my siblings made fun of me but

Tsubaki Dialogue
  • Tsubaki Dialogue
  • Fire Emblem: Fates

For the two anons!

Same disclaimers as usual. Btw, Tsubaki speaks in a very sing-songy and playful way which is why there’s copious usage of ~ aha.

EDIT: Changed the nuances of one of Tsubaki’s last lines to hopefully convey his meaning across better.

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Heavy shit: my 11 and 12 year-old campers talking about their experiences with transracial adoption, their fears that their ADHD will cause people to believe racist stereotypes about them, their frustration with how people treat their transgender and autistic siblings, the assumptions people make about them for having same-gender parents, their anger over teachers who don’t care and don’t try to work with different learning styles, their concern for sweat shop workers, modern slavery, sexual abuse victims, and their insecurities about their bodies.

I think this week’s campers have been closest with me, as a group. I’m glad it’s ending on a positive note, at least as far as my relationship with the kids goes. One boy said he wished I could be his teacher, because I made learning fun for him (he literally follows me around beginning for ‘more weird facts’ and stories about things I’ve seen). They’re the loudest and most hyperactive group I’ve worked with, but they’re also the deepest and most sincere. They’re on the older side - half of them have already turned 12.

hey everyone, it’s emily! i hope you are all having a very happy holidays and if youre still working/studying/trying to get your life together (@ me) and i wish you safety and wellness!!!! thank you so much for those who have been putting up with me for almost 3 years now also, and hello to anyone new^^ i’ve met a lot of great people on here who have made this site really fun and enjoyable :) i will also be on a hiatus from now on until school ends. my queue will still be on though so im just gonna keep that on until it runs out. i hope you’re all doing great and that 2016 will be a better year!!! 

if you ever need to talk or just have a chat, you can hmu on snapchat@ma-feels, line@screwufan, or instagram@screwufan (message me your id/user so i can follow/add u back^^)

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So many photos in my phone and computers but not so many family shots. On the left, my siblings and me. On the right, my wife and kids.

Last night my mom and dad hosted Thanksgiving dinner. With various public safety employees in the family we sometimes have odd holiday schedules. Someone is always working. Oh don’t feel sorry for them. Time and a half, double time and even triple time made the holidays way more fun for the worker.

My mom finds a day that works for most people. It also makes scheduling holidays with other relatives easier. And frankly, who doesn’t like to have two Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners? Especially when there is essentially a half-time period in the day(s) between to rest, recover, and make room for more turkey or ham.

My whole life growing up, my family and other people have told me I was fat. And in their mind fat equals disgusting. I remember my father telling me I would never find a girlfriend because I was fat. (Turns out he was right, I’m gay.) The rest of my family was all really skinny for the most part, and I was constantly harassed for not being skinny like them. 

My parents shamed me in to new diet fads that never really worked. My dad constantly shamed me regarding everything I did, and so did my siblings.

It further reinforced my negative mindset when other kids would “tease” me about it. “Tease” just meant having a license to strip away someones dignity under the guise of “just having fun, don’t take it so seriously”. 

In other words, I have a hecka lot of baggage to work through.

I had been improving my self image over the past year, when a friend made a comment jokingly about me being fat.

It stopped me in my tracks and triggered me until I felt like that scared ashamed 10 year old all over again. After a lot of tears and time I managed to shrug it off. After that incident my friends tried to  affirm me and tell me I was beautiful. It didn’t really work, but it did ease the sting.

To me, friends that affirm you as beautiful have the biggest positive impact on your self image.

I still can’t see myself as beautiful in the mirror, but every day my friends, Dana, Kate, Luke, (and many more) keep on chipping away at my bad self image.

I couldn’t love them more.


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Birthday: december 5
Gender: female
Relationship Status: single and ready 2 mingle with pliable rich men
Zodiac sign: sagittarius 
Siblings: older sister, younger brother. GIVE ME ATTENTION
Favorite Color: cerulean, before it was cool
Wake-up and bedtimes: wake up 8-9, sleep 12-1
Lemonade or Iced Tea: lemonade
Coke or Pepsi: COKE
Day or Night: night
Call or Text: texting because i am afraid
Makeup or Natural: makeuppp
Met a Celebrity: peter s beagle??
Light or dark hair: is this for what i want?? i don’t care that much
Shorter or Taller: a tol for my smol
Intelligence or Attraction: money
Chapstick or Lipstick: LIPSTICK. love it, don’t go anywhere without it. first wore it at like 9 to the family new years party and everyone made fun of me
City or Country: country

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my little brother complains sometimes about going to school with my sister because he feels embarrased. but honestly, i wish i had an older sibling to look out for me at school when i was his age. i would get picked on every single day without anyone having my back.

like.. he’s sensitive too. my little sister is tough af. she’s not afraid to swing first. and the last time someone made fun of him and he cried, she swung at the guy and took him down. i didn’t even have that courage at her age, so i’m proud of her for sticking up for blood.

