my sims 3 is messed up



  • BGC
  • 18 EA Colors
  • Hat Compatible
  • Recolors Allowed(Don’t include the mesh)
  • Also recolored in @dustflwr Anathema Palette 
  • Custom Thumbnails for all 3 files
  • Name by @babydollisinlovewithcottoncandy
  • Works with my Jisoo ombre accessories found HERE.
  • I made a clip accessory that will work with this hair, it comes in WMS Unnaturals Palette +B/W and should be at the top of the facial accessories category

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch with it and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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Strawberry Choker

i got bored and i really like the strawberry necklace they have 4 kids and i was like hmm why not make it into a choker :))

  • 3 ea swatches
  • BGC
  • EA mesh edit
  • Male and female ? (i forgot to check)
  • child-elder 
  • has clipping issue with certain animations and side got messed up but you cant tell with most hairs :)

please notify me if you got any issues!

TOU|Download: SFS


Jisoo Ponytails

  • BGC
  • 16 EA Colors(Non-ombre)
  • Hat Compatible
  • Recolors Allowed(Don’t include the mesh)
  • Also recolored in @sebastianvictorian BitterSweet Palette
  • Custom Thumbnails for all files
  • Works with my Jisoo ombre accessories found HERE. Mix and match for a total of 3770 different options
  • Requested by an anon, these ponytails are very very basic, so I am sure someone has made ones similar in the past, these however these are made to work with my ombre accessories
  • If you don’t want the hairbow/hairtie to be the shade of the hair, I have included a Black and White option that can be found in ‘Hats.’ It works for all 3 versions.

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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Lily + Ashton's Home - Wednesday, 1:40pm

“But, you want to make your father proud and you feel like loving a man won’t.”

“Yeah. He likes Alexander as my friend, but I don’t know if he’d feel that way if he found out Alex is my boyfriend.”

“We really need to stop living for our parents and just enjoy your lives for what we want it to be. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I never mentioned your names to my mother. Your father’s reputation would’ve put her in a cardiac arrest.”

Prens laughed. “We’ve got some pretty messed up parents, don’t we?”

“Speak for yourself. My mother’s just snotty. Yours morphs into Iron Bull and decapitates people.”

“That’s a low blow for the daughter of an Alien who also decapitates people when she’s not glued to her computers.”

“You mad? What’s for dinner?”

"What ever is on your mother’s stove.”

“You mean YOUR mother’s stove. Why do you think I’m always over here, sassy pants?”

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One year anniversary of Rose Legacy!

How did I get to this point? I’m honestly very surprised. I usually played my sims families for a few months only and then I got bored of them. But Roses, oh dear, that’s different.

On this day one year ago, I reinstalled all Sims 3 expansions and stuff packs I have and decided to start a legacy challenge. Yeah, I actually followed some rules. My founder Amelia started very poor with a small house. The rules I followed said the spouse can’t be created by me so she married a townie (to this day I can’t understand why him but…okay). And I decided that the heirs will be girls. Whoops. But I mean, there’s finally a female heir for gen 5! :D As you can probably tell, with time I dropped all the rules and the only thing I decided to do was just having fun and doing what I feel like doing, which is how I play to this day and is the reason why I never finish any sims challenge. The rules.

I love these guys so much, it’s actually crazy. So yeah. Thanks for ruining my life, guys. Just kidding, I really love them and they’re not ruining my life, I ruin theirs.

I think one of the reasons why I’m still playing them is that you guys can see them and read what they’re up to and somehow that really motivates me to go on. Thank you for being here with me :)

Here’s to another year of mess and Doctor Who references I’m not sorry about! :D


Meet Cupid…

We all know the story of cupid, but you may or may not know depending on how lucky in love you are is that cupid is a mischevious woman, it may look like she means well but in actuality, cupid thrives of the heartbreak and chaos she causes in relationships. Cupid wasn’t always like this.. but what is that they like to say? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? - that’s right cupid was in love once, really in love. 

Cupid was born centuries ago… initially goddess of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection,Cupid set about helping people find each other and true love. Until… Cupid herself fell in love, she had been warned by her parents that due to her nature she was not meant to have a lover, but she didn’t listen instead Cupid fell in love with the God of mischief Loki, and it all went downhill from there, as time went on Cupid changed in nature, preferring to be mischievous, causing heartache and choas in relationships - but Loki was a God of mischief and he tricked her before leaving her - breaking her heart - it was then that Cupid truly changed and her heart became dark from the pain Loki had caused. Since then Cupid purely out of jealousy tends to cause destruction & heartache in relationships as she can no longer see the beauty in love. 

S.B - i know cupid is male - but i wanted to make my interpretation. - i know i mixed up different mythologies and stuff but i was just messing around - hope this doesn’t offend anyone. 

