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Blackout - Ch. 2

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When a fight between them turns violent, Kyle sends Craig out of his home and seemingly out of his life. However, when attacked seemingly at random months after the fact, Craig appears to be the only one who can help him manage the mental breaks he can’t seem to escape. Kyle wonders if he just misjudged his ex-boyfriend for all that time and should let him back into his life. Or maybe it’s just the drugs he’s being slipped telling him that.

  • do u want to smite deemun


Do you want to smite a demon?

Come on lets go and hunt

You refuse to see me now

We’ll work this out

Stop pushing me away

You said we were family

Don’t act like we’re not

I wish you would talk to me

Do you want to smite a demon?

It doesn’t have to be a demon

I’m poison, Cas

No you’re not

Do you want to smite a demon?

Or gank a witch, come on lets go

I think a talk is long and overdue

I’ve started talking to the bees that buzz around

(you keep buzzing bees)

I’m feeling pretty lonely

Even with Sam here

I really want to see you


Please, I know you’ve heard me

Please let me help you feel okay

Sam says to leave you be, impossible

I can’t leave you alone, I-I love you

You know we need each other

We make a great team

You know that it is true

Do you want to smite a demon?

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i love watching the olympics in ireland because in america they’re just on about the american athlete while you sit there like ok but who the f is the south african guy in second? he seems to be catching up? and in ireland they talk about all the nationalities and just every once in a while go ‘and theres patrick dougherty in thirteenth, good man.’

Baldavoy: Origins

right so my mom and i had a tiny argument about vacuuming my room a couple days ago (my room is a dust storm and she was having issues about it. sorry mom. i’m just lazy af)

anyways. So logically I dreamed that Charles was trying to vacuum his mansion in his wheelchair and all and ofc it was difficult and he had a fight with the vacuum and in the process accidentally vacuumed his hair

my grandparents shower is fuckin ridiculous. like other people’s showers are always confusing but this shit has weird dials and stuff everywhere, hieroglyphs, a freaking digital screen

i want to get a shower but damn…. i havent graduated starfleet academy yet. i dont know how to fly spaceships.