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blakkats as Mai

fyeahpolarshipping as Joey

So…guess who is still alive? It’s ya Boi

This is just a silly little CosDance Video of Me in my Idol-K Fushimi Cosplay at a recent Convention.
It was actually my first time doing something like this so I was super nervous & made some minor Mistakes for the People who know the Dance but all in all:
It was a lot of fun & I’ll try to get better so please,enjoy!

x Cosplayer: RoyalBlueInsanity x
(Song: Procellarum - Lots of Love)

Happy National Taco Day!
Maybe some of you will find this helpful or interesting because discounted food

anonymous asked:

Since it is the BiWeek , someone should draw Remus in the bi flag colours 😊

someone should! Or Lily or Harry and the list goes on! There probably are and I’ll look up some and reblog. In the meantime, I dressed up my cacti for the occasion, the redish (blood orange) one is Remus and Sirius had to sneak in so he’s the many armed (tentacled) green party one, the gay ally we deserve. Lily jumped in, too, on top of Remus (or maybe it’s Harry? can’t tell if it’s a doe or a bambi)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but where do you get your beard/moustache from? It always looks amazing in your cosplays!

Thank you! My beard is from Maskworld but I used crepe wool for the moustache. I’m trying something new at the moment, though.

While crepe wool is good in a pinch and easy to use, it’s very messy and time-consuming to apply an entire beard or moustache of it (and if you try eating with it on, Valar help you, because you will find stray hairs in your food no matter how careful you are). I don’t advise using it extensively, but for a finishing touch it’s good for covering lace edges.

If you know you will be going a particular beardy character multiple times and don’t want to make a new crepe wool moustache every time, I advise trying to make one with wig lace and synthetic hair. That way it will be reusable and more durable, and if you mess up the style, you can just unpick the threads you don’t want. It’s the same technique as ventilating a wig hairline

This process is also time consuming but you’ll be grateful for it when it takes 5 minutes to put on before a con, rather than 45. I got ¼ yard of wig lace for under £5 on Amazon and a braid of hair extensions for around £3 on ebay. They go a long way too, I hardly made a dent in either.

I’ll be trimming this down to the length I want it afterwards; better to have it longer at the beginning than too short.

Ardawigs has a great beard-making tutorial here if you want a bigger beard and want to make facial hair from wig wefts. 

Hope this helped!