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Prodigy Lance Fic Part 13!!!!

Bee Note: I am so sorry for the long wait! College has been crazy, and my laptop REALLY hates me for some reason, but hopefully I’m back on my (chaotic) updating schedule! There will be one more final part to this fic (which I’m surprisingly ver my dad about; it’s like watching my child leave the nest). I hope you enjoy!! 🖤


To say Lance was excited was an understatement. Lance was practically bouncing off the walls. He hadn’t stopped thanking Allura and hugging everyone in his path, much to Pidge’s annoyance. Lance couldn’t help it. He was going home. To his family. And Lance’s excitement was contagious.

The whole team was radiant, excited to go back home. Allura had informed them that they would all stop and get in touch with their families, but they all agreed that they would see Lance’s family first. Which caused Lance to start crying again. After the initial shock and excitement settled, the team went about their normal business as they headed toward earth. Still being too wound up, Lance made his way to the observatory deck, watching the stars and planets pass by.

With each star and planet that Lance watched pass by, the more the excitement turned into nerves. Lance wondered if his family had changed. Did his dad find a new job? Were they okay? Were they upset at him?

Lance drew his knees to his chest, tucking them under his chin. He could feel the bundle of nerves form in the pit of his stomach.

What would he say to them? Would they greet him with open arms? Or would they turn him away, angry at him for not even telling them where he was going or doing? He had enough time. He could easily form a plan that would explain why-

“I can hear you thinking from the other side of the castle.”

Lance jerked his head toward the voice, startled. Keith was propped against the side of the door, arms crossed. Lance sent him a smile and patted at a spot next to him. Keith made his way toward Lance, gently lowering himself to the ground beside Lance. They both watched the galaxy pass by, a comfortable silence wrapping around them. Lance let out a small sigh.

“Do you think they’ll be upset at me?”

Keith peered at Lance, confused by his statement. “Who? You’re family? Why would they be upset?”

Lance pulled at a loose string on his jacket, thinking, not looking at Keith.

“I mean, I just left. Without saying a simple goodbye, or where I was going. I left them behind when they needed me the most.” Lance finished sadly, yanking the string from his jacket and forming it into a little ball.

Keith laid a hand on Lance’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, getting Lance to look at him. “Lance, there’s no way you’re family would be mad. Quiznak, you’re defending the entire universe, I’m sure they would understand that! You are still helping them, even when they don’t know it.”

Keith broke his gaze and turned toward the open space, looking at nothing in particular. “I may not know anything about having a family, but I do know that they won’t push you away. That’s not what a family does. They’ll be happy to have you back. Anyone would.”

Lance gazed at Keith, shocked by his words. He felt a smile creep over his face as he could see a blush spreading across Keith’s face, reaching the tips of his ears. Lance shook his head and chuckled around the lump that had formed in his throat. Lance scooted himself closer to Keith, sides touching, basking in the warmth the other gave. Lance felt Keith tense briefly, then slowly melt into his side, letting their sides be practically glued to one anther. The two sat in comfortable silence, watching the world pass by them. Lance then nudged Keith, drawing his attention away from the foreign galaxy.

“You know, I have a enormous family. Like almost a thousand siblings, and millions of cousins. There’s enough love to go around, you know?”

Keith arched his eyebrow and Lance just gave him a small smile.

“You can be apart of my family. Mama would love you. And if you let mi hermanas play with your hair, they’ll be your best friends forever. You don’t have to be alone, Keith. You never were, and I promise, if you’ll let me, I won’t ever let you feel like you are ever again.”

Keith just stared at Lance with wide eyes, not saying anything. Lance stared back, and was starting to try to figure out what he said wrong and try to create a solution when two arms wrapped around him, squeezing him so tightly that Lance felt the air rush out of him in a surprised “Oof!” Lance was frozen in pure shock, until Keith muttered a small “thank you” in Lance’s ear. Lance smiled brightly and wound his arms around Keith, giving him a small “You’re welcome.”

Keith pulled away after a few moments and the two just gazed at one another. When he realize this, Keith quickly pulled away and gave a small cough, trying to hide the redness that he was sure was covering his entire face. Keith rubbed the back of his neck and let out a chocked, “So, uh, you’re a genius?”

Lance chuckled and braced his self on his palms, almost laying down. “Yep.” He said, popping the p at the end. “Although I never really thought of myself that way. I just though I was different. I am glad though. Being normal seems far too boring.”

Keith couldn’t help but laugh, and Lance gave him a dazzling smile.

“Well if it means anything, I’m glade you’re different. We need people who are different. It makes everything more exciting.”

Lance gasped dramatically and fell on his back, squishing his face with his cheeks. “Keith you liiiiiiike mee!” He said in a sing-song voice.

Keith rolled his eyes at his antics. “And here I thought we were rivals and hated each other.” Then Keith remembered something. “Wait, if you never wanted to be in the Garrison or the top of the class, why did you always go after me?”

Lance gave him an apologetic shrug. “I had to pretend. I didn’t want anyone to know the real reason why I was there. I had been made fun of my entire life for wearing hand-me-downs, and coming from a poor family.” Lance set his jaw. “I wasn’t going to go through that ever again. And going to the Garrison meant that none of my siblings would have to go through that. We finally had enough money to buy new clothes, new school supplies. So I had to play the part. Had to pretend it was my life goal to become a fighter pilot. I had to sell the part. So what better way than to declare the top of the fighter class as my life long rival? Sorry about that by the way.”

