my sister begged me to


This is Poe stache, Poe for short. Its hard to get pictures of this cat, first cat I adopted after Nikki was put down. I got her to help my mom and sister get over the last cat. When i first got her she was dirty and my sister didnt even want to touch her. Few years later shes super healthy and lovey and my sisters was begging me to let her take the cat to her new house. So I let her take the cat. Heres to adopting more cats to make more people happy!

asian-mustache asked:

u better do all the league questions

Heck you!!!!! asian-mustache

1: Summoner Name?

elvenInvestig8or (it doesn’t fit otherwise….)

2: What got you into League? When?

P sure it was my girlfriend begging me to play. My sister had previously tried to make me play, but I was like no fuck off. That was a year ago, maybe? Took me a long time to get into it.

3: Would you go as far as saying League changed your life? For better or worse?

Uhhh, not really? It’s just a game I play with friends.

4: Favorite champion?


5: First champion?

Soraka??? idfk

6: Least Favorite champion?

I urgot (hehehe, like I forgot but not really because I only think of Urgot)

7: Who is the most misunderstood champion?

I might say Diana. There are things about her people get really wrong. Then again, people get the whole Leona and Diana stuff horribly wrong. ALSO FIORA

8: Who is the most overrated champion?

i fucking hate master yi

9: Who is the most underrated champion?

Uhhh, Diana isn’t played a lot, but she’s fab. Idk tho

10: Which champion would you hate fighting against if they were real?

Uhhh, well, I would hate a lot, but Syndra because I would be drooling over her while she slammed me into the ground

11: Which champion would you hate fighting with on your team if they were real? Which would you love?

I’m trying to think of who annoys me the most. Annie is annoying af, but Urgot is Urgot. I would love Leona or Syndra hnnng bbies pls

12: What champion can you most relate to? If any?

uhhhhhhhhh, idk???

13: Do you ship any of the champions? Who?

Leona/Diana, Leona/Syndra, Leona/Diana/Syndra. others, too, but those are the most important

14: Which champion do you want to learn more about, lore wise?


15: Roles you can play? Which do you prefer?

I only play aram, but I’m good at tank and full ap. My ex used to call me the best adc in the land. lol, but can we trust her….

16: First role learned?

adc, I guess

17: First skin?

probably Celestine Soraka

18: Favorite skin?


19: Least favorite skin?


20: How much money have you spent on League? Did you ever expect to spend that much?

however much one icon costs. I still have 150 from the RP you get when you join

21: Biggest in-game peeve?

when people don’t shut up

22: How do you deal with toxic players, personally?


23: Favorite piece of fancreation?

all happy leona/diana…..

24: Favorite League Merch? Do you own any? Do you want any?

I literally just got a keychain of Leona’s sword today. Thanks, Lara <3

25: Favorite League Fan-creator?

Uhh, idk? Kyra is such a good writer at league of fics

26: Favorite Pro-team?


27: Favorite Pro-Player?


28: Favorite website for Info on League?

I don’t even look at stuff

29: : Favorite song to listen to while playing?

I usually listen to Lana Del Rey…..

30: Best League related youtube video?


31: Which champion and/or skin do you want to buy next?

idk, some girl champ

May 2015 Book Photo Challenge | Day Twenty One - POC (Person of Colour) Character

Persephone ‘Sephy’ Hadley

This book blew my mind as a kid and has always had a special place in my heart. I remember begging my sister to buy me the fourth book in this saga, Double Cross, for my birthday and how excited I was when I finally got it.

My heart at the end of this book though…serious feels!

Requested One-Shot (No Fandom)

(This one-shot was requested by a lovely Anon on my personal blog @jonasplier.)

The request was following dialogue: “I made you a hat!” - “Out of Popsicle sticks?”-”From the trash!”

Just like every day around this time of the year, the sun was beating down on the city, mercilessly burning everyone’s skin, even those of the few rare souls who had applied sun blocker and even those who only left their four walls to get groceries. Which included me.

“C’mon, go outside with me for a bit! It’s so nicely warm outside, plus you should really get a tan. You look like a vampire”, my younger sister begged me, tugging at my feet as I sat on the edge of my bed, smearing cooling crème on my arms and shoulders that had gotten sunburnt from my little trip to the local mall yesterday to buy some necessities.

