my sister is the boss

So my little 11 year old sister has finally beat the first boss of dark souls 3 without my help it took 3 hours of grueling grinding watching her and coaching from the side but she is exited and is ready to tell Lothric to fear the rain of Elizabeth the greatest ashen one to walk the land! I shall keep the world updated on her story! And she has this to say now that I’ve beaten this weirdo i can beat anyone (hah we will see about that)

movie theater details: part 3, cause i can't shut up i guess

-last night a kid bought a ticket to kong skull island and i KNEW he was gonna sneak into an R rated movie to join his friends and turns out I CALLED IT AND HE GOT KICKED OUT HSISHFJSHSH BYE
-i sold like a million tickets to hermione and the beast in the past day im personally boycotting disney for causing me stress
-a list of people that i’ve seen at the theater since working there: my very pregnant sister in law, my two cousins, my daycare boss, my dad’s coworker, my aunt’s friend and a local celebrity man (i would go into detail but he’s a nice guy and i shall not reveal his secrets)
-our theater never got jackie but we HAD A POSTER AND THEY RECENTLY THREW IT AWAY IM SO SALTY
-which reminds me i need to ask my boss about la la land and moonlight posters
-we’re not getting song by song, raw, basically anything decent but i still sell tickets to the shack every day???
-with my two jobs combined i get like one (1) day off a WEEK now on average, and on friday on my ONE (1) single day off my boss tried to call me into work. SHE TRIED IT
-i find myself not being able to give genuine filmé advice when actually asked by customers just because like. all these movies seem shitty. except Get Out which was really good
-my back hurts
-the irony that i’m working so much at a movie theater that i don’t have the time or energy to watch movies anymore (my dad laughed at me when i told him this one)
-im fuckin. tied bro

The thing that’s bugging me about the CW crossover right now is the lack of Supergirl’s supporting cast. I mean I don’t read interviews or see many promos beyond some gifs I see on here so if they’ve announced that her cast is coming along to the crossover then ignore this rant, but as far as I can tell Kara is the only one they bring to help fight the aliens. I mean I find it hard to believe that when Barry asks for Kara’s help she isn’t like, “Oh you know my sister has years of experience fighting aliens. Also my boss is an alien and he could help. Also my cousin could be extremely helpful.” Hell I’d let them leave behind Mon EL, James Olsen, and Winn to protect the city since James is a vigilante now. But I’d just love a scene where Barry and Oliver are like, “Oh my god, it’s Aliens!!!” And Alex comes in “Yea this is a Tuesday for me move over and let me take charge.” Anyway the point I’m making is that I want Alex to be in the forefront of this crossover instead of Oliver. And if I have to deal with his entitled ass through four shows…ugh. I mean fighting Aliens is literally what the DEO does why is Kara the only one they bring. Makes no sense to me. Plus I mean we need a scene with Sara Lance and Alex Danvers.


on my way back to philly!! getting better at driving w my left foot when my other gets too tired
was going to stop at Boston to visit my sister my boss asked me to work at six so I feel gross. I also am not wearing any makeup and haven’t showered in a couple of days so that’s not helping. but I feel really happy right now like better than I felt in a very long time!! happy and sad all at once

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Do you have any kdrama recommendations? I LOVED Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy :3

Ok so I made some recommendations like 2/3 months ago idk if you’ve seen them, if not HERE they are :) 

as it’s pretty old now and that new ones came out i’ll also recommend 

  • Missing nine - even if it’s highly unrealistic (like seriously all the characters died at least 5 times and came back to life lmao) i quite like it
  • strong woman do bong soon - listen i’ve only started last night (it’s new and has only 4 episodes so far) but i’ve never laughed that much.. it seems to be really funny so yeah highly recommended (and the two main male characters are hella handsome so yeah.. ;;;;))
  • my sister watches Introverted boss and she really like it so maybe check that out too

That’s all I have for you, it’s not much but I haven’t had the time to watch dramas lately :(

BUT I watched a lot of movies and I can recommend you two that I LOVVEE SO MUCHHH