Keith just shook his head and brushed it off, letting a small smile ghost his lips. “It’s alright. It was kind of amusing and entertaining. When you weren’t being an annoying little shit, of course.”

Lance laughed and sent him another apology. Keith then placed his hand on Lance’s arm, giving him a serious look.

“Lance, you know you don’t have to pretend anymore, right? We want you for you, not who you’re pretending to be. We accept you. Besides,” Keith gave a smirk. “We’re family after all.”

Lance rolled his eyes fondly and was about to recuperate with his own retort with Allura’s voice flooded throughout the castle.

“Attention Paladins! Please report immediately to the hangars we are approaching the Milky Way and will soon be in Earth’s orbit.”

Lance grabbed Keith’s hands and squeezed them tightly, smile beaming as he practically buzzed with excitement. Keith laughed and gave a reassuring squeeze back.

“Yeah, I know Lance.” Keith pulled him and Lance to their feet, throwing his head back when Lance pretty much began to drag him the the hangar.

“We’re home.”

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Why dont you make Pay??????

Eh… I don’t want to.

But for real. You got a seat and some snacks?

I love Pay. I really do. I’m a sucker for secret twin/sibling stuff. And @trashpandaballs did an amazing job when he created him. He’s complex and well rounded enough that a lot of people can relate to him in someway.

And being such a great fandom character, many use his character go over addictions, mental issues, and emotions in general. As well as play out humor, practice cute outfits, and think about sibling bonding.

But some of those reasons why he’s relatable is also why I’m hesitant to draw him. Mostly, I end up changing him from his original design.

You see,under all the sass and fun, Pay is a drug and alcohol addicted man, who suffers from depression, at least that’s what I’m perceiving. He also is a rent boy ( ?is that what it’s called?) so that he can make ends meat and is in some why hurt from tough dealings all the time.

And the Pay I draw, ends up being a depressed man that is seeking to get there life together, because they’re learning that they deserve to have a life and to experience happiness. And sometimes gets bruises because he knocks into furniture due to having long limbs.

I honestly don’t see Pay that way. Or at least the way he is portrayed. It doesn’t make very much sense to me. (I also doubt that Pat would ever let Pay get to that level of homelessness or starvation without doing something.)

Knowing who Pat is, the character that is, and how he acts, gives no indication of a rough up bringing. Most of the time, Pat is shown being a pretty good adult. So however Pat was brought up, Pay would have been brought up the same way. Though that’s not to say twins will be exactly the same if raised in the same environment.

Take me and my brothers for example. (not exactly twins but) We all have loving parents who taught us to be kind, generous, independent, and responsible. And yet being raised the same, taught the same, and loved the same. We could obviously not be any more different. But we have the same morals, mannerisms, humor, and some other base stuff.

So again, whatever Pat learned as a kid is what Pay would have learned too. Not to mention how loving and attentive Pat can be. If Pat were to act like my brothers or me, he would love and care for Pay through all has mental issues and help him wholeheartedly. And Pay would give the same care and love to Pat. Most siblings who have a healthy family bond, will stick together and take care of each other.

Communication is also a big thing between me and my siblings. I doubt that Pat would just drop all contact with Pay because of work. And even with the distance between them, Pat being in the Red Army, they would still find time to talk with each other. I think I should have some experience in this, especially with my brother being in the US Army now.

But yeah. To sum it all up. I just can’t think of why Pay would ever be that way. Or at least a drug addicted rentboy.

I can definitely see him being a recovering alcoholic who has depression and is finally seeking therapy for said depression. Men who are depressed tend to turn to alcohol to “get over it” Statistically, that makes the most sense to me. (especially since i know Pat would keep Pay from doing illegal substances) But with all this kinda going through my head for Pay, I hesitate to draw him because I respect for other people’s ocs and au’s.

 I love trashpandaball’s idea and concept of Pay. And if I could, I would ask if it was okay for me to do that. But with Del gone rn, I have no concrete way of asking for permission to put out my headcannons of Pay like that. I’ll still draw them, but rarely. Mostly because I wouldn’t want it to seem like I’m trying to push my interpretation of Pay over Del’s.

Then again, Pay is just a hypothetical sibling made up by the fandom for a fictional character in a cartoon to give more content and entertain us while the actual show is at a standstill. So not much of this actually is serious, it’s all for fun.

My Top 10 Anime of 2015 (in no particular order)

Rules: Are anime’s that were release and finish in 2015 and I actually watch (I can’t watch everything). They can’t be another season, sequel, or prequel, because that is another list that I am making. Also, it my opinion, so write down your thoughts on the list and not about whether or not my decision are terrible. 

10. Danchigai

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This was a cute short series about Haruki (the young male protagonist) and his four sisters. This anime shows a sibling relationship. This series is only 3 minutes episodes, but they have cute and funny moments that was fun for me to watch.