Closing the tube, I sighed. “I don’t look like a vampire, I look like someone who isn’t going straight for skin care. Also, it’s not nicely warm, it’s fucking hell out there.”

“Not true, I checked myself. There’s even a little breeze at times.”

“Well, that turns ‘hell’ to just ‘kind of hell’, an epic change”, I mocked her, getting up from my bed to throw her out again. I don’t know how in all world she did it, but somehow she was managing to stay out in the heat for hours each day. Very unhealthy in my eyes yet astonishing.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty please!?”, she started to beg again, just as she had for about fifteen minutes before but now she was bringing out the puppy eyes. Clever move. “Nobody ever plays with me, you know Mommy’s working and Daddy still hasn’t woken up from the sleep you all told me he is in, so you have to play with me, sis’! I even have a surprise for you!”

A sharp pain coursed throughout my system at the mention of our father who, in real life, had died about two months ago. We had told my sister that he was sleeping in a faraway castle and would return once again when she would be a good girl for long enough. I know, lying to her probably wasn’t the right choice at all, and I had to bite my tongue every single time she mentioned him, but could’ve you broken a little girl’s soul by looking into those big, round eyes and telling her that her beloved father had passed away? Yeah, me neither.

A long sigh escaped my lips. “Who am I to deny a princess her request?”

Happily, she jumped up and down a few times before exiting my room and hurrying downstairs into our garden. “Your surprise awaits you!”

“Be right with you!”, I yelled after her, hopping into a pair of shoes and eventually following her. Upon entering our backyard, she was already standing next to the swinging set, stretching out her arms with her hands holding onto somewhat disfigured version of a hat.

“What’s that?”, I asked her curiously, crouching down in front of her so we were at the same eyesight.

“Your surprise, silly!”, she replied with a proud grin, “I made you a hat!”

Wrinkling my forehead, I examined the thing closer. “Out of Popsicle sticks!?”

She nodded her head eagerly, “Yes! From the trash!”

I couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “At least you didn’t eat them all by yourself.”

“Why are you laughing? Don’t you like it?” Hurt flashed through her eyes at my to her apparent dislike of her present.

I patted her head, giving her a warm smile. “I love it, don’t worry. It’s the greatest hat I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, it’s actually a crown because I wanted to crown you, sis’.”

“Oh, are you crowning me a queen?”

She shook her head, giggling. “No.”

“What else then?”

“Hereby, I declare you now as the Princess of the Popsicles!”, she declared, placing the hat right on top of my head.

(Hope you enjoyed it, everyone. This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come :D)


so I was on a date with one of my friends sisters (he begged me to go because she was lonely.) so we are at the restaurant and we order. the food comes we were having a great time btw the all of the sudden she says something that changes that mood. she said “men are pigs I don’t even know why we keep them around.” (shes 23 im 22) so I pause because well im a man and she is on a date with me, a MAN! all I could say was “ just eat it’s going to get cold.” then I took her to a movie then I took her home and just sped off all together she conned me into spending $60.00 on her I know because my meal was $6.95 and she got a $10.00 meal and a lot of alcohol at the restaurant which I wouldn’t mind if she wouldn’t have been giving me reasons and examples of how women are far superior than men all night even tho I paid for everything that night. anyways she texts me in the morning saying “hey wanna go out again?” im like “oh sorry I just checked myself turns out im a man” she tried explaining it to me then came to my house and told me im the “problem with all men!” so after that I go to work and im stocking shelves and a lady comes up with 5 kids totally ignores my coworker and myself. she looked confused so I asked if she needed help, she says I want to speak to a woman I will not speak to a pig “inferior” in my head im like “oh hell not again” my coworker is confused I tell him it’s cool ill handle it so I tell the woman with 5 kids  that ill go find her a woman to talk to. so so I turn the corner and I literally run into my manager who is a woman. I pull her aside and explain that she will not talk to a male worker so my manager goes and talks to her all the lady wanted was APPLE JUICE WHICH WAS ON THE PALLET we were downstacking RIGHT INFRONT OF HER we were literally on that level of the pallet she could SEE it she just didn’t want a member of the OPPOSITE SEX to touch it! (she said that not me I swear to god!) so my manager  picks it up and hands it to her and innocently asks “ if you don’t like men why have so many children?” the lady flips and says to get her a female manager because she has seen enough pigs today and that my manager is a “ pig sympathizer” all my manager says is “ you are looking at her” the lady just flipped my manager said to buy her stuff and go and she left. this ignorance all happened in one day and the message I want to leave here is ladies you may not realize but extreme feminism is dangerous and it hurts people and it’s quite similar to racism in a sense that you are hating a group of people who you mostly never me because lets face it there are atleast 3.7 billion men on earth you cant meet them all so why hate them and lastly hate is useless for the most part it will get you nowhere so instead of saying “men are pigs” try to say “ men don’t understand how we feel but lets cooperate to get to where we need to be in day to day life and through the process they will understand!”