Happy Valentines Day!! <3


Life with a newborn [04-05-2017]

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a newborn in the house, with our boys being 2 years old now. But it hasn’t really been ’ that bad’ so far. Xochitl is a very easy newborn, and I’m actually getting more sleep now than I did during my pregnancy, haha. We’re not dealing with a lot of sibling jealousy either, which we’re very thankful for. I mean, when Tomás and Miguel were younger, their endless ‘twin jealousy’ was TERRIBLE! And none of us wants to have to deal with anything like that ever again! But nonetheless, we’re all doing pretty good. We’ve only had a newborn in the house for 3 days now, so there are still a lot of things we have to get used to again, and our schedule is a bit messed up, but it’s getting better.

This was just like… a small update, I believe. I don’t know when I’ll have time to write here again, or how often I’ll be on the blog. But I’ll do my best to stop by and update you all on how we’re doing as often as I can!

Complaining bitterly about how misused she is, Beatrice goes about cleaning up the mess.

Belinda tries her hand at magically repairing the washer but it’s ineffective.

Gettings down with her mundane tools, in the puddle to work on he dishwasher, Belinda becomes convinced the washer is a malignant entity. 

“This is SO UNFAIR! My skirt is DAMP!”


sims moodboard challenge by my sweets @aandidas !!

rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it. {tips for making a moodboard here}

so i decided to do two?? one for my lovely bernard from my legacy and for myself!! :~)

(more info abt them below <3)

i tag: @cranberrrybog @lilchurrogames @simlydarling @tea-sims @liquid-rapture @ohthesefaces @ourfallensims

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Yikes I forgot it’s Tuesday and not Friday so guess who’s gonna die tomorrow at school? But don’t worry about me I’m used to being a mess. Have some pictures of my favourite redhead and shut up.


Unlike my siblings who lead an active social life (Lacey has a huge amount of friends, Lydia usually goes everywhere with her, and Derek’s schoolmates are really easy-going), I prefer staying at home and this always means sincere talks with my parents. I’ve always considered myself lucky to have them, even though they can be weird sometimes. Actually, it’s hard to believe how these polar opposites even got together. Nate’s patience is really unlimited and I can’t remember the last time he panicked over something, if this time even was. He’s always organized because sports career taught him to keep everything in order. Tobias is a living hurricane and his life is a huge mess, but he seems alright with this… until he messes something up again. He doesn’t even appear like a dad to me, more like a good friend of my age. I suppose most of the rock musicians are like this.

I love them both a lot. Their conversations often end up with minor fights and we’re all used to this, but everyone should learn from them when it comes to treasuring and appreciating each other.


Dear Matteo,
I don’t forgive you, but it’s okay.
You broke my heart, but it’s okay.
You shattered it into a million fragments, leaving me to clean up the complete and utter mess of myself on the bathroom floor, but it’s okay.
I’ve never told anyone what you did to me, the way you treated me. How I have to lie when people ask why I was in a coma for 6 months last year, no it wasn’t because of some dumb race track crash. You beat me so bad that I almost died… I would have if my roommate hadn’t come back from his business trip early, but it’s okay.
I was physically incapable of getting behind the wheel for the rest of the year. I cried through physical therapy, I cried through sleepless nights wondering why I was never good enough for you. I anguished with grief over you leaving me. Isn’t it deranged that I hold myself accountable for you hurting me? Isn’t it unhinged that I wish that I would have died that night?
But it’s okay.
It’s not even the physical marks you left behind, it was the ones you scarred my heart with that really got to me, but it’s okay.
Time doesn’t heal, or at least for me it doesn’t because I still find myself thinking about you. Why do I still want to fix you? You were a broken man, and I was just a mere bandaid trying to hold you together. I want you to know that I loved you, and you never loved me, but it’s okay.
My heart still aches for you, but it’s okay.
I think my problem is I’m always the one who loves more, but it’s okay.
“There are plenty of ways to die, but only love can kill you and keep you alive to feel it.” - Leo Christopher.
But don’t be sorry that you did this to me because like I said, it’s okay. I was the one that trusted you, I’m the one that still feels such vigorous feelings towards you, I’m the one that still crumbles to the floor at the mere mention of your name, but it’s okay.
It’s my fault, but it’s okay.
Maybe one day we will meet again.
Maybe one day it won’t be so painful?
Maybe one day I can stop lying and saying “it’s okay”.

(A note Salim wrote to her ex ):)


I finally found time to give makeovers to these two. They belong to gen 4 of Rose Legacy, in fact. Barbara Locke is daughter of Jasper and Marissa. Evelyn Rose is daughter of Abbey and someone I don’t remember because he’s just a random townie whose genes weren’t strong enough to mess her up anyway. :D Oh god I didn’t intend this to sound so mean. And yet…oh well.

I have taken Story Progression mod out of my game a few months ago. I don’t remember why but I’m considering putting it back just so I could get more spares’ kids to make over. Nothing is really happening in the town without it :/