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i had almost forgotten about these Iconic™ looks from the Errand of Mercy episode… so i used them for a little stylistic experimentation


My twin sister Sarahi came from Egypt a few days ago and since it was a warm day, I took her out. She ended up buying a lot of things and the trunk of my car is full! 


looks like Doyoung has gotten too serious his “mom” role 😂😂

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I kinda wanna know what Mae's mom's reaction was after learning Mae was finally pregnant. She seemed pretty excited in game when she assumed Mae was pregnant when she (Mae) really wasn't.

I know omgg that was one of the funniest parts in the game (and I mean adorable too). 

Mae’s mom was super happy to find out… It took her dinner that night that the feeling finally sunk in that she was going to be a grandmom and she literally flipped her tacos. 

Funny enough, when Mae went into labor with bby Casey, Mae’s mom had actually called Aunt Molly so she can drive in front of them so they can reach the hospital in time for Mae to have Casey there… Go grandma! (owo)9′’

Lol but thank you for stopping by Anon~!! 


💜- A memory about one of their loved ones, happy or sad
💙- A sad memory that makes them cry

Dawn and her late husband Devon, the night after landing on Balmorra. They retired to their tent, but Dawn couldn’t sleep so they started browsing through some pictures of houses for sale on various green planets, away from Republic space. 
Dawn wanted a sunny bedroom for their child - she knew too well how grim and dull a bedroom could get when it’s only lit up by the streetlights outside, like her own bedroom was when she grew up on Coruscant.

Planning Frustrations

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: Attempting to plan your wedding, you get frustrated from the lack of help.

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and her SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 3. I picked prompt 2: Planning their wedding leads to bickering and conflicting ideas

Warnings: Little bit of angst

It should have been the happiest time of your life so far. You were marrying the man of your dreams in a short couple of months. When Jensen had proposed, you had been ecstatic, more than ready to spend the rest of your life with this green eyed handsome man.

But with Jensen working up in Vancouver, and you stuck down in Austin, trying to balance both work and wedding planning, you were beyond stressed. Nothing seemed to be going right, and you were about ready to throw in the towel and hire a wedding planner.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone~

Shiro week day 4: Friendship/Relationship

Ahhhhh, I really wanted to participate in all of Shiro week, but I forgot it started this week, and I didn’t have time for all the days. Q__Q  This is probably going to be my only contribution to Shiro week, even though it’s a day late ;___;  BUT!  As soon as my winter break starts, I’ll start working on more Sheith!  Finals are right around the corner hopefully my grades don’t suffer…

Anywayyyy, here’s some Sheith sit up kisses.  Shiro manages to interrupt Keith’s workout again. Guess Keith will finish his remaining sets on his own. Hehe. The text about Keith’s ass being firm comes from a conversation between my mom, sis, and me, since our mom likes to question how we have such a tight ass o //// o

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving!  ^^

Yo does anyone have suggestions for radical/activist/feminist children’s books? I have a 1 year old sibling and as the significantly older librarian sister I feel a moral obligation to help her build an awesome library throughout her childhood…….I already bought her Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls for her 1st birthday and supposedly our mother reads it to her sometimes. christmas is coming up and i just realized i dont know what to get next??