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can you do a drabble about the balloon squad? idk any specifics and im sorry this is nothing to go off of but just them hanging out and fooling around


the boys are sitting in the bakkoush living room, piled together on the couch. elias leans towards the camera and says, “what’s up, homies, lovers, and friends! i don’t need to see you to know that you’re looking fine as always.”

on either side of elias, mutta and adam mime his gestures until he starts to catch on and jerks his head to try and catch them. they lay back against the couch immediately, looking innocent, and then fistbump behind his head when he turns back to the camera.

“why are you always like that?” yousef says, flopping down on the floor in front of the couch. “did you know that most women don’t like being given random compliments?”

elias rolls his eyes and turns to the camera. “as you all can see, yousef is feeling extra holier than thou today cause my baby sister lost her mind and somehow thinks that he’s a good guy.”

the other boys crow with laughter, hands and feet coming from all directions to shove, pat, and kick yousef playfully. he curls into a ball and laughs, batting them off.

yousef, out of frame now, calls from the floor, “okay, but sana told me that you told her that i’m a good guy,” he says, and all you can see is his hand, as he raises it to point at elias. he adds, “the best guy, maybe.”

“homo intended,” mikael says suggestively, waggling his eyebrows.

“we’re bros,” elias says, reaching over to flick mikael in the ear. “plus, how fucked would it be to steal my sister’s man?”

adam throws his arms out, barring elias and mikael against the back of the couch as he turns to address the camera. “sudden death match, yousef,” he says, nudging him with his foot. “who would you save, sana or elias?”

“i’d die and save them both,” yousef says breezily from the floor, kicking one foot up to cross over his knee.

“WOW,” adam exclaims, flopping back dramatically and pressing the back of his hand to his head.

“bullshit,” mutta calls, and his eyes dart to elias, who is performing a handshake with yousef, before he flashes a grin towards the camera. “sana would never do anything stupid enough to need saving.”

“correct,” adam acknowledges, sitting back up and holding up his index finger to indicate a point.

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Proceed With Caution

Group & Member(s): BTS’ J-hope ft. best friend Yoongi

Genre: bad boy!au(requested)gang!au/angst

Word Count:  7.5k

Summary: Your best friend tries to warn you to stay clear of his mysterious yet alluring friend Hoseok. But sometimes the things you should stay away from end up being the things you want the most. 

a/n: this plot line branches a bit off of the story in Two Fold 

You never really know when that moment is going to happen. That split second you lock eyes with someone and just know.

He sauntered in like he owned the place, his hair pushed back and his lip slightly curled. His look said dangerous but his eyes said deadly.

One look - one split second and you were in

And there was no going back after that.

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As a part of the ACOWAR exchange, moderated by @squaddreamcourt, I was tasked with writing a fic for the wonderful Christine of @fangirlinganation.  I hope you like it!  It was a blast to write :)

“Can I talk to Rhysand for a moment?”  The Inner Circle had just finished another dinner in the House of Wind, when Nesta spoke up amongst the crowd.  Nobody hid their noticing of the way Nesta addressed him.  Rhysand.  “What?”

“That was the first time you’ve ever requested to speak with me,” Rhys noted, sipping his wine.  “Normally you demand it.”

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A Leaf on the Wind Chapter 2 Archive of Our Own
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6 months later… lol told y'all it was  abad idea to post the first part. Anyway. Here’s second part as promised. Sorry it’s so late.

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“Do you mind if I…”

Waverly felt the warmth against her back as Nicole reached past her to grab a mug from the shelf. Inhaling discreetly, she breathed in the scent that was beginning to become quite familiar. She’d always hated the smell of grease, but after spending years on the freight ship, she was used to it. On Nicole though, maybe it was the soap she used, the scent was very… interesting.

“Sorry.” Nicole spoke softly after bumping Waverly slightly, a smile on her face as always as she set the small capsule of leaf tea in her mug, pouring the boiling water over it.

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Drabble prompt by @kristallioness - “Kataang doing something with their children”

A/N: This really just turned into Aang doing something with the kids, but thanks for the prompt!


“Aang, I don’t know how I feel about this,” Katara says timidly. 

“Oh, come on, Katara,” Aang tells her. “They’ve been cooped up inside for the past week because of the storm. Plus, we have all of these leftover fruit pies from Yangchen’s Festival. We can’t let them go to waste.”

