my sister is annoyed by my fangirling


fangirl challenge [1/20 families]: The Saperstein Twins 

“She’s my sister! My twin sister from the same mister! Thank you so much for hiring Mona Lisa, it means so much to me.” 

My sister came down to visit me today and we were talking about what we should watch and I suggested Servamp (because I can’t pass up the opportunity to drag people into my fandom hell). She asked what it was about and my boyfriend from all the way in the kitchen just screams, “A BUNCH OF GAY VAMPIRES THAT SOMEHOW STEALS YOUR GIRL!” We just laughed for the next ten minutes.

Bookstore Shennanigans (Brendon Urie X Reader)

Had this on my evernote a while back. Bit crappy, but I guess you’d enjoy..?

If you don’t find me lame and you hope for more, send a request.

Dear Julianne and Martina, don’t laugh at me

Pairing: Brendon Urie and Reader

You paced the aisles of the music store that was conncted to the bookstore. Your headphones were connected to the iPad you had in your backpack, so you can listen to music. Well, Panic! At The Disco to be exact. Why you had an iPad with you? Your parents won’t let you buy an iPhone, let alone buy your own phone. You were stuck with the ones your sisters passed down, and it does nothing but send messages to friends who won’t message back during summer.

You browsed through each stack on CDs, hunting down the album you were listening to now. At this time, nobody’s really around in the store. With the song Camisado on, you started nodding your head to the beat.

“Can’t take the kid from the fight,
Take the fight from the kid,” you sang and started busting some moves, doing some punches.

“Sit back relax,
Sit back, relapse again- PA PA PA LOOO~” You stopped, slumped, then repeated your actions till you raised the roof.

You spinned on the heels of your feet, then walked forward. You walked straight straight into a tall man.

“Oh shit! Sorry,” You removed your headphones and moved backwards to look at the man.“NO SHIT ITS YOU!”

Brendon Urie laughed. “It’s fine! I saw you dancing to one of Panic’s songs. You were really good!”

You blushed, internally screaming and dying inside. “Huh? Oh that? I was messing around and I- OH MY GOD CAN I JUST HAVE A MOMENT? I JUST BUMPED STRAIGHT INTO BRENDON FUCKING URIE AND I AM HAVING A MELTDOWN. HOLY SMOKES.”

Brendon smiled, making you die even more.

“Can I hug you? To, um, make sure you’re real? Then have a picture or thousands to have my friends kill me?”  you laughed nervously. “Haha, but I’m already dead so..”

“Yea sure! Normally, fangirls would play it cool when they meet me or the band, but you- you’re really excited and shit.” Brendon said.

“Well, you make my entire life. I sing your songs every single day, practically annoying the hell out of my sisters. Heck, I run a tumblr blog about you!” You spilled.

You brought out the IPad, a picture of a derpy Brendon popping up as your lock screen. You stopped the album of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out playing then turned on the camera. You and Brendon took pictures; smiling ones, funny ones, and scary looking ones. One of which, shocked you; he kissed your cheek. After placing back the iPad in your bag, you hugged Brendon tight.

“Thank you so much!” You squealed.

“Wait, I didn’t get the young lady’s name!”

“It’s Y/N L/N”

“Will I be seeing this lady at the concert tonight?” He asked.

“You will have to find me in the crowd then.” You giggled.

You walked around the store with Brendon, eventually going down to the bookstore,  mocking some book covers, telling him about your life. He told you stories about the tour, Dallon being an idiot sometimes. He gave you a backstage pass that he had with him and you stayed around till he had to go back to wherever the band practices.

“Fun meeting you, Y/N. Hopefully I will see you again tonight. I mean like, you’re fun to be with.”

You and Brendon said goodbye to each other and he left the bookstore. Goodness, you couldn’t wait till the concert.

odinokipelmen  asked:

Hey. can I ask headcanon about what it's like to be the younger Oikawa sister(she is Aoba-Josai first year👽?) thanks in advance senpai❤️

My precious kouhai, here you go. <3 -mod owl

  • You’re the opposite of Trashykawa. 
  • You’re more like Iwa-chan because you need to keep your brother in check. 
  • You like Iwa-chan as a brother more than him lololol
  • You always have to fight other girls cause when you walk with him, his annoying fangirls think you’re dating him even though you guys look a lot alike. 
  • “He’s my brother, so back off before I hit you.” 
  • Even though he’s a child and is super immature, he’s very reliable when you need him, especially if you stay at the school late and you need someone to walk home with and its only you. He’ll be on his way. 
  • You ALWAYS have to help him with his homework and you have to ALWAYS tell him to go to sleep.
  • Your room is next to his so if he makes a lot of noise, you hear it. Especially when he’s watching volleyball matches, sometimes he’ll get hyped up and its like “Tooru I swear to god if you don’t go to sleep right now I’m goING TO CHOKE YOU.”
  • “___-chan!! GOMEN”
  • But honestly, he may piss you off, but you wouldn’t want any other crappy brother.  
My Zodiac Friends irl

