my sister is the boss

So my little 11 year old sister has finally beat the first boss of dark souls 3 without my help it took 3 hours of grueling grinding watching her and coaching from the side but she is exited and is ready to tell Lothric to fear the rain of Elizabeth the greatest ashen one to walk the land! I shall keep the world updated on her story! And she has this to say now that I’ve beaten this weirdo i can beat anyone (hah we will see about that)

Little Sister

For an anon who requested “Can I get a one shot where the reader is like Tony’s cousin or sister and he forgot his lunch so she brings it to him and Gibbs and reader take a liking to each other when they first meet?”

You tossed the bag down in front of Tony, watching his head snap up in surprise and you smirked at him, arms crossed over your chest.

“Had I know how much of a struggle it was to get in your building I would have taken it to work and eaten it myself.” You laughed, sitting on the edge of his desk and looking around, “So this is where you work? Not bad, when you were little we were just hoping you learned how to hold a pen correctly.” You teased and Tony glared, opening his bagged lunch and glaring.

“You took my tasty cake.” He accused, rummaging through his bag, “Two fruits and no pastry? What do I look like to you, (Y/N)?”

“Someone who could use more fruit in the diet and less tasty cake obviously.” You grinned, and Tony looked more then ready to argue back when you were interrupted.

“Tony who’s this?” A woman with an accent asked, and you cocked an eyebrow at Tony, causing him to send you a dirty look, “New… girlfriend, we should know about?” You spun around, both you and Tony making nearly identical faces of disgust.

“Girlfriend?” He repeated, “No, this is my sister, (Y/N), (Y/N) this is my team Ziva David, and McGeek.”

“My name isn-” Tony didn’t even bat an eye.

“Abby is downstairs, you’d like her, and Ducky is our ME. Then there Gibbs, he’s our boss, and trust me he might look like a hard ass but he’s-”

“He’s what DiNozzo?” Tony paled slightly and struggled to get back to looking like he was doing something productive.

“A great boss and and great man?” Tony offered and you laughed out loud. This was great, watching someone besides you putting Tony in his place.

“Tony you’re being incredibly rude, introduce me.” He muttered under his breath before spinning around again.

“Boss, this is my little sister (Y/N) She has all of the devilish good looks of the rest of us DiNozzos and half of the charm.”

“Hey!” You glared, punching his arm.

“(Y/N), my dear, lovely sister, this is Gibbs. My boss.” You considered giving Tony the finger, then also considered the fact that you were an adult woman, in a federal building, so you settled for an eye roll before extending your hand to Gibbs.

“I’m sorry you got stuck working with my ever so charming brother.” Gibbs took your hand and shook it, chuckling slightly.

“Well, while I have to agree with the devilish good looks part, I find it hard to believe that you’re the less charming sibling.” Woah was that a blatant flirt? You blushed slightly and laughed, looking at your very very uncomfortable looking brother.

“You don’t seem like too much of a hardass either. My dearest brother must just be really bad at describing people.” You joked, ignoring the huff from behind you. Gibbs nodded in agreement, not even sparing his surprised looking team a glance.

“Well if you’re free sometime we could always do coffee, introduce ourselves in our own words.” He offered.

“Sounds good to me, Gibbs.” You smirked.

“Call me Jethro, please.”

“Well then it sounds good to me, Jethro. But I’m running late so I’ll..” You grabbed a piece of paper from your brother’s desk and jotted down your number, handing it over and grabbing your bag, “Call me later,” You swooped and kissed your brother’s cheek before waving at this team, “Nice meeting you all!” You called before seeing yourself out. Everyone was silent for a moment, unsure of what exactly they just witness.


“Yes boss?”

“Get back to work.” 

Raw Talent

Pairings: Jensen x wife!Reader, Jared x sister!Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Swearing. it’s kind of a weird fic, but I had this cute idea and I wanted to make it happen.

A/N: This is really just a crack!fic. I’m not sorry. This one actually kind of sucks. This is also one of my four entries for SPN Family Love and Acceptance Day! I told you it would get better as the day wore on! Enjoy!

