my sister helped me okay

  • Mom: I'm going to store I'll be back.
  • Me: *starts singing* You'll be back, soon I'll see, please remember to get the cheese.
  • Mom: Okay this is ridiculous you are literally obsessed with Alexander Hamilton
  • Me: *still singing* Alexander Hamilton! We are waiting in the wings for yooooooouuuu.
  • Mom: Okay you need to take a break this is crazy.
  • Me: *tries really hard to hold it in*
  • Mom: Don't you f***ing dare.
  • Me: *belts out lyrics* TAKE A BREAK AND WE CAN STaaAAaaAaAaaAAAy
  • Mom: You're adopted.
  • Me: Well at least I'm not a *starts snapping* bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgot-
  • Mom: *slams door and leaves*
Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister

Okay so i’m still not closing the possibility of Spencer NOT being Mary’s other daughter aka Cece’s other sibling. As per usual nothing’s ever final in this show until it has really ended, so i’m assuming there would be numerous plot twists coming. Also, Mary’s reveal of Spencer being her daughter was left as a cling-hanger so i’m pretty sure it’s not 100% also they practically shoved it at our faces that i dont believe it even more anywaaays

I still think it’s relevant when Mary visited Spencer and she said that Melissa and Spencer could pass up as twins and i think Spence said it’s been said often too when they were younger - which is really strange to me since they have a huge age gap so when they were younger it would be pretty obvious. Anyways i totally see it happening that it would turn out that Melissa is the actual Drake. Mary probably after being separated from the child knew nothing more than its whereabouts, which was at the Hastings. Probably not even its name. So it’s quite possible that she was mistaken.

It would explain a lot of things:
• Melissa’s shadiness throughout the series
• Melissa’s connection with Cece (hell they were even seen together during that night)
• Melissa’s deep routed hatred for Alison, i mean i know we were shown it was because of Ian but come on… Also, that night: “where the hell is she?!”
• Her connection with the NAT club. Could Ian have been filming for her? Also i find it interesting that NAT’s purpose is to find out secrets while -A’s was to expose them. Idk there must be a connection since both of the parties “see everything”
• Could Wren’s connection to the plot be through Melissa??? Was he helping her? I mean, he said “i dated the wrong sister” but then gets back together with Mel again so…. And we know how shady he is as well
• Mel could actually be acquainted if not friends with Bethany, who is a major mystery character to the show as well. She’s connected to a lot of shady characters actually: cece, wren, ian, bethany (?), mona, wilden
• can we talk about that time Mona was gathering anti-Ali people and Melissa showed up. Uhmm its so weird that she’s getting involved with teenagers’ business ??? To team up against another teenager who at that time was 15 when she stole her bf
• also remember Mona, Sydney, Jenna having this weird evil looking meet-up and they were waiting for someone – that someone being Melissa, as if she’s the most important
• melissADrake (jk i’m pushing it)
• also it is said that Spencer is one of the smartest characters in the show, but -A is always one step ahead of her. And who do we know Spencer could never beat? Melissa.
• We all suspect fake Rollins to be connected to Wren because they’re both british, but Melissa spent some time in England too (correct me if i’m wrong) she could’ve made acquaintances there, which is why Jenna is familiar with him too (Melissa - Jenna connection)

In the books, Melissa got pregnant by Wilden and not just because in the show she married Ian, doesn’t mean she never had a thing with Wilden. Cece had a thing for Wilden too, as i remember. Which brought me to this theory “Lord help the Mister who comes between me and my sister” - wilden is the Mister both sisters loved.

Its a long shot but its 7am and i haven’t slept yet.