my sick ink

no use

I asked my mom how she dealt
with my dad leaving all the time
for all of his business trips
And she told me
it just made her miss him more

I guess when you left
I thought you were leaving
so that you could come back
and tell me how how much you missed me
That you realized that you fucking love me
But we’re not my mom and dad
this isn’t a movie

So when I called you at 4 in the morning
To tell you that his mouth
doesn’t taste as good as yours

your girlfriend picked up
And she was whispering
because you’re a light sleeper
Which I didn’t know
because you told me
that you like sleeping alone

I guess what I’m trying to say is that
we’re not my mom and dad
and this isn’t a fucking movie
I know that you won’t call in the morning

—  Somebody asked me what made me move on

Inktober day 10.
The day i got a vicious cold and all i could think about was that part in howl’s moving castle (the book) where howl has a cold and he spends all day conjuring tissues and being dramatic.
Featuring my first artsnacks box that included that beautiful violet ink that makes my life better just by existing.

((…beware? bewarb? it’s certainly not ‘bendy’ anymore.))


Steadily catching up. Day 7 and 8 of Inktober. Lapis and Peridot from my lapidot au “Growing Up”.

Need more marker practice not to mention shading. Ah well finished not perfect is something I’ve been trying to remind myself of since starting this haha *headdesk*

Day 48 of #365Days
& Day 6 of Rizumo Week

“Demonic Powers”

Honestly, I wished for a scene like with Shiemi and Rin.
Even just a small panel where Izumo tells Rin she likes his flames or feeling comfortable with his flames.


When the bae is sick but u dont care n kiss her anyway and now ur sick af

also sapphire didnt eveen got sick at all lmao 
In honor to all the people who wished me health soon and gave me cutest drawings about it.THANKYOUGUYS

chapter one:
once upon a time
two people fell in love
and it was the beginning
and the end

chapter two:
stories aren’t supposed
to end like this;
like the last few pages
have been ripped out of the book
i’ve never felt so blindsided before

chapter three:
is a beautiful thing
but it doesn’t always warrant 
a happy ever after

unfairytale // (cc, 2017)

Hhhh. I’ve been sick in bed all day. I don like this >~>. So. Drawwww. Idk. Might add more to this later? Probably when I’m feeling better. Ihatebeingsickkkkkhhhhhhhhh
Inspiration came from @ask-flowerbendy
And someone else I don’t remember >~>. I’ll get them tagged up here when I find them. Check out Flowers blog tho. They need more love >->b
Ima lay down now.

The thing is, mama, if I write you down,
the cancer can’t ever take you away from me
because then you’ll live forever, etched onto paper,
like stone drawings from another time,
like a beautiful bird who once got the chance to fly.
Either way, dead or alive,
when I make it to publication,
the dedication of the book will read,
“Hey, look, ma, I made it.”
I hope you’ll be there to flip the page.
—  leaving the kids’ table, by windy sharpe

i.) Her smile. The imperfect crooks and snaggleteeth that always meant I was off the hook. It was the first thing I looked for every time I made her mad and I never failed to find it. And it was the best form of comfort a ten year old could ever ask for. If I could have it for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t forget how to forgive myself.

ii.) The calluses on the rough side of her hands. Impervious to the fires she cooks over, I wonder how many meals it took before she grew used to the heat. I can barely touch microwaved Pyrex but she can mold hearths out of flames. Turn any morsel into love. Leave no tough situation without hope.

iii.) Her spine. God knows how many times the universe has tried to knock her down. Undo evolution and direct her head towards the ground. But every time it came around she built herself back up again. Like reconstructing toothpicks into a tower, she was careful to give herself a stronger backbone no matter how long it took and how many times she would have to do it again.

iv.) The seasons in her eyes. Only she can call upon the heavens to bring hurricanes and rainbows into our home all at once. There is nothing more versatile than the emotions she reveals in those glass windows. No wonder why we call her Mother Nature.

v.) Her spirit. I have seen her body broken. I have watched my father tear at her limbs. I have listened to her curse the world she was born into. I have held her as she let the blood of her family run through her fists. And not once has she given up her will to survive.

vi.) The love that has raised me. It is both tender and fierce– a characterization of who she is. A relentless promise to watch me turn out alright. A million sacrifices that I can never repay. An infinite expanse of time that she has invested in my being. A soul she crafted with her own two hands. I can only wish that my love can be as honest and unselfish as hers.
—  The Qualities I Wish to Inherit From My Mother

weeeellll this is some art that i made for the chorus of a BATIM song by itowngameplay and how you see is in spanish haha mm… well if you can´t speak spanish i will try to tell you want i wrote… mmm…A ritual brought us to life, that life that now … without mercy you take us, you know to deceive, to manipulate, but in this world dreams come true, revenge heals my wounds, this black ink will be your farewell, today we You will fear, you will see, that even if you created us, you could never erase us. i think that it will be how it say in english haha also i drew it before i got sick but i forgot to post it and also sorry for the terribles draws and scketches there, you know that i´m just begining with that digital draw :)