  • Hyung [my annoying brother] - seriously just watch it
  • the beauty inside - it’s a really moving and well thought story. A+++ 

there’s also this one i really liked 

I’ve download at least ten others so i’ll tell you once i’m over with them :D


My boss talked about me behind my back to other co workers, I was next to the window trying to turn my headphones on, when I over heard her talking about me. And I figured I’d step out and clock out I was already there her son proceeded to lean down and say something along the lines of I’m rite there, n she shouted out “I DONT CARE, I do not care”

Although I don’t want to go back, and I had no intention to go back, I’m facing leaving my sister at work with my truly mentally fucked up boss to face my not showing up, or show up and sit in silence like I’ve done every day since I started. Rough choices but I am happy to say I do have another job lined up and if I can fake it till I make it I’ll be okay❤️

Straight White Boy Problem #919

My younger sister and her quirky friends were hanging out in our FINISHED basement playing video games and I was so pissed because they were playing my video games! I wanted to play, but they paid no heed to my desire, just like when rachel cockblocked connor at matts party last weekend. Im happy that my sister feels empowered enough to boss me around…i deserve it sometimes…but if hannah bosses me around AGAIN for our Group Project, im going to write a peer review which will destroy her grade. Good luck getting into your dream school!


Once you finally told Tony about the 5-month long relationship, he froze. He literally froze, staring at you and Gibbs with this dumbfounded look on his face. You tried to ease his shock with a small smile, but Gibbs simply stared back at his co-worker.

It was a little bit before Tony blinked a few times and shook his head. “My sister and my boss…dating…they’re together…” He mumbled, then stood up from his chair and looked around the office building. “Am I in the Twilight Zone or somethin’?”

“Don’t be so dramatic, Tony.” You responded, looking sideways to Jethro before glancing back up to your brother. “It’s only been 5 months.”

“5 months.” Tony repeated, then starting smiling and shrugging. “I didn’t know my sister and boss were dating for 5 months. 5 measly months! Why didn’t I notice sooner? I mean, it’s been 5 months. 5 months ago, my sister and boss starting dating…”

“How long do you think it’ll be before he gets over the shock?”  Jethro mumbled in your ear.

You grinned and shrugged, watching your brother repeat the same things over and over again. “Hopefully not too long. We have those dinner reservations, after all.”

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Temper Tantrum From Hell

Last night at game, I finally got a chance to do what I’d been waiting for. Let my barbarian Rage. (We RP a lot, and had a lot of stealth missions). 

Our character’s boss, implied that my character’s sister had been murdered by the guild. 

My six year old barbarian didn’t take this news well.

She planted her feet shoulder’s width apart, balled her tiny hands into fists, and let out the high pitched, ear piercing, scream reserved for small children who are about to throw an epic tantrum, brushed off every attempt of the party to stop her, then charged a level 10 halfling rogue, who she works for, and completely failed to hurt him, got knocked out, hogtied, and carried back to headquarters (she’s level one).

Raise a glass to her

To my Sisters
My girl bosses
My show stoppers
My dream chasers
My stereotype breakers
My mamas
My fighters
And my supporters
Happy international women’s day. I raise my glass to you.
keep breaking records, setting records and just doing the damn thing. I look up to you sis.

hawksilver aus someone with more skill than me should write
  • apparently you need a dialogue coach despite having basically the cutest accent ever!au
  • you might be my twin sister’s boss but hot damn 8/8 would tap that!au
  • my kid walked up to you on public transportation to ask you about your cool dyed hair and you know with most people that’d be super awkward but damn you took it well!au
  • sharing a netflix account through a mutual friend and snooping through each other’s profiles and realizing wow we both watch a lot of war movies!au
  • the preschool teacher!pietro x single dad!clint thing is totally open, by the way, someone should nab that
  • as is the financial angst domestic!au someone nab that also
  • i didn’t actually want a roomie who speaks english bc i’m basically a homebody and i didn’t want to have to talk to him, but actually you’re pretty adorable and you’re teaching me sokovian words and i mean it’s worth two mentions that you’re adorable honestly so its cool!au
  • kingsman!au where pietro is the candidate and clint is like the mentor guy, bye

This is my Sega Genesis Cover of Splatoon’s Final Boss (Squid Sisters Ver.) song. It is 100% legit and it works on actual hardware unlike some other remixes out there which are fakebit… The raw VGM log is in the description of the SoundCloud page. Compressed MP3 and uncompressed WAV are also in the description. Enjoy!

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