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So, I love cardigans in real life, and naturally what I love my simmies love - so when I found this cardigan with the separated shawl that @witheredlilies did I knew I needed to recolor it. I had it sitting around for a while and well, I added some patterns and decided to share it for simblreen.. you need the mesh which you can get here !

also.. plaid tights are *heart eyes* and I don’t know about you guys but I wear cute patterned socks all the time! I didn’t take pictures of my last gift, but it’s the base game capri leggings in ombres and in patterns *plaid, houndstooth and hearts*

Cardigan Solids: here

Cardigan Patterns: here

Stockings: here

Socks: here

Capri Ombre: here

Capri Pattern: here


              Tights & Leggings for your little Princesses

I love tights for my simmie girls.  All of these options came from 2 sources:

@persephaney….you can find the first 7 pictured tights/leggings within her girls’ clothing DLs.  Just save the entire file to documents and move the tights to your mods folders.  I’ll warn you though, you’ll probadly want everything.  **Don’t forget to check out her shoes too.

Here is just one of many posts with great tights options:

@prettyxsimblr Has the cutest leggings in her Pink collection for kids.  Check out the hard to find true black leggings.  

If you are like me you may have rebooted/cleaned out your MODs folder and forgotten to include some of these.  They have been around awhile but are still a wonderful staple for your little simmies.


The Schuler Siblings 

3:12 p.m. Portland, OR | 5:12 p.m. Houston, TX

    Margo decides to break the news to her older brother, Alec, before anyone else in the family.


Skater Skirt Recolor// DRIVE // SIMFILESHARE

I have been very busy lately with school and some family related issues, and haven’t had much time to be doing things for the Sims 4. Now that things have settled down, I should be able to do more n.n

Anyways, I decided to recolor these beautiful skirts!


As always if you use, please # or @ me! I’d love to see what you babes do with these



Jett Queen for @sgisims Lennox Matchmaking Challenge

Jett is short for Juliette, she hates being called Juliette as she knows it doesn’t fit her personality, it’s formal for her taste because she calls herself a “free spirit”  and sometimes “wild child”. 

Jett is the youngest among her siblings, she was the spoiled one gets whatever she wants and if she doesn’t she’ll make sure she will get it eventually. In her past relationships, she’s always the dominant one as she hates being controlled, she gets violent when she’s in a situation where she has no choice.

Her hobbies are partying, attending music festivals, going to the gym and playing sports (Volleyball, Basketball, and a lot more.) She also enjoys dancing and loves going to the beach to swim and surf all day. Some of her friends even call her Siren as she resembles one. Three words to best describe her: Outgoing, Loud and friendly, she’s an all out extrovert.




Details. This build is basically 90% plants. Not even sorry ‘bout it.

Living Room:
Sofa &Chair: @mxims Coffee Table: @mathcopesims Radiator: Dara_S Fireplace: @nikadema Hanging Chair: @lindseyxsims Rug: @kardofe Floors: @pralinesims Palm Wallpaper: @hvikis TV: @mxims Tv Unit: @mio-sims Wall Lamp: @mxims Candle: @dreamteamsims Bookcase: @mxims

Dining Table: @mxims Chairs: @mxims Mirror: @mxims Desk: @mxims & Print: @viikiitastuff Dining Cabinet: @mio-sims Plants: Mango & @mxims Brick: @pralinesims Smeg Fridge: Narissa

Wallpaper: @simfabulous Floor: @pralinesims Bed: @mxims Blanket: @mxims Bedside Tables: @mxims Rug: @pralinesims Desk: @mxims Chair: @mxims Plants: Shakeshaft & @mxims Cushions: @wondymoon Prints: @mxims & my personal recolors

Ivy: @veranka-s4cc Hanging Bench: @veranka-s4cc Bikes: @mxims

methaphoriac  asked:

hi beautiful. I'm such a big fan of your blog. I'm using Nora for bulding my story time on my tumblr. Can't compare to you but I'm doing my best. thank again for sharing her. ❤️❤️

Hello love!! Oh my goodness, thank you sm for the kind words!! I feel honored to have shared her with you!!! & I just checked your page rn and I love how it’s started :’) <3