9. Gangsta

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This anime had very interesting characters. One of the protagonist is deaf, which is something new for animation in general. Like I never see a deaf character that actually did sign in anime before (not 100% sure about this). The other characters are interesting as well as the story. My only complaint is how it ended and how it is not getting a second season, due to the company who made got bankrupted and this was there last show.. Another company could make it, but I highly doubt that. 

8. Kyokai no Rinne

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This series is on here only due to nostalgia. This had the same mangaka as Inuyasha and Ranma ½. Since Inuyasha help me start watching anime, I kinda watch anything from Rumiko Takahashi. This series has a really cool concept that I hope gets more explored in the second season that is coming sometime in 2016. Also the character have unusual personalities.

7. Kekkai Sensen

Originally posted by afrodited

This had a very colorful cast and an unusual story. One of my favorite things was the opening and ending to this anime, both were as colorful as the characters  (I thing the internet agree with the ending part). The setting is interesting. It is in New York, but with monsters and humans living together. The story is kind of all over the place though, but it might not bother you so much.

6. Assassination Classroom

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This has a fantastic story and cast of characters. The octopus teacher that will destroy the world, unless his middle school students can kill him before the end of the year, is something that is very creative. This anime also focus on individual student or the students as a group to accomplish something. Sometimes its to kill their teacher, while other times its to help each other with problems (both school and themselves). I also can’t wait for the second season which is coming very soon 2016.

5. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

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This series is very adorable and romantic. The development of the relationship of the two main characters is real, fast, and well develop more so than other romantic anime I have seen. I hope to see this two keep growing in their relationship as well as other characters in the series. Especially since this is also getting a second season in 2016.

4. Prison School

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This was a well animated series with a great story. This anime might not be for everyone, especially those who don’t like violence and nudity. The story is quite engaging as well and funny (also stupid, but in a good way). The characters are diverse and can be very intelligent to solve a problem (sometimes stupid, but not always). I also hope it gets a second season.

3. Ore Monogatari

Originally posted by chizuruyu

This is possibly my favorite romantic comedy’s of all time. Also it is not afraid to mix up the whole love story. The characters are what makes this show. The story is of course interesting, but the main character which drove me to watch the next episode each week. The main character being a teenage that looks like an adult with a gorilla like face falling in love with a cute teenage girl that love him back is just so sweet. I also hope for another season for this as well.

2. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

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This had a very unique story and characters. Switch bodies with someone by a kiss is something I would not think about, but this show does this and much more in its very own way. Yamada, not only search for the witches, but also helps them with their problems. The story develop from that as well as relationships with characters. 

1. One Punch Man

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You must be living under a rock if you have never heard about this anime. This one of the must well animated and awesome anime series this year. The action and comedy in this series is one that I probably will remember for the year 2015. I hope this one gets a second season as well, but for know I will wait for the Mob Psycho 100 anime which is the same mangaka as this series.

I just saw Thor : Ragnarök (No Spoilers just thoughts)

And it was really really GOOD ! Thor was really well written this time, fun, charismatic and did not take himself seriously at all, which is perfect for him. The story is satisfying and it felt like I was waching a cartoon : simple in a good kind of way. However, imo this film is very different than every other Marvel’s creation up to now. And it has NOTHING to do with Guardians of the Galaxie. The tone is not the same, neither are the visuals or the humor.

Loki is in a LOT of scenes, (fun, action, emotional, everything) which will make you happy if you’re a fan of the character and of Tom. He’s awesome as always (and ULTRA sexy), and his interractions with Thor are everything I was hopping for. Not overly angsty, not dramatic, just realistic and brotherly. If you have siblings, you’ll love it !

Hulk/Banner is so fun, every scenes he’s in there’s something new and inventive for the character. If you’ve ever watched the cartoon The Avengers, this is the Hulk of This film. The scenes btw Thor and Banner are the best bits of improv I’ve seen in a long time !

Valkyrie is MARVELLOUS. My favorite newest character. Tessa Thompson really is a great actress, she’s fierce and super funny and trully strong during fight sequences and so beautiful throughout the film.

New characters are great as well, Skurge (Karl Urban whom I love) made me laugh out loud very often with his delivery, and Jeff Goldblum is perfectly weird. Korg is the sweetest. Cate is beautiful in every sense of the term as always but without giving anything away I would have loved “more” for her character.

An old acquaintance is coming back in this film with A LOT a cool stuff to do. It’s about time this character shines in a Marvel movie as I love this actor. (that’s all I can reveal)

The OST is wonderful, made me think of “Stranger Things” if you’ve watched it. (If you haven’t get you priorities straight !). The musical atmosphere is one of the main reasons why this film felt extremely different from all the other Marvels.

I will give an advice for those who have to wait to see “Thor : Ragnarök” : do yourself a favor and stop spoiling yourself because I can tell you that a lot has been shown in the various clips and trailers already. And I’m not talking about secret cameos or plot points (those aren’t what made this film GREAT imo) but really the scenes between the main characters. The less you see in advance, the more you’ll appreciate in the theater.