You looked off to the side of the stage, the lights blinding you slightly, making you put your arm up to shield your eyes.

The fan standing there holding a microphone seemed to be quaking in her shoes.

“Hi,” she breathed, making you chuckle slightly.

“Hey there, sweetie,” you tried to calm her nerves.

She took a deep breath before asking her question, “So I’m sure you get this question a lot, but what is it like working with your husband and brother?”

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request ; Can I request a Chris x reader where Chris is like some kind of boss and the reader is his girlfriend, but she’s Lin’s sibling and Lin works for Chris, but it gets like awkward. (I tried to be specific bc I know some writers prefer it to be specific haha.)

requested by anonymous

pairing ; chris x reader

summary ; you visit the office, going through awkward encounters and quite possibly one of the best moments of your life.

words ; 1809

warnings ; nada!

You stepped into the office building happily, greeting Jazzy, the receptionist, with your usual, “Hey!” She already knew why you were there, but jokingly asked, “What can I do for you, ma’am?”

“Well,” you smiled, leaning on the top of her desk, “I heard that there was a really hot guy working at the post down the street, alongside some dude I’m ‘related’ to, so,” you shrugged, “thought I’d check it out for myself. Think you can hook me up?”

“Hmm…” she laughed, “maybe. Gonna need a name though.”

“Y/n,” you laughed, watching her pull out pre-made badge with your name and picture on it.

“Seems I’ve got just the badge, Ms. Miranda. Mr. Jackson seems to’ve known you were coming,” she commented slyly, handing it to you and smiling, “y’know, I expect that badge to say Jackson sometime soon.”

You laughed wistfully, sliding the lanyard around your neck and straightening it out where it hung on your chest, “As do I, Jaz. Thank you, anyway.”

“‘Course, now go find your man,” she waved you away, giving you one last award winning smile before you turned and walked to the elevator. Your light, tan-boot clad steps echoed throughout the small yet elegant lobby, filling you with a sense of familiarity.

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I got in trouble at my last job for not showing up on a day i wasnt scheduled. My manager told me she called and asked me to work that day when she didnt. If she did call, i would have worked. Also, when I interviewed, they told me I wouldnt be scheduled very much for the first two weeks but then would be scheduled normally, but two weeks later they told be it wouldnt be for another month and was told "It'll only be until August if you just wait it out!" when I quit because I was moving then -_-

I hate managers that change the schedule last minute. When I worked at the double arches they did that to me. I was a minor then. I didn’t know, obviously, so I went with my disabled mother to run errands and help her shop for groceries. When we came back my sister told me my boss called. They were screaming at her about me not coming in. Literally SCREAMING and even swearing.  My mother called them up so fast and yelled right back at them. Apparently they changed it on the master schedule and claimed that I “should be checking it often”. Like, no, if you change something you verbally fucking tell me. So my mom told them I wasn’t going back in anymore if this was how they were going to treat a 16 year old girl they have employed and her family because of how they treated my sister(she was 25 at the time). You escaped a damn mess by quitting. That’s some toxic shit right there. -Abby

uncommon alliances: part zero

summary: a prequel to “uncommon alliances”. a look into the relationships between the younger twin weasleys, harry and ginny, hermione and ron, and the trio of pureblood slytherin girls that take a chance on a gryffindor.

word count: ~5800

a/n: okay i told everyone i would post this so here it is. the prequel, nearly 6000 words worth of… is this a character study? relationship study? idk man i just had fun writing this. keep in mind most of this was written before the actual “uncommon alliances”. it’s pretty much just snapshots of scenes between the reader and her old and new friends alike, as well as a teeny bit of foreshadowing to her relationship with draco. (if ppl want, i’ll probably write more weasley!reader x draco) it’s okay if you don’t read it (it’s so dreadfully long), i pretty much just posted it for myself because it made me happy to write. thanks for reading and supporting!

