my sims 3 is messed up

Phew! I’ve been postponing this because of all the work it requires. but I finally got my act together and gave my Sims 4 download Index a facelift!. It should be a lot easier to navigate and there are some tags added too. Happy downloading! (And don’t hesitate to poke me if i messed something up, I probably did :c)

(Next step will be do add simfileshare links to everything, (I know I’ve said it before and I’m sorry I’m so slow with doing it but just the thought of how many files there are overwhelms me :3)

Updated download index


“That, and if it did happen in Octavia’s room, how did the killer manage to get Octavia from the one room to the other without making a mess? And how because surely Aries’ door would be locked, and we can only get in our own rooms using our e-Handbooks.” Frowning, Mikey made this observation.

“What if the doors were unlocked?” Aries suggested. “My e-Handbook wasn’t on me when I woke up, it was in front of the locker. That’s probably the only useful thing I have to offer this time around.”

The Dating Game - status & an honest confession of procrastination

Everything has been so stressful lately.. My life has been sort of a mess for reasons & things, work is rough & my mental state isn’t where it should be. That being said, I need to quit making things harder on myself by piling things on top of other things. 

I have put off the Dating Game thing & I am sorry, especially to those competing - @steffieandhersims / @daysofourpixelatedlives / @kissablesims - I appreciate the patience ♥ My issue is I am overly worried about coming up with good questions so I keep putting it off. So I am going to ask for some help. To any of you who would be so kind (aside from the 3 participating), please shoot me a question/questions YOU would like to see. Remember this game is at times a little silly or set up so that the guys will answer with something funny. Also, I don’t have to worry about network censorship or losing ad revenue so ;) Just shoot me a message or an ask. I’ll compile a list, throw a few of my own in & get it over to the contestants hopefully some time this week! Steph has already sent her sim over (thanks bb! you’re more on top of things than I) but I’ll give the others some time to make theirs & then this can finally be a thing ^__^ Thanks to everyone who sends in questions & again, to those competing!!

Sims 3 / Sims 4

How’s your day everyone? I hope it’s good in your end of the world.

The past 1½… 2 weeks? I have been messing around with sims 4, and am starting to enjoy it. the toddlers are super cute!

However, this does NOT mean that I am moving over to it. I still love sims 3, but I’m currently taking a break… hiatus? from it as I really lack inspo and motivation for it. 

I don’t know how many who actually follows my Dahing-Swans, they are my precious babies and I am not giving up on them! To those who read the Valentines Day Surprise - thank you. There will come a lot more to Oliver’s story, as I’ve decided to focus on him.
At the same time they are all being re-created in my sims 4. I enjoy just playing them, and I will be posting gameplay shots and stuff. Please do know this: the Sims 4 gameplay is NOT canon! They are a non-canon gameplay and will not be played as they’ve been described so far. … just so you don’t get confused, haha! 
If you don’t want to see my sims 4 posts, please just block the tag “sims 4″ 

…. I doubt anyone really cares, but it’s just a heads up ^^

i realized i have not posted from my 100 baby challenge in a while…i have not really played it too often either…i think i got very overwhelmed with the number of babies and children in the house…lol…but any where is are baby 5 & 6…their names are Chloe and Cali…i know the last baby i posted was Dominic, but since i messed up the alphabet with that one i had to go back and fix it…lol


1. I was inspired by budgie2budgie to put David Hunt by wagaugusto into my game (I fell in love with him on her blog, so I had to give him the same man-bun). Unfortunately something got messed up, and his beard doesn’t quite match his hair. D'oh! He’s still cute, though.

2. Sims will sit and chat while they are actually shopping (some will sit for awhile and then stand up, ready to purchase). It seems like they spend a good 2-3 Sim hours trying to decide what to buy. Whew! Maybe that time will decrease as the wares improve and Lucy gets better at sales?

3, Camille Ludgar (by simsontherope) and David were ready to be rung up at the same time; David looked a little put out while waiting for Lucy to finish up with Camille.

