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Letters to Bruce

“November 16 2006
Dear Bruce,
  I’m sorry I have to take your time by writing to you, but I was hoping that maybe something would flinch inside you, if you ever felt something about me. I’m still in Gotham, and you can always come to me if you need help. If as you said a year ago, are my soulmate, please come find me. I still love you. With all my fucking heart.
~yours sincerely

“November 16 2007
Dear Bruce,
You did not come. I dont know whether I should say ‘yet’, but you did not come just yet. I got a job at a coffee shop to fund my college studies! I’ll make it Bruce! I promise. I’ll make my life so much better now. My sister, Emma, is also back and I can’t wait to tell her everything.
I love you so much.

“November 2008
Hello Bruce,
I hope you feel amazing. Because I do so too. I’ve met an amazing person. A regular at the coffee shop I’m working. Tonight was our fifth date. I hope it turns out good, Bruce, or that once you’ll come and see me, because I still, even after all these years, utterly love you.
And I will for so long

“November 16 2009
Dear Bruce,
Matt, the man I talked to you about in last year’s letter, gave me a ring.
A ring Bruce.
I mean, I love this man, but a part of me still stays with you. I’m going to ask you to come find me and give me some advice. Also Emma is now pregnant with a child. She said she saw you the week before.
Love you

“November 16 2010
Dear Bruce,
Days pass awfully slow with Matt. Sometimes I wish it was you in his place. But it’s not fair for him. I’m going to leave him and come to you Bruce. I’ll come back just as you had begged to years ago.
Brucie… I’m sorry for leaving that day. Have I told you how sorry I am? I know I’m late for five years but please Bruce, if you’re reading this forgive me.
Come back if you can. Come back because I can’t stand being with someone that loves me and thinks he can replace your love.
I still love you.

“November 16 2011
Dear Bruce.
I saw you on the street today. You looked bright and beautiful. You haven’t aged one bit, though I could see the faint bags under your eyes. How are your night time activities going?
Speaking of which, thanks for saving me the other day. I’d love it if you talked one bit to me. Well okay.. you might’ve not recognized me. It’s okay. Emma sends her regards and love.
Still think I love you

“November 16 2012
Dear Bruce,
I’m getting married. I can’t write a lot. Matt is with me all the time. With the letter there is an invitation. If you still love me, I’m sorry for it. I want you to be there Bruce.
Yours until I get married

“November 16 2013
Dear Bruce
I’m writing to tell you, that I finally found the courage to give up on you. I couldn’t go on like that when you lived your crazy life, ignoring all my letters and my love. You’re not coming back. I know. I’m sorry I kept sending you these messages. You didn’t even come to my marriage. And then I realized, there at the isle, that I was ready to give up on the man that loved me to have a moment with you. I’m sorry Bruce. I never thought I’d stop loving you.
PS: Emma does not send her regards anymore.

“November 16 2014
Dear Bruce
I never thought you’d be so full of shit and egoistic. You could have st least answered to one of my letters. Nevertheless, I’m sorry for your loss. I loved Dick too.

“November 16 2015
Dear Bruce,
you have a son now. Guess what? I have my own kid too. She’s a beautiful baby girl. I know I’m bothering you once again, but your son is a very beautiful boy. Matt is fighting for his life at a hospital due to an accident. I’m afraid he’s going to die and I’d be left alone once again. Not that you had to know that.

“November 16 2016
Dear Bruce,
Dick is back! I saw him. Tell him i was t to meet him, I’ve missed this kid so much.
Any way. This will be my very last letter to you. Knowing you won’t come back; it’s been ten years already, I wanted to tell you that loving you has made me a happy person. I was always full of love in my heart, when I’d see you, be it on TV or randomly on the street surrounded by reporters and photographers. Matt died, but me and Cindy are doing fine. Emma helps a lot.
I wish you were part of my life, but apparently we were never right. I still can’t get that night out of my mind. How I managed to leave you, even if you begged me not to. I was a ruthless bitch, who thought could make everything better by sending a letter once a year.
Greetings to your son(s)…
I was, am, and always will be madly in love with you.

Alfred held the letters tightly in his hands, while going down the stairs to the batcave. It was time now. Time for Bruce to realise, what not wanting to see you all these years had caused. How much his heart had darkened and moreover, how much had yours.
He set the letters on the desk, right next to Bruce’s right hand.
“ What are these?” He demanded to know.
“Some words you should have read earlier, sir.”

