my sister got me a sketchbook

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Happy birthday! Just a simple question to start off,maybe. What kicked off your idea of drawing a Love Live childhood AU?

OH BOI HERE WE GOOO I was saving a long recording to make a proper 10 minute long vid to explain that properly but i lost it somewhere so i’ll probably do that later and will try my best to keep it short and clear (i get messy and unorganized when i start raving about my works)

As you may already know I’m the eldest of like, 8. This includes three brothers, and four little cousins. So I’ve always been surrounded by babies and very small kids through my life… Until well they eventually started to grow up, so my big sister self estinguished with age and I miss these days.

The first idea of Otonokids came to me precisely on 8/26/2015, on a 7 hour long train ride to see my ex (with whom I still was going out with, at the time). She lived 600 miles away from me and I only got to see her two days every six months at most.

So that train ride got me bored. Hopefully I had a sketchbook with me. So I started to draw. Since it’s only been a couple of months I got into LL, I wanted to practice the girls in my style. So I drew a Nico… except she looked much younger than her actual self. Yup, otonokids was actually an accident in the first place. And I eventually got carried away, and went with the idea of a little Nico, since we didn’t get to see her at all in the anime. So I drew a baby Maki to go with her.

This is the first Otonokids drawing ever, the one from the train ride.

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My sister & I got the thing, so here are some quick Pokemon daily drawings 🌿   I’m in the middle of hills and fields and limited connectivity at the moment but every now and again one comes wandering by :D


There are many that shine, but look at what’s real among them

Monday mornings were a drag. You were early today, being the second person to arrive in homeroom, even before the teacher came. You sat in the seat you assigned to yourself since the first day of school; teachers always say to sit anywhere you want but would come to learn the students would pick a seat and never budge from it for the rest of the year. It was in the far left corner near the windows where you had vision of everything that was going on. Your teacher barely called on you, making it safe enough for you to zone out.

You were completely bored with this cycle. Coming to school just to see the same faces and hear the same words over and over again. Finding bits of entertainment was becoming a mission these days. You’re young, in need of more fun and excitement. You were only making the best of what you had to work with in this school.

The classroom was sure to be bustling with ruckus and noise as the other students piled in just before the bell rang. Your head hung down uninterested in the people around you as your pen glided along the paper in your sketchbook.  


You casted your eyes up before raising your head with a warm smile. “Morning.”

Your best friend, close to being a sister, always gets you food, Seulgi smiled brightly at you before taking her seat in front of you. She twisted her body to face you, grabbing your attention away from all the other students who were coming in.  

“How was your weekend?”

You closed your sketchbook with a shrug and sigh. “It was alright, I didn’t get to have any fun but I spent it spoiling myself. Doing a little online shopping and trying this new face mask my mom got me. Nothing special.”

Seulgi hummed knowingly; your idea of fun was a bit farther away from innocent. Fun consisted of mischievous actions, trying new things. As a teenager the best entertainment was found at parties, with dancing and drinks that tasted stronger than soda. Hooking up with cute guys whose lips tasted like candy. Fun was flirting with guys who caught your eye; like Baekhyun who was low-key already known as a fuckboy in this school, along with his buddy Jongdae. The basketball team was booming with hunks like the besties Kai and Sehun, along with team leader Tao which all the girls fawned over.

You had to be careful with how you played the game. As much fun as it is, reputation is important to stay in. Society is cruel when you show your true colors, and it’s quick and merciless the way everyone can make you out to be a loser. You played the good girl, humble and sweet to everyone around her so you didn’t have to be a topic in everyone’s gossip. But you wouldn’t deny liking a little attention every now and then, only when you wanted it by whom you wanted it from.

“You’re in luck, there’s a party coming up this Saturday. Just your type.” Seulgi sang, biting her tongue with a smile as she watched your face light up though you tried to hide it by biting your lip.

“I like the sound of that.” You stated, the idea of letting loose making your heart jump in delight. Only for you to sigh in annoyance as the teacher walked in, demanding attention for class to start.

“The bell has rung now let’s calm down and put our heads to work. It’s a new week and we’re going to start a new lesson!”

A few groans sounded out as chairs scooted across the floor as students took their seats and began to pull out their notebooks.

“Before we get right into it we have another addition to add! Please come in~”

Everyone turned their heads to the door as it opened to watch an unfamiliar face walk through. He was definitely tall, his features handsome as a cocky vibe spilled off of him.  

“This is your new classmate. Make sure to greet him properly and take care of him well for the rest of the year.” The teacher announced before nodding his way for his turn to speak.

A husky, deep voice with a smooth velvet warmth that caressed your attention spoke out, “I’m Park Chanyeol. I hope to get along with all of you this year. Please take care of me.”

Murmurs were instant with questions about where he came from and more about how damn cute he was.

Seulgi hummed quietly with a grin as she eyed him curiously before taking a look back at you. “New boy’s kind of cute. I kinda want to-.”

She held off from finishing her sentence, taking a good look at where your wide eyes were focused. You both watched as the teacher pointed out an empty seat in the row behind you, Chanyeol nodding and made his way over while giving the most heart stopping smiles to the girls he passed by. Seulgi looked back at you with a smirk as you finally laid your eyes on her, smiling wickedly as you bit down on your fingers and your eyes sparkled in delight.  

