my siblings made fun of me but


❞ If I was a lumber jack for a day I’d hop in my minivan and drive to Alaska (I hate flying in airplanes) and then I’d spend the day chopping wood, wearing Carhartt jackets and building campfires. Then I’d drive home to Minnesota and go to bed.

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You must feel like Sarada. I can now see why black people support sasusaku cause it reminds them of their own abusive lifestyle. So when your father left you as a child how did your mother react? Do you have step-siblings? You guys made fun of us NaruSaku's but our ship is healthy while you supported an abusive ship. Its probably due to the fact that your father walked out on you too?

I don’t even know where to start on how wrong and racist this question is. BTW My father did not walk out on me and neither did my mother.

why does my sister have to make fun of everything i do
she made fun of my twitter she made fun of the fact that my lock screen is Luke hemmings she made fun of the color I want to paint my new room she made fun of me for wanting to put string lights in my new room she made fun of the posters/pictures I wanted to put up she’d probably make fun of my blog if she saw it I know teasing each other is part of being siblings but it really hurts my feelings sometimes


100/365: WOOOOO HIT THE TRIPLE DIGITS I can’t believe I kept this going for so long HAHA anyways woke up at like 1 PM bc idk sloth life LOL and decided to pamper myself ~ Ugh life is nice 😋 ALSO HAPPY NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY I know you’re not my actual sister bc #onlychildlife but you’ve been there since I was like 10 and I steal your stuff and we annoy each other like sisters so love ya cuzzy ❤️ Had Grimz practice after and I must say it was really fun bc Anthony made us do like a concept video type a thing and it was hard and the struggle was real but I’m glad I got to dance with Sakiko and Jess ^__^ #GrimzShorties yay ! And here’s a throwback pic bc Bae-andro sent this to me and it was the first thing I woke up to ^__^ I miss HHI 2014 but excited for this year’s ~ YAY

I love my mom but i wish she didnt say things that she did.
Today she was dying my hair and said “you’re only good for fashion, not education” shes said this before. Many times actually. But today hurt the worst because shes right. im just not the qualified sibling or child. Im not really sure if im good enough anymore.
Everything kills right now, everything.
The amount of times she had made fun of my weight this week was incredible. And saying this…idk. Idk what the future holds for me anymore. Im done.
Ive accepted that im fat, not beautiful, and “one of those girls who just want to get married.”

Today is my sister Kit’s 45th Birthday @enidlareg_tuar and I just want to tell her that she is not only an amazing and loving sister who definitely sacrificed so much for me to reach my dreams, but also the best friend that laughs with me and cries with me, a source of inspiration and guidance as well as my rock to hold on to in my countless falls. You are one of the best gifts and I cannot imagine life without you. You definitely made my life so much easier, better, more meaningful, and more fun. Thank you for all the love, acceptance, and support. I love you so much and I freaking miss you terribly! Happy Birthday my dear manang Kit! #sisters #siblings #birthday #bestfriends #sfgay #gay #gaysf #gayboy #gayguy #gayman #gayhair #goodtimes #gaystagram #gaysoftumblr #gaysofinstagram #californiagay #iggay #instagay #instahomo

I am the creaky old house,
Who wishes life upon every creaky door and empty room
I am the embodiment of a poltergeist
Any sign of fear I fight
I am the younger sibling
Made fun of by the older sibling for seeing things that aren’t there
I am the older sibling
Made fun of for hearing things go bump in the night
I am not the parent
I do not push back the fear of my children and wait for the poltergeist to come after me
I am not the spouse that put our whole life savings into this one house
I am not the sceptic made believer
When a little child that wasn’t mine looked at me from down the hall
I’m the one that realized what was going on before it was to late
—  Every haunted house, R.S

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I know you want us to be friends and do stuff together because we're siblings after all... but you know what? You fucking bullied me, made fun of me and hit me when I was still little and I'll never forgive you for that. You are the reason why my grades dropped, why I had and still have so many problems with my mental health and why I have trust issues! The saddest thing to knlw is that my life could've been so much better without you but you just had to destroy me...

Go to my ask on/off anon Imagine I’m the person you hate the most right now, get it all out, I will not reply

and the only memories of any ‘bullying’ if it could be called that are of shithead middle school boys on the bus and this one girl in high school who made fun of me having a lunchbox?? high school

either way me and my siblings didn’t really call that much attention to ourselves in a school of 4000 kids at most and the one time my brother was bothered by this dude who would shove him into a wall “accidentally” everyday, my brother grabbed his arm and slammed him into a wall

so i have no idea where that trait came from and idk if my little sister has it but maybe someday it will appear, she’s only a sophomore so she’s got time

“Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last. :) Have Fun! “

So here we go:

  1. Kindof sunny windy days where the direction changes and the rustling leaves sound like the trees are talking and the birds are chattering away up high and everything is so alive and you just want to become part of it
  2. My siblings (this includes the human peach child and the fur babies)
  3. Really good books or music, like you can’t stop playing or reading it and its instantly a part of you and you get completely immersed. Yeah…. nice.
  4. Walks on snowy nights where all the sounds are muffled and muted light reflects off the snow and everything is really still and quiet and you feel completely alone and you almost don’t want to take another step and disturb the silence so you just stand still and breath in air so cold it burns and it’s just really peaceful and dark
  5. The mossy parts of forests around running water, all the nooks and crannies in the banks with hanging roots, slippery rocks you have to be careful stepping on, logs you can cross. Forests.
National Siblings Day

So, yesterday was National Siblings Day. My sibling died in a car crash on March 26, so it was really hard to see everyone’s pictures and fun posts with their siblings. They deserve that, though, the ability to make posts about it. Everything was going really good until my Aunt who made my life a living hell throughout all of the funeral arrangements decided to put up a picture of all of the people from dad’s side of the family up on Facebook and think that she has the fucking authority to actually say something about siblings day.

