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On Asian Stereotypes

Someone once told me, “You’re lucky, you’re Asian. Your stereotypes are all positive, like all Asians are smart, or all Asians are good at math.”

Do you know the problem with Asian stereotypes? 

The problem is that when I get an A on a test, people say, “Oh, she’s Asian, of course she got an A”. 

The problem is that when our badminton team won state, people said, “Oh, they’re Asian, of course they’re good at badminton”. 

The problem is that when my sister got into MIT, I heard people saying, “Well, she’s Asian, so of course she got into MIT”. 

When my friend wins a piano competition, people said he won because “all Asians are good at piano.”

But that’s not right.

I got an A on that test because I did my homework every day and studied for hours.

Our badminton team won state because we train 9 hours a week, all year round.

My sister got into MIT because she spent hours agonizing over her essays, because she stayed up ridiculously late doing homework and studying for tests.

Yes, I agree, a lot of the Asians I know are very smart, and many Asians excel in music and extracurriculars. Do you know why? It’s because of their parents, who yell at them when their grades drop, when they don’t practice enough. It’s the hours spent crying, the times you consider cheating because you don’t have time to study. It’s your bleeding fingers and aching shoulders, but you haven’t practiced enough. 

Because when we don’t succeed, all we hear is countless people telling us, “You’re Asian, aren’t Asians supposed to be smart?” “Aren’t Asians supposed to be good at piano?” “Aren’t Asians supposed to succeed at everything without trying?”

Do not invalidate our hard work by saying our achievements are a result of our ethnicity.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s all take a moment to enjoy the sister’s brilliant gift for understatement in paragraph 11.

  • Kara: Maggie
  • Maggie: Uh hey Little Danvers, um how did you get my number
  • Kara: I have my ways
  • Kara: You hurt my sister once, you do it again, and we'll have problems, got it?
  • Maggie: You're giving me the shovel talk...over the phone?
  • Kara: You're currently at home, in pink pajamas, eating trix cereal and watching Community on you're freaking out, running around, no i didn't put a camera in your home. I just know.
  • Kara: I know everything Maggie. You hurt her again, there's no where you can hide from me, got that?
  • Maggie: *internally petrify* Yup! got it! Nice talking to you, bye!
In the Palm of Her Hand

“Just like this, Grace.” Dean wrapped his fingers around his daughter’s little wrist and guided her hand toward the edge of the cake.

The little girl chuckled quietly with her other hand over her mouth as her father swiped her finger along the bottom line of icing. They both grinned at each other as Grace quickly popped the icing into her mouth before anyone else could see. The party-goers were too busy catching up with old friends to notice what the father and daughter were up to… everyone except Castiel.

Cas was leaning against a doorway across the room with his eyes settling softly on his family. His smile grew as he watched Grace steal more icing with Dean’s help. Maybe another person would scold Dean and Grace for what they were doing, but Cas couldn’t find the heart to do it.

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