my siblings made fun of me but


❞ If I was a lumber jack for a day I’d hop in my minivan and drive to Alaska (I hate flying in airplanes) and then I’d spend the day chopping wood, wearing Carhartt jackets and building campfires. Then I’d drive home to Minnesota and go to bed.

I Wanna Thank you all

I know I say this a lot, but thank you. Thank you all so much, for everything. Everything little thing you guys do brightens up my day. I never saw myself as someone so many people would love, but with this blog I realize that I was wrong. I know Tumblr isn’t the best social media website, but before Tumblr I never thought I could love myself for who I was. Most of time my mind was filled with the negative feedback my family would tell me. Fat, ugly, stupid, annoying it was all the same (it mostly came from my siblings but my stepfather made fun of me to). But now, with all the nice things you’ve said about me. I know now that there are those who care, and I know that you guys care. So every time I get made fun of I remember all the nice things you guys told me. I wanna especially thank:

raiiden-x (where do I begin? You’re one of the greatest people I’ve met. You’re so sweet, kind, cute, and amazing in everyway possible. I love you so much girl 😘)

eulerami (your comics and art are beyond phenomenal, I started to ship Kenmac because if you and ermacsfan . I cannot wait for Blind Trust!)

historicallysignificantmango (you’re such a fun blog and thanks for the Harley X Erron snippet :D)

total-trash-dragon (your artwork is amazing and I love your blog c:)

ask-animaniacsfandom (you’ve been with me for the longest time, thank you .u.)

scentedpizza (you’re such a great blog and person :) )

perpetual-bad-guy-shipper (I wanna talk about Arkham X with you x3)

thelatelondon (thanks for cheering me up when I was down)

💟Thank you all💟

Okay, so quick update on me.

My sister’s wedding was the most beautiful, special amazing day/wedding ever. I was kind of a teary mess during the ceremony. I made everyone cry with my maid of honor toast and apparently everyone loved it so much. Even though it was on friday, I am still exhausted from wedding week. I’ll definitely post a couple pictures when we get them in a few months. :D

Anyway that’s why I haven’t really been on, and it also means I’m not fully caught up with the fandom. But after the rest of my family is gone and a two-three day napping period of doing absolutely nothing, hopefully I’ll be able to start getting back into some kind of writing schedule. I still do want to do all my tumblr award promos at some point, but it’s just been crazy.

I love you all. Time to go nap again. :D <3

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So I think I'm either lesbian or bi but I'm afraid to tell my family! I'm afraid to tell them for many reasons 1. My dad is pretty much a homophobe 2. My mom is a really religious catholic! And then as for my siblings they wouldn't care at all they're cool! I have even asked my mom hypothetically speaking what would you do if one of us was gay (meaning me or my siblings) and all my mom said was I just want what makes you happy but wouldn't want that life for you! Wtf is that supposed to mean?

It’s so funny you say all that bc that’s literally my life. My dad has always made fun of gays (he’s since stopped now that he knows his daughter is one of them) and my mom was always super religious. My siblings are rad as fuck tho and don’t care. So that’s why I came out to them first. I suggest you start there. Telling people is so scary at first but once you do it and get that initial fear factor out of the way, it’s SO liberating and you’ll want to tell everyone.

I was tagged by maybeitdontmakesense to do this, thank you for tagging me!(:

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What was the last thing that made you laugh? Tumblr. My dash, random things..

Do you have any siblings? 3 brothers. 2 older and 1 younger

If you could have anything to eat right now what would it be? The new mixed flavored skittles.. They’re so good omg..

What is your favorite word? I don’t know really. I use ‘Like'a lot. And also ‘Dude'

Have you ever kissed a stranger? Ha! No, no I have not.

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.

What is the best gift you have ever been given? Dang.. I honestly don’t know. All the gifts I get I usually have asked for so I love them when I get them.

If you won a million dollars what would you do with it? save some for myself and give the rest to my mom and dad and my nana. They deserve it way more than I do. 

What are you afraid of? what happens after I die. Losing my mom.. 

How do you like to spend your free time? Reading and writing. Watching TV or movies. Coloring because I am a child and coloring books are cool ok.. Laying outside when the weather is nice. Little things like that.

What do you like most about your personality? I’m pretty accepting and understanding. I try my hardest to give people a chance and to make them feel loved.

New Questions:
1. Would you go back in time if given the chance?
2. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
3. Favorite holiday?
4. Favorite type of weather?
5. If you could change your name, what would it be?
6. How long is the longest you’ve ever stayed up?
7. What’s your favorite thing about your birth month?
8. What’s your favorite scent?
9. Dream place to live?
10. What would you say makes you most insecure?
11. What makes you happiest about yourself.

