my sister is screwed

i need to take a moment to appreciate chris argent smiling at melissa mccall like the fucking sun just came out rip me i need to go settle down in my grave and wait for the end


danvers sisters or lance sisters
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“Well, I may not need Superman to be a hero, but I will always need you.”

Hamlet Google searches
  • Hamlet: how do get away with murder
  • Horatio: how to help your best friend get away with murder
  • Claudius: is it still incest if we're not technically related
  • Gertrude: why is my son emo
  • Ophelia: how to get away from fuckboys
  • Laertes: is my friend screwing my sister
  • Polonius: how to install parental block
  • Fortinbras: time management tips to overcome chronic lateness
  • King Hamlet: is there wifi in hell
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: how to make friends
Youkai and Social Bonding: Grooming

Yaone held back a giggle as she peeked around the door, rumbles filling the air. Lirin was in another of her needy moods, and Kougaiji was more than willing to indulge his little sister. In this case, she had tackled him to the bed, wielding a steel-reinforced hairbrush. Said brush has instilled fear in the hearts of Dokugakuji and Yaone, but judging by the rough purrs echoing through the room, their Prince didn’t care a wit over the strange hair styles his sister was placing in his red locks.

The scene brought a smile to her face even as a an old scroll she’d read as a healer trainee unfolded in her mind.

“Your average adult Youkai will stand anywhere between 6-8 feet, with claws, fangs, and a tribal mark that will denominate their family line. Without the effects of the Minus Wave, they can overcome their instincts, becoming civilized people instead of feral predators. However, some of those instincts still hold thrall over their behavior.

One such behavior is social grooming. Feral youkai will congregate together in family groups, preening one another with claws and growls, strengthening family ties and acting as a warning to outsiders to stay away from the clan.

Even cognitive youkai will indulge from time to time, though hair brushes are used carefully as the mane in notably stronger than human hair and can break the brush in an unwary hand.”

The scene before her was adorable, Kougaiji resting his chin on folded arms, his sister sitting on his back as she tried to force his hair to stay in the strange pair of buns on the side of his head. His furry little pets were cavorting around them, trying to steal the brush, a pile of leather hair ties in the corner a testimony to their previous successes. The only time the older youkai offered any resistance was when Lirin accidentally pulled too hard, purr rasping up into a low snarl, his sister immediately letting go as if he’d reached up and grabbed her by the scruff. But the prince was obviously enjoying the attention as much as the little princess was enjoying the time together.

But Yaone would be just as happy to not share in the experience. Not that she wouldn’t enjoy the bonding, but protective big brother would snap her head off if she so much as growled at the smallest youkai. So she inched away, closing the door and leaving the pair alone, heading to her own chambers.

After all, she’d need her own brush if she was going to back Dokugakuji into a corner.

Okay I’m on mobile and I want to write a better post on this later, but I’m getting agitated. I really have a problem with the way the gems talk about Greg in front of Steven. Like maybe it’s one of the limitations of having the whole show in Steven’s pov, but it really bothers me because story time I grew up in a (mostly) single parent home. It was my mom, me, my younger siblings, and at different times my mom’s husbands/boyfriend.

My mom and my dad were never married, they were together in college then I was born, then other drama I don’t know about, and then my first sister was born then my half sister was born not long after. And basically my father hurt and screwed over my mom a lot and I can count on one hand how many times she talked badly about him in front of me as I grew up: ZERO!

My mother never talked badly about my father in front of me even though he was a deadbeat who hurt her. She wanted me and my sister to have an unbiased opinion of him and even encouraged us to spend time with him when we saw him (which was not often).

Bringing this back around to SU, Greg freaking raised Steven until around the beginning of the show. He apparently pays for all of Steven’s stuff and taught him everything he knows and the gems have the nerve to talk bad about him in front of his son?

It’s absolutely ridiculous and immature and I hate it.

Over Again: Party Blurb

This was a collab with the amazingly talented goddess @irish-nlessing. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to call her my friend. 

Chapter 9 will be coming very soon! Thank you so much for your patience!

To read the rest of Over Again, please check out my masterlist here!

Sophomore Year

The “Screw Your Sister” was a Chi Gamma Pi tradition. Every year, participating girls agreed to be set up by one of their sisters. It was a bit of a gamble though.  If you crossed a sister the wrong way, she could pair you with a completely undesirable match.  It wouldn’t be such a problem, were it not for the one tiny catch of the “Screw Your Sister” event.  Each sister was to remain handcuffed to her date for the entire night.

