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BADGALRIRI: when you show up uninvited.

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So about this new job of mine

I….am very overwhelmed.

On paper and during the initial interview, things looked good. The hours were short and the schedule they showed me had classes that mostly followed a structure with one or two where I had to supplement novels or short stories with worksheets of my own creation. Simple enough. And so I thought I could balance working there and focusing on my goals outside of my work life.

Lo and behold my “actual” schedule is given to me a few days later. The one they had shown me wasn’t the real one. Now, the majority need supplementary material, I have to make a curriculum from scratch for several 1:1 lessons and starting in two weeks, a curriculum for a once a week 2 hour class for kindergarten students who are trying to get into international schools. Creating all of this….takes a huge amount of my time. This is not what I signed up for.

I expressed my concerns to see what could be done and the answer is…nothing. They don’t see how tossing me into this is a problem.

I don’t know how long I am going to last at this job. I just need to keep it until my F2 visa goes through but I already want to hand in my letter of resignation. T_T

Update: Now they want me to write up comments for 30 students I barely know even though the previous teacher already wrote them for the month. I don’t even know all of their names how am I supposed to comment on their abilities?

Okay seriously obsessed with my newest creation: SIMPLE Mexican blend.

Essentially it contains: Steam Fresh Southwestern Rice (½ bag) mixed with sautéed chopped red pepper & onion, black beans and corn. I didn’t measure, just added for my own personal preference.

Last night I sautéed the pepper & onion first w/ EVOO and homemade taco seasoning then once they were my desired texture - no longer crunchy, I added black beans plus more seasoning and transitioned from sauté to simmering, then the corn, then the rice plus a little more seasoning. It took about 10-15 minutes if you include chopping, sautéing and clean up.

Today I reheated half of the mixture and put it in one flour tortilla bowl and topped it with ¼ mashed avocado.

This was seriously SO flavorful and it has protein, veggies and zero meat or dairy! I have a feeling flour tortillas are not vegan but this recipe can easily be made vegan by using corn tortillas! I feel so satisfied and impressed with myself lol. Such a quick and easy dish that I will definitely be making again. I plan to use a whole bag of rice and then double the amount of the add-ins so that I can eat it throughout a week w/ blue corn chips, corn/flour tortillas, as a salad or even just plain in a bowl.