my silly face

Long story short.

Me: *goes up to Jensen and Misha feeling her heart beating all the way up in her throat*

Jensen & Misha: *smiling* “Hiiiii!”

Me: *smiles and stumbles over her own words*

Me: “I’m sorry, I know its not pie, but it’s the closest I could find. so I was wondering what would Dean’s and Castiel’s reaction be to seeing this monster donut.”

Lol, I have no idea what Misha as Cas is doing. Feeling for a heartbeat? Looking for molecules? Giving the donut a blessing? :’) One will never know… Some friends and I were reminded of something else as well, but that I won’t mention right now… :‘P

some people: “toasty how did you develop a consistent style?”

me: what is that

okay, but seriously, kidding aside: just draw however seems fun or pretty or cool to you.  eventually you’ll pick up a range of standard style components you can mix and match.  no one’s ever as consistent as you think!  we’ve just played enough to know what we like!

also, being “consistent” is overrated and so is having a “style” imo.

This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!

Iwa-chan has a healthy scepticism regarding presents jointly purchased by Mattsun and Makki.

[I knooow this is late for his birthday, shh]

one last thing before I go buckle down on work!  it’s been too long since our last nonsense selfie so HERE’S M’FACE

I have no muscle definition really I just like posing lol

also the undercut is doing well, it says hi

And after my Jensen op earlier, here’s my Misha photo op from this afternoon. I have to admit I never had such a relaxed photo op session - queueing and otherwise - as this one ever before. Though I have to say I feel like this JIB in general has been much more laid back and relaxed than in previous years, but that’s of course just my personal impression.

Anyway, I think poor Misha was pretty tired at this point in the afternoon. He was very sweet nonetheless and slipped into the wings in such a smooth and swift motion as if he had done it a million times before that day. Maybe he has, I don’t know… :)

The moment when you look at one of the cast members instead of the camera (like I did in an op with Jensen last year too) always is a unique experience imo (I mean every op is, but I feel with these types of pics even more so), because even though the moment only lasts like… 10 seconds or so, for that time you kind of shut off everything around and well, locking eyes with Jensen last year (or getting a Jensen + bunny hug) and with Misha this year is definitely something I will remember for a long time. :)

new haircut, FINALLY

undercut, growing it out long on top for ponytail/bun reasons

but for now the top is short enough that I get Artsy Face-Framing Bangs, haha

I’m so so so happy to finally have it cropped close in the back! ;v; might go down to a 2 or a 3 for clipper length next time I get it trimmed.

edit: just got another good shot of the back


If you missed The IGN Show’s segment on MCSM2 episode 3, “Jailhouse Block,” you can catch it right here!!


You know that thing the mundies call me? Bloody Mary, that’s it. And do you know why they call me that? Because some of them, they think it’s funny to have their little sleepovers, and go to the bathroom, and say my name five times in the mirror. They find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog… Arf!

A hella quick Bloody Mary for Halloween!