part one

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Unpopular opinion: Lydia Bennett got what she deserved when she married Wickham and I don't feel bad for her future life because she never felt remorse for running away, causing worry, wasting $$$, never listened to her sisters anyway (she never wouldve listened about him even if Lizzy told her family so idk why Lizzy put that on herself), and even though Wickham's affection for her cooled first, hers cooled too. Everyone was waaaay too generous with Lydia AND Wickham

Lydia is barely 16 years old. Whatever her era and society would make of her being thought a grown woman, she’s honestly still a child by many estimations. Elizabeth admits to Lady Catherine that, at then-fifteen, Lydia is too young to be out much, socially, but that with all the elder sisters out enjoying themselves, in quieter country society the kinder thing to do is relax the rules and let a younger girl have some fun. And, of course, as long as they’re in Meryton, and close to home, this really isn’t a problem. It’s when Lydia is allowed to go away with an incompetent chaperone that she gets in over her head and is easily led astray by a man who must be at least ten years older than her.

Also consider where she learned to waste money and be frivolous. Mr. Bennet hasn’t set any money aside to help out his daughters when he’s dead. He hasn’t bothered to correct Lydia’s behaviour. He openly acknowledges Lizzie to be his favourite, Jane to at least be good and sensible in her way, and his younger three daughters he calls silly to their faces and pretty much treats them as worthless. For all he’s a comical character in many respects, and because he loves Lizzie and Lizzie is the protagonist it’s far easier to take his side than Mrs. Bennet’s much of the time, he’s a terrible father and in many ways the worst parent these girls have. In a society where a man is the head of the family, Mr. Bennet at the head of a family full of women evidently has no clue how to properly Be a Dad, or if he does, he doesn’t give enough of a shit to try until it’s too late.

And then there’s Mrs. Bennet. She IS silly, but her concerns are valid. She wants her daughters married to men who will provide for them. Rich is good, but even just a gentleman works, too. Her own brothers have professions in trade and the law, so they’re less genteel, but even an officer is a step above that in terms of gentility, so Wickham, by rank, is not a BAD match for Lydia, even if he would be poor in terms of income.

So a high-spirited girl of fifteen, encouraged by her mother to be vivacious and good-humoured (which are both things Lizzie is, as well,) and only swatted away by her father as being silly…well, at this point it feels inevitable that Lydia WOULD run away to marry an officer. While Wickham later has to be persuaded to marry Lydia, she was honestly in love enough to run away with the fullest faith of their being married as soon as possible. With her mother’s general insistence on Marriage Above All Else and Mr. Bennet’s TOTAL UNINVOLVMENT IN ANYTHING, Lydia did Her Best. Which turned into a shitshow, but how was she to know? It’s all a joke to her because EVERYTHING has been a joke to her, and no-one has ever attempted to correct her before. Elizabeth certainly doesn’t get involved–and it’s not her place to. She briefly encourages her father to TRY PARENTING but to no avail–and that’s on Mr. Bennet, and not Lizzie. Lizzie CAN’T just expose Wickham’s behaviour to her family, seeing as Miss Darcy’s reputation would be ruined if it got out. Which it would–Mrs. Bennet and the younger girls WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP THAT SECRET. Darcy divulged that information only as necessary, and with faith in Elizabeth, that her discretion would not allow her to spread such a ruinous tale about a young girl who she’s never met, and who has been hurt enough already by Wickham.

I think, much as some may want Lizzie to step in and Fix Everything, there are good reasons why she can’t, and most of those reasons are to do with Mr. & Mrs. Bennet and their failures as parents. Why should Lydia listen to her sister? I sure as fuck don’t listen to MY big sister when she tries to boss me around. It’s not Elizabeth’s job to raise Lydia right, and she’s never really tried to. The problem is, it IS essentially Mr. Bennet’s job (and to a lesser extent, Mrs. Bennet’s,) and he’s never tried to, either.

So blame Lydia for whatever unhappiness she experiences, if you want, but bear in mind she’s a naive, impulsive teenager who has a mother with a one-track mind about marriage (which–Mission Accomplished!) and a father who either fails to notice her at all, or verbally abuses her when he does.

