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you and me, we make each other better, we may not be perfect but we’re perfect together~♡


Make me choose: anon asked Dragon Age: Inquisition or the Witcher 3′s scenery.


“I’m not going to wish for much. Only to hit for sure all the pitches that I know I can hit.”

Happy Birthday, Kominato Haruichi! ☆ (01/03) 

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A simple sidebar theme! It’s named May because it was released on the first day of May (how creative! not.).


  • The sidebar image is 100px by 100px
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P R E V I E W  +  D O W N L O A D  L I N K

sleepy boyfriends~♡

i lined it to test out the brush

i really like this?? <3 look at how cute they look

and fucking hell the fact that jack’s hair is squished by the hoodie makes his head look so much smaller than hic’s because of hic’s abundant fluffy hair

might colour i t

again, listening to hamilton– i saw tags wondering what hamilton was and honestly it’s a musical i really recommend, while i am not a fan of musicals mysel f

there’s two songs that really help me out when drawing these two (helpless and burn for angsty thing s)

leftforbed  asked:

Hi, can I use your bathtub McCree drawing as my twitter icon? I will credit you in my bio/sidebar!! :3 Love you art <33333 (i just love his face so much aaahh)

Go ahead :) Feel free to do so!

@rickandmortybykat commissioned me to do a picture of their Rick and Morty walking backwards into a portal and flipping the bird! 
It was really fun to draw and I’m super glad I got to, this sort of art style is so freeing and dynamic, I love doing it

Commission info is in the “AdderTwist Draws!” page in my sidebar, btw :3