My sister just gave me the snarkiest reply to my message begging her to stop watching game of thrones because of the writers and everything else which is just a mess with that show.

Her reply was essentially “get a grip u don’t even watch the show how would u kno anything about these characters lol. u should make ur own judgements instead of copying other people. yeah some characters are dicks but the women are kickass when handling these situations”

Mate. You are twenty one years old, about to graduate and claim that you are a feminist. Think about what you just wrote. You’re right I don’t watch the show. There is a reason for it.

The Darkest Minds Review

I recently finished the series, The Darkest Minds, by Alexandra Bracken, at my sister’s request. I loved this series. It puts a new twist on the dystopian genre. For those who don’t know, The Darkest Minds is set in The United States where an illness has broken out. Every child affected, within their teen years, has special abilities. Based on their abilities they are put into camps in order to not harm others, etc. I liked the twist on the genre because it was a bit unexpected and different than the other books in that genre currently. There was a heart breaking love story, humor, strong characters and I enjoyed this book immensely. My sister begged me to read it and I’m glad I read it sooner than later. I recommend this read!! It was a 5/5 for me!

Beware of fake tech support things. Luckily I was smart enough to shut down my computer and not call the fake Apple tech support. My sister was begging me to call, so don’t be like her and fall for it. Report the number on the screen though. Also check the links before clicking them. Especially on free tv players so this kind of thing won’t happen. Thanks for warning me about this sort of thing, tumblr.

♥Day 2- A weird day it was...

I had my exam today , so after Alec slept I started panicking again. My head started to hurt so instead of studying I ended up sleeping , after I woke up I only had 2 hours before my exam so I asked (begged) my sister to help me with it and she did. After that I felt pretty confident about everything went and gave my exam which surprisingly went great. But during the exam it was really hard to concentrate cause of my period cramps after coming home it got worse. 

I messaged Alec and we talked for some time and it was nice talking to him. Listening to him talk and his voice just soothes me and makes me feel better. I had to go get food with my sister so I left for some time but all that time away from him i just kept thinking about him. I just wanted to be in my bed all warm talking to him , when I came back home first thing I did was call him . We talked for 15 minutes then his parents got home so we couldn’t talk anymore which really made me sad but I understood and instead of talking we ended up video calling. 

It was nice just being with him and then we started talking(texting)about meeting up and he said we’ll un-officially get married when we meet up …I felt so happy and I wanted to cry but at the moment instead of thinking about the happy things I ended up thinking of the bad things. What if we don’t meet up for years? What if he falls for someone else ? What if all this happiness is all just temporary ..? I started to cry and by thinking all these things I hurt Alec too. He thinks that I doubt his feelings which isn’t true, I know he loves me very much. It’s just these stupid thoughts and feeling I can’t control but he managed to make me happy again. He always knows how to make me happy and it’s so weird cause I can go from crying to laughing so hard with him. 

This whole day was a roller coaster of emotions but with him with me most of it was fun. After the crying and the laughing I ended up falling asleep . I woke up to him complaining about game of thrones which he finally decided to watch. Now he’s sleeping and I’m up …and I miss him. Thinking about it I’m so much happier then I was 2 years ago and it’s all thanks to him. No one can handle me like he does and I love him so much for it. I’m so grateful to have him in my life. I hope it’s always like this. I always wanna be with him. Forever and always.


My sister may be the perfect woman. She begged me to breed her and now that shes pregnant with my child she is perfectly content to stay in the house and cook for me and dad. Now I cant wait to start training my daughter when she arives.