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gamegrumps: “In which Vernon does Danny a favor.”

bless this Guy


Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬 


Wind Waker has been my favourite game ever since I was 9 years old, it’s about time I make a proper painting to show my love for this masterpiece of a game!! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

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Why do some people in the overwatch fandom think shipping the “het ships” is such a crime?? None of these characters have sexualities and the game has nothing to do with there sexualities either, it’s a got dang first person shooter not a dating simulator. Like really people should be allowed to ship whatever they want like people can ship Tracer and Widowmaker and it’s a-ok even tho the canon shows they aren’t on good terms(same with soldier 76 and reaper) but oh no the minute someone wants to ship gency or meihem or symmrat or [insert male/female ship] suddenly it’s abusive and wrong and people gotta make callout posts and start the cartoon discourse??? Like nobody wants to see that shit in the tags shipping should be for fun and don’t make people feel bad about what they ship there ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to ship a cyborg ninja with the woman who saved his life, or going the opposites attract route with meihem and symmrat (ya know….since Tracer x Widowmaker and reaper76 is huge in the fandom *cough cough*)



So we blew up some important stuff, everyone has VERY INTENSE FEELINGS about the exile, Kreia is the worst, we’re all very worried for Visas, and Malibu Jedi Ken showed up. It was all kind of strange.

Can you believe I used to dislike Atton??? What was I thinking. He’s fantastic.

Man, I remember so few things about this game. It’s an ADVENTURE.

(other KotOR junk)

Here is a concept

Alfonse and Sharena make a cameo appearance in the next original Fire Emblem game. They are playable characters you can recruit via paralogue and romance and at the end, instead of throwing their character story out the window to fit them into the avatar’s ending, it just says that they went back to Askr and you went with them.

That is of course assuming that they’ll give us an avatar. If not, save this for the next time we get one! :D