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me and my cool cousin hung out again!!!!! we talked about smorfs some more like we did on the fourth amd we made disgusting concoctions of stuff and put it on weeds and sigbned our names on it and he showed me his super big eraser colllection and we bouncesd on the trampoline a little bit and watched the princess and the frog it was soo much fun

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just for fun!! Name: Madison
Gender: female
Height: 5'4"
Orientation: pansexual
Age: 17
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: red / orange
Smoking?: never
Drinking?: nope
Drugs?: absolutely not 
Job: hostess
Favorite Color: all of them!
Favorite Band: The Knife
Siblings: one sister
Tattoos?: I wish
Favorite Book?: Pride and Prejudice
Perfect Date: coffee at a cute café
Hobbies: I sew, read, write, and paint
Why should I pick you?: because I'm funny sometimes?
Why do you even want to date me?: for fun?

This made my day. Like seriously. Sometimes I feel like my blog is that book on the shelf that you kinda look at, slide out a little then slide it back in.

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G - Grade i hated?
6th grade was awful because of all the bullies but 11th was worse because my mom was making things worse in every sense.

U - Umbrella colour?

Clear with pink roses printed all over it

N - Number of siblings?
1 blood sibling, 3 pseudo-adoptive kouhai-siblings who are more like siblings to me than my blood one tbh.

D - Drink you last had?
Some vegetable cleanse shake my mom made.

A – Available?

M - Milkshake flavour?
I’m actually not sure.

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my opinion on;

character in general: I had never played Jinx, like, never. But she is fun to lane with but a pain to go against 
how they play them: Since this is like a ‘different’ Jinx, i still feel like D00dle is really doing a good job representing this character even with the M!A’s that i seen her do

the mun: D00dle is so nice and fun to be around, plus she made me use the ‘Ou O’ emoticon again,

do i;

follow them: Always will
rp with them: 10/10 quality rps
want to rp with them: if she gets an idea for an rp, i am all up for it
ship their character with mine: is a sibling-like relationship between the two

what is my;

overall opinion:

me to d00dle ^^ 100/10 this mun and her blogs deserve alot more attention then they have


Honesty Hour

So I decided that I would open up for those of you that actually care to get to know me a little deeper than what you do. I want to talk to you guys about my scars. I have scars from emotional wounds that never really went away. When I was a kid I realized that I had the ability to retain a lot of information and navigate through life struggles with unique precision. This made a lot of people like talking to me as a person and getting my advice. They also liked me because I was extremely cute, a fact that still remains. As time went on I realized that people would use me for my knowledge, wisdom, and good looks. My parents, my siblings, my friends, in my “relationships” people would take me and use me for their own reasons. They would expect me to always be a good time, provide an atmosphere of fun and adventure, make them feel better physically, spiritually or emotionally. People began telling me things to get me to trust them and love them, but they would hurt me every time. My parents would tell me they were going to do something and it would fall through. My friends would tell me they’d be there for me and they’d leave at the drop of a dime when I needed them. People that showed interest in me romantically would lure me in because of my body and my sexual freedom and tell me they would love me unconditionally and be honest and truthful only to lie and cheat on me. It became a pattern. So at first I got really depressed. I would eat a lot and I started having a lot of sex with whoever just to try to find someone that I thought would love me for me and not just what I could do for or to them. I messed around with so many people unprotected that I was scared that I would contract some type of disease for sure, but thankfully I never did. These escapades only granted me a wealth of knowledge to people and the ways that they lie, cheat, interact, communicate, make love, fuck, build you up, tear you down; many things! I learned how to read people based on the numbers of people that I interacted with. I thought that I would find someone that would give me what I needed which was love, honesty, respect and not just use me up and throw me away. I didn’t receive that. Instead I got negative situation after negative situation, each time hardening my heart a little more. I ended up broken and I didn’t know how to fix myself. I always thought I was a good guy, sweet, loving and generous, but people mistook that for weakness or sensitivity. In all actuality I was just giving love. Well during that time I figured out all of the things I like sexually and the types of traits in people that I gravitated towards. I began to retreat and guard myself, giving off an asshole personae when I was getting to know people because I was sure that they would use me and discard of me like an old rag afterwards. I still carry those scars. Now, I know that my happiness begins with me. I don’t need anyone to validate my joy and my goodness. I know that God made me special and I can help a lot of people. I don’t have to use my body to suppress my feelings, I can live them out loud no matter what they may be. I don’t need validation. I need real honest love and I get that from God. I had to change who I was in order to receive what it is that I had been searching for. While I still believe that I will receive my life mate, I don’t stress it too much anymore because when it’s time, they will be ready to receive what I have to give and will give what I’m ready to receive. I can’t lie, I get lonely at times. And there are definitely people that occupy my heart currently, one in particular, but I don’t usually hold all my eggs in one basket because I don’t trust that they aren’t leading me on or using me yet again. Honestly, I just want to find real honest love, settle down, travel, work hard, love hard, be free, make amazing love, and be 100% honest with someone. I don’t believe that to be too much to ask. Few have come close and broken me in the end, but I’m tired of being broken. I don’t need the sex because it’s empty without anything backing it up. I don’t need the money because it causes extra problems. I don’t need the social status, because people tend to interfere with your happiness. All I need is you, me and real honest love and we can go far. But I get nervous every time I get involved. “Am I being overbearing? Am I being too relaxed? Am I coming off as a know it all? Am I good enough?” These are questions that I’d ask myself. Those are the scars that only love can remove. Patience and love. It’s tough, but I live this life everyday. Not to mention my open lifestyle, monumental career goals and the schooling and learning that includes, getting physically fit to my liking, staying spiritually intact, and growing as a being. It’s a tough life. Everything and everyone is pulling and judging and talking and lying and faking and fucking and tricking and digging all to get themselves over. I’m a simple guy with big dreams, a big heart, and a lot of sense, but for once, I’d like to have the happy ending and not just write about it or read it in books. I just want to stop this chase to pursue the others. That’s all.

people have made fun of my middle name forever and its really annoying tbh because my parents didnt just randomly decide to name me after a flower like its based on my mom’s siblings names which all start with “ro” (rosada, roland, roseanna) and it actually means a lot to me so…… fuck you

Are you okay?

