voice. That threw me for a loop just because I didn’t know what to say about that, but somehow we managed to translate the message that my sister was working on “making her voice sound like a girl.” (a 4 year old’s words, not mine.) She seemed really excited that my sister was going to become completely a girl (because when I asked all you needed to be a girl was a “girl voice”.)

She only had vague memories of my sister before her transition since we only see them once a year, but she gathered that they were the same person. She did ask about her new name. She said to me “I really liked [old name].” I smiled and said “I think you’ll really like [name] too.” One time she said “I want to call her [old name]” (which I think in and of itself her gender wasn’t attached to her identity so much as her birth name was since my cousin used her pronouns correctly 100% of the time). And when I told my little cousin my sister wouldn’t like that very much, she said “I don’t want her to be sad, so I’ll call her [name].”

After last night’s events in Orlando and my own general lowness, this was something really inspiring to me. This is the future of our world. This little child accepted my sister so openly, and wanted her to be happy, even if at first my cousin was a little confused. I thought I’d share that because it put a smile on my face.

Based on a strange but true event that happened between me and my little sister today… 

Her singing Christmas music at the top of her lungs this time of year and dancing all over the room? Normal, expected. 

Her slapping me on the back randomly in the midst of her dancing?? Not expected or common. It was startling for a second there.

I figured it would work for a scenario between Dipper and Mabel though, that’s for sure. (I was too lazy to bother with keeping the fridge and stuff in the last panel if you couldn’t tell. This was meant to be a quick sketch anyways)