Katara follows behind her husband as he pulls the cart of fruit pies up the temple stairs. She catches one as it falls and places it back on the cart with a raised eyebrow. “I know, sweetie, but don’t you think this might give them the wrong idea? I don’t want to have to worry about them throwing fruit pies at me every time I make them.” 

“Katara, don’t worry,” Aang assures her. “I’ll make sure they know that this is something meant only for special occasions. Besides, we have to worry about Bumi anyways.” 

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Coffee in the middle of the night

HIIII! My first smut of Donghyuk, I hope you enjoy it.

I’m very tired right now. A whole day of work in the bakery to have to make a big order: the most eccentric birthday cake I’ve had to make in my life and I did not do it alone, if it was not for Tania my assistant would never have finished that.

I’m very proud of how the cake was kept in the form of “Giant Baseball Ball” made with all the details that the customer wanted. But now I’m dead tired and I’m in the taxi on my way home thinking about bathing and eating on the furniture watching movies and sleep. And so I do when I arrive, I take a rather long and refreshing shower, without thinking of anything. I hear the front door open, and my sister’s laughter resounds in the small apartment.

“What are you laughing at?” I ask her from the bathroom and placing the towel around my body.

“Hi sister, I’m fine and you” her sarcasm makes me roll my eyes as I leaves the bathroom and find her in her bed with her cell phone in her hand.

“Since when are we so formal?” She shrugs. “You just got off work?” I ask as I look into the closet.

“No, I came out an hour ago, I just went to eat something and you?”

“Yes, I’ve been making a super cake all day. I’m tired” I say as I take the towel off and dressed, she does not even look up from her phone.

“It must have been beautiful, I want you to build your own pastry some day”

“Someday I hope it’s soon” I want to set up a pastry shop and for that I’m gathering, it’s a dream that I really want to fulfill.

She laughs again by typing on her cell phone.

“What are you laughing at, Mary?” I take the brush and start combing my hair.

“I’m talking to Hanbin” she says shyly and gives me tenderness.

Mary really likes Hanbin, a guy who is part of our social circle, both have 22. Hanbin likes me just that is quite slow with women. And he is so obviously, he likes her.

“That tells you that makes you laugh so much” I sit on my bed in front of her taking my cell phone.

“I’m not going to tell you what he was saying,” I laughed.

“Kidding, you don’t have to tell me, although you have to tell me when you finally have sex. Without details, of course” she nods still laughing. We don’t give details.

“He proposing to go to a disc today as a group: Bobby, Jinhwan and Donghyuk want to go out today as it’s Friday”

Donghyuk. When she says his name my heart gives an exciting turn. Mary smile.

“Donny wants to go …”

“Yes” he laughs hard “When was the last time you saw him?”

“A month ago, I think”


Donghyuk is basically the love of my life, I think I’m in love with him, but he does not know. But he gives no sign… So we’re friends, good friends. I know him a lot and he knows me too.

“I really don’t want to leave today, I’m very tired.”

“Come on, I want you to relax a little. For me and Donghyuk, please!” She looks at me imploringly and hesitates a moment

I don’t lose anything if I go, I will have all weekend to rest. I get up.

“Let’s get ready, tell them we will.”

I look last for what I wear and feel satisfied: short and short waist, shirt loose flowers and sandals. Pretty decent makeup to go to a disco. My heart takes another turn when I think of him, it’s impressive.

“They already come for us”

“Oh” I take my bag and leave the apartment, we go down to the entrance to wait for them and Mary notices my nerves.

“Calm down, don’t die yet, at least wait to see it.” I smile nervously.

A couple of minutes later a car is placed in front of us and I recognize it as Bobby’s car. We both climbed to the back.

“Hello girls” Jinhwan turns in the passenger seat to greet us, he is handsome as always.

“We spend a lot of time without seeing them,” I say to the two, then turn to Bobby “What did we do well this week to see each other?”

We all laughed and after a while we got to the place. The music is heard faintly from the parking lot, but when we enter the place, the music invades my ears.

We walk and visualize Hanbin and Donghyuk. My heart gives another exciting twist. He is handsome all black and her hair platinum, is as shocking as ever. Mary next to me squeezes my arm because Hanbin looks great too. We approached and I say hello to Hanbin, when I approached to Donghyuk can’t help it and give him a hug. His laughter invades me.

“Hello! a long time without seeing you” he says hugging me back around my waist warmly. He always so loving. It is something so particular that he has; Is a love and very affectionate.

