my shtuff

people think college life is all about partying but i just had a shower at 2 am using the sink because my shower decided to break on the one day i actually have had time to shower

and i think thats a more accurate description


The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out To Get Us 

i changed the pronouns to make it gayer

Kvothe on plum bob
  • Kvothe: What's that?
  • Sim: ...The wind.
  • Kvothe: What if it's a ghost?
  • Sim: It's not a ghost.
  • Kvothe: No. It's a ghost.
  • Sim: Okay fine, it's a ghost.
  • Kvothe: What?? There's a ghost in this room? We have to leave!
  • Sim: There's no ghost!
  • Kvothe: You just said there was a ghost! You're a bad friend. You lied.
  • Sim: Oh my god.
  • old person who has found out im going into college: I bet youre going to have fun! Youre probably just going there to party right ;) LOL
  • me, a gremlin who found a couch in the corner to sleep on during the one party ive been to: haha… yeah.