Leslie and Parker linked arms as they made their way to the bar that had been rented out for the party. Parker knew who her date was going to be. Jenny, as Social Chair, may have rigged the voting in her favor. She drew Parker and Parker drew Leslie. It was an easy decision for Jenny. She sent Niall an email immediately letting him know where to show up and what to do.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Leslie groaned, stalling outside of the door. “Please tell me I’m going to like my date. I know you drew my name.”

“You know him,” Parker answered hesitantly. She gave her friend a nervous smile. “I think you two would be an amazing couple if you gave it a chance.”

Leslie’s big brown eyes widened. She pulled away, turning back towards the car. “Nope, no way.”

“Come on, you know you have a crush on Louis.”

“He drives me crazy. You’ve seen us together, Parks. He always picks on me.”

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Let me tell you how my little sister screwed with my head while I was playing Skyrim.

So a while back I bought Skyrim on steam sale for the first time and had just killed that evil old hag at the orphanage in Riften and was dealing with that dilemma where the Dark Brotherhood has me locked in a cabin with three tied up people. I can’t leave unless I kill one of them.

My sister is watching all of this over my shoulder.

I talk to each person to see who they are and evaluate which one I’m going to feel less bad about killing. Ones a mercenary, ones a cranky mom, and the last is a khajiit who had claimed he’s done some horrible things and doesn’t seem too apologetic about them either. He sounds pretty proud over thefts, murders, and harassing women.

I decide he needs to go (Still felt bad because my traveling companion at the time was a Khajiit)

So I kill him and I’m let go.

Then my sister chimes in from over my shoulder, ‘What if he lied about all those thing so you would kill him and the other two would go free?’

That has fucked me up to this day I think about it constantly. >:(

Okay but what if Seborga was the Nyotalia constant, not Estonia

Romeo Vargas with two gorgeous older sisters

Romeo Vargas getting defensive when somebody assumes he’s hitting on them (they’re my sisters!)

Felicia and Lucia flirting with men in the street (ciao~) because screw gender roles, they’re still giant flirts

Felicia flirting with Romeo’s friends

Felicia flirting with Romeo’s would-be dare

Felicia and Romeo trying to chat up the same person

Lucia feeling left out and then getting dragged along on a double date because Italia means family, nobody gets left behind

Felicia or Lucia standing in for Romeo’s nonexistent girlfriend when he got dared

Felicia and Lucia getting defensive of Romeo

Romeo getting defensive of Lucia (Felicia is a force to be contended with in her own right)

Romeo getting defensive of Felicia, anyway

The three of them

About ten months ago, I cut an extremely awful person out of my life, someone who’d been my “friend” for most of a decade, who’d spent his time psychologically manipulating my sister and I, screwing with our heads, eroding my self-reliance and self-confidence.  I cut him out of my life completely, and I’m still feeling the repercussions today; I haven’t got my stream equipment, I lost mutual friends, I’ve still got emotional troubles.

But sometimes the asshole who’s poisoning your life just has to go.  Good for you, Greg.

She was only two years old
When she cried to her mom
Asking her where her daddy was
Because if all her friends had a daddy then where was hers?

She was only three years old
When she prayed every night
That she would someday find a daddy
Because she didn’t know who she was
Without one

She was only four years old
When she got a new daddy
When she became my little sister
And I prayed to God he wouldn’t screw this up for that little girl
Because I had grown up with my dad and I felt the pain and wrath of him.
I still remember the nights he worked and he would come home and spit fire at me. He would burn my internal heart down and I would spend hours a night healing the burns.

He swore he had changed

And our daddy pleaded her, “Little bird, if I open the windows, promise me you won’t fly away.”

She replied, “Daddy, I won’t flap my wings.”

So her new daddy opened all the windows.

Her hair whipping in the wind

She sat quietly admiring the view of the outside world she wouldn’t dare touch.

She was only sixteen years old
When she discovered true pain
After her first heartbreak
And her daddy didn’t want to help

She realized that daddy wasn’t going to be there for her when the wind got knocked out of her lungs.
Because daddy had a sad past and couldn’t bare anymore weight on his old shoulders.

Her whole world got knocked down beneath her fragile feet.

That night, daddy forgot to close the windows.

And this time she flapped her wings as hard as she could and she flew away and went into the clouds.

She took one touch of the outside world and she refused to come down.




okay so basically this fuckboy really screwed my sister over, and he straight-up told her that he was going to be able to do as he pleased since “she’s a girl and wouldn’t do anything about it.”

So she basically posed as him on craigslist, using his number and made the above ad. she texted me and asked me to post this on my blog because she knows I have a lot of followers.

“I want this fucker’s phone blowing up for hours.”

I need tumblr to do what tumblr does best, and that’s get the dicks out. show this asshole what happens to misogynistic fuckboys, especially ones who fuck around with my sister.

text this fuckboy. text him the finest dicks available.