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Rules: Re-Imagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! Maybe even on prom night? (Original challenge post here)

I wasn’t tagged but this challenge looked fun so here’s my legacy founder, Emma Vaas, as a teenager.

I imagine that Emma attended a private school as a teenager and she was constantly trying to bend all the rules as far as she could. She prided herself on being ‘edgy’ and ‘different’ from her fellow peers. She exclusively dated girls during high school to keep that image up (though Emma is in fact bisexual). At prom she arrived with two dates (both girls, of course) and wore this brightly coloured dress to bring even more attention to herself.

(Luckily as a young adult she has mostly gotten over her attention seeking behaviors.) To conclude, I tag anyone who would like to do this challenge! <3

I was going to take a little break to clear my head. My friends however are not allowing me to lol

Have some Evelyn, while I work on building a tattoo artist type lot for Ana.