November 19 2016
Dear (y/n)
I’ve been trying to find words, but they don’t seem to come easily to me. Three days ago, I read your letters for the first time. I’ll be at Wayne Enterprises, waiting for you. I can’t wait to meet you to my other sons and Dick cannot wait to se you again too.
Bring your daughter too. We have daycare.
Let this be our new start
Yours Bruce"


HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I’ve recently hit 1.3K and I would like to deeply thank each and every single one of you lovely people. This is my first follow forever and I want you guys to know that I just love all of you very very much, especially the scream and teen wolf fandoms (you guys mean a lot to me). Even if I don’t talk to most of you but I admire most of you from afar (bc I’m mostly always scared to start up convos with anyone). I’m always here for anyone, message me any time, I would love to talk to everyone and I love making friends, I promise you I’m a dork and really easy to talk to (maybe a little awkward but yeah).

If I forgot anyone (which will probably happen) I’m deeply sorry and I want you to know that I really appreciate you by all means ♡

Also, A follow forever doesn’t feel like enough so I’m planning to make URL graphics for anyone of my followers who asks for it. Just check this post :)


@christoph-waltz is my real life best friend. We’ve been best friends sisters for almost 16 years now and I just want to thank her for everything she’s done for me, for always being there, for being her amazing lovely self. for being a wonderful, incredible friend to me and I’m so blessed to have someone like her in my life. IF YOU’RE A FILM GEEK YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER, HER BLOG IS AMAZING AND YOU WOULDN’T REGRET IT. (also tv shows)

@harry-tisdale we’ve been close friends for almost 5 years now, we got so close so quickly, we met on twitter first so we were originally internet best friends but then turned out that we lived in the same country and we got to meet, go out, hang out at each other’s places and well now we’re real life friends and it’s been nothing but lovely and fun. I love her a lot and I hope we stay close for many more years to come, she’s amazing, sweet, funny and adorable and I’m lucky to have her. Her blog is multifandom trash and I promise you’d enjoy it and she’s a lovely person to talk to/be friends with!

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The Making of Monsters  by  shuofthewind  | Matt/Darcy | In Progress

Moving to Manhattan is supposed to be a stopgap until she gets her GED. Instead, she gets a sister (well, cousin, technically, but neither of them quibble), a degree, a firm, a devil, and a whole pack of monsters. God, she really should be getting therapy. [Or, the one where Darcy Lewis stitches up gut wounds, runs away from home, buys a gun, becomes a lawyer, helps start a blog, saves a life, may or may not have squishy feelings, and learns how to make a mean chocolate babka. Not necessarily in that order.]

[this is my thank you to the author for writing this amazing fic.words cannot describe how amazing this series is.]

anonymous asked:

I really do believe Ari is gonna tell Frankie that Zach was the loyal one and then he'll feel so stupid and apologize and then we get happy and loyal Zankie for TAR (and/or perhaps AS).

Ariana and Joan’s support has given me so much relief because they saw the situation how we saw it. And they loved Zach and Zankie just as much as we did.

So I am incrediblyhappy to know that his sister—the person he’s closest to—will tell him that Zach was loyal and that he should have trusted him rather than Derrick. And since we can’t rant to Frankie about how wrong he was, it’s nice to know she will!

Also, I really do hope Frankie apologizes to Zach. I feel like that would set everything straight again and they’d be back to their happily-obsessed-with-each-other selves.  

Lastly, I PRAY that they get offered to come onto The Amazing Race! That would be the most amazing thing, even better than All Stars, in my opinion! I just want that more than anything in my entire life! 



I’m gonna try to do little cute notes for my faves, even if I’m so bad at doing these kind of things…

★ first thing first tyler-oakleys-pickle: You literally were my first follower ever on this blog, I’m glad I followed you. Your eyeliner and selfie game is always so strong! adore you my tilly 

punksivan: you’re one of my favorite blog and you’re so pretty, Skype me soon xx

ohweremyotpbaby: Grace, I feel like you’re the one I talk the most, I always keep you updated with the hot guy and stuff ahah. You’re a such cutie. I love fangirling with you, feel like you’re my little sister I’ve never had, love you xx

tylerslittleshit: Ju ! Your hair is always on point, idk how you do. And your face is a such beautiful thing (okay that’s deep ahah). I love talking to you !! <3

thatgirlwhosobssesedwithyoutube: You’re literally the cutest person of the fandom, you’re so kind and I adore you a lot! We should talk more xx

tillysivan18: I MISS YOU A LOT OKAY BYE. and your blog is my favorite thing ever. <3

troyler-ing: you are just amazing. xx

troylerisinyou: thank you to make amazing gifs of my videos, they’re so cool, you are so adorable <3 I also love your blog a lot !!


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