“Where have you been all this time?” I ask, pulling away reluctantly; His eyes are focused on me, his cute and slanted eyes are on me. Then he laughs a little.

“I have been working as you most likely have done” grabs my hair between his fingers and places it behind my ear, my skin bristles immediately.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but it would be best if we look for a table and ask for a service,” Jinhwan says touching Donghyuk’s shoulder, we all go to a table and ask for a service with various drinks: the thing is that I don’t drink much and Donghyuk neither, but the rest yes.

The atmosphere is good, the guys are really funny that’s the reason I like hanging out with them, they make me feel like family. I try to ignore the fact that my sister is in front of me with Hanbin kissing without getting tired and Bobby, Jinhwan and Donghyuk are greeting and talking to the people they know and there are many, they introduce me and join me in their conversations.

Time later the boys go dancing with some friends, and Donghyuk goes to the bathroom. I do not ignore the fact that we both looked at each other during the night. I wait while I move in my seat to the rhythm of the music and with the only glass of alcohol I’ve been drinking for a while, Mary appears grabbing Hanbin by the hand and comes with her red cheeks don’t know if the heat of so much dancing or because she is kissing Hanbin. She simply tells me that she goes with Hanbin to the apartment, I ask her to be careful, because what can I do? She is already big.

“Why alone?” Donghyuk speaks to my ear and surprises me, he laughs and sits next to me. “Normally the women’s bathroom is always full, but this time it was the men’s bathroom, so I went into the women’s bathroom, since there was no one.”

“For real?” I begin to laugh.

“Yes, it was a good experience, when I left the bathroom a group of girls looked at me with surprise” I laugh even more and I laugh.

He looks at me and I feel his hand on my knee.


“Do you want to go somewhere?” His question takes me by surprise.

“Why should we go?”

“Come on, you’ve been drinking that glass for half an hour and you don’t like to dance much.”

“But I enjoy it and I met a lot of people.”

“I don’’t doubt it, but we can do something more fun” I do ‘n’t know if it’s my idea, but I see that his eyes darken even more.

“Like what”

“Let’s go for a walk in the city and in a cafe.”

A coffee in the middle of the night with Donghyuk, I like it.

“Okay,” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“You’re the best” he stands up and extends his hand, I take it and shooting me through the crowd of people dancing or drinking.

I see Jinhwan and Bobby in the distance very concentrated making a group of people laugh and quite excited, both have just left a relationship so they’re not aware of girls for now, just to be with friends. I breathe deeply when we leave the place and the smell of the street fills my nostrils.

“I don’t understand how you always agree to go out with us, it does not look like your environment” he says guiding me, still holding my hand.

“It’s not my environment, but I like to go out with you. You’re the best people I know here in the city.” He nods. “And anyway, whether it’s on records or anywhere, I never have a bad time with you guys.”

“That’s nice… Seriously” he lightly squeezes my hand, I don’t want him to ever let go.

“You like to dance a lot, but you were calmer today.”

“It’s that I was bored today, besides, I prefer to spend time with you since it’s been a month since we last saw each other.” Donghyuk does not know how my heart speeds up with those words.

We continue walking along the busy sidewalk of people and we see the starbucks open. We enter without waiting more and make our orders, once we have our coffee we decided to go to a nearby plaza. We sit on a bench and watch people walk from side to side. The city always has nightlife.

“Your department is in that building?” I ask, pointing very close to us.

“Yes, even though I’m alone now, Chanwoo and Yunhyeong are on vacation.” They are the guys with whom he share the apartament and with three renters, it’s very luxurious. “We can go there, watch a movie.”

I almost choke on my coffee and start coughing, he hits my worried sword.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” I tell him, recovering. “It would not be a bad idea, if we watch movies then the night will go fast and I’ll be able to go to my apartment …” Donghyuk starts to laugh loudly.

“Don’t tell me Hanbin left with your sister there.”

“Yes, my sister just told me that she go home with him, so I figured I should not go until morning.” He nods still laughing.

We continue talking about him and me, something light and fun. Our coffee is not finished yet because we spend most of the time talking, he is definitely everything I dream, but I do not have the guts to finish our friendship with my confession.

At some point I tell him that I want to go to the bathroom, he offers me his and now I’m entering his apartment.

Large and beautiful, luxurious. But I see some clothes lying on the floor, the kitchen made a mess, things out of place. Men.

I leave the coffee and I head towards the bathroom.