There you go ! I don’t know if anyone will read this, but I wanted to write my thoughts anyway.

fuck me yeah that. whole thing about ‘parents  / adults not paying attention to kids leads them to be more anti-social in their adulthood / protect their interest’  rEA LLY FUCKIN HITS HOME FOR ME

cus when i was little, my thing was and STILL IS warrior cats. i fucking love warrior cats. if u follow me on here, u know i love warriors. its a huge part of my life and my biggest special interest and i love this series.

but growing up - my parents, my siblings, teachers, they all made fun of me for it. no one wanted to hear me talk about it, whenever i tried to show my older sister one of my books and try to get her to maybe read it, she got this like…..cringe  look on her face like “wow my little brother is so weird” and she said that like

all the time

and even today, my family and ppl i know still make jabs about it and its just - like are you fucking series? i was an 11 year old who finally found out that reading was cool and found something i love. today im just so protective of everything i get into bc im so used to ppl just….being a shit about it, acting like every single thing someone younger than them likes is ‘cringe culture’

and obvs im not the only one whose dealt w/ this lmao, but like. u know for those who are younger than me - the stuff we like, the stuff you like. its not cringey. its not uninteresting. having something you like so much, no matter how obscure it is - ur better than al of the ppl who just act disinterested and secretive about literally everything.


So I did my take on the Gwenvid family AU, although I just tried coloring them in today so it came out sorta shitty. Anyways, heres my OCs aka David and Gwens kids, Jenny and Dave

(as a ten year old)
-the rambunctious 10 year old who resembles her father, facial feature-wise and loves to wear stuff like scarves or any neck gear like her father, and loves nature and all alike. She also has other interests such as sneaking into her mother’s room and sneakily reads her mom’s “Butt Stuff” magazines. She’s also not afraid to curse and she’s great at the violin.

(as a counselor)
-Jenny, being 24 years old, grew up to be like her dad. Loving and understanding of children and camping, though she also has quite a short temper and Is not afraid to show her fury when needed.

(as a 10 yr old)
- Dave has gotten his love of wearing vests from his dad and his facial features from his mom. He is naive and also adventurous. He is the innocent one out of the two siblings and is quite sensitive, like David he easily gets hurt emotionally and physically. He spends his past time hanging out with Jasper’s ghost on Spooky Island.

(as a counselor)
-like his dad, he also always gets hit by the camp bus, being made fun of for his likes and the such. But these doesn’t stop him from following his father’s foot steps. He spends his past time hanging out with his sister and parents while still wearing his adorkable vest.

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imagine: lance's best friend (reader) approaches him one day, asks "Hey, remember the time you said if somebody did that thing you would marry them on the spot? well, I did it. So if you were serious, I'd be more than happy to be yours."


1067 words

I remember the origin of the moment with perfect clarity: we were back at home, both 15 years old, sitting by a lake near my home. We were sweaty after running the five miles around the body of water, and as we were exhausted, decided to sit and watch people in their boats. Lance got talking about a cheesy romance movie he was forced to watch with his mother and sisters. He talked about how the female lead did something to the male lead to show him that he was good enough for her. He laughed, saying, “If someone did that for me, I’d marry them on the spot!”

I laughed with him, my face burning. At the time, I’d had a huge crush on Lance. He was cute and friendly to everyone, with more confidence in his pinkie than I had in my entire body. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but I admired him in a lot of ways.

“What about you, Y/N? Is there anything someone could do that would make you marry them on the spot?” Lance was looking at me, his cheeks rosy (but that was probably from running).

I shook my head and looked back over the lake. “No. There’s not.” To be honest, I thought the idea was a little ridiculous. One good act doesn’t mean a person is right for you. “Well… maybe buying me books?”

Lance laughed loudly and leaned back on his hands. “You nerd,” he chuckled.

After a few months, my crush on him went away. I decided that I liked him because he was so friendly with everyone he met, so when I thought he was flirting with me, he was just being nice. He did that with a lot of people.

We never brought up the idea of marriage again, after that.

Several years later, it turned out that Lance had had a huge crush on me for years. He asked me out a week after we got to the garrison. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. After seeing how he was with a lot of girls, I didn’t really believe him when he said he liked me. On the date, he shamelessly flirted with me and only me. By our third date, I was in love. He kissed me after dropping me off at my room, said goodnight, and left me standing, a little dazed and with a single hand on the doorknob, at my door.

When we went to space and our friends became Voltron, I was left feeling useless. I wasn’t part of Voltron. I didn’t contribute at all.

Lance made it all better. He told me that Pidge had, on several occasions, called me her sibling; Keith said I was a good person to rant to and spar with; Hunk said it was fun to have me in the kitchen while he made food for us all, and even purposely set chunks of food for me to “steal”; Shiro had once commented that I was like the glue that held the team together; and finally, Lance told me that he loved me, and that he felt a little less homesick when he saw me. He made me cry. I was glad I was valued.

Then, he started feeling the same way. He felt like he didn’t belong with everyone on the team because he was just a “goofball.” There were multiple occasions where he came to my room at night on the verge of tears because he couldn’t handle his dark thoughts on his own. We squeezed together on my bed and I held his hand.

It was then that I remembered what he’d said about marrying someone on the spot. I was more interested in making him feel better than the marriage part. So, I got working.

I was to write an essay filled with positive things about him. After making a list of questions of how Lance has affected every one of us, I interviewed the members of Voltron and wrote an essay that would have made my English teachers cry and give me extra credit.

