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i don’t really spend time thinking about cophine scenes, but i saw the gifset on my dash of cosima and delphine sending all that info out on DYAD onto the world wide webbernets and cosima breaking down into tears of pure joy and just.. i have WORDS. many words apparently TO SAY ABOUT IT AND TATIANA

now i know that that emotional reaction was improv’d but… damn guys. tatiana maslany felt cosima’s joy and relief in the CORE of her being and just…. couldn’t contain the tears. that she felt cosima’s realization that she was FINALLY FREE and like just this waterfall of emotion just made physical tears and uncontrollable laughter just burst forth from within

that’s more than acting. that’s insanity. and she literally did that for every single character she embodied on orphan black. countless hours of filming and rehearsing and memorizing and tapping into two, three or sometimes four characters /per day/ all for the past five years.

she didn’t just act out these characters, she didn’t just pull a different emotional mask on every single time the script called for a different tone, she literally reached into the depths of her friggen SOUL and became each and every one of these people. 

when sarah first saw kira in season 1 after almost a YEAR, i didn’t see tatiana for one single second. i truly saw a mom who had been working so hard and doing all the wrong things for the right reason of simply just trying to see her daughter – i saw sarah manning, the person, the mother, the /human/, experiencing real joy and real relief and real guilt and disguised anguish at being away for so long from her daughter who meant the world to her

honestly, i don’t think there’s any other actor or actress out there who can do what tatiana maslany did for orphan black. what she did for us, for clone club. and there will never be anyone like tatiana maslany in the acting profession for a long, /long/ time.



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the signs as actual shit my dumbass coworker cory said before his ass got fired
  • Aries: wouldn't it be cool if like the moon was its own planet
  • Taurus: hi i'm cory i'm nineteen
  • Gemini: my back hurts so bad because of all the mma i do i have to go to the chiropractor all the time. i would quit but im too good
  • Cancer: wanna see my sick tiger tat?
  • Leo: *listening to dark industrial beats in the break room on his phone super loud* sup bro
  • Virgo: im 19
  • Libra: bro what do you do in your free time i play league like ten, twelve hours a day
  • Scorpio: *at full volume in front of customers* bro isn't it super hot when girls wear knee high socks like that school girl look damn
  • Sagittarius: *after getting called in to the office for disciplinary talks for the 3rd time in two weeks* dude you are the most chill manager i've ever had
  • Capricorn: im nineteen but i get alcohol all the time
  • Aquarius: my girlfriend is a brazilian model (some of these are paraphrased but this is absolutely verbatim)
  • Pisces: how old are you bro im 19