“While I looking for some movie to watch.”

“Okay” I do what I have to do and I wash my hands, while I do I look in the mirror. I’m very blushing and it makes sense, I’m with the man that I like in his department.

When I go out he is looking for some movie on the TV.

“Harry Potter”

“It’s okay.” I sit in the big piece of furniture and he sits next to me, I don’t know what we’re seeing, I’m just aware of him by my side.

“You know why I’ve never invited you to dance” he says with his eyes on the television.

“Why?” I look at him, I look at his profile, until he turns slowly and looks me.

“Because as I see that you rejected all the boys, I thought that you would do the same with me” that takes me by surprise, when he says that makes a little hope grow in me.

“Donghyuk, if you had done it, I would not have rejected you. Believe me” he smiles sideways. “Even if I don’t dance a lot, I would let you guide me because you do it very well” confessing that I feel a tension between us, a good tension.

I like this feeling and this atmosphere, Donghyuk looks so determined that I don’t have time to be ready. His lips are already on mine, the first few seconds without moving and I’m closing my eyes little by little enjoying the sensation. He separates and puts his hand in my neck attracting me strongly to him, opens my mouth in a movement and begins to kiss to me with passion, makes me savor his lips that go to a marched rhythm. They are soft and I love how he kisses me without stopping, he takes my lower lip between his teeth and pulls it gently making the kiss more ardent.

I take confidence and bring my hands to his hair. My heart is very accelerated and I can not help but push it against me, he lets me breathe just for a second but returns to kiss me, makes it hard and decisive, better than in my dreams.

His right hand rests on my waist and it is when I think: He will do nothing if I do not give him permission. Besides, I’ve been waiting so long for this moment that I will not waste it.

I separate myself looking into his eyes, we are both agitated and excited. I put my hand under my shirt and I divest my bra giving him a signal, he looks when I throw the bra away and then I put my hands on his neck, a second later he is kissing me again but this time passing his hand underneath of my shirt and putting it on my bare back.

I want more.

I stay enough with him and I sit on his legs, we do not stop kissing, our breaths increase. Donghyuk passes his hand from my back to my chest and now touches one of my breasts, feels so good that makes me sigh against his lips. He gently massages as he comes down and kisses my neck, I close my eyes and bite my lower lip, it feels good.

I move against his pants feeling his limb against me. I take his shirt and lift it to remove it and his muscles reveal, his white skin contrasts well with his silver hair. Love. I kiss him again and this time he puts his hands on my butt against his member that feels bigger and bigger, our breaths and gasps dominate the place. He takes impulse and gets up, instinctively wrapping myself around his waist with my legs and walks around the room to enter to his room.

My back comes into contact with his bed and starts again to kiss my neck, this time down and over my shirt on the road, I move and take off my shirt letting him see my bare breasts. Donghyuk takes them and squeezes them before inserting a nipple into his mouth, my moan is long and audible, I feel a kiss in my abdomen and he unbutton my shorts, I help remove it by lifting my hips and along with the shorts my panties too.

And that’s how I’m naked underneath him, his gaze is dark but bright at the same time, he smiles in a way that I like and I love it as he looks messy and agitated. Donghyuk unties his pants and I watch his muscles tighten before lowering his pants along with the boxer, being also naked, I sit on my elbows watching his manhood at its best. I’ve never been told that seeing naked Donghyuk was going to be the best experience in the world, no one compares to Donghyuk.

He leans over me and kisses me hard, makes me lie down completely and i feel when he put a hand between my legs, my arms are around his shoulders and I take my head back and I moan when I insert two fingers inside. He put them in and take them out a couple of times and then take your hand off, get back up and look for something on the bedside table, he take a condom and put it on. I almost forgot that detail.

He takes my legs and opens them, around his waist with them and I notice how he accommodates his limb at my entrance, holds my right leg and he holds his body with an elbow next to my head, he looks me.

“You are beautiful, you enchant me.”


I’m speechless, but I close my eyes and let out a groan when it penetrates me.

I look for his lips to cushion my groans, as he starts to move frequently, enters and leaves a good rhythm, moves his hips against me and I can only moan and squeeze his butt feeling the impact. He comes in and out fast, strong, precise, his lips kiss my lips, my neck and my breasts, his breathing sometimes hits my face. I pass my hands down her back and I put my hands in her hair, I feel go out and come in, I feel him. I let go when the orgasm comes to me and I groan aloud, he penetrates me a few times and then he also reaches orgasm.

