my sister went to thailand

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hehe im the anon that hates the imperial system too. RIGHT ???? IT'S SO EASY TO CONVERT??? I HAVE TEN MILIMETERS HOW MANY METERS IS THAT??? OH THAT'S​ EASY!!!! 0.01M!! I HAVE TEN FEET HOW MANY MILES IS THAT??? how TF. THE IMPERIAL UNIT FOR JOULES IS POUND-FEET MY CANADIAN TEACHER THINKS IT'S HILARIOUS I JUST THINK IT'S SAD 😂😂😂😂 (also fellow international schools kid??? (asking))

yep!!! I was born in India, grew up in Singapore and Indonesia, went to uni in England. My sister has studied in Thailand for a bit as well and she’s studied engineering in Canada and she’s now in Switzerland. 

omfg i remember poundfeet i was literally shaking my head in disbelief wtf…. even things as simple as Newtons dramatically change because of the imperial system like ive been told by my friends that science schools teach in SI but YOUR TEXTBOOKS SAY OTHERWISE?