my sister made this with her heart and soul


this tweet caught my attention, so i made the first one (”dear sister”) buuut, I had lots of fun so I made some more hahaha (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

  • Girl Crush: mamamoo, where they literally just break every girls heart. ironically they end up falling for each other???? ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒ 
  • Top Madam Ahn Hyejin:  hwasa as top madam. that’s it.
  • mod·e·ra·to : soul searching wheein, trying to find her roots and rekindling her passion for singing.
  • Solar:  solar as an AI spy for MAMAMOO secret service ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ
  • be careful who you bully:  moonbyul, basically from an ugly duckling into a beautiful (gay) swan. she break hearts…and arms…and becomes the bully. (ノ・ェ・)ノ

This is My Body. (Matt. 26:26)

“Before the blessing of the heavenly words another nature is spoken of, after the consecration the Body is signified. He Himself speaks of His Blood. Before the consecration it has another name, after it is called Blood. And you say, Amen, that is, It is true. Let the heart within confess what the mouth utters, let the soul feel what the voice speaks.

Christ, then, feeds His Church with these sacraments, by means of which the substance of the soul is strengthened, and seeing the continual progress of her grace, He rightly says to her: How comely are your breasts, my sister, my spouse, how comely they are made by wine, and the smell of your garments is above all spices. A dropping honeycomb are your lips, my spouse, honey and milk are under your tongue, and the smell of your garments is as the smell of Lebanon. A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed. By which He signifies that the mystery ought to remain sealed up with you, that it be not violated by the deeds of an evil life, and pollution of chastity, that it be not made known to thou, for whom it is not fitting, nor by garrulous talkativeness it be spread abroad among unbelievers. Your guardianship of the faith ought therefore to be good, that integrity of life and silence may endure unblemished.”

(On the Mysteries 9.50-55) St. Ambrose

Abandoned by her fellow sisters in arms, the Amethyst Knightess was left alone in the Valley of the Newborn. Her silver hair and violaceous skin inspire dread within the hearts of the few wandering the Valley, intimidated by her hostility. She wields a notched whip, lacerating the flesh of her enemies. However, she was feared by her immensive strenght, and the elusive and brutal forms she could shape-shift in. The Crystal Gems found the wandering Knightess, and her leader, Rose Quartz, take her in her declining ranks. Amethyst swore to fight for the place she was made in, the only place she have ever known.”

First piece of my crossover between Steven Universe and Dark Souls, in this case Amethyst. She uses the Thorn Set and the Notched Whip. More to come soon!

Pearl -  Garnet

Equestria:Warzone - Empress Celestia Fire Avatar

March Patreon Folio 3/3 - Celestia

“I will applaud you for one thing though. You have made me angry. Precious few have managed that, and even less lived to tell the tale. I will let you carry that privilege to the hell I’m going to send you to.”

The Sun Princess has never had the heart of a warrior. Unlike her sister, she is a calm and collected soul, whose sole drive in life was the well-being of her subjects. However, she is not a stranger to the notion of anger and when her favored ones are on the line, the image of the benevolent ruler quickly transforms into that of a furious deity of fire and brimstone.


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