my sister gave me this

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  T O  M Y  T W O  R E D H E A D  C H I L D R E N

A little tip for parents with children in school (or for children in school to show their parents)

My mom gave me and my sister two days every semester that she called “mental health days.”

Those were days, that for ANY reason, and without having to tell my mom the reason, we could skip the day of school. We’d just tell her we were taking a mental health day and she’d call the school and let them know we were not coming in. 

#1 This helped keep our grades up by lowering our stress levels. I never got a C in any grade school class. The majority of my classes I received A’s. I also took 4 AP classes and they were not weighted. Trust me, it made a difference.

#2 I never felt the need to skip school. I knew if I ever wanted to or needed to my mom would help me. 

Your kids are young and need time to recover. They need some days where they can do nothing but stay in bed for no reason. They need their own space where their privacy is respected. It will make a huge difference.


My sister did this to me when I was about to eat some instant ramen and I had to draw it ;-; (I exaggerated this bit though)

Another Artemis Fowl realization!!

Artemis Fowl was literally Zootopia before zootopia. Like first girl cop Holly is Judy, who gets stuck as a traffic cop then gets in trouble for disobeying orders and catching a criminal.

Artemis is Nick Wilde, at first her asshole enemy and eventually her best bro and kind of partner

There’s even a grudgingly police chief who becomes a bro too.

Also the racism tones with different races like goblins, pixies, etc, centaurs, etc.

(Also that sheep is Opal)

East of Eli concert in Rome with Chyler Leigh

Let’s start this recap by saying we only found out they were coming to Italy like two days before the concert itself. As Johann Frank too said on his twitter, this has been their most last minute show ever. It was amazing though, they’re all so talented and down to earth. I had such a good time and Nathan is so funny. When they took over the stage, East of Eli’s music managed to enthrall me completely. Obviously, seeing Chyler in person up so close (I was in the second row) was heart-stopping. I don’t know how it’s possible but that woman is even prettier in real life, damn! Nathan and Chyler made us laugh various times during the concert, so dorky and cute. I have a couple of videos I can share if anyone wants me to, either of them trying to speak Italian or of the live performances (Chyler’s voice ♥♥)

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Witch Tip

Feel sick to your stomach? Have the WORST stomach bug on the planet? Dump a bowl of fresh mint and a few slices of ginger in the bath and then jump on in.

Seriously, it works wonders.


Wanted to write this here because it’s a bigger platform than my twitter.

I have very mild psoriasis. Usually it breaks out in late winter because I haven’t gotten enough sun and I just have to wait for summer to roll around.

But this Christmas my sister gave me Havtorn Saltbodyscrub from Matas and it’s like some miracle cure for psoriasis.

I noticed my psoriasis spots disappeared after I started using it and ever since then, without fail, if I get new spots I just rub it on for a few days and it goes away.

I know how irritating psoriasis can be for some of you, so I thought I’d share.