Aries: I was in language arts once and we made all these butterflies to hang on the ceiling and I saw a butterfly that someone made out of tissue paper and stuff and I thought “I bet that’s Rebecca’s. I bet she said ‘I’m too lazy to color a butterfly so I’ll make one.’” I asked her, and I was right… same friend who was too lazy to go on walks with me and suggested jogging xD

Taurus: She’s a really awesome cook and very welcoming and always lets me and my sisters come over (as long as we clean up haha) and watch Disney movies with them. Also she laughs at all my jokes so I appreciate that xD

Gemini: I honestly don’t even know how to describe her… She’s really unpredictable but in a way that it’s predictable. Super random and cusses A LOT omygod haha. She loves Hello Kitty and punk bands and video games and anime and just a wide range of random things and that’s awesome how diverse she is! LOVE THIS CRAZY GIRL. Life of the party.

Cancer: Hilarious, says the wrong thing at the wrong time a lot. He randomly laughs about crap that happened like a year earlier and everyone else is just like wtf bro. Gestures a lot when talking. When you tease him he teases back and doesn’t get annoyed, which is great for a Libra like me xD I tease people too much…

Leo: The person I go to for emotional support/ a good laugh/ basically everything. She’s my soul sister. One of my best friends. Super funny and supportive. She’s someone I can fangirl with, cry with, laugh with, etc. I tell her more than I tell my best friend. I know she won’t judge me no matter what. Just an awesome person(:

Virgo: My best friend, I’ve known her since fifth grade, but I used to hate her xD became friends in 6th, friends on and off since then (freshman year was the last time we were off; all of it was my fault though and I still feel horrible). I’m lucky she’s so forgiving, especially since she’s a Virgo (sorry guys haha). She kind of low-key insults me and expects me to not be insulted. I really love her though; she’s good at advice and HILARIOUS and really talented.

Libra: ME. YOU ARE BAE. Just kidding; this Libra I know that’s NOT me is super adorable and talented. She’s an awesome singer and always looks super cute; she has a “unique” fashion sense but I LOVE IT. All the Libras I know always look like supermodels and then there’s me… :/

Scorpio: So nice and sweet and yeah you’re intimidating but once I got to know you I just think it’s cute (don’t kill me). SUPER funny, you’re one of my favorite people. BEST concert experience ever with you xD I love how intense you are; we can be serious together one second and absolutely hilarious the next! ILY

Sagittarius: I MISS YOUUUU!!! You’re so freaking hilarious and always make me laugh; you’re funny without even trying and it’s GREAT haha. I love your serious side too, though. You’re super diverse and just FUN

Capricorn: You’re pretty good at motivating me to do things. Kind of annoying how you act like you’re my mom or something, though, especially since you’re two years younger than me… But I love you for caring. But believe me when I say I can handle some things on my own :P

Aquarius: My youngest sister is an Aquarius but I don’t know her very well :( but from what I do know about her, she’s super fun and opinionated. She has a unique take on everything, and that’s pretty cool. She’s super adorable and “hipster” like. Gets stressed out easily and is worried what others think.

Pisces: You’re so sweet and relatable! Also super hilarious, can always make me laugh; it’s fun to tease people with you xD You can get a little bossy but sometimes I need someone to tell me what to do so I’m okay with that! You’re very free spirited and you deal with stress in a way that I’m very jealous of. I love how nice you are, but badass as well(:


All of the ROTG fandom should watch the movie together and we could fangirl and cry and no one could tell us to shut up because we would feel the same thing and it would be amazing

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Ahhhh yes! This is my second follow forever! Thank you so much for 1k! It’s only been 6 months since I made this blog and 3 months since my last FF. I would have never thought I would reach this many followers. Considering I’ve been so inactive for the past few weeks, because of my exams, you guys just keep following me^^ I want to thank and hug every single one of my followers <3 regardless of what I post, you guys support me countlessly! I love you all so much <3

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So…. i got home, i had the best trip i could ever dream of. i’ve never thought i’ll see/ meet/ watch brandon flowers more than 10 times in one week and see the killers from barrier in 4 gigs and meet so many good friends, plus, brandon flowers knows me now omg how great is this guy?????????? promise to try and share my LONG story if you’d like to. for those of you who don’t know i became an obsessed fan of brandon flowers (first) from his solo flamingo, and then a huge the killers fan…. so i owe this man my life since 2010 and i’ve never managed to meet him in person till this time. so it was a HUGE deal for me to finally get to meet him so many times and to show him my support. also, the killers are THE BEST BAND EVER.

Thank you the killers for being so AMAZING,thank you my lovely sister who came with me to this journey. thanks for all fans that met me and were SO sweet with me tho i was this annoying fangirl who’ve seen brando the most but still tried to meet him again and again, and thank you, BEAUTIFUL AMAZING and TALENTED Brandon Richard Flowers for being SO fucking nice and patient with me, with every hug i’ve asked from you and every weak moment i had around you, you handled it perfectly with your beautiful smile and amazing arms ♥

i’ll forever be thankful enough for this. it’s amazing how one smile from him made me SO happy. i’m the happiest girl in the

The battle is won, with all these things that i’ve done.