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fyeahpolarshipping as Joey


Did a makeup test last night! I love the new supplies I got! Now to fix those large pesky antlers and make hooves!

After last year’s Ponycon I made some dumb and random remark to a friend about how if I was able to attend the next one, I’d consider cosplaying as Seto Kaiba for it.

Fast forward around six months; the next Ponycon location has just been announced. It turns out that I CAN make it and that ‘wonderful’ friend is not letting me forget what I said on the spur of the moment and is holding me to it.

So we have come to a compromise: I WILL cosplay as Kaiba depending on the notes this post gets.

  • 300 notes = dress as Kaiba for one day
  • 600 notes = dress as Kaiba for both days
  • 1000 notes = take my metal card/briefcase to store my MLP purchases in
  • 2000 notes = act like him the whole weekend
  • 2500 notes = imitate his voice the whole weekend
  • 3000 notes = enter as many of the competitions as I’m permitted as him
  • 4500 notes = attend the evening meal/pub quiz/walk around the city centre still in full cosplay

And yes, there will be photographic evidence afterwards ^^;

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I don't understand why people have Ace discourse. We're just like others.

For context, I just vented on Twitter briefly about a local cosplayer I met who I had to unfollow because I have a hard rule about discourse - and ace discourse in particular - on my dash.

Putting a cut because I know this can be a delicate subject.

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So I got tagged by certainlyrandomhopefullyprofound​ for the 20 beautiful people selfie thingy  and well…. as you all know probably by now….I really like selfies. Probably cause I’m a dork but anyways I save all my selfies because I know myself to be a pretty eclectic person so its actually sort of a project to record all my various appearances. So yeah I know I’m only supposed to post six or something but I don’t give flying hoot so prepare to be bombarded while I take this opportunity to publish part of my project…. lol



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Hello! I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but where do you get your beard/moustache from? It always looks amazing in your cosplays!

Thank you! My beard is from Maskworld but I used crepe wool for the moustache. I’m trying something new at the moment, though.

While crepe wool is good in a pinch and easy to use, it’s very messy and time-consuming to apply an entire beard or moustache of it (and if you try eating with it on, Valar help you, because you will find stray hairs in your food no matter how careful you are). I don’t advise using it extensively, but for a finishing touch it’s good for covering lace edges.

If you know you will be going a particular beardy character multiple times and don’t want to make a new crepe wool moustache every time, I advise trying to make one with wig lace and synthetic hair. That way it will be reusable and more durable, and if you mess up the style, you can just unpick the threads you don’t want. It’s the same technique as ventilating a wig hairline

This process is also time consuming but you’ll be grateful for it when it takes 5 minutes to put on before a con, rather than 45. I got ¼ yard of wig lace for under £5 on Amazon and a braid of hair extensions for around £3 on ebay. They go a long way too, I hardly made a dent in either.

I’ll be trimming this down to the length I want it afterwards; better to have it longer at the beginning than too short.

Ardawigs has a great beard-making tutorial here if you want a bigger beard and want to make facial hair from wig wefts. 

Hope this helped! 

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FRICK I KNEW I saw trashness in SOMEONES blog description!!! Listen Costumed Identities changed my life!!!! It's literally the best klance fic I have read to date. I'm CONSTANTLY telling people to read it. I spent an entire day unable to put it down. Thank you so much for existing and letting that fic exist!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhh my god, haha THANK YOU SO MUCH. Haha it’s a bit ridiculous to hear you say all that, but I really appreciate it.

I’m so glad my very silly little cosplay fic brings you joy, haha. And I really appreciate you screaming at your friends about it.

Thanks so much!

the-littlest-bean  asked:

Hello there! I recently came across your blog and I just wanted to stop by and say I adore your cosplay and your blog in general. I want to make a Gerita cosplay blog with my girlfriend but I am not quite sure how. Any tips?

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! It makes me so happy to know that people like my silly cosplay… ^^; I’m actually just… I’m so flattered that you would ask me about it, too!! Thank you so much for the compliment!! Here are some other posts I’ve made about making a blog! :)

Alright, so- here are some very important things about making a cosplay (or any other type) blog for anyone who would like to know!
1. You aren’t going to get a lot of asks in the beginning. Really, you’ll get pretty much nothing. It took me FOREVER to get asks!! I recommend doing photoshoots or character introductions to start to pick things up before you get any!
2. Make all footage as consistent as possible. I usually try to film at the same time of day with the same backdrop and costume and font in my gifs and everything. People like consistency I guess? I would just recommend to keep everything as normal as possible!
3. This is the MOST IMPORTANT!
OUTREACH. So many excellent blogs don’t get noticed because they either- 1-Don’t ask for help from amazing blogs like @hetaliafandomhub to help them get noticed (I’ve said it once and I will say it again, they practically started my blog single-handedly), 2 - THEY DON’T TAG EVERYTHING!! Go look at all the tags on my stuff. Annoying, right? But people can’t find your work unless you tag things until your fingers hurt! And 3 - They don’t ask other creators for help and message them, make responses to them, and send them in-character asks. Every single creator I’ve met on here has been kinder to me than I ever imagined. Honestly, the thought petrified me at first, but I finally got the courage to talk to people and it made my blog grow so much!!!! Always utilise the opportunity to spread your reach to get more popular and make new friends!
4. It’s practically impossible to film every day once you start to get lots of asks (or at all), so film in really large batches and work from there, saving posts and queuing them when you need them. Just remember- Tumblr is a little wanker and you can’t save or queue direct answers to asks! So I recommend saving images of asks and turning them into pictures at the top of a response. Just remember to tag whoever asked if you use an image file! :) Arduous, I know, but it helps in the long run!
5. Reblog non-cosplay as little as possible. It’s unfortunate, but text posts and non-cosplay content aren’t as well received. If it’s a cosplay blog, try to keep it mostly cosplay and not add in too much unrelated posts. And while this might just be me because I know that I’m boring, I try to do Munday as little as possible as well, since I know that people prefer cosplay over me. However, all of this last point is up to you and you can do whatever you want!
6. Have fun! Remember it’s not about likes or reblogs or asks but it is about the amazing people you meet and the joy you can give to the fandom. Though that doesn’t mean that having some pride is a bad thing, right?
7. It makes me sad that I have to say this, but ignore any hate you get if it’s not constructive. Something I like to remember, and this works outside of blogs, is that if someone took time out of their day to mess with you, at least you made enough of an impact and were so important that they would feel the need to be mean! That’s… Not the best way of looking at it, I suppose… Just- don’t let them get to you! People are cruel to be cruel, and it’s no reflection on you.
8. Please tell me if you make a blog!!!! Please, please, please!!! I really would love to interact with anyone who asked me anything like this! I’d love to see you guys!!

I hope this helped anyone who wants to make a cosplay blog or any other type of blog. Please do so! And best of luck!!