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psheadcanons - high school au taekook

(Suggested by @gaytrash6969)

Bad boy kook and shy tae

These are a little different than usual but I hope you like it!

(Btw kook is a year older than tae in this one)

-jungkook wants to fuck
-to be more precise, he wants to fuck the cute artist boy who’s body is as much of a masterpiece as his paintings
-he wants to see him writhing underneath him in pleasure, screaming his name so loudly all his neighbours could hear who he belongs to
-but tae was really shy
- and always finding an excuse to avoid kook when the older boy tried to approach him
-kook started to get frustrated because of this
-was tae really so fucking scared of him?
-spoiler alert: he wasn’t
-tae just happened to have a massive crush on kook
-that, combined with his shyness, lead to tae avoiding kook so he could avoid any awkward moments
-“just stop avoiding him and talk to him the next time he approaches you"
-“what if he doesn’t want to talk though? what if he just wants to beat me up?”
-“tae he’s not going to beat you up, you know he doesn’t hit pretty boys”

-“well i’ve heard of other things he does to pretty boys…” -“they’re all true and trust me, he does those things well” -“jimin!” -“what?” -two days later tae saw kook walking towards him with a determined look on his face -he froze in the middle of opening his locker and swallowed -jungkook didn’t say anything, he just closed tae’s locker and pinned the younger against it -“you’ve been avoiding me, huh?” -“n-no i hav-“ -“don’t you dare lie to me. are you scared? afraid i’ll hit your pretty face, is that it?” -“you think i’m pretty?“ -“that wasn’t the point-” -“answer me” -“..hell no, you’re more than just pretty” -aaaand that is how you get a boyfriend Cuddles: -what even are cuddles -i don’t think kook has even heard of them -extremely rare -always initiated by tae -exept that one time when tae had had a bad day and kook wanted to cheer him up Nicknames: -tae has a lot of nicknames for kook -he uses them all the time even though it annoys kook -(kook secretly likes some of them but shhh you didn’t hear this from me) -kook’s favourite nickname is master -kook isn’t that fond of giving nicknames -but he still has multiple for tae -most of them are only used in private Pda: -surprisingly kook is more open -he likes holding tae’s hand in public -and also kissing tae with everyone watching -just so people know that he’s the one who can do that -tae is pretty shy with showing affection when there’s people watching -but he still occasionally likes to peck jungkook’s cheek at school First time: -happened two months after they started dating -kook had tried to control himself until he was sure that tae was ready -because even though he wanted to fuck tae’s brains out, he wanted more than just a fuck buddy -so he was willing to wait -that is until he saw tae come out of the shower with the towel around his waist hanging dangerously low, water dripping down his naked chest -kook was tae’s first -so he tried his best to be gentle -still, he didn’t feel sorry at all when the younger boy winced everytime he sat down for the next couple of days The second time and all the times after that: -kook knows how to hit all the right spots -and tae is extremely vocal -which btw drives jungkook crazy -so lots of rough sex -(because kook always tries to get more beautiful noises out of taehyung) -usually initiated by kook -kook likes to tease tae in public with subtle touches and whispered words -tae finds out that getting fucked against the wall is amazing -they have lots of sex because u know, they’re horny teenagers and all -kook has more kinks -he likes it when tae leaves scratches all over his body -tae doesn’t like visible marks that can’t be covered up -but if they can be covered than yes please more -kook likes seeing tae’s face when he comes undone underneath him -soooo many round two’s Jungkook being possessive/protective: -he glares at people who talk to tae for too long -he’s always by tae’s side with his hand around the younger’s waist -if someone only accidentally bumps into tae, kook gets really mad -tae always tells him to calm down -but pretty often kook gets a little violent when defending his precious boyfriend -everytime he does, tae walks away and refuses to talk to him for the rest of the day -he won’t even let kook touch him -kook always gets super worried if tae gets even a minor injury -“kookie, i’m fine, i just sprained my ankle, i can walk by myself” -“well yesterday you still liked it when i carried you” Enjoy~ (I’ll write more some other time)

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I hope today's been good, did you enjoy it?

first day of internship was great! everyone was really nice and easy to converse with and i wasn’t as overwhelmed as i thought i’d be?? i was so focused on work that my shift ended 20 minutes ago and my superior was like

“Alison~” “yeeees” “GO HOME.