i used to hate being that person coming from a poor family, because it seems like everyone is in a better situation. i would talk to my friends, and i remember one of them told me how much their dad made. it was more than my parents made together. i hate having almost no clothes and wearing the same hoodie to school every day, and i hate not being able to do anything fun or go on any trips with my family, and it seems like every month my parents are discussing which bills not to pay just so my siblings and i can eat. it’s definitely put me at a disadvantage sometimes, like when the internet can’t be paid and i can’t do my homework. but here’s the thing - i am no different from anyone else. i am no different from the kids whose parents can afford nice things, (the girl who got a benz before she even got her license!) and i can do everything they can do. i have the same education and the same opportunity as everyone. there are some things that will be impossible for me, and for every other kid growing up in a poor family, like going to an expensive prestigious school because there’s no way we can afford that. but i can work hard and it will pay off, and the education i get will bring me places and it will be far, far from the usual “can we afford to eat this week?” so i really just wanted to say to every person growing up in the situation i am, we are no different. study, work hard, and our situations will not stay like this.

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Wow, it’s been six months on this blog. Seriously, it feels like it was just yesterday that I was making this blog and scrambling for people to interact with; it’s really hard to believe that I made so many lovely roleplay partners despite how slow I am with my replies.

Thank you all for encouraging me to keep going on this blog and for just being overall supportive. I have lots of fun in this community and I hope I can continue more many months to come – even for when I get to a year!

Okay, so let’s get to this follow forever business!

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Why Cullen Rutherford should be everyone’s favorite

So it has come to my attention that some people feel that Cullen in a boring character. That he’s too good, or too much of a boyscout. Even the people who played Origins and DA2 somehow feel he’s boring, or even worse somehow forget he’s even in the games to begin with. This cannot stand. 

So let me enlighten you on why Cullen Stanton Rutherford is one of the best goddamn characters in Dragon Age. Open your books to page 394, cause y’alls about to get schooled.

As a child, my sweet bb wanted to be a hero and help people. He saw the shiny armor and the awesome swords of the few templars in his podunk little town, and he heard the stories about how they saved lives and fought monsters, and the curly-haired little shit was all in. His siblings made fun of him at first, but he still went to train with the locate templars everyday to prove he could do it.

Time skip Shippuden-style. Cullen, at age 14, was recognized for his potential and sent off to the templar school for anti-witchcraft and wizardry. Even though most templars start their training much younger, my beautiful little hedgehog loved his training, and managed to catch up to, and eventually surpass, the other initiates. My boy probably hadn’t even kissed a girl before because he’s shy AF but he could take down a blood mage like nobodies business.

My sweet, sweet summer child happily took the lyrium and pledged himself to the Order when he was 18. Poor bb was so excited to finally go out and help people like he had dreamed of doing for so long. He was sent to the Fereldan circle tower.

He’s an idealistic youth, and he thinks the mages deserve more freedom than they get trapped in the circle. He believes the templars are there to protect people from magic, but also to protect the mages in the circle. He’s just a sweet bit of baklava who’s too good for Thedas.

After the circle is overrun with abominations and blood magic, Cullen is the only surviving templar, who’s not only had to endure days of torture, but also had to watch as his templar brothers fall one by one to the blood mages. By the time the hero finds him, he begs for death…my poor, sweet bb cuddlefish. 

(This part is made about 1000 times more painful if the hero of Fereldan is a lady mage, because Cullen had a mad crush on her )’: ) 

After surviving this horrible ordeal, Cullen is sent to the circle in Kirkwall, were he eventually becomes second-in-command(you go bb). Being a little older, and having suffered severe mental scars from his ordeal in Fereldan, my sweet, innocent little cinnamon roll has a harsher outlook on magic then before. While he still believes in protecting mages, he’s beliefs about having more freedom are just dust in the wind now. He even believes there’s merit in the argument for using the rite of tranquility more frequently. As the years go by, he starts to question Meredith’s extremes, but continues to follow her and be kind of an asshole.

After Meredith goes coco for red lyrium, Cullen takes command of the Kirkwall templars and helps Hawke after Meredith’s defeat. After trying to get the city back in order, Cullen takes Cassandra’s offer to join the inquisition, and leaves his templar life behind.

