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  • do u want to smite deemun


Do you want to smite a demon?

Come on lets go and hunt

You refuse to see me now

We’ll work this out

Stop pushing me away

You said we were family

Don’t act like we’re not

I wish you would talk to me

Do you want to smite a demon?

It doesn’t have to be a demon

I’m poison, Cas

No you’re not

Do you want to smite a demon?

Or gank a witch, come on lets go

I think a talk is long and overdue

I’ve started talking to the bees that buzz around

(you keep buzzing bees)

I’m feeling pretty lonely

Even with Sam here

I really want to see you


Please, I know you’ve heard me

Please let me help you feel okay

Sam says to leave you be, impossible

I can’t leave you alone, I-I love you

You know we need each other

We make a great team

You know that it is true

Do you want to smite a demon?

based on this post


Lana Parrilla telling a story about how she dressed up as a man at a party when she was 22.