my sister was begging me to make these gifs

“If you can suck my cock well enough, I will reward you. After you swallow every last drop like a good girl, I will fuck you with my tongue until you can’t breath. I will devour that sweet cunt until you are so desperate for me that you will be begging for my cock. Then I am going to stretch you open and pound that virgin pussy nice and hard and deep. I will rub you clit and smack that hot little ass and make you come over and over again before I fill your womb with my seed. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely arrangement? ”

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“Y/N, you poor poor thing. You have no idea of the plans and spoils I have concocted for you. I have thought long and hard about the many ways I want to claim you. Make you feel and know my power. When I am through with you, my love, no one will ever doubt me or my virility again. They will all know my strength when all of Kattegat hears your screaming, begging and pleading. You will be overcome with pleasure and everyone will know who I am.”
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