4. I love his expression - “Do I get my muffins now? How ‘bout now?”

Kawaii Slays Dress

I was messing around with S4S and recolors, and..ended up with this. :3 I’m thinking about making more kids clothes anyways, but won’t make any promises seeing as I forget I make them ahahahaha

-15 Swatches in @javabeandreams Emotions palette
-No custom Thumbnail
-My kawaiiness will murder your face. :3
-Name by @smilegummysimmer





Happy Friday!

I let the kids stay home today! We’re all fighting off some nasty cold. Hopefully Hava wont catch it, but I’m sure its inevitable with all the slobber and kisses she gets everyday. Poor Baylor’s got the worst of it! She’s a mess. Peter seems to be pretty well recovered, but I let him stay home anyway… Shhhh… Bad mom. :)

Well… We’re going to go cuddle up in my bed and watch The Good Dinosaur while pigging out on chocolate and popcorn… cause that’s what you do when you’re sick! Hope ya’ll enjoy your Friday!

So I’ve been messing around with mods and having the time of my life. I downloaded a weapons mod and killed my sim’s boss, then the Grim Reaper showed up (I edited him in CAS) and my sim banged him. They were still in my sim’s (now dead) boss’s house, and his roommate even walked in on them doing it. He didn’t react though, I think he was in too much shock.


I figured while I was testing my game, I might as well throw a wedding party and see what it’s all about. So I had a “fake” one (meaning I didn’t save).

It ended up being kind of a mess, which is to be expected. XD The ceremony was successful and the party achieved Gold status, but there were so many weirdnesses.

1. The NPC piano player couldn’t play worth a darn. I do have a working musician in my town - why couldn’t I hire her?

2. A TON of people showed up. Kind of nervewracking for a micromanaging Sim player like myself. All you need is one wacky game-generated townie with a sombrero, and the wedding pics are ruined. ;)

3. Bob Pancakes, I hired you to be the caterer; why are you dancing and mingling with the guests? Get to work! (heehee)

4. This is the only food I saw being eaten - chips from the bar. My Snobby bride and groom will not stand for this! Even Fran looked bummed about it. 

“IfULeave....” Part 3

As Moses came down the stairs, my mind was already made up. Shit, he clearly made up his, while we were having our issues he decided to mess with Trisha. He was obviously done with me and wanted out at the time. I know I’m partially to blame since I shut him out for too long, but that’s no excuse to try and fuck her. We were still together and for him to go and do that foul ass shit with her, is fucked up. Right now, I’m regretting the hell out of telling him that as long as he didn’t actually fuck anyone, It’s something I can get over. Damn, I should’ve let him speak. My dumb ass just assumed it was with some random and that it was something small. If I’d known how far he actually took shit and that it was with his Ex of all people, that statement would’ve never come out my mouth. Humph, at this point anything I said about accepting this shit is out the window. I’m way too hurt to let that shit go. As he entered the kitchen, I grew angrier and let my hotheadedness get the best of me. I tried to hold back and approach him calmly but as soon as he asked me “what’s wrong”, I lost it and went off.  

“I should’ve known this was what you wanted to tell me…” I said, tossing the phone into his chest, holding back tears.

“Hold up, what?” He said, looking at it. 

“It’s all there in that text so please don’t play dumb, Moses! Because we were having problems you decided to say fuck us and go cheat with Trisha?? Oh I’m sorry almost cheat?? I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to be anyone’s fool again! You go have fun with her or whoever.” I said, as I started to storm off.   

“Leah….Wait.” He said, grabbing my arm. 

“What do I need to stay for, Moses?” I said, as I yanked my arm away. 

“You got it all wrong.”

“Then how the fuck was it? Since she ended up in your room, on top of you and with your tongue in her mouth?? I asked you for time Moses, you said you’d give me all the time I needed. Then to turn around and try to fuck your EX?? The bitch that’s been coming for me since she found out about us?? Why the hell would you do that? If you didn’t want to be together anymore then why didn’t you just leave?” I said, wiping my tears.