The Broken Shoe Part 1 (Harry Styles AU)

Words: 573 Requested: No Warnings: None

“Y/N!” I hear, it seems to be the only thing I hear. Day and night, never a time to stop. My mother and two sisters boss me around. I can’t complain about my mom, she gives me the shelter I need and the food on the table. My sisters however, are just incredibly lazy.

My mom has been diagnosed with arthritis since she was little. So, being the oldest, I am to take care of her as she got older. Soon enough, my two sisters were born. Twins, inseparable since birth. So, because my mom is in so much pain all the time and my dad is always at work, I have taken care of them too. Now they’re older and capable of doing it on their own. They tend to take advantage of me because I’m so “nice.”

“Y/N!” I hear my sisters call for me yet again. Climbing up the stairs with their morning breakfast I knock.

“Come in!” I hear as the two snicker at my struggles.

Dropping off the breakfast, I head back downstairs where I see my mother making her own meal. Kissing her on the head I give her a morning hug.

“Morning mamma, sit down I’ll make us breakfast.”

Finally finishing up breakfast, I pull out my phone as I get ready for school. Seeing a text notification, I open the app.

From: Avery

Hey you need me to pick you up today??

To: Avery

You know it girly

Walking out to my front porch I wave to my mom. I know that I don’t have to wait for my sisters (they take the bus) and my dad is always at work. He doesn’t come home until the late hours of the night and leaves at the crack of dawn.

Hopping into Avery’s car I buckle up and grab the aux chord hitting shuffle. Nodding my head to the music we chat about almost anything. Tests, boys, food, you name it.

“Hey did you hear about the party tonight at Harry’s? It’s open invite!” Avery offers to me as we pull up to school.

“Yeah, but I don’t think I’m gonna go. I have to make sure my mom’s ok and my sisters will probably be there. I don’t need them on my back.”

Avery looks at me with her puppy eyes and sticks out her lip. “Pwease? I’m sure your mom will be ok with it. Plus the party is supposed to be huge so you won’t see your sisters.”

Huffing I nod a small and silent yes as I pull out my phone to ask my mom if I can go.

To: Birthgiver

Hey mom could I go to a party tonight with Avery?? I’ll be home before midnight!

From: Birthgiver

Yeah of course honey send me the house address and just be safe. Are you coming home after school or going to Avery’s?

“I actually hate you. My mom said yes,” rolling my eyes at her I continue, “am I going over to yours to get ready?”

Avery looks over at me with an “are you joking me” face and I chuckle. Quickly responding to my mom I put my phone in my bag and head out of the car to the front doors of my school.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first ever imagine on this blog and I can’t wait to do some more! Sorry it’s so short, I’m working on making them longer!
All the love.

Kid Brother | Alfie Solomons

Request: alfie solomons imagine where he falls for reader he meets outside the bakery. She is there looking 4 her younger brother who she found out joined alfies gang a few months before b he needed a job. She doesnt want him there bc shes worried it isnt safe. Her bro is quickly becoming alfies right hand man, hes good fighting etc. alfie and her are happy but she only agrees to see him sriously if he sidelines her brother into doing paperwork which angers her brother & causes tension btwn him & alfie.

-gif credit to owner-

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Omg. I’ve been eating like a queen!

My bf took me to Angelini to eat Truffle Handmade Spaghetti.

Then I had Lobster salad and shrimp cocktail for lunch with a fellow sugar sister.

Then I met my cousin and her boss from Japan and went to Mastro’s for Dungeness Crab Cocktail, shrimp cocktail, lobster mash, Alaskan king crab gnocchi, huge rib eye, and my beloved butter cake with vanilla ice cream!

The boss gave me $200 for showing them around!

I’m on my period so I want food. I need to stop eating.

