my sister thinks i'm weird


And when all else around her fell to ruin, she sighed,-“What a pity”- and built a castle up from the decay and a throne from nothing.
From Queens and Heroines and the Like (via @dawnisgone )
Susan Pevensie

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Because I never showed interest in anyone my mother thinks i'm gay and ashamed and that's why i say 'i'm ace'. I came out to her and she was okay with that but a week after she kept talking with my sister about how she thinks i'm gay. It's weird because i never showed interest in women either, she just says that my guy crushes are pretty boys, almost girly boys. she doesn't understand i like the aesthetics.

Binary thinkers are limited thinkers. I’m sorry you gotta deal with that.

I got my hair cut SUPER SHORT for the first time in my life. I think I like it but ??????????????? IT’S SO WEIRD.