We breathe agitated, I’m caressing his back catching our breath. He runs his nose down my neck and then down my cheek.

“I really like you Donghyuk for a long time, I even think I love you.” He looks up and sees me, the smile on his face is fascinating.

“I never dared to say it, but you said it first… I love you too for a long time” I don’t know how to react to that, it seems a dream. We are naked in bed confessing “I’m in love with you”.

I have no words, just smile. I kiss him.

I forget the coffee I left on the counter.

my phone conversation with my best friend
  • me: hey bro. can i hear water, what are you doing?
  • him: hey sister from another mister. I'm just getting in the shower, I will put you on speaker you can keep me company.
  • me: ok
  • him: ooh what you listening to?
  • me: *singing* she's like the wind through my trees, she rides the night next to me.....
  • him: yay shower radio
  • me: *still singing* she's taken my heart but she doesn't know what she's doooone
  • both of us: *singing* feel her breath in my face her body close to me, can't look in her eyes , she's out of my leeeaaguue *knock knock*
  • his sister: what the hell?is kez in the shower with you??
  • him: no she's on the phone. she's my shower radio bitches.
  • his sister: *moment of silence*
  • me: hiiiiii
  • his sister: you 2 are beyond strange. You have a very strange relationship.
  • me: no we don't. whatever....whats that noise?
  • him: haha can you hear that? its just my balls jiggling together.
  • me: *hysterical laughter* ok what song shall we listen to next?
  • his sister: ok I'm out.
Wanda and Pietro Maximoff

There will be two versions of this- a fluffy and fun one (this) and then an angsty version HERE! :)

Tagging @vote-for-pedro!

Anon: Imagine Pietro and Wanda fighting over you ~ For the Wanda and pietro one, funny and fluffy, and in the end chooses Wanda

Anon: Could you do a Jealous Wanda fanfic? Maybe some fluff in the end?Maybe together with the ‘choosin between Wanda bad pietro’ imagine anon asked for?

Note: I’m so sorry if this is terrible. :( I’ll redo it later if you want, I’m on a lot of medication right now.

Warnings: Fluff!

Words: 1349

Pietro stood across from his sister with a comical pout, arms crossed and legs twitching in impatience thanks to her stubbornness. She too was glaring, hands on her hips and chin held high in direct challenge.

“I know what you’re doing.” He was the first to break the silence, pout morphing into an angry scowl. “And I do not like it.”

“That’s too bad brother.” She snapped back right away. “Because I like her too.”

“But what if she likes me?” The silver haired man whined. “What then? Am I supposed to do nothing?”

She hesitated and he didn’t catch the hurt in her eyes before she shook it off.

“If she chooses you then… So be it.” He smirked and went to continue, but she wasn’t finished.

“But Pietro, please know this: I will fight for her heart with all my being.”

“Game on then, sister.”

It’s always in the little things, isn’t it? At first you didn’t really notice much- perhaps Pietro was a little too helpful when you were moving your furniture around, maybe Wanda was a little too touchy when you worked out together… But what really got your attention were the nicknames.

Wanda was the first to slip when she called you 'princess’ in Sokovian, the term sliding off her lips naturally. Her brother, on the other side of the common room, was almost immediately next to her and rambling angrily in their mother tongue. More than a little amused, you watched as he began to gesture wildly, practically flailing his arms about, and her finger jabbed him hard in the chest repeatedly until you were sure he’d have many bruises.

“Okaaay, well then!” You collected your tea and book before standing up to go. “Steve’s expecting me, so I’ll see you later. Later Quicksilver! And bye bye… darling.”

She whipped her head around to stare at you but you were already skipping down the hall, giggling madly at how they had both stopped dead in their tracks.

Next was Pietro, who was not to be outdone. He and Wanda had just gotten done sparring when he walked passed you, murmuring, “Looking good, pretty girl.” Not missing a beat you looked up from your weights and winked at him.

“You’re not so bad yourself, baby.” Gaping for a moment, he was quick to recover. The new smirk on his face was gone with a flash though when Wanda, out of nowhere, smacked him in the ass with a hot ball of molecular energy. He howled and rolled on the floor, shouting curses in both English and Sokovian as his sister looked on with faux innocence.

“Wanda, what are you doing?” Sam was somewhere between hysterical laughter and sincere concern as he fought to keep his composure (unlike you, who was already choking back tears from laughing too hard) while he scolded her.

