my sister begged me to

Stressed Out(tm)

alright my dudereenos quick update; court went pretty good, got my plan changed to appl (meainng i can go forward with the whole emancipation deal) and my stepdad pissed the everliving fuck out of the judge so that was cool to see, helped my case…seeing the birthgiver was fuking stressful tho, as well as the controled messages from my sister immediately following accusing me of lying and begging me to go along with my mom,trying to get information…fuck that noise.

Work today was weird….got tied for employee of the month, which is strange considering that i go olut of my way to be an average employee middle-of-the-pack type guy…you fucking know this is about the whole tim thing, trying to get me to keep my mouth shut. I refused, which they said i couldn’t do, but guess what i fucking did it so

Things with parker are going pretty great, thanks for everyone who’s asking…things with friends not so great, and that sucks…figured out that i’m not good at being a loner. at all.

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Children are secondary // my mother is a vicious thing that uses us for ladder rings // show dogs and pedestals // my father is a dismissive thing that doesn’t quite notice when were there // video games take up more in his heart than us // I spent a lot of time naming my sister mother // my hands stay splayed open and begging // love me like the strangers kids // love me like my brother // love me please - nyx

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