my silly face

Day 31- Snow White (in her rags!)Come on, with my URL, you knew I was gonna do a Snow White bound, right? I had to, and I saved her for last, cause she’s my favorite. ^_^ Last day of the challenge, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty sad it’s over, but very pleased that I was able to keep up with it all 31 days! 32 bounds, most of which I was very pleased with! (Some of which I disliked and will have to improve upon for the next challenge month!) Thanks for sticking with me, guys!


Work in progress photos of an upcoming armor set to be tossed onto my etsy shop.  Still need to finish adding all the hardware and then leather straps and paint! 

Photos courtesy of coelasquid who came over so we can get started on comic con plans. >:) 6 months in advance, we better get this stuff done haha I’m determined not to have a last-minute costume this year. (This armor has nothing to do with it.)

Dragonage fans, when I finish my Cole hat, I will be offering them as well. ;)