“Is my bad, I thought he was looking.” She shrugged nonchalantly, glancing at you out of the corner of her eye. Sam didn’t miss the way she smiled softly when you accidentally snorted between chuckles.

“Oh, so it’s like that…”

It was only when you sat across from the two of them at dinner that it became obvious that things were becoming a little too problematic. The twins alternated between glaring at one another and giving you sweet compliments or capturing your attention with a funny comment.

At the counter, Sam tried to stay quiet as his shoulders shook in mirth.

“Printsessa, may I steal your for a girls night tonight?” Wanda pleaded with you when he took too large of a bite to refute her offer in time.

“I can’t tonight, actually. Pietro already asked me to show him Star Wars. Maybe tomorrow though.” You murmured distractedly with your eyes on your phone so you missed how crumbs went flying as he stuck his tongue out at her childishly.

“But I’m going on a mission tomorrow night, he’ll still be here. Pretty pleeease?” She persisted, a hint of desperation entering her voice. You looked up and blinked in surprise at the ridiculous puppy-dog pout she was giving you. “With a… A… How you say… Chair on top?”

Nearly swooning at the adorableness, you managed to hold back a blush before turning to a certain raging twin.


“But I asked fiiirst.” He whined, tilting his head to give you a pout of his own.

“Nope!” You threw up your hands and shook your head, wagging a finger at him. “You are not gonna manipulate me here! Wanda tonight, then you tomorrow and that’s FINAL.” He went to complain more, but you weren’t finished it.

“Is that okay, baby?” Pretty much melting in place, he grumpily agreed and went back to his food as you stood up to use the bathroom. He waited until you had disappeared down the hallway before turning to her with a very smug and satisfied grin.

“She called me baby. I think I know who’s gonna win here…”

Wanda huffed and puffed a few times, pushing a piece of zucchini around her plate in circles as she tried to ignore the urge to knock her brother’s dish over. When he winked and waggled his eyebrows at her however, that self control went out the window and poof! Just like that, he was covered in steaming hot lasagna and her spirits were very much lifted when he shouted and disappeared in a flash.

“So when were you gonna tell me about all this, darling?” Your voice, thick with hidden laughter, made her freeze mid-giggle. She turned to you slowly, gulping nervously when she saw you leaning casually against the fridge and staring at her. She knew by your quirked brow and small smirk that you had seen the whole exchange and that you wouldn’t be letting it go any time soon.

Wanda faltered for a moment, her eyes falling to the table where she began to pick at her napkin. She worried her lip between her teeth as you began to slowly walk over to her, placing yourself right next to her so that you could face her. You touched her elbow reassuringly and she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She took a moment to study your features before speaking, her gaze trailing from the tip of your cute nose to the edge of your lips. Ending up on your eyes, she saw how many shades were mixed together in beautiful harmony.

“Pietro and I… It seems that we have a lot in common.” Licking her lips, she strained to keep eye contact so that she could watch your reaction. “We both have feelings for the same person.”

“Me…” You softly murmured, gently laying a hand on hers that was still tearing off pieces of the napkin. Not trusting her voice, Wanda merely nodded at you. She was confused however, when a large grin stretched across your face.

“I’m surprised it took you this long. Hasn’t the 'game been on’ for like two weeks now?” It took her a second, but once she remembered her twin’s words her eyes widened dramatically and her mouth dropped open.

“You overheard-?”

“Oh yes, definitely. You two picked the least private place to have it out. The hallway? Really?” You snickered. “After that I just wanted to see what you two would try to do! Figured it might be entertaining.” Grinning as you teased her, you soothed the blow by rubbing your fingers against hers softly. The intimate action had her shivering at the contact.

The brunette went to ask you the obvious question but hesitated, lowering her gaze to your entwined hands. She flipped hers over so that she could properly hold your hand before turning back to you with a curious gaze.

“You already had hold of my heart, Wanda. You just had to ask for it.” You leaned forward to kiss her cheek and were pleasantly surprised when she turned to brush her lips against yours instead in a feather-light kiss.


Requested by  xxdrwhovianxx as the first entry of my 150 followers Imaginxplosion!~

“TOUCH MY SISTER ONE MORE TIME! SEE WHAT HAPPENS!” I snarled, water circling me as I watch the Flash grab my twin sister.

“(Y/N)!” My twin Elizabeth screamed, as the Flash zoomed off, her in his arms.