She has no right to tag me in a post making this day that was reserved for SIBLINGS into something about her. That was my brother and it should have been my decision. I can’t go talk to him. I can’t call him up and ask what he thinks about this. I can’t even wish him a happy siblings day because he is dead.

I hate people taking control of things that I should have control over. And I didn’t post anything because the whole day was painful for me. Now I have a million and a half notifications every time I open Facebook from her fucking friends that I don’t want to see or hear from because I don’t want to be reminded that I DO NOT HAVE A SIBLING anymore. Also, I don’t know any of those fucking people and they aren’t telling me that they are sorry for MY loss on SIBLINGS day, no, it’s all about her.

This is not okay. She can go fuck herself.

Here’s to the one who jumped when I jumped, who covered for me when I was in trouble, who put up with my pestering, the one who made childhood in northern #Minnesota fun, who told me ‘I love you no matter what’ when I came out with being gay… Here’s to my #wonderful #sibling Nicole Olson and all of our #shenanigans… #ILoveYou with all of my heart. Happy #NationalSiblingDay baby sis. I miss you. #xoxo ||| #TheOlsonFamily 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦⚡️

lets talk about a stressful night

i am babysitting my 8 and 11 year old siblings for the night because of an unseen family complication, along with 2 cats, 3 dogs (including a 12 weeks old cane corso puppy), trying to clean house, 2 months pregnant, and just made a big dinner because i need a good home cooked meal or im going to kill someone.

did i mention my boyfriend left for the night to go to the bar.

fun, right?? 

i miss my brother

Whenever I meet someone new and they ask me if I have any siblings I stop and think. I have a sister who’s blood related but I have a brother who isn’t. Story is that we met back in high school. At first I thought he was just some fuck boy nigga and he probably thought the same damn thing about me. But something clicked. We ended up being a lot closer than we thought. We ended up always skipping class, hanging out, skating, getting fucked up, etc. we were always together. Our parents even made fun of us for it, saying “you going out with your boyfriend?” Hahahaha damn not even like that. But we were always together, even if there was a group me and him would always end up talking shit bout everyone hahaha even to each other. We used to talk mad shit about other people and each other and it was fun, I think that’s why we got so close bc our personalities were the same. Sure we have different interests, he has a passion for writing, and mine for cars but that didn’t stop us from having a good time or anything. We always had each other’s backs no matter what, even if it costs us both getting in trouble. We were always there for each other, I remember calling him late at night to talk about shit I was going through and he’d be there. Not just on the phone talking, but he’d come to my house and actually talk to me and be there. We would always get so fucked up to the point where we’d have to carry each other home. We always took care of each other. We even cried to each other. We lived our lives day by day. No plans. Nothing. We’d just go day by day and “wing” it. Sure there are times where we got on each other’s nerves but that’s every friendship/relationship. By the end of the day I know that we’re both there for each other. We never really told each other that we loved each other or we never really acknowledged each other in special way but we both knew that we saw each other as brothers. No matter where you are. No matter what you do. You will ALWAYS be my brother.
I love you man

Oh, the delightful comparisons between me and siblings.

My sister posted photos on facebook of a day trip she and her bf took. all cute and gross and shit.

Meanwhile, last night I made out with a freshman whose name I don’t know, who left so many hickeys on my neck that people have asked who tried to kill me.

I honest to god look like a survivor of a murder. It actually hurts to strain my neck.

So. Fun times!


This is hecka late but I never made a post, so Happy National Siblings Day to the people above who have definitely been amazing brothers and sisters over the past four years. I know people are not destined to stay friends throughout or after high school, but I appreciate all of your presence through my HS life. You guys made it suck less and I love you all. 😌😌😌
In order: First up are my sisters, missing Monica though, who are so fun and crazy and helped me get through my sophomore year. Shout out to the bitch bench. 💁 Then are my sissies. Years of Council with these beautiful ladies, definitely girls I can tell anything to. Next would be my brothers. That picture may have ended it all, but whatever. They’re still badass. Then my shark btln family. This was the least expected, but honestly after early mornings, late nights, and ALL day events plus fieldtrips with them, you realize that they’re hella family and it isnt a choice. Luke! Definitely had our ups and downs throughout the years, but there ain’t no better partner in crime. I love having someone who’s not just outgoing and down but also charismatic and loving and an awesome person to be around. 🙏 And lastly, my amazing group of friends who I shamelessly spent late nights and summer days with them doing absolutely nothing but it was always fun as hell. I miss and love you all like crazy 😍😍😍

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday and I had a great birthday for once. My day started with Aaron and end with Aaron last night. Through out the day I was with my mother, and had fun with her and my youngest sibling. She got me a few gifts, and Aaron had made me a birthday card that he wasn’t proud of because of how it had turned out. I however loved it because it came from him. He kept asking if I really did like it and I had to keep telling him that I loved it, because I really did.
My birthday was the best I’ve had in probably years, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love my family and friends who told me happy birthday and got to share yesterday with me. I love Aaron too, and glad I got to share it with him some too.

My youngest also sent me a text from my mother’s phone before going to school yesterday telling me he loved me and wishing me a happy birthday as well, it was a really sweet text, because he hardly speaks to me lately with him being a teenager now. I love my little brother Robert tons for trying to make yesterday a good one too.

no game no life: interesting so far! (ep4) i must say, the siblings playing against each other immediately made me think of me and my brother when we play à la belote: (a card games) we know each other’s tricks quite well so we both anticipate but somehow still manage to fell for it sometimes and it’s quite fun :D