A lot of girls have been asking me about my tinder profile. It’s blank. I put no bio, no job, no nothing. I have a fake name (I made a fake Facebook because my old tinder got shut down). I’m not getting flagged because I’m not asking for money. I’m just asking for shopping dates. I took a break from hustling guys on tinder because I’m on my period and I feel so lazy but I need to get back on it!

I bought more Amazon, Google, BP, and ATT stock. Gotta keep saving girls!!

Will but more stocks with my allowances. If I need to shop I charge it to the Platinum Amex or ask one of my guys to buy it for me.

I woke up craving steak. What’s wrong with me?

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Kara introducing you to her family

Originally posted by sherpawhale

You were heading over to your girlfriend’s house for thanksgiving, and to say the least, you were nervous.

You’ve only officially been with Kara for almost two months, but you’ve been friends with her for a while before that so she felt you were ready to meet her friends and family.

You had excitedly accepted at the time, but now that you were outside of Kara’s door, you wondered if it was such a good idea.

You guess you were standing outside her door for longer than you thought, because the door flew open and Kara gave you a strange look.

“Hey, there you are! I was wondering where you were, why didn’t you knock?”

“I-uh, I was about too.” You smiled.

“No you weren’t. You were standing out there for five minutes.”

“X-ray vision. Not cool.” You mumbled. “These are for you.” You handed Kara the bouquet of flowers in your hand.

“They’re beautiful, Y/N. Thank you, come inside.”

“Ah, you know.” You began. “I-It’s nice out here. I think I’ll hang out here for a bit.”

Kara was confused before she understood. “Y/N, are you nervous to meet my family?”

“Whaaat? No, pffft. I-I’m not nervous. Why..why would I be? I’m cool.”

Kara chuckled at your faux suaveness. “Y/N, it’s Okay. You don’t have anything to be nervous about. Come on.”

She grabbed your hand and guided you inside before she mad an announcement.

 “Hey guys! This is my girlfriend, Y/N. Y/N, this is everyone.” Kara said and you waved to everyone before introducing everyone. “These are my friends, James, Lena, Mon-El, and Winn. This is my sister, Alex, and her girlfriend, Maggie. My boss, J’onn. And this is my adoptive mother, Eliza.”

After a while, the nerves faded, and you began to fit right in with the group. You switched from talking about new alien tech with Winn, Lena, and Alex, to trying to get Mon-El to understand the point of a Thanksgiving dinner with J’onn and Eliza, to talking about the bands you had a shared interest in with James and Maggie.

The dinner eventually ended and everyone went home. You stayed behind with Kara to help clean up.

“What?” You asked Kara when you caught her staring at you, smiling.

“Admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“That I was right! You had nothing to be nervous about, you clicked really well with everyone!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You smiled.

The Coach’s Daughter 0.2| N.H ❀

Fixing her blazer as she walked out towards the stands, she couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her pink lips. She was somewhat flattered that her father trusted her enough to be the head of overseeing the publicist aspect of the his team, but football just wasn’t her thing. Yes growing up with her brother playing all throughout this childhood and her father being a coach she never once sparked interest in the sport that seemed to have her family captivated.

“First day?” She head a somewhat soothing voice. Turning her head to the side she was greeted with those blue eyes and bleach blonde hair.

Giggling softly she nodded her head taken a seat besides him. This was the first time the two had actually engaged in a conversation lasting more than three words. Allison was somewhat proud at the progress they had made, but then again he was always around.

“That noticeable?“ She mumbled as he chuckled placing his arm around her chair. She shifted slightly as the morning sun was now staring to peek it’s way into the stadium and practice would be starting in no more than an hour or two.

“Honestly not really, but Liam mentioned you were starting sometime this week.” He pointed out as she mentally cursed her brother. “Hey I’m sure everything will be Allison, your father trusts you.” He stated as she nodded her head nervously but somewhat feeling comfort as his thumb rubbed gentle circles on her shoulder.

“I know Niall..” She breathed out turning to face him. Her mirrored sunglasses giving him a full view of himself instead of the warm brown eyes he had become accustomed to. He wouldn’t admit it, well at least not the Liam himself, he was somewhat attracted to the youngest Payne and knew that couldn’t go down so well with Liam let alone Mr. Payne himself.