In the past few months this is what I have heard out of my dad’s mouth more than anything else. 

Am I okay?

I am better. Each day is different and some are harder than others. I focus on the fun/happy things and try not to think about the past or about stuff that stresses me out. I am finally catching up on my sleep and it has made me feel a lot better. My stomach doesn’t hurt as much any more and I am starting to eat more regularly. My family relations are not the best. My dad and I are a lot closer but my mom and step mom have been driving spikes between me more and more. My siblings and I are closer though which is great. I would have to say my friends are my solid rock. They care and I can see that. They make me feel like I belong and that is the feeling I am most seeking. Mike and Z care and they let me know and they crack me up so much. Garrett checks up from time to time on me and is always supportive. I have been spending more time with Marissa and she has gone through so many experiences in life that I am either just getting out of or experiencing myself that its nice that I have someone I can relate to. Someone interested in my little stories and events of life is just nice. I just love all of you so much. I don’t think I say it enough. You all have helped me through the rough times and I am so young yet you accept me and I just…Thank you.

So am i okay?


I am mostly but the parts that I am not are slowly changing to a yes.

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67. Do you have a happy gaming-related childhood memory you want to share?
I Remember playing mario Galaxy and also mario cart w my siblings and Cassandra and Seth would always beat me and Alyssa but that’s ok cause it was fun (never play rainbow road against my bro he’s rlly good at it)
68. Ever save up a ton of tickets in an arcade to get something cool?
no but one time I was doing a deal or no deal game and I could’ve gotten a hundred tickers or ten and I was gonna choose the hundred one but my sis convinced me to do the ten one I was p sad
69. In your opinion, best game ever made?
I dunno but definitely dragon age, fallout, gta, series like that. I really love life is stramge too 
70. Very first game you ever beat?
I don’t remember but I’m sure it was a mario game

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talk about me. ♥


morde. Man. Maaaaaaaan. It’s been far too long since I’ve had an actual conversation with my darling sibling. Is that still a thing are we still sibs or are we just Rabu and Momo/Mordecai now?? I’m so confused I fell off the face of the earth for a while tbh.

But aaaaaaaaa. Man, you’ve known me or, what, a year now? A little over a year? Back when we would talk regularly, you just?? managed to teach me a lot about myself, whether or not you realized this. You made things a lot more fun for me as well; writing with you had been a great pleasure, and, honestly, it still is and I wish we still wrote with each other often. Making you suffer with a large amount of angst with very little fluff to balance it out was a lot of fun ( I’m still writing that Izaya/Noiz fluff thing tho to apologize, I guess orz ).

You’re also probably the only person besides Aedan that can compete with me in regards of sass tbh. That’s saying something.

Overall I just??? I love you so so much man. I’ve always got your back.


My dad phoned me up all excited and told me he’s “stripping on the balcony”
I was a little taken aback then burst out laughing realizing his innuendo until I heard my brother say to me, “dont worry hes just stripping his wood” as an attempt to clarify what my dad meant, it only made me laugh more.
Welcome to my family everyone.

i always get the most of it like my siblings get made fun of too but not to the extent that i do because its all too easy with me being like. unable to communicate properly or really do anything

If you have a sibling that lives with you, be grateful. I hate it when people say “I hate my brother/sister” Stop saying that! Some people don’t get to see their siblings, like, at all. All the fun times you have with them, cherish that. They may be annoying, but that’s a siblings job. It just shows they care. I know this is just a tumblr post from someone with 4 followers, but I just feel so strongly about this. Another thing, if your family gets along, like if they don’t bash one another and hate each other. Be grateful! I’d give anything! And I mean anything! for my family to just, get along. I’m tired of secrets. I’m tired of hiding. Don’t judge me by mistakes made before i was even born.

That one band sibling that makes you late for camp.
  • <p><b>Band sister:</b> Can you get up, you're gonna make me late.<p/><b>Me:</b> No, practice is cancelled for color guard today so you're making yourself late for "waiting" on me.<p/><b>Band sister:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Band sister:</b> I can't afford to be late anymore I'm leadership<p/><b>Me:</b> Finally after all these years you finally understand now.<p/><b>Band sister:</b> ?<p/><b>Me:</b> You always made me fucking late for practice. You finally got the memo--oh my gosh this fucking fantastic. Have fun at camp by the way-- I'm gonna go take a nap now.<p/></p>