“I want him.”


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Happy birthday!! I hope u have a lovely day and get cool stuff c:

thanks! I already had my party so I know what all my presents are (other than the one from my sister because it hasn’t gotten here yet), my best friend got me a sketchbook, my parents got me 24 prismacolor markers, and my little brother made me a frank voodoo doll fjhdhdhdhf

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Do you have any old drawings from high school of the characters you'd be willing to share? I'd love to see your first interpretations of them and how they've changed over the years

Yeah, actually, there’s a post in my saved drafts with this cursed image:

I think these were in an old sketchbook of my sisters’ that she found awhile ago, but she took this photo and sent it to me.  This was probably around 2006-07… I had pushed the bishounen thing a little too far and was getting bored with it, and shortly after I would try to go in a more cartoony direction! Looks like I gave up when it got to Sock’s hat, haha.  

This is probably the only old-ass W2H stuff you’ll see from me.  The rest of them would’ve been in sketchbooks I had at my parents house, which burned down last fall.  Unfortunately the sketchbooks are fine, they’re just locked away in some storage space somewhere and practically impossible to get to.  Which I guess is the second-best thing to being destroyed in a fire, so I can’t complain.

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How did you improve so much so quickly

Originally posted by but-i-can-pretend

I’m actually happy to share my experience about that.  Hold on to your seats, it might get long.

I’ve been slowly coming out of one of the worst art blocks of my life.  It felt like I couldn’t draw ANYTHING, and it lasted the better part of two years.  Everything I drew looked wrong.  I hated everything that I even attempted to draw, so I just… didn’t draw.  There is hardly any art that came out of those two years.

Earlier this spring my younger sister came over to visit from out of state.  We’re very close.  When we were younger, we loved making up OCs.  We would draw for hours at a time, just listening to music, coming up with backstories and personalities, laughing and just being adorable geek siblings.  We had SO MANY OCs, we kept meticulously organized in two giant binders.  (There’s a point to this, bear with me XD)

My sister and I are both adults now, but when you get us together we turn back into giggling teenagers, just being dorks and making inside jokes all the time.  I even got out my sketchbook this time around so we could reminisce and draw our old OCs, just like we always did. 

Something just clicked in my brain.  Suddenly, drawing was easy again.  Not “easy” as in I was suddenly better and everything looked exactly how I wanted it to look, but “easy” in that I didn’t have to think about getting up the motivation to do it. My sister had no high expectations, I was just doodling.  I wasn’t pressured to please anybody, it was just for kicks and giggles. 

I visited my old Pinterest board with reference pictures and started trying to do new poses and facial expressions. I experimented with different styles. Eventually I felt like joining an online community again. Tumblr seemed like a natural choice for a millenial like me. 

Suddenly I had an insatiable desire to draw.  Maybe it’s my brain making up for lost time.  I started reading and watching tutorials about Photoshop techniques, anatomy, coloring, etc.

The funny thing about wanting to draw all the time is that you get A LOT of practice, and you slowly get better.  I’ve been drawing A LOT over the past few months.  I don’t post everything that I draw, not by a long shot.  I have so many ideas in my brain of things I want to draw it makes me want to explode because I don’t have nearly enough free time as I’d like to just sit and draw (thanks, adulthood XD). 

If you’ve stuck with me for the whole tale, I appreciate it.  Have some cookies!  🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

TL;DR:  I’ve suddenly started loving to draw again after years of art block, and practice means improvement.


PETER JUDSON is a Designer and Printmaker based out of London. His work has been featured by People of Print, It’s Nice That, Dezeen, and this past December was included in Sight Unseen’s curated collection made especially for Art Basel Miami. For this collab with PAOM, Judson chose to draw inspiration from the environment of the school classroom. Read his answers to our Q&A below and shop the collection!

Q: What was the inspiration for the prints for this collab? A: It’s been a few years since University, many many more since “real” school and I miss the safety blanket and freedom to fail you are gifted with. So it’s a bit of a nostalgic salute to a simpler past. A life without Landlords, bills and admin.

Q: Can you tell us a little behind the scenes of how you staged the photoshoot?A: The idea was to create a stylized vision of “Ah mum! I don’t wanna go to school!” and my sister is a wedding photographer so I thought she’d be good as she’s got experience capturing women throwing bouquets. But in all fairness the behind the scenes set up was just a fair few flash guns and me lobbing t-shirts at a wall, trying to get into that angry kid mentality.

Q: Writing or typing? Pencils or pens? A: Writing and pens, nothing beats a nice sketchbook and a good pen.

Q: Was there a class that put you to sleep while you were in grade school? Can you tell us a story about that class? A: I’m not sure which one grade school is ha but I never really got into maths, I love solving problems so I can see the attraction but finding the radius of a circle never really got me off. I’d love to tell you a “there was this one time when…” kind of story but all the ones that come to mind are probably best left unsaid.

Q: Which of your t-shirts would you give to your favourite illustrator if given the chance? A: I’d probably give it to Natalie du Pasquier the french fine artist, does that count? The thought of her wearing any of them as her lazy painting clothes would top anything I’ve done so far in my career.