As I wrote it, I came to realize that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this boy. I loved him more than anything, and if we were to be stuck in space for the rest of our lives, I would gladly do it with him.

Before I gave him the essay, I stood nervously in front of his bedroom door. My fist was raised, ready to knock: all I had to do was move it forward. Just an ince…

“Hey, Y/N!” Lance’s voice said cheerfully from behind me. “What are you doing out here?”

I spun around and hid the essay behind my back. “N-nothing. I just wanted to see what you were up to?” I cringed mentally. That was the lamest excuse I’d ever come up with.

“Really,” he said flatly.


“What’s that behind your back?”

My fingers curled tighter around the papers, crinkling them more than they already had been. “N-nothing, just a few pieces of paper!”

“And why do you have paper?”

“Ugh, okay. You got me. Remember the time you said if somebody did that thing you would marry them on the spot? Well, I did it. So if you were serious, I’d be more than happy to be yours.“

I thruster the essay into his hands and walked away. My face burned with embarrassment. He was going to break up with me for sure.

“H-hey, Y/N!” Lance called. “Wait up?”

I turned. He was sprinting to me, a grin on his face. He had something between his index finger and thumb. “I was planning on asking a similar question today,” he said. “I was looking for a sign to ask you. Guess I got one!”

“Wait, so are you saying yes?” I asked, my legs turning to jell-o.

“Uh, yeah!” He held up his hand and showed me the object he was holding. It was a simple ring, decorated with a small knot on top. “I asked Coran to make it for me… so if you mean it, I’ll marry you on the spot. I’m sure Allura can marry us.”

“O-okay,” I stuttered, allowing Lance to take my hand and slip the ring onto my middle finger.

I never expected for my engagement to start like this!

Nothing can come between us

Blindspot fanfic. This started out as a short drabble but got a bit out of hand. I really miss Sarah and Sawyer and hope they come back next season.

Sarah Weller loved her brother, but if she was being totally honest, she’d have to admit that she was dreading this visit.

She kept one eye on her son’s back as they made their way out of the baggage claim area at La Guardia Airport and scanned the faces in the waiting crowd with the other.

She knew Kurt was eager for her to spend time with his new girlfriend, Jane, but as eager as Sarah was to see him, she didn’t share his enthusiasm. The last time she’d seen Jane, the woman had been pretending to be Taylor Shaw, a childhood friend magically returned after being missing for twenty-five years. Only the whole thing had been a lie just to worm her way into Kurt’s affections and the FBI. And when the lie had been revealed, Kurt had been destroyed. And even though he may have forgiven and forgotten, Sarah hadn’t. She’d never seen her brother so devastated, especially following on the heels of their father’s death and his deathbed revelation that he’d killed Taylor.

Kurt wasn’t entirely wrong, though: Sarah was going to spend some time with Jane this week. She was going to find a few moments—away from her brother—to let Jane know that if she ever even thought about hurting Kurt again, Sarah was going to make her pay, no matter how many fancy martial arts the tattooed woman knew.

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NICOLA JUNE 2017 Volume 6 Summer's Overseas: Okamoto Keito x Marius Yo

Hello! I take unusual longer time to translate this. I’m so busy these past few days with my personal life 😂 (but you can see me a lot at twitter lol).

Here we go. Please credit back to me if you want to repost this. And please correct me if u found any mistake. Thank you!

Barbecue and camping is a routine when summer’s come!

Okamoto :In Japan there are sea bathing, summer festival, fireworks festival and special events that only have in summer but in England, there are no such cultures. The summer’s temperature there is around 17, 18 degree and not too hot, i don’t have to cool myself.

Marius :There were no festivals and fireworks display in Germany either. Speaking of summer’s tradition, we usually having barbecue with family. The freshly baked steak and sausages was delicious! And then we went picnic at the woods or mountain. We have a passion for outdoor trips.

Okamoto: I also often went for camping. For schools abroad, the school term change just before the beginning of September, so it was fun to have no summer vacation’s homework.

Marius :Un, my teacher told me “let’s read a book until September” but we don’t need to do books report either.

Okamoto :We don’t need to join club activities at all. But there are kids that aiming to become professional athletes join the sports club. For me, holiday means to rest as much as I can!

Marius: I like Japan’s summer. Last year I made a yukata and joined the summer festivals with my siblings.

Okamoto: It’s great that we have interesting events during summer in Japan.

Hey Say Jump and Sexy Zone socialised story revealed!

Okamoto: before this interview you said “Please be nice to me” when you contacted me. Marius is really a good person.

Marius : No, no it’s not like that. Keito always taking care of me. For me, Hey Say JUMP is the 1st senior I dance at the back.

Okamoto: During our live when we sing “Arigatou Sekai Doko ni Ittemo” you shout “danke schoen”.

Marius: Oh yes. They make me come out during introduction corner for Jr comes from abroad.

Okamoto :I’m quite often socialised with Sexy Zone. There’s one day where Shori suddenly called me “Keito! It’s Shori. Can I come to you house today?”. We eat and he spend a night at my house and the next morning I send him to the work place.

Marius: You are so kind!!

