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favourite queens in no specific order [1/?]: adore delano

“I do have really dirty tights. They smell like feet. I’m too punk to wash my tights.”


I did this before my exams started so I could upload it today. And about not making anything for you. I lied. Sorry. I wanted to make a surprise. I hope you like it!

You mean so much to me, and I’m sooo glad I met you. You were the first friend I ever made here, and I’m happy that we still are. You’re more than a friend to me. You’re part of my family. My lovely and adorable Big Sister!

I hope you have a lovely day sweetie!

Love you ~


We went to the store and I was putting the stuff in the trunk. It was very windy and sometimes when it’s windy the tote bags will get blown away. One of the tote bags we have is a Steven Universe one.

So my mom says “Don’t let Steven fly away!”

And my little sister just starts busting up, because that’s pretty much the ending of “I Am My Mom” haha


I went and drew a few of the requests I liked of characters wearing silly stuff. I MEANT FOR THESE TO BE SKETCHES, I SWEAR. Anyway, obviously these are for @corgisun, @stupidusernamepolicy, and @red-bonesaw.

I’ll be doing more suggestion drawings in my stream this afternoon at 4pm Central. So feel free to come hang out and watch!


#Bellamy-I don’t dance and still look sexy with a huge preschool backpack-Blake (via @parapluiepliant)

- some silly fun because of this post


But the one Tsuyuri cares the most is you.

spraain  asked:

I just wanted to say I love your writing! Do you think you could write a KageHina fan fiction based of your username? If you have time please do 😂

“Kageyama I swear, I fell asleep for like…two minutes, tops, and when I woke up they were just gone. Like that. Poof, into thin air.” 

Kageyama scrubs a hand over his face, and sighs.

“You’re telling me,” he says, and he’s trying to be calm about it all, he is, but his jaw is already aching from the grind of his teeth and his forehead hurts from all the frowning, “that someone stole your shoes, right off your feet, and you didn’t even notice?” 

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anonymous asked:

I have the Veronica from your dead girl walking with the "snapping off JD's window lock with her killer leg strength" as one of my friends contact pics if we're talking about your animatics and favorite frames

have a high quality window lock kick

anonymous asked:

We need more Doc in Virgin-Killing Sweater pics ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Again, not wrong. But still not very safe.

At least he’s a little quicker that way.

Tumblr is so weird.

Like my dash is like 50% fandom stuff, 30% cool art, 20% random crap. Fandom stuff can run the gamut from silly to heartbreaking of course, but I generally know when something fandom related is going to be heartbreaking. Cool art is cool art. 

The remainder of what shows up on my dash is usually either something news-related or some dumb silly joke or whatever, but then every now and then out of NOWHERE a little story about aliens trying to understand human death or a fairy tale re-written without the magic but with so much heart and tragic realism will show up and I’ll read it by accident and end up sobbing my fucking eyes out in my kitchen.

I’m going to start a collection based on this post and this post. I shouldn’t because it’s silly but I’m weird and like silly stuff. So here we go. First one of Team Free Will with Koala-Couch-Blanket!Dean and the other too. 

I think it won’t be sillier, maybe cuter, who knows…