THINK ABOUT THAT THOUGH. Being a templar and helping people is all he ever wanted to do! He dedicated his whole life to it, and even after being TORTURED he still continues because he wants to do good in the world. His views about mages become more radical because of this, more hateful. But then he sees his knight-commander, a templar who’s supposed to be a hero, and guiding light of goodness and respectability, sink so far as to try and kill the cities savior. The templars aren’t perfect anymore, and the last bit of childhood innocence inside him finally dies as he tries to come to terms with that. He has to realize that mages aren’t the only ones doing horrible things, that maybe he’s been too harsh on them because of the actions of a few, and maybe he’s been too forgiving of the templars behaviors because he wanted to see them as just. His whole world view is fucked and he STILL KEEPS HELPING PEOPLE, because that’s what he does. He does his best to get Kirkwall as close to okay as he can, and even after leaving his childhood dream behind, he keeps fighting for good in the inquisition. (ah shit, I got legit there for a second; I’ll return to my bullshit tumblr speech now)

After joining the inquisition, sweet, pajama-wearing Cullen decides to break his addiction to lyrium, despite KNOWING it could kill his fine ass. He’s constantly in pain, and his nightmares about the Fereldan circle increase significantly, but he STILL wants to put the inquisition and helping people above his own needs. My sweet armadillo even admits that he’s ashamed of the person he was after he left Fereldan. He tells you he’s disgusted by how he used to think of mages(but only if you’re a mage, and you tappin’ that) 

So maybe you don’t want to romance this fine piece of man meat(even I support romancing the egg as the most canon option, even if he’s not half as fine), and maybe he still isn’t your favorite character, but don’t you ever suggest that he’s too good, or perfect, or one-dimensional; because he’s been through more than any character in the whole damn series and despite everything he still CHOOSES to believe that people are good and worth saving. 

It’s incredibly upsetting that my siblings relentlessly mock bagginshield and make fun of it and tell me that I *was weird for liking it, and my mom acts weird towards me whenever it’s brought up and I’m having a hard time enjoying it without feeling like a freak

Like I haven’t updated any of my fics in months because I can’t write bagginshield without feeling guilty or bad about myself. I shouldn’t be this embarrassed just for liking something

*they’re under the impression that I no longer ship it

every Draw My Life ever
  • “my childhood was sooo fun, i spent alot of time playing with my [insert sibling of choice here]!”
  • “but then my parents split… B UT I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!”
  • “one time, when i  was little, [generic childhood moment]”
  • “and i was so happy!!!!”
  • “but then school came along… and i hated it.. noone liked me… except for  my BEST FRIENDS who i had the TIME OF MY LIFE WITH”
  • “i did alot of singing/dancing/performing!”
  • “but then i went into high school… and noone liked me.. and i hated it… BUT I MADE LOADS OF FRIENDS! i loved my friends in the clubs i joined but still… i NEVER fit in…”
  • “i loved to draw :)”
  • “but then… i quit my clubs:// i wass so alone..”
  • “and then it got too much.. until i DISCOVERED YOUTUBE!!!”

My 2 year cosplay anniversary just passed, so deciding to share my cosplay development story.

I started out as a late bloomer, not cosplaying until college. (I’m 21 now -////-) Before I would just stare at cosplay pages in awe wondering how people could be so creative. Starting cosplay happened a bit randomly actually, my siblings and I went to a tiny con in our small town and after decided we had to try it! I researched and put together my siblings and my cosplay, it was so much fun! Ivan was my first cosplay and I’m still embarrassed by the inaccuracy of the wig, coat, and makeup. XD

Now, 2 years later, I feel like I’ve improved a lot. I’ve learned a lot about makeup, wigs, and how to present myself in character. I still get just as excited when I get to go to a con or get into cosplay. I love it, it’s made me a stronger and more confident person. Cosplay has even helped me feel more confident in my normal appearance.

All I can say is that one can always improve and get better with hard work, practice, and a passion. I still have so much more I want to do and improve on. I hope you guys don’t mind me rambling. If anyone actually reads to this point I would love to hear your cosplay development stories and pictures if you can. (tag me in it please so I can see) Thank you :///3

daddydaegu  asked:

I read your chuck e cheese au's n it made me think of this: person A takes their younger sibling to chuck e cheese for their birthday, and when their younger sibling drops some tickets they go to pick them up and brush hands with person B and oh my god were you abt to steal our tickets wtf man??

Hey, B has to get that rare power pendant somehow! It’s 5000 tickets, and they really suck at skee ball.

Oh by the way did I mention I’m going to Akon28? I’m waiting for them to post about their AMV contest right now but I got my ticket and all that good shit.

If you’re in the Fort Worth area and/or going to the convention that weekend and wanna meet up lemme know. I’m gonna be going as Saiyagirl (if my outfit turns out alright. I bought it online to be tailor made) and I love having a big group of friends in places like that.

Also I’m 21.

Last year I got drunk on Rum+Coke and was rolling around on the floors whining about being forever alone and wanting so bad to find a hot Dragon Ball male fan that didn’t talk down to me to just take me home and marry me on the spot. My older siblings, @redasuki her husband and my brother were trying to help because 2/3 of them might have also been under the influence of alcohol.

Translation: I’m fun to be around I swear.

kittykatbella13  asked:

Well siblings having similar names (or starting with the same letters) isn't all that uncommon. And Rain is a cool name, but my dad thought I'd be made fun of, so my mom made it my middle name.

Hm…that is a cool middle name. Me and Ford share a middle name

And it is just our dad’s. So shout out to the cool name