my single is dropping

I’m sitting here with my big, blank checklist of Overwatch characters. “What is the checklist for” you ask. I say nothing. The Christmas comic drops. I smile, a single tear in my eye. I pull out a pen, and check off the box next to Tracer’s name. “One down” I sigh happily. “22 to go.”

Goa is on cards in mid of Jan 2017….. Only intrested cpls or decent Foreigner single can drop there normal pic in my inbox …… Privacy would be maintained at highest level………..We are average cpl from U.P our age is 31/29 married.

tf just happened

ok so bear with me ok im still so weirded out by what happened. so right. on with the story

i was out grocery shopping and just as i was about to re-claim the stuff i left from the baggage counter, the boys (there were 3 of ‘em) there started snickering just as i was walking up to the counter

so, being the friendly person i am (i like smiling at strangers ok), i was kinda smiling as i handed my claim number. but then i noticed they were shoving each other and whispering go on, go on til finally, one of the boys said, “are you single? youre cute” at that point my smile just dropped but apparently encouraged by my silence he went on to ask for my number too. at that point, i seriously just wanted to get out of there but they wouldnt hand me my stuff till i gave my number

at this point i was so uncomfortable and they were just honest to god leering at me; BUT THEN i felt an arm going around my shoulder and this really really cute girl just says “hey babe, whats wrong?”


after that they finally gave me my stuff without apologizing and the girl accompanied me until we were out of sight, keeping up with the charade. when we were out of there, she turned to me and apologized APOLOGIZED if ever she made me uncomfortable but she saw the trapped look in my face when i was facing those guys so she just wanted to help me. all i could say was, “i wasnt uncomfortable and thank you”

she winked WINKED like wtf is that? at me and left

just like that

i shit you not i thought this only happened in movies like WTF i had to pinch myself

i didnt even get her name.

i’ll drop by that grocery again.


Poem for Libra ♎

A fallen angel
Wandering cluelessly on our world
Taking slow steps into the unkown gracefully
Her mind is her own sun
Explosions of thought happen often
And with a million faces of identity
She carreses every flower she sees
Whispering lullabies to creatures out of this world
Is her curse
“Humankind is strange.” She thinks
Looking up in the air with her silver eyes knowing she’ll never be at home
She tries to understand the wars, famines, murders
But she can’t
She can’t comprehend such confusing acts with her vibrant mind
So she keeps wandering
Knowing she’ll never find her home on this bizzare planet
“If only Hades gave me back my wings.”
She cries every single night
Like a pink drop of rain
One day may be her fortune
One day may be her demise
But she waits
For another angel to fall

Imagine your OTP

Person A is a florist who on St Valentines day sees person B alone and visibly sad, so they give them a red rose, smirking and saying “For my Valentine”.
They both get to know each other eventually, they go out on dates for some time and they fall in love.
Many years later, and old person stands in front of a grave. They look at the tombstone, get on their knees without paying attention to the pain due to age and they pose a single, bright red rose to the stone, whispering “For my Valentine” while a single tear drops on their cheek.

Single droplets of water
fell from my faucet
one after the other
drop after drop
always following suit

I lied in my bed
half awake,
half asleep,
slowing my heart rate
to the beat, thinking

“Pitter patter,
pitter patter,
it doesn’t matter
like water on feathers
I’ll never tatter"

The drops added up
forming rivers
that made oceans
and before I knew it
I was drowning

Do not underestimate
the power of one
one person, one vote
over time, drops of water
can be enough to sink a boat

—  J.DeLissio, Day 123, “Droplets”

In honor of the Lego Batman movie I used this. 

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I want to read some good johndave fics but i dont see much of them nowadays

The Signs Reacting to "Perfect Illusion"
  • Screaming: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Capricorn
  • Crying: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
  • Dancing: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces