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Your sims have beautiful hair! Maybe make a small list of your favs?<3

Sandy’s current favourite hairs!

It is disgraceful how many cc hairs I have in my game, so this was really difficult! But here are 18 of my current favs! 9 for boyos and 9 for girlos!

1. (x)
2. (x)
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5. (x)
6. (x)
7. (x)
8. (x)
9. (x)
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The Schuler Siblings 

3:12 p.m. Portland, OR | 5:12 p.m. Houston, TX

    Margo decides to break the news to her older brother, Alec, before anyone else in the family.


[speakin as a expert™ yuta stan] ?? ??? 💕💖💘 ? ? im !!!!!

 i cnt blieve we found jaehyun n yuta’s iconic lookalikes w ow :o

I started feeling the need to edit so I just had to feature an edit with this little guy  ♥️️

This cutie’s name is Arthur and he belongs to the amazing @bratsims


So, I love cardigans in real life, and naturally what I love my simmies love - so when I found this cardigan with the separated shawl that @witheredlilies did I knew I needed to recolor it. I had it sitting around for a while and well, I added some patterns and decided to share it for simblreen.. you need the mesh which you can get here !

also.. plaid tights are *heart eyes* and I don’t know about you guys but I wear cute patterned socks all the time! I didn’t take pictures of my last gift, but it’s the base game capri leggings in ombres and in patterns *plaid, houndstooth and hearts*

Cardigan Solids: here

Cardigan Patterns: here

Stockings: here

Socks: here

Capri Ombre: here

Capri Pattern: here



                                Two sides 


                                                      One coin

Greed, your master passion
I feed the mouth that bites me
Mammon, opiate of the masses
The reek of your lies draws flies

@neojammy @bamboo-tea @queeladip


darby bohms: sim for download

as per requested by @pxelmango here’s darby bohms, a cheeky ginger who loves the colors green and yellow and gardens all the time. she’s up on my gallery right now and if you want to snag her my gallery ID is aloher2004

CC List:
this tank top, these flipflops, these eyelashes, these lippies, this blush, these eyebrows, and this eyeliner (which is in the eyeliner pack)

Pack Required: Bowling Night Stuff


you may alter her however you want just don’t use her as a base
if you use her please tag me so i can see what my simmie is doin’

Have fun with her everyone! (pxelmango >->)