my simple creations

Okay seriously obsessed with my newest creation: SIMPLE Mexican blend.

Essentially it contains: Steam Fresh Southwestern Rice (½ bag) mixed with sautéed chopped red pepper & onion, black beans and corn. I didn’t measure, just added for my own personal preference.

Last night I sautéed the pepper & onion first w/ EVOO and homemade taco seasoning then once they were my desired texture - no longer crunchy, I added black beans plus more seasoning and transitioned from sauté to simmering, then the corn, then the rice plus a little more seasoning. It took about 10-15 minutes if you include chopping, sautéing and clean up.

Today I reheated half of the mixture and put it in one flour tortilla bowl and topped it with ¼ mashed avocado.

This was seriously SO flavorful and it has protein, veggies and zero meat or dairy! I have a feeling flour tortillas are not vegan but this recipe can easily be made vegan by using corn tortillas! I feel so satisfied and impressed with myself lol. Such a quick and easy dish that I will definitely be making again. I plan to use a whole bag of rice and then double the amount of the add-ins so that I can eat it throughout a week w/ blue corn chips, corn/flour tortillas, as a salad or even just plain in a bowl.

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