“I didn’t plan or initiate anything Leah, you should know that.” He said, sliding his hands down his face. “Shit, I didn’t even invite her to the house or let her in, she popped up. I swear on my life I didn’t want her thot ass. I was upset and made a terrible ass mistake, baby, and I am sorry as hell.”    

“If you didn’t want her then why would you do that in the first place??” I said, still crying. “I know I shut you out, but damn, to get so caught up you almost fucked her, Moses?” 

“Leah, come on now. Don’t do this.”

“See exactly, you’re so full of shit! Why can’t you just answer the fuckin question??”

“Because you’re the reason, Leah! You ain’t been around for six weeks…Six fuckin weeks. Then while you left me in limbo, I got word that you was cozying up to Ryan more than once. I figured you were done and I was hurt and angry as hell. She came onto me strong and I wanted to forget about everything and move on. For that brief period we were over in my mind. Yeah I tried, but I couldn’t even get close to going through with it. Like I said before Leah, I didn’t even want her…I just wanted you, I wanted us back. So I stopped, told her to leave, and then hopped on the next flight back home. Of course I was still angry at you for going behind my back chilling or whateva with that mothafucka, but as soon as I saw you, all that shit went out the window.”

“Wow, just wow. So let me get this straight, I’m totally to blame for your fucked up actions?? And what the hell do you mean by whateva??”

“You know damn well that’s not what I’m saying at all! You asked for the reason and I told you. I let it happen. As for you and Ryan, I know you didn’t fuck him, but I wasn’t clear on what you were doing with him. Hell, I still don’t know. You weren’t exactly honest with me at Nica’s party. You only told me about the hospital. You conveniently left out that you went to his house the next day and that he tried to get back with you.”

“Are you fucking serious?? You got people spying on me now?? What type of lil’ boy shit is that? You couldn’t just ask?”

“Lil boy shit?? Nah, you just got one untrustworthy ass friend, Camille, who told Trisha that you was at his house. That’s why she took the opportunity to pop up and let me know. That’s why I was upset, why I thought you was done, and why I almost fucked her! Then while I was mid-flight Camille got my number somehow and texted me that he came by your house and tried to get back with you. Since we are on the subject and just out of curiosity, Why were you there in the first place? And why didn’t tell me everything at the party?”

“Of course, you would ask that. I went to his house to check on his son who just got out the hospital. I helped him as a former medical professional, so I naturally wanted to make sure he was ok…That’s it! I didn’t tell you because I thought you would get the wrong impression.” 

“So that required making a house call, Doc?? Damn, I should really pay mine more because I’m sure his ass wouldn’t show up to my house after I got released, he’d just call me. I’m not stupid, Leah. You didn’t tell me because you knew damn well you was wrong and that you wanted to see your Ex.”

“Fine then, the answer is YES! Yes I wanted to see him and for three seconds I thought about getting back with him, since I was having all these issues with you and your family. But I only thought it and quickly let that crazy shit go. You tried to fuck Trisha and are standing here trying to blame me for it. All you have done for the past two months is bring drama and chaos into my life and I’m not gonna deal with it anymore. Here’s your fucking confirmation….We’re OVER!” 

Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything after that. He was eerily silent with a stone cold look on his face as he stood there and watched me gather my shit. I hauled ass out the door and managed to keep it together for a while. It was a little past dawn, but I didn’t have anything planned for the day so I took a shower and laid down. I wondered how the fuck could our seemingly perfect relationship just dissolve over the course of two months. I guess when your bombarded with issue after issue with no time to fully heal, shit is bound to fall apart. I looked over to the side Moses usually slept on, and noticed his “man stuff” on the night stand. As I started to wonder why after six weeks I never payed attention to them until now, It became clear that I was so caught up in my emotions over his aunt’s antics, negative media attention and judgement that I lost sight of what was the only thing that mattered…US. Humph, but it’s too late now and what’s done is done on both ends. As it finally dawned on me that it’s truly is over between us, the largest lump I have ever felt, formed in the back of my throat. I tried my hardest to fight them, but eventually the tears won and I ended up crying myself to sleep.