“ELIZABETH! NO!” I screamed, running forward, attempting to follow the Flash. I allowed the roads to be covered with water, giving me something to slid on and to gain more speed.

“Son of a bitch give me back my sister!” I yelled, following the electricity that flowed through the air. As the Flash turned and went inside of the decommissioned STAR Labs, I followed soon after.

I made my way into a circle room, where the Flash was holding my sister be\y her collar. She threw one hand out, causing a chair to levitate, and she threw it at the Flash and ran to stand behind me. 

I held out my hand, a water ball forming. Elizabeth held out her hand and caused more objects to float in the air. 

“Stay back Flash.” I snarled, making water ropes in both hands.

“Woah! Calm down! We just want to talk.” Someone said behind my sister, and she spun around. I turned my head to see a Latino boy, with long, black hair, and brown eyes.

“He stole my sister, do you think we are just gonna be okay to talk.” I snarled, glaring at the boy.

“Flash, leave for a sec.”

“Cisco, they’ll hurt you.”

“No, I’ll be fine.” The Latino named Cisco said, ushering the Flash out. 

Once he was gone, my sister and I lowered our hands, our powers dissipating. 

“I’m sorry about my friend, he really doesn’t know how to talk civilized to people. I’m Cisco, and you two are?” The man asked, holding out his hand.

Elizabeth took it first, shaking it and smiling.

“I’m Elizabeth, and this is my twin sister (Y/N).” I waved slightly, still on edge. 

“I wanted to talk with you two about your powers.”

—-One Year Later—-

“You see Zoom Elizabeth?” I asked, forming water balls to use as defense of the cortex.

“Nope, nothing (Y/N).” My twin said through her headpiece, perched on the roof.

Cisco stood behind me, gun in one hand, and I felt his hand hover over the small of my back. I looked back at him, smiling softly, and leaning back, so my head landed on his chest. He finally put his hand on my waist, holding the gun out just in case. 

“I’m honestly really scared.” I mumbled into his chest, and I felt his chest vibrate with laughter.

“You’re the one here with powers though princess.” 


“Here he comes.” I heard my sister gasp out, and a larger water ball formed in my hand. I leaned back into a straight position, placing myself between Cisco and the door.

Suddenly, a man in a back suit stood before us, growling down at me. Cisco grabbed the back of my shirt, gun still pointed at Zoom. With a quick swing, I hit the monster with a water ball. He stumbled back, shaking as his own lightning electrocuted him.

I formed a rope out of water and wrapped it around the speedsters neck, bringing him to his knees.

Elizabeth came running in shortly after, holding up her hands and levitating the monster into the air. 

“There you go girls.” I heard Cisco mumble, singling for Barry to come out. 

I removed my water ropes, and Elizabeth dropped him as Barry came and monologues to the fellow speedster. I can see Zoom’s eyes darting across the room. I leaned back, whispering into Cisco’s ear.

“He’s planning something. Look at his eyes.” I mumbled.

“I can see it too, stay alert.” He mumbled back, grasping his gun and the back of my shirt tighter. I held my hand out, pushing my sister back, forming water ropes in the other hand. 

Suddenly, Zoom had Barry on the ground, and was gone. Barry yelled out in frustration, standing to his feet and turning to us. 

“FUCKING HELL!” He shouted, storming off. Elizabeth raced after him like a lost puppy, while I turned to Cisco.

“Predictable.” We both said at the same time, making our way back to the cortex. As soon as we entered, I saw Elizabeth practically making heart eyes as Barry continued to rant.

“Good god, the thirst is real.” I mumbled to Cisco, and he laughed at my remark. 

“All that needs to happen is she starts singing Helpless.” Cisco whispered back, smiling at me. I grinned at him, before holding my hand in front of me, turned my head slightly so I could lock eyes with Cisco, made the most Star Struck face I could muster, and sang the line from the song.


“I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit.” He sang back, grinning down at me. I felt a blush dust over my cheeks, and I just smiled.

No wonder I trust him the most. 


Omg, so I just thought of this while walking back to my house today…

I just really hope that Hanabi will only be the person that’s legitimately ‘kidnapped’ in “the Last”–and that when Hinata gets kidnapped it’s a little more creative (because Hinata ALWAYS gets freakin’ kidnapped. And in the bound and gagged way) Here’s how I’d like to see the movie pan out (and this is just a crappy version, if it’s any  better than this version. I’ll be happy).

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