“Hey chin up petal, if you need anything I’m more then willing to help ya.” He chuckled as a smile broke its way onto her lips.

“You sure have a way of making someone fell better.” She giggled softly as she reached over squeezing his knee slightly as a slight blush made its way onto both their cheeks at the sudden contact.

It was quite between the two for a moment as they both watched the workers down in the field look like speaks of ants at an ant farm. She knew how much this team meant to her dad and Liam and she promised she’d do her best with making sure she did her job correctly, even if that meant getting a bit to close with on of the star players themselves.

“What about you Mr. Horan?” She questioned looking back at him as he looked at her confused and reached over stealing Ray-bans and placing them himself. 

“What about me?” He chuckled as he pulled out his phone taken a picture of the two as she giggled before taken her glasses back and placing them on.

“How’d you make the team?” She questioned as he raised his eyebrow.

“You’re the publicist shouldn’t you know this?“ He teased slightly as she nudged him softly, causing his laugh to echo off the empty stands and a warm feeling to run through her body.

"I should but I don’t..” She winked as he smiled and leaned over to her his lips brushing her ear as she closed her eyes loving the feeling of having him so close.

“That’s something you’ll have to wait to hear sugar.” He winked standing up from his seat as she groaned slightly erupting a chuckle from. “Practice is starting soon and I don’t wanna get caught flirting with the bosses daughter, let alone my best friends sister.” He stated as she nodded her head.

She walked as he walked away from with a small smile on her. She doesn’t know much about him but she knew enough that sparked her interest in the Irish fellow. She watch as he turned towards her before making his way out towards the steps and info the field.

“Don’t worry, how about we catch lunch after and I’ll tell ya everything I know?” He shouted as she nodded her head eagerly as he sent her a wink. “Can’t wait.” He smiled blowing her a kiss as she threw her head back I laughter at him.

“You haven’t even been here for a week and you already got our best player in a trance?” She heard the lovely accent, as she turned from her seat and threw herself into her one of her best friends arms.

“Oh hush now Louis..” She scowled as she sat back down Louis following close behind as he looked out into the field.

Allison and Louis had meant when they were fairly young, they grow up together and it wasn’t long before Louis was offered a spot on her fathers teams. Of course Louis jumped at the chance and strived to show the world he deserved his spot and that it was rightfully earned, but now Louis kept his skills in coaching the team on the field instead of playing.

“Do you miss it?” She asked looking at Louis who shrugged and looked at all the players whom were starting to enter the field along with a certain blue eyes Irishman who Louis had made a side note to have a conversation with before leaving.

“At times I miss the thrill of it but you know since the accident things just haven’t been the same.” He stated as her heart felt for her best friend, she knew that accident hadn’t been good to him.

“I’m sorry Lou..” She breathed out as she bite her lip looking back onto the fielding remembering the days her and Eleanor would sit on the stands for hours watching Louis and the others practice and train for those big games.

“It’s all good babe, now tell me what is this I hear about you going to lunch with Irishman over there?” He winked as her cheeks burned.

“It’s nothing in that sense.” She waved off as her heart was racing at the thought of spending one on one time with the little blue eyed cutie down on the field. “We’re just having lunch he’s gonna tell me how he made the team.” She shrugged as she picked at her nails.

“Don’t you already know though? Like doesn’t he basically live at your house?” Louis mumbled confused as she shrugged. Truth was Niall and Liam had been become rather close lately. She was never one to pay much attention to Liam friends, sure she would engage in small conversation but that was that.

“Just because he’s always there doesn’t mean I know a lot about him.” She pointed out as Louis rolled his eyes.

"Oh hush.“ He teased as she smiled."Think Liam and your dad will approve of this new found love.”

“No love just friendship.”

"That’s what they all say.“

"Don’t you have a practice to run?”

“Don’t you have a team to be worried about?”