Okamoto :before this, when I went for a meal with Kento, “Give me rosehip tea” i’m so surprised that he would order such stylish drinks. (laugh)

Marius: That’s so Kento. From our usual gentleman. I’m a boy, I can’t win him

Okamoto gentle advice for Marius when talk about his worries

Okamoto :Marius, when did you move from Germany to Japan?

Marius: On the same year when we debuted, in 2011. I was 11 years old that time, first of all it’s a little bit though as I couldn’t speak Japanese…

Okamoto : Being too quick to debut, you can’t really remember things on the first one or two years. Because I’m as well debuted as soon as i joined.

Marius : I can’t remember. I have been raised in Germany for 11 years, I have no idea what to do, I want a Japanese rule book (cry). I’m already 17 years old, I don’t want to others think I am lack of self reliance so I have to straighten up myself.

Okamoto: No, you are self-sufficient. Don’t worry. The day will come when you can adapt more with Japanese way of thinking and culture.

Marius: Being in German for quite long time the lifestyle and way of thinking was ingrained in me so when I tried to talk I have a feeling that i couldn’t convey it to everyone….what should I do?

Okamoto: For example, it’s fine if the way you thinking is different from the other member. As a group I think it’s good if each individu has their own way of thinking…so good luck!

Okamoto was impressed with Marius great value of knowledge!

Okamoto: The first day of new school terms, it pass quickly but there are some people who can’t make friends yet. When I’m in England, I was playing basketball alone until I could make any friends.

Marius: I am the type of who get along easily. But I can understand the feeling of worrying on how to get along with the classmates.

Okamoto: Marius is an active high school student.

Marius: 5 points in life that I keep in my memo’s mobile phone are, “be polite”, “to be grateful”, “to fulfill responsibility”, “to have knowledge” and “to speak the truth”. If I keep this Japan’s understanding, I can make friends more naturally.

Okamoto: That’s awesome. You have Japanese spirit more than a Japanese itself (laugh). I am not good at making friends so I can’t give an advice. Even though our group has 2 to 3 dressing rooms prepared for us, usually everyone will gather in one room, everyone will like “what are u doing yesterday?” and we are getting excited with our silly talks. It’s perfect that while we spend our times together we can become friends.

Marius Yo:

🌹Favourite fragrance: Rose. Using rose scents regularly for air humidifier and bath salts.
🌹Favourite stall food: Atsuatsu baby castella

Okamoto Keito:
🎸Favourite fragrance: recently like jasmine. The perfume smells refreshing.
🎸Favourite stall food: katanuki okashi.

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can i have a hc for zen with an mc that has five older siblings and one really protective older brother ( mc is the youngest )? thank u!! :')

I don’t see why not, ehehe d(>_・ )グッ!  

Zen with MC that has five older siblings and protective brother

  • Zen had always wanted to visit your family for a while
  • Of course, you mentioned him before that you have lots of siblings and one overprotective brother
  • Well… you don’t really surprising when you saw him being anxious when the two of you get ready to visit your family, but you are surprised with him being excited that you almost couldn’t tell that he is anxious
  • You feel bad instantly, knowing why he’s anxious. Grow up without parents, and hating his own brother, Zen surely will look at your family as his, even you, his soon-to-be-wife
  • During the drive to the location that you had set up to meet your siblings, you could hear Zen’s heartbeat increasing every minute
  • The moment had come 
  • You two arrived, hand in hand, and you feel his hand squeezes your hand slightly, which you hold his hand even more tightly giving him a sign that everything will be alright
  • All five of your siblings all scream when they saw both of you from afar
  • They ran to you, and Zen, of course, crashing you two into the tightest hug you’ve ever had in your life
  • “Omg MC!  You didn’t tell us you have grown up this big?! Look at you, where is my little smol baby!” 
  • “Oh my, hello! You’re MC’s husband, right? Aha” One of your siblings tease Zen while pinching your nose 
  • This is more fun and relaxing than he thoughts, his awkward smile had replaced by a happy laugh and a huge grin
  • But here comes the last boss 
  • Your five siblings drag you back to where your brother is
  • Zen had heard about him, through you
  • And he is internal screaming he’s also sweating just imagine if your brother doesn’t approve, his heart! 
  • When he’s finally face-to-face with your brother and your brother just… glancing at him! 
  • This boy is shooked, when your brother just wraps an arm around your neck and growls at him
  • Your siblings whose witness the whole thing just burst out laughing, and you are giggle along with them 
  • So this is how Yoosung feels when facing the final boss 
  • So this is how Seven feels when facing Vander… the Boss
  • “Oh, common’ dude, you’re pressuring the cute little boy.” Your sibling say
  • He hisses, looks down at you and look up at Zen, eyes locked
  • “Geez, can’t you see I’m just trying to- okay okay! Don’t get me wrong, she’s precious and I just can’t help it!” Your brother yelped when after being interrupted by your siblings pulled you out of his embrace and shove you into Zen’s arms
  • He pouts at Zen and keep glaring every second
  • When all five of your siblings dragged you to a nearby shop, and choose tons of clothes for you and also Zen, they finally leave Zen and your old brother alone
  • The atmosphere turns real awkward quicky
  • The two of them keep silence for a whole one minute
  • “…so…” Your brother speaks up, causing Zen to startled “…you didn’t approach my sister just for her looks or money… or something similar to that, right?”
  • “No, I am thankful of all that she had done for me, I love her for who she is” 
  • After that, Zen start to list all the things he loves about you, and how you guys meet completely forgot about your brother existence
  • He keeps going on about you as if he’s talking to himself
  • Your brother listen carefully to his confession, half the way, he notices the warmth and loving smile on Zen’s face while Zen still talking and looks like he doesn’t aware of your brother’s existence any more
  • Somewhat in your brother had admired that Zen is trustworthy and he could let his little sister rely on this man
  • But… his stubbornness is still there after all
  • When you and your sibling return, laughing playfully, your brother just pat Zen’s head lightly to pull him out of his mind
  • He leans close to Zen and murmurs, loud enough for Zen to hear 
  • “You… If you dare to make her cry, I’ll make sure for you to take your karma…” His words make Zen shaken a bit, but his later sentence cause Zen’s eyes to lights up and his heart seem to jumps out of his chest 
  • “I’ll trust you from now… don’t disappoint me, boy.” Your brother gave him a playful grin before turns back to where you and crush you into a tight hug “MCCCCCCCCCCC…!”
  • “Ugh..! Bro what are you doing? Ack! I can’t breath!” You try to push your brother away, laughing along with your other siblings
  • You look at Zen, whose laughing playfully, guess he’s finally found a place he’s belongs to
  • When it’s time and you two have to go home, three of your siblings were crying while the other, teasing them
  • You found your brother and Zen next to you and Zen’s car, chatting and laughing
  • In the car, Zen thank you as he keeps a happy smile on his face, he talks about how funny your siblings are. And what makes him happy the whole day. And lastly… how lucky of you to have such a caring brother
  • Even at home, he still keep that smile on his face, but not that you complaining, though
  • He just hold you in his arm that night, showered you with kisses, talking about how much he loves you, how much you mean to him, and thankful, for you to give him a family that he had been craving ever since he was born
  • “MC… thank you for giving me a chance to meet your siblings, they’re fun to be with, haha. Oh, and your brother! He’s quite a tsundere, you know? God… I’ve already said this more than twice but I just have to say it again, thank you. I never dare to think that I could feel the things called “family” again after all those years abandoned my family. But you came, and give me your warmth. I… I just- Well, thank you for giving me… a family.”

Ahaha +.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚イィ  I think I was a bit  too into this request~ but I’m really enjoying writing this, tho

But I guess I have made it a bit… too fluffy? Ehe… 

Anyways… anyways! I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day everyone 

o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o イエーイ

Gardenia was waiting in Hope’s room when she arrived to tuck her into bed. Hope ran in and flung her arms around her mom.

Hope: Mommy, I’m so, so sorry for what I said. I didn’t know how sad it would make you. I promise I won’t ever talk about plant babies again! Or babies ever! Will you forgive me?

Gardenia tried to hold back tears, but she couldn’t. Hope was just so special to her, and she knew that as little as she was, she probably didn’t know the hurt those words caused. She had wanted to help too. She was always good at picking up on Gardenia’s emotions and knew she was sad.

Gardenia: Of course I forgive you Hope. I’m sorry I snapped at you. I know you weren’t saying those things to hurt me. It’s just something that will always make me hurt inside, but don’t worry I’m so happy to have you, Hero, and Heart. I have all the sweet, wonderful babies I need. I know you were trying to help, but I am happy with my three little sweet peas, so I don’t need you to ask your friend’s father about this. We’re a happy little family just how we are.

As for talking about babies in general, you can talk about them all you want. Just because I can’t have anymore doesn’t mean I’m not excited when other families do. Just the other day I helped a baby be born, and it made me so happy to see the new mommy with her baby.

Hope: That’s so cool you saw a baby come out of a tummy!

I promise I didn’t say anything to anyone mommy. After Yasmin told me her story, we mainly talked about toys, and ice cream, and clouds, and our little siblings. I’m glad you’re happy mommy. Does that mean you believe me that Yasmin grew?

Gardenia had to laugh a little, the tears slowly clearing away.

Gardenia: Yes, I believe you. We are aliens after all. Anything is possible in this world.

Hope: Yay! And you’re smiling now too which means you aren’t sad. I don’t ever want to make you sad again mommy.

Gardenia: You always know how to put a smile on my face, and I know you didn’t mean to make me sad. Now go to sleep, my sweet little Hope. I’m so happy you made a new friend and had fun at the park.

Wedding Date

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

When you get a not so wanted invite to a wedding, someone tries to convice you to go.

Pairing: Reader X Steve
Warnings: Mentions of parental death

   You starred at the teal envelope with your name written so carefully in front of you. You knew exactly what it was and yet you dreaded opening it. Your thumb slid across the seal slowly opening the envelope. You waited another moment before slipping the card out of its home. Your eyes skipped across the wedding invite. Your cousin was getting married. You had received an email from your aunt letting you know that she had finally found a man. The family has been waiting to see you since all of the avenging happened. You sat the card down on the coffee table in front of you and sighed. You placed your head in-between the couch pillows, taking a moment. You heard footsteps, and you tilted your head to the side to see Steve smiling down at you.

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Kicked Out (Part 9) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

As Zoe continues to bounce up and down over my small confession.

“Zo,” I try to calm her but to no avail, she continues to bounce up and down excitedly, “Zo.”

“It’s just so cute, My baby sister if growing up.” She begins mumbling words to herself.

Someone knocks at the door and I get up and open it greeted by a smiling Jack Maynard, “Oh hello,” I laugh.

“Hi,” He says stepping in and kissing my cheek softly. We make our way around to where Zoe and Joe are sat together. One look at Zoe makes my burst out laughing because she’s smirking at us.

“Speak of the devil and he shall appear,” She says laughing so hard to the point where she has tears pouring out of her eyes.

“What?” Jack asks chuckling slightly.

“Mate, Don’t try to understand my sisters,” Joe sighs, “I’ve known them my whole life and I still don’t understand them.”

I double over laughing at Joe’s comment. “Oh my god,” I gasp out wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Do I want to ask?” Jack questions. Patting me on the back softly.

“Nope,” I say softly, knowing that it was another thing to add to the list of things I loved about my siblings, “Why are you here anyway?”  

“I’m here to film with Joe?” He says in a questioning tone pointing towards my brother. I nod my head in understanding.

“Why don’t all four of us do a collab?” Zoe suggests, “I bag the ‘Who knows Y/N best’  video!”

I laugh, “What if I had plans?” Zoe raises her eyebrows, “Fine I don’t have plans.”

“I like this idea,” Joe laughs, “Let’s see how well Jack knows Y/N.”

“Did you tell them?” He whispers into my ear.

“They’re my siblings, of course, i did.” I laugh at his embarrassment.

He nods and says, “Game on Suggs.”

“Oh this is going to be fun,” Zoe says laughing, fist bumping Joe. I shake my head disapprovingly but laugh with them anyway.


After a few minutes of debate, Zoe’s video is the one were filming first.

“Hello everyone, Today I’m down in London visiting my baby siblings and we’ve decided to film a video,” Zoe says excitedly, “Oh yeah and were joined with Jack Maynard.”

“Guys, I’ve made it to a Zoella video,” He says holding his hand up in mock whisper making me and Zoe burst out laughing.

“Okay, so today’s video is a 'Who knows me best’. But obviously it’s not me we have to know, its Y/N,” Zoe says pointing at me.

“So Y/N has written down some questions and we each have got a piece of paper to write our answers down on.” Zoe explains, “Do you want to start?” She asks me.

“I’m ready when you all are,” I say raking my eyes over the other three. I’m sat on the far right next to Zoe, who’s next to Joe and then finally Jack.

“I’m ready,” Joe says smirking slightly. I knew that Joe knew me the best, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he would win.

I clear my throat and ask the first question, “What is my favorite meal to order at a restaurant?”

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maybe the kids taking a day off indoors with tea and cookies when it's raining outside?

This idea made me remember all the times my siblings and I would stay inside baking cookies with too many chocolate chips on rainy afternoons 🍪 

It’s giving me many beautiful feelings (;﹏;) thanks for the cuteness and nostalgia

I just had an interesting thing happen to me at work...

This family with like four kids came into my store and shopped around for like a half hour, but the youngest daughter who was like 6 years old started going on and on to me about panda bears. 

After like 10 minutes of pandas and giving me directions to the zoo, I decided to go back to the counter and draw her a little panda on a sticky note. Well, after she got done showing everyone in the store that I drew something for her, she told me his name was Samurai Jack.

I paused. Surely I did not hear a 6 year old child say Samurai Jack, did I? So I said, “Oh his name’s Jack the Panda?”

And she was very clear to me that, “no, his name is Samurai Jack and he’s in love with a girl ninja named Ashi.”

So now I’m like OMG, your parents are letting you watch the new Samurai Jack on Adult Swim!? What is even happening right now. Like… she started telling me all about Aku and Jack and Ashi, and was very adamant that they were in love and Aku turned Ashi evil. She threw in some Michaelangelo and TMNT… this kid was awesome!

So… I decided to draw her more doodles of Aku and made her some paperdolls shaped like Jack and some other crafty stuff for her siblings too (because crafts are more fun that retail work) and they just sort of roamed around with bags of my doodles and papercrafts until their parents got done shopping for clothes. 

It was definitely a twist to how I thought a conversation with a 6 year old would go. I have my faith in humanity restored thanks to this nice family and their awesome kids, especially that little 6 year old girl who is in love with Jashi.

Tsubaki Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Tsubaki Dialogue

For the two anons!

Same disclaimers as usual. Btw, Tsubaki speaks in a very sing-songy and playful way which is why there’s copious usage of ~ aha.

EDIT: Changed the nuances of one of Tsubaki’s last lines to hopefully convey his meaning across better.

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When I was a child I used to tell myself stories. Like, I would walk in the streets and narrate stories out loud. It's incredible nobody ever made fun of me for that. And I got so excited because I was creating something, so I'd just jump all around. Happy times.

So cute! I was lucky to have younger siblings to tell my stories to :D When I was walking around, I’d usually just daydream excessively (I still do that. It’s not always very safe).