my simpsons stuff

who wants some unsolicited crying headcanons? here they are! it is pretty much canon that yuuri is an ugly crier. he gets all blotchy and snotty and viktor is torn between the fact that there is literally no way yuuri could ever be ugly in his eyes (there’s something very cute about the way his nose scrunches up when he cries) and “oh no, yuuri is crying, how can i fix this?” viktor, on the other hand, is the prettiest crier since lana del rey. he has tears made of murano glass beads that fall down cheeks so smooth they’ve never so much as heard of acne, and he looks like a vermeer painting. yuuri loves it when viktor cries. he has no shame.

(also, when yuuri cries, it’s usually because he’s having a panic attack; when viktor cries, it’s over things like his favourite fictional character having a bad day, makkachin wearing a cute bow, or seeing